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Youzify (formerly Youzer) v3.3.2 – Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin

Youzer Nulled is a community and user profile management solution with secure membership system, social login, user interface account settings, 14 header styles, +20 profiles, 16 color schemes , advanced authoring widgets, powerful admin panel, fully responsive design, extremely. Customizable and an unlimited range of features.

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Features Youzer – Buddypress Community & WordPress User Profile Plugin

  • Unlimited Custom Tabs ( Shortcode / HTML Code )
  • Unlimited Custom Links ( Internal / External Links )
  • New Tabs (Wall, Friends, Groups, Messages, Notifications …)
  • Profile
  • Front-End Profile
  • User Interface Account Settings
  • 14 header styles
  • 23 Profile Widgets
  • Unlimited color schemes
  • 16 Color schemes ready
  • Unlimited Profile Structure (Variations)
  • 06 Advanced WordPress Author Widgets
  • Unlimited Ad Widgets
  • Creative 404 profile page
  • Quick account settings menu
  • 2 widget border styles ( Flat / Rounded )
  • Posts & Comments Real-time Pagination (No Refresh Required)
  • Awesome effect
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Fully responsive design
  • Set default Profile Avatar & Cover
  • Control all profile element effects
  • Control all configuration elements
  • Default profile tab control.
  • Control all profile tabs (Title, Visibility, Order, Icon)
  • Information Control Privacy (Only me / Everyone / All Memebers / My Friends)
  • Unlimited group of information fields
  • Profile Avatar Crop
  • Profile Avatar WordPress Sync
  • New Buttons ( Notifications, Messages, Friendship Requests )
  • Unlimited field types:
  • Multi Fields : Checkboxes , Multi Select Box, Radio Buttons, Drop Down Select Box
  • Single Fields : Date Selector, Number, Text Box, Url, Textarea

Changelog Youzer – Buddypress Community & bbPress Forums & User Profiles WordPress Plugin New Era Nulled Free

v3.3.1 July 19, 2022
Improvement - Security Improvments
Fix - Fixed Bugs

v3.2.7 November 29, 2021
Fix - Membership shortcodes for not logged-in users.
Fix - Profile groups missing styling.
Fix - Share in some groups not working.

# Version 3.2.5 October 05, 2021
Fix- GamiPress & MyCred Conflict.

# Version 3.2.2 September 18, 2021
Fix - Registration by invitation when registration is disabled.

# Version 3.2.1 September 13, 2021
Fix - Show Polls Resuts for non logged-in Users
Fix - Hide Vote Button for non logged-in users

# Version 3.2.0 September 11, 2021
[New] Advanced Polls System.
[New] Activity Poll Post Type.
[New] Allow users to select multiple vote options.
[New] Enbale / Disable Polls Images.
[New] Force Polls Images Upload.
[New] Limit Poll Options.
[New] Set Default Poll Options Mode ( Single / Multiple ).
[New] Enable / Disable Voting Results Visibility.
[New] Enable / Disable Poll Voters.
[New] Enbale / Disable Polls Revoting.
[New] Set Maximum Voters Number to Show
[New] Set Default PolL Post View ( Form or Results )
[New] Compatible with Youzify Fron-end Submission add-on
[New] Poll Form Settings - Poll Options from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Wall Setting > Polls Form Settings.
[New] Poll Post Settings - Poll Options from Youzify Panel > General Settings > Wall Setting > Polls Post Settings.
[Fix] Pinned Posts Shows up for all users.
[Fix] Account Settings Bug.

# Version 3.1.9 August 10, 2021
Fix - Directory Search bug
Fix - Header background color bug
Remove youzify_media from Posts Category
Old directory hear layout option.

v3.1.8 August 05, 2021
Fix - Members & Groups Directorry Search Fix.
Addons Updated!
# Version 3.1.1 May 02, 2021
Improved - Social Login System.
Improved - Activity Upload System.
Added - TikTok Social Media Icon.
Fix - Pinned Posts.
Fix - WooCommerce Select Box Conflict.

= v3.1.0 April 05, 2021 =
Improved - Registration Shortcode.
Fix - Registration Widget.
Fix - Tagging Friends Notification Count.

= v3.0.8 March 10, 2021 =
Fix - CSS fixes for activity stream.
Fix - Registration template error if membership system is disabled.

= v3.0.7 March 03, 2021 =
Fix: Activity Lightbox not working on the first click.
Fix: Patch does not work if the membership system is disabled.

= v3.0.4 February 27, 2021 =
New: Added new hooks before and after Youzify init.
Fix: We added lost password hook second parameter.

= v3.0.1 February 24, 2021 =
Fix: About Me upload not working.
Fix: WooCommerce error on activation.
Fix: Shortcodes brackets removed after saving settings.

= v3.0.0 February 23, 2021 =
Notice 1: We changed the name of Youzer to Youzify.
Notice 2: We added a new settings tab called Move Youzer to Youzify on General Settings that will help you move all Youzer data to Youzify), to upgrade safely please follow the steps on this topic:
Notice 3: 90% of our addons do not require Youzify(formerly Youzer) anymore and they are compatible with Buddypress Legacy & Nouveau Theme, BuddyBoss Theme & Plugin.
New: Added BuddyPress Member Types Support.
New: Display BuddyPress Member Types on Members Directory.
New: Overriding Templates Supports Now BBpress Templates.
New: Improved Structure with Improved Performance.
Fix: Fixed PHP/CSS/JS Bugs

= v2.6.2 =
- Addons Updated To Latest
- Updated : Chinese Translation Updated By DING ( His Website : ) - Thank you so much Ding ^^.
- Fix : Capitalization issues.
- Fix : groups shortcode parametres.
- Fix : Groups members pagination not working.
- Fix : Recent posts widget title not working.
- Fix : Activity form "Post In" filter opens automatically.
- Fix : Reviews tools not working.

List Youzer Addons

  1. Youzify – BuddyPress Block Members v2.0.0
  2. Youzify – BuddyPress Activity Reactions v2.0.1
  3. Youzify – BuddyPress Edit Activity v2.0.0
  4. Youzify – BuddyPress Member Types v2.0.0
  5. Youzify – BuddyPress Membership Restrictions v2.0.0
  6. Youzify – Buddypress Moderation v2.0.0 (update 12-10)
  7. Youzify – BuddyPress MyCRED v2.0.0
  8. Youzify – BuddyPress Profile Completeness v2.0.0
  9. Youzify – BuddyPress Social Share v2.0.0

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Download Youzify (formerly Youzer) v3.3.2 nulled Free

Download Youzer Addons

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.