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YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons & Extra Options v3.1.0

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium Nulled makes it possible for you to add custom fields to your product pages depending on your specific needs.

Product options do not always satisfy customer needs.

Imagine selling wedding rings. Buyers of them have a specific need, such as the ability to add a short text or choose a weight, color, size and sparkle.

These parameters are difficult to implement in a single product and they will cause price changes according to the combinations chosen by the user.

Thanks to YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium you can offer customized products based on the needs of your customers, to give them a chance to see and buy exactly what they are buying, instantly increasing your sales. and improve customer satisfaction.

With YITH’s YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium, you can find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow in less than 10 minutes. You just need to enable it and add advanced options instantly on your products such as checkboxes, text areas, uploaders, radio buttons and selects, which will allow you to sell your products. your products with an unlimited number of combinations and show users price changes in real time.

This YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium was born from the many requests that YITH received from all the customers who wanted more from their WooCommerce based stores and who considered their basic settings limited. somewhat for the store they have in mind.

YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium is ideal for all those who offer products simply by adding them to the cart, a plugin that allows you to sell customizable products, variable services and offer pricing in accordance with customer requirements.

Offering a custom product means increasing your conversion rate on sales and improving the relationship with your customers, who will see your store as a portal built specifically for them, take their needs seriously.

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Demo: https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-product-add-ons/

YITH WooCommerce Product Add ons features

Features YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons Premium

  • Create unlimited options groups
  • The group of options can be applied to:
    • All products in the store
    • one or more product categories
    • specific on single products
  • Possibility to select products that do not apply add-ons
  • Checks a group of options and is visible only to admins
  • More options for products, choose from the following categories:
    • checkbox
    • color
    • date
    • labels
    • multiple labels
    • number
    • select
    • radio button
    • text
    • textarea
    • file upload
  • Set dependencies between options
  • Specify a price for each option:
    • fixed
    • percentage based on product price
    • multiplied by the string length inserted by the user (Text and Text type add-ons only)
    • multiply by the number of users inserted in preferences (Number type add-ons only)
  • Decide if “First X options are free”
  • Set product quantity as value quantity of numeric type add-ons
  • Set required option to add products to cart
  • Set a label and description for each option
  • Possibility to hide “Hide Label” for add-on options
  • Set extension for file upload
  • Create a property of type “color”
  • Create a property of type “label”
  • Create a property of type “image”
  • Show attribute description on product page
  • Show tooltips for advanced properties and options
  • Display placeholder text for text and number widgets
  • Show an add-on only when a specified product variant is selected
  • Replace product images with one of the selected add-ons
  • Duplicate groups, add-ons and options
  • Divi theme support
  • Support 7up themes
  • Compatibility with Woo Layout Injector plugin
  • WooFood plugin compatibility
  • Support converting WooCommerce Currency Switcher

Changelog YITH WooCommerce Product Add-Ons Nulled Free

3.1.0 – Released on 29 March 2022
New: support for WooCommerce 6.4
New: added option to allow enable or disable each add-on option
New: added 'required' attribute for Selector instead using min/max selection
Tweak: changed 'Select by default' feature of position
Tweak: improved quantity of add-ons type Product with the add to cart option
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language and JS files
Update: Color and Label JS files
Fix: fixed NaN value when product is out of stock
Fix: fixed conditional logic for default select value
Fix: fixed the migration process due to incorrect value on abs function
Fix: fixed replacement of default image when there is still a current option selected
Fix: fixed add-ons calculation when "sell individually" add-ons exists
Fix: fixed sell individually feature with selectors
Fix: fixed addon image display with toggle enabled
Fix: prevent error when image product on add-on type Product does not exist
Fix: get initial product price depending on tax
Fix: fixed WPML compatibility to show the add-ons correctly in each language
Fix: fixed price calculation using quantity field
Fix: prevent save vendor if the block is created by the admin
Fix: fixed addon priority (order) on migration process
Dev: set multiple selection to checkbox add-ons on migration process
Dev: added new template addons-container.php
Dev: improved remove add-on option
Dev: improved datepicker rules
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_default_addon_number'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_get_addon_' to filter a specific option
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_get_original_product_id'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_get_original_category_ids'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_table_product_price_label'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_table_total_options_label'
Dev: removed selection type option for add-ons type 'Select'
Dev: optimized JS code
Dev: minor changes
Remove: removed product add-ons section from the admin product page

3.0.4 – Released on 21 March 2022
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: Color and Label JS file updated
Fix: fixed checkbox add-on selection
Fix: fixed NaN value when product is out of stock
Fix: conditional logic for default select value
Fix: changed image replacement value to 'options' on migration process
Dev: set multiple selection to checkbox add-ons on migration process
Dev: removed Selection type (Simple/multiple) for Radio add-ons
Dev: fixed global image size of Select add-on
Dev: added sell individually class to the addon
Dev: Tweak CSS rules for radiobutton label
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_default_addon_number'
Dev: minor changes

3.0.3 – Released on 16 March 2022
Update: languages and JS files
Fix: added correct add-on description on migration process
Fix: fixed Color and Label term metas when saving new attributes
Fix: show prices suffix only when tax are enabled
Fix: fixed value of add-on type number when value is zero
Dev: added required sign for selector addon title

3.0.2 – Released on 15 March 2022
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: languages and JS files
Fix: Calculate total price when product quantity changes
Fix: fixed 'show_in' option when there are existing categories assigned to the block on the migration process
Fix: fixed image assigned to each option on the migration process
Fix: fixed single selection for checkboxes
Fix: fixed show of products and categories assigned in the block table
Fix: fixed invalid argument for conditional logic method
Fix: improved add-ons calculation for free options
Fix: improved border radius to Color picker attributes
Fix: previously removed blocks and add-ons are permanently removed
Dev: added 'replace product image' feature compatibility for Elementor widgets
Dev: improved add-ons views
Dev: minor changes

3.0.1 – Released on 10 March 2022
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: language and JS files updated
Fix: check free add-on before calculating price in cart
Fix: updated the documentation link in the Help tab
Fix: hide select type add-ons in cart if no option was selected
Fix: fixed addon name when it has a large label
Fix: fixed add-on type product on responsive mode
Fix: improved the placeholder option on colorpicker add-on
Fix: correct update term meta function used for Color and Label module
Fix: compatibility with YITH Gift Cards
Dev: improved Add-ons calculation moving the JS code to the JS file
Dev: added default image setting values for each add-on option

3.0.0 – Released on 08 March 2022
New: support for WooCommerce 6.3
New: added color picker add-on to the version
New: added sold individually feature to the version
New: added priority to the Blocks table
Tweak: included quantity option to add-on type product
Tweak: changed block rules layout
Update: plugin framework
Update: language files
Fix: fixed the conditional logic on the migration process
Fix: added min/max values to select free options and single or multiple selectable items on the migration process
Fix: added add-on image replacement on the migration process
Fix: fixed the date pickers imported on the migration process
Fix: fixed block visibility on the migration process
Fix: added option to collapse the add-on or not by default
Fix: fixed options of the label add-on on the Style tab
Fix: fixed conditional logic options after adding a new one
Fix: fixed get_setting function if the option is empty
Fix: fixed the Color and Label terms when the Color and Label plugin is disabled
Fix: fixed add-on title of add-on type product on admin side
Fix: fixed default date on Datepicker add-on
Fix: fixed accent color on color swatches add-on
Fix: show Base Price label only when individual add-on exists on the cart
Fix: fixed found problem with PhotoSwipe images
Fix: fixed label on order creation for add-on type Uploads
Fix: fixed block title when add-ons are not displayed as group
Fix: fixed calculation of add-on price by string length
Fix: fixed image replacement feature with YITH Badges plugin
Fix: fixed sell individually feature on the YITH Request a Quote integration
Fix: fixed Quick View integration (with color picker add-on)
Fix: fixed add-ons panel on the YITH Multi-Vendor menu
Dev: changed default 'options per row' to 1
Dev: created new module for Color and Labels features
Dev: added the Color and Label tab for all the versions
Dev: added new constant for script versions
Dev: added CSS rules for the add-on editor
Dev: added framework classes to the selector of the plugin options
Dev: set default values to upload options
Dev: set default value to blocks background
Dev: set default value to 'Show options in the cart page' option
Dev: added short delay to sortable add-ons
Dev: added 'jpeg' to the default values of Upload extensions’ options
Dev: added default value to Attribute behavior option from Color and Labels module
Dev: improved add-on actions with framework
Dev: improved selector of conditional logic (optgroup)
Dev: added priority 1 by default to blocks when they are created
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_reduce_conditional_option_name'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_price_sign'
Dev: minor changes
Remove: removed old import export tab

2.7.0 – Released on 10 Feb 2022
New: support for WooCommerce 6.2
Dev: added new filter 'yith_wapo_table_hide_total_order'
Dev: added new filter 'yith_wapo_allowed_product_types'
Dev: updated datepicker to a international date format
Dev: improved image replacement option
Fix: addons price calculation after input numbers with value 0
Fix: add readonly attribute to date add-ons
Fix: avoid counting 'Select an option' in Select add-ons as a valid option for the min/max rules
Fix: calculate the file size depending on size type (KB, MB, GB, ... )
Fix: fixed number addon when value is zero
Fix: changed the default value with placeholder
Fix: apply global accent color to the Product-type add-ons when it is selected
Fix: set minimum value initially in the 'number' addon
Fix: fixed print of addons when a variation is selected ( also for Quick View integration )
Fix: hide prices on cart if value is zero
Fix: number addon when 'multiplied' price type is selected
Fix: default grid value for free version
Fix: minor bugs

2.6.0 – Released on 03 Feb 2022
New: support for WordPress 5.9
New: added funcionality to rearrange addon options
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: default value for addon Number
Dev: set default values for conditional logic settings
Dev: exclude addons from grouped products
Dev: set background color for addon options in admin
Dev: added a new function to get the label of the addon option
Dev: changed the method to get the path to replace the images of the product gallery on frontend side
Dev: added vendor url in the blocks table
Fix: show add-on price in cart when 'yith_wapo_show_options_grouped_in_cart' filter is applied
Fix: fixed undefined variable on date rules
Fix: fixed show image option
Fix: fixed date addons on "Set a range of days" option
Fix: variation name in addon product
Fix: first free options calculation in cart
Fix: fixed prices on product page with taxes
Fix: fixed free prices when adding the item to the cart
Fix: calculate addon price when writting in a input text
Fix: fixed "Hide options in the order email" option
Fix: image position option in labels
Fix: deprecated function is_ajax(), instead using wp_doing_ajax()
Fix: changed JS variables to enqueue_script function
Fix: fixed multi vendor integration when saving the vendor id
Fix: hide help tab for Vendors
Fix: undefined label variables

2.5.0 – Released on 17 January 2022
New: support for WooCommerce 6.1
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: show alt text image when you show image on addons
Dev: filter yith_wapo_admin_after_addon_title
Dev: filter yith_wapo_include_variations_on_conditional_logic
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_block_classes'
Fix: avoid unexpected value type for separator color variable
Fix: fixed error displayed when there isn't an exactly match of numbers
Fix: hide "Base price" message in cart if product has no add-ons
Fix: fixed addons prices depending on tax configuration
Fix: number addon calculation ( value per product )
Fix: fixed deposit calculation on cart
Fix: price calculation for each addon
Fix: show addons in the variations when a variable product is selected
Fix: calculate total price when event is onkeyup on input type number of number addons
Fix: fixed price with percentage price type
Fix: minor bugs

2.4.1 – Released on 03 January 2022
Update: YITH plugin framework
Update: translation file for Portuguese
Dev: the Shop Manager role can manage add-ons
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_select_option_label'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_table_total_order_label'
Dev: new filter 'yith_wapo_reduce_conditional_option_name'
Fix: use the default value when option doesn't exists
Fix: date restriction when there is more than one date field on addons
Fix: multiplied input value by sale price
Fix: selected by default in checkbox addons
Fix: fixed the display of addons for product variations
Fix: enable/disable specific days of datepicker addon
Fix: check if product-type add-ons are valid products
Fix: calculated amount with percentages
Fix: plugin option "Total price box" with amount 0
Fix: force 'Options per row' count only .yith-wapo-option elements
Fix: load dashicons
Fix: asterisk in the hidden option labels
Fix: conditional logic options
Fix: minor bugs

2.4.0 – Released on 16 Dec 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 6.0
New: option to show/hide block titles in the cart page
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: added a loader when uploading files
Dev: override feature for addon templates
Dev: override feature for block.php template
Dev: moved the addon description inside the .options element
Dev: changed the toggle icon
Dev: add price display suffix to total price table
Dev: changed call method for color and labels settings
Dev: added html element to checkbox template
Fix: compatibility with quick view and min/max rules
Fix: extensions check for upload add-ons
Fix: product bundles integration
Fix: fixed 'add time slot' and 'add type rule' for new Date options
Fix: clear option description when "Select an option" is selected
Fix: price calculation if qty is not grater than 0
Fix: Check that the cart item price is numeric
Fix: new block rules view
Fix: compatibility with WPML
Fix: additional check to avoid error checking if product has blocks
Fix: addons main title and description with WPML
Fix: missing jQuery images
Fix: improved required error for upload addons
Fix: Improved required error for checkbox and radio buttons
Fix: min/max feature
Fix: "select" class in radio options
Fix: fatal error on "Call to a member function get_category_ids() on bool"
Fix: fixed display suffix to the total price table
Fix: avoid error when the product addon type has a product removed on the site
Fix: fixed CSS rules for images of select addon
Fix: value multiplied by product price calculation
Fix: minor bugs

2.3.0 – RELEASED ON 09 NOV 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.9
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: added classes to the labels of radio template
Dev: product price multiplication by qty in single product page
Dev: added new filter "yith_wapo_addon_classes"
Dev: allow the exclusion of products when the category filter is active
Dev: re-enabled the addon description
Fix: WPML compatibility
Fix: price calculation on hidden options
Fix: toggle feature
Fix: fixed the information displaying in the block list after the migration
Fix: fixed tooltip color warning if it doesn't exists
Fix: tooltip and image replacement compatibility with custom themes
Fix: avoid show addons in components of YITH Composite Products
Fix: hide add-on price when the amount is zero
Fix: compatibility with YITH Multi Vendors
Fix: replace price was affecting to related products
Fix: subtotal price duplicated in Product Bundles
Fix: .change() is not a function (for Divi theme)
Fix: ajax add to cart feature
Fix: price calculation for hidden options
Fix: js code for role based plugin
Fix: added media queries to avoid hover rules in mobile devices
Fix: replace product image not working for checkboxes
Fix: v1 gallery variation of color and labels

2.2.7 – RELEASED ON 25 OCT 2021
New: option to multiply the numeric fields by the product price
Update: YITH plugin framework
Dev: re-enabled the images and descriptions of the "Select" addons
Dev: hide add-ons price if value is 0
Fix: required hidden options
Fix: price not showing on emails when empty or 0
Fix: option images don't show in "Select" add-ons (v1)
Fix: HTML code in add-ons description (v1)
Fix: product attributes description
Fix: switch version problems
Fix: minor bugs

2.2.6 – RELEASED ON 15 OCT 2021
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: variation requirements field in version 1.x
Fix: custom add-on style in frontend not working
Fix: fixed price of addons with empty price
Fix: description of addons doesn't accept html tags
Fix: addon price when value is empty or 0 (only on variable products)
Fix: minor bugs

2.2.5 – RELEASED ON 13 OCT 2021
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: images in migration process
Fix: no addons in order details
Fix: fixed "Hide options images" on individual add-ons
Fix: addons not displayed to cart if Label is empty
Fix: max-length attribute not work (v1)
Fix: slot time didn't work
Fix: minor bugs

2.2.4 – RELEASED ON 12 OCT 2021
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: saving groups
Fix: saving addons
Fix: minor bugs

2.2.3 – RELEASED ON 09 OCT 2021
Fix: XSS vulnerabilities

2.2.2 – RELEASED ON 08 OCT 2021
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: XSS vulnerabilities
Fix: replacement image problem
Fix: text and textarea max length
Fix: selected options not visible
Fix: add to cart button layout
Fix: calendar default date problem
Fix: value of addons of type "select" to the cart
Fix: variations tab in product editor
Fix: minor bugs

2.2.1 – RELEASED ON 30 SEP 2021
Update: YITH plugin framework
Fix: fixed "Add options" button to open the options popup
Fix: image replacement
Fix: minor bugs

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Download YITH WooCommerce Product Add-ons & Extra Options Premium v3.1.0 Nulled Free


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License Key: 79EC684E-B95B-BD82-2FA1-B06B7A2631B5

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