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YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On v1.7.0

The YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on enables you to implement a brands system in your store, which is a popular option these days, for any type of product: from jewels to food, buyers know which brands they trust and will be more likely to purchase it if it is included in your catalog!

Consider the value that brands may provide to your store: well-known names will draw customers to your store, and they will be more driven to buy what they discover there because they trust the brands you’re selling, and they will be more willing to pay a premium for high-quality things.

All of this is achievable thanks to our YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-on plugin, which requires no effort.

Brands can be displayed on product pages, all brands in your shop can be displayed in a sidebar, goods can be filtered by brand, and much more.
Furthermore, if you use our YITH WooCommerce Ajax Search plugin, you can allow users to search for certain brands of products, making both your plugins more functional and sale-oriented.

The plugin allows you to simply integrate this function into every area of your store, thanks to its 8 shortcodes and 5 widgets. This allows you to easily attract your clients’ attention and persuade them to make a purchase.

This plugin was created in response to all of those users who sell products from well-known brands, and it has quickly become an essential component for every store selling food, vehicles, jewelry, electronics, apparel, and much more!

Place your product brands where you prefer
Show your brands in sidebar

Features YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On

  • Display a personalised banner for your business: Alternatively, link the brand name to a specific website, such as the official one.
  • Make your product classifications into brands: In just a few clicks, you can create your own branded store.
  • Put your product brands where you want them to be: As a result, you’ll be able to leverage strategic placements in your store.
  • Display the brand’s name and logo: And decide whether to show just one or both of them.
  • In the sidebar, you can display your brands: There are five distinct widgets to choose from.
  • To add brands to your pages, use one of nine shortcodes: A solution to suit everyone’s preferences
  • Set the size of the brand logo: Select the best option for the Shop page and Product detail page.
  • Add the product’s brand name to the URL: Optimize your products’ indexing across the internet.
  • Take advantage of YOAST SEO‘s compatibility: Also, dynamically put the brand name in the product’s “title” tag.
  • Use the WPML compatibility to your advantage: With the powerful tool provided by WPML, you can effortlessly translate the plugin.

Changelog YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On

1.7.0 - RELEASED ON 08 OCTOBER 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.8
Update: YITH Plugin Framework
Dev: added new hook yith_wcbr_brand_position_loop

Update: YITH Plugin Framework
Fix: debug info feature removed for all logged in users

1.6.0 - RELEASED ON 05 AUGUST 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.7
Update: YITH Plugin Framework

1.5.0 - RELEASED ON 05 AUGUST 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.6
Update: YITH Plugin Framework

1.4.9 - RELEASED ON 23 JULY 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.5
New: support for WordPress 5.8
Update: YITH Plugin Framework
Fix: bug updating the coupon fields
Dev: added new filter yith_wcbr_image_size_loop_brands

1.4.8 - RELEASED ON 22 JUNE 2021
Tweak: minor improvements to code style
Tweak: reviewed nonce handling and sanitization of input/escape of output
Fix: problem affecting edit terms and menu items

1.4.7 - RELEASED ON 17 JUNE 2021
Fix: escaping problem with brands filter on products list page

1.4.6 - RELEASED ON 17 JUNE 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.4
Update: YITH Plugin Framework

1.4.5 - RELEASED ON 14 MAY 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.3
Update: YITH Plugin Framework

1.4.4 - RELEASED ON 21 APRIL 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.2
Update: YITH Plugin Framework
Fix: brands restrictions not properly working for product-type coupons

1.4.3 - RELEASED ON 12 MARCH 2021
New: support for WordPress 5.7
New: support for WooCommerce 5.1
Update: YITH Plugin Framework
Tweak: added exclude parameter for brand select and brand thumbnail widgets
Tweak: added exclude parameters to Gutenberg blocks
Fix: fixed coupons applicable depending on allowed or excluded brands with WPML
Fix: wrong options value for elementor brands grid widget
Fix: fixed number of columns for thumbnail carousel shortcode
Dev: added yith_wcbr_brand_slides_per_view_mobile filter, to allow programmatically change number of slides on mobile

1.4.2 - RELEASED ON 18 FEBRUARY 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 5.0
Update: YITH Plugin Framework
Update: swiper library to version 6.4.6
Dev: added 'number' parameter to the brand_thumbnail_carousel shortcode to limit the number of brands
Tweak: make the coupons applicable for the products translated in WPML
Fix: use product_count_<taxonomy> meta to exclude empty terms only when taxonomy supports it

1.4.1 - RELEASED ON 13 JANUARY 2021
Fix: prevent fatal error on PHP 7.2 or older

1.4.0 - RELEASED ON 12 JANUARY 2021
New: support for WooCommerce 4.9
Update: plugin framework
Update: Swiper library to version 6.4.5
Tweak: updated assets versions
Tweak: added correct handling for brand_thumbnail shortcode params, where missing
Tweak: improved code that removes empty terms from query
Dev: added exclude parameter to yith_wcbr_brand_filter shortcode
Dev: added new filter yith_wcbr_thumbnail_cols_width

1.3.15 - RELEASED ON 09 DECEMBER 2020
New: support for WooCommerce 4.8
Update: plugin framework
Dev: added new filter yith_wcbr_taxonomy_args

1.3.14 - RELEASED ON 10 NOVEMBER 2020
New: support for WordPress 5.6
New: support for WooCommerce 4.7
New: possibility to update plugin via WP-CLI
Update: plugin framework
Dev: removed deprecated .ready method from scripts
Dev: added new yith_wcbr_thumbnail_shortcode_atts filter
Dev: added new yith_wcbr_single_product_brand_template_args filter
Dev: added third parameter to yith_wcbr_brand_filter_heading_letter filter

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Download YITH WooCommerce Brands Add-On v1.7.0


License Key: 79EC684E-B95B-BD82-2FA1-B06B7A2631B5

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.