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X | The Theme v9.1.4 + X Pro v5.1.5

X | The Theme is a multifunctional theme for any need and website of any theme. The theme has two color options, blue and green.

X | The Theme is structured in such a way that when reading the article, the user focuses on the published content as much as possible. The template is easily installed through the admin panel or by unpacking it by placing it on the server, then activating the Design at the desired point.

The theme has its own settings section, which will greatly simplify its configuration and allow you to extract maximum opportunities from it. This theme can be used both as a blog and as an informational magazine.

For example: from the pages of your blog, you can tell users what an ultrabook is. And at that moment the first feature of the theme will be active, the user will fully understand the information presented to him.

Features X | The Theme

X | The Theme

Extensions – Easy to build on top of a solid X | The Theme has provided an incredible range of additions.

In the X ecosystem | The Theme, Addons extension includes plugins built by our staff to work seamlessly with X, as well as third-party plugins our developers have partnered with to bring you the great features that we have tightly integrated into the theme.

  • This holds X | The Theme for those who may not need a certain feature and as effective as possible for those who do!
  • Be sure to check out our full list of Extensions for more information on these amazing features included for free with every single purchase as well as this FAQ that explains how. license to operate.

Theme Options Panel – Being on the cutting edge of WordPress development is something we wanted to do from the start. Because of that, we made sure that we avoided the use of clunky additional admin panels and instead, opted to utilize a powerful, recently rebuilt theme options panel. With this setup, you can preview all of the changes you make to your site live without any need to switch windows or refresh the browser in addition to searching for exactly what you need. When you’re happy with your changes, select “Save” and your updates will go live. All of the following can be edited:

  • Stack selection (IntegrityRenewIcon, or Ethos)
  • Site layout (fullwidth or boxed)
  • Site max-width (in pixels)
  • Site width (in percentage)
  • Content layout (content left – sidebar rightsidebar left – content right, or fullwidth)
  • Background colorpatternimage, and image fade
  • Countless Stack-specific options
  • Enable custom fonts and their subsets if desired
  • Logo fontcolorsizeweightletter spacing, and choose to enable uppercase styling
  • Navbar link color, link color hoversizeweight, and choose to enable uppercase styling
  • Headings fontcolorweightletter spacing, and choose to enable uppercase styling
  • Body fontcolorsize (base and content area), and weight
  • Link color and link color hover
  • Button style (3Dflat, or transparent)
  • Button shape (squarerounded, or pill)
  • Button size (minismallregularlargeextra large, or jumbo)
  • Button font colorbackground color, and border color (and set values for the hover as well)
  • Header position (static topfixed topfixed left, or fixed right)
  • Logo and navigation layout (inline or stacked)
  • Enable or disable Navbar Search
  • Navbar top height (in pixels)
  • Navbar side width (in pixels)
  • Logo upload
  • Make logo retina ready
  • Navbar top and side logo alignment (in pixels)
  • Navbar top and side link alignment (in pixels)
  • Mobile navbar button alignment (in pixels)
  • Mobile navbar button size (in pixels)
  • Header widget areas (onetwothree, or four)
  • Header widget area button color
  • Header widget area button color hover
  • Enable or disable topbar
  • Topbar content for taglinescontact information, or secondary navigation (accepts HTML input)
  • Enable or disable breadcrumbs
  • Enable or disable top footer area)
  • Footer widget areas (onetwothree, or four)
  • Enable or disable bottom footerfooter menufooter social menu, and footer content area
  • Bottom footer content (accepts HTML input)
  • Enable or disable the Scroll Top Anchor, allowing your users to return to the top of your site with the click of a mouse
  • Update blog style (standard or masonry)
  • Update blog layout
  • Update archive style (standard or masonry)
  • Update archive layout
  • Enable or disable post meta
  • Enable the excerpt or full post content on your index page
  • Custom URL slug for your portoflio items
  • Enable cropped featured images
  • Enable or disable portfolio item meta
  • Custom portfolio tag list title
  • Custom portfolio project title
  • Custom portfolio project button text
  • Enable or disable social sharing links on portfolio items
  • Manage and preview your bbPress setup
  • Update bbPress layout
  • Enable or disable bbPress Navbar Menu
  • Manage and preview your BuddyPress setup
  • Update BuddyPress layout
  • Enable or disable BuddyPress Navbar Menu
  • Custom BuddyPress component titles
  • Custom BuddyPress component subtitles (in applicable Stacks)
  • Manage and preview your WooCommerce shop
  • Update shop layout
  • Select product columns
  • Posts per page for the shop
  • Enable or disable various product tabs with ease
  • Enable or disable Related Products and alter their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)
  • Enable or disable Upsells and alter their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)
  • Enable or disable Cross Sells and alter their appearance (post count, columns, et cetera)
  • Adjust WooCommerce widget image alignment
  • Profiles for FacebookTwitterGoogle+LinkedInFoursquareYouTubeVimeoInstagramPinterestDribbbleBehanceTumblr, and RSS
  • Site icons (favicontouch icontile icon, and tile icon background color)
  • Input custom CSS right in the Theme Customizer
  • Input custom JavaScript right in the Theme Customizer
  • Manage all of your widgetized areas right in the Theme Customizer
  • And so much more!

Changelog: X | The Theme

Pro 5.1.5 - February 26, 2022
Updated: Allow Dynamic Content in Icon and Social Sharing type via Dev Toolkit
Bugfix: Fix Grid element not applying Dynamic Content in styling fields

Pro 5.1.4 - November 4, 2021
Updated: Make background image script more resiliant to systems that rearrange javascript order
Bugfix: Fix responsive text regression
Bugfix: Fix video poster image not working in background layer videos
Bugfix: Fix Classic Card element not animating
Bugfix: Fix isotope JS not initializing
Bugfix: Fix delayed Animation Effects jumping to the end too early

Pro 5.1.3 - November 2, 2021
Bugfix: Fix hash scrolling not scrolling to elements in the footer or other repositioned containers
Bugfix: Fix portfolio filters not working

Pro 5.1.2 - October 29, 2021
Bugfix: Fix scroll effects not completing causing elements inside to not be clickable
Bugfix: Fix responsive text javascript not running
Bugfix: Fix hash scrolling not respecting sticky bar height

Pro 5.1.1 - October 28, 2021
Bugfix: Fix Slide Container autoplay options not working when there is only one Slide Container on a page

Pro 5.1.0 - October 27, 2021
Feature: New Slider Elements
Updated: Allow clamp, min, max CSS functions in unit inputs
Updated: Clicking a virtual looper element will now inspect the source element
Updated: Removed IE11 javascript polyfills
Updated: Add WooCommerce Product Gallery IDs to be used with Dynamic Content Looper providers
Updated: Counter element will detect commas and decimal points and retain them in the animation
Updated: Update hash scrolling to use window.scrollTo
Bugfix: Fix padding being applied as margin on Audio, Video, Tabs, and Widget Area elements
Bugfix: Fix fatal PHP error when calling WooCommerce cart Dynamic Content in contexts where the cart doesn't exists
Bugfix: Fix template exports not including images that were stored as an attachment ID
Bugfix: Fix unhandled exception when post_id is unacessible in some cases of plugins rendering the content outside of a normal theme template
Bugfix: Fix WC Dynamic Content resolving using current post ID instead of the current product ID which could potentially be different
Bugfix: Fix id attribute on some element partials being overriden by style attribute
Bugfix: Fix Rankmath plugin failing to update post meta
Bugfix: Fix custom attributes not being applied to Search Inline element
Bugfix: Fix Dynamic Content in generated CSS adding inline styles for unused properties
Bugfix: Fix WooCommerce Product Image Url Dynamic Content resolving full img tag

Pro 5.0.8 - August 31, 2021
Bugfix: Fix PHP notice when using Post Navigation element
Bugfix: Fix video element content height option showing responsive controls
Bugfix: Fix Row element Grow option not working
Bugfix: Fix Global Blocks dynamic content regression

Pro 5.0.7 - August 28, 2021
Bugfix: Navigation Collapsed elements in Global Blocks are always rendering with a toggle
Bugfix: Fix newly added Row elements not setting reasonable width for smaller screen sizes
Bugfix: Fix element context menu appearing behind modals and other UI elements
Bugfix: Fix fractional numbers below 1 not working in Row Gap settings
Bugfix: Fix CSS parser not recognizing colors set as a hex code
Bugfix: Fix Map element always outputting with 16:9 ratio instead of honor explicit height
Bugfix: Fix media queries CSS not outputting correctly when PHP locale sets commas to separate decimals
Bugfix: Fix responsive styling not working if a non base breakpoint resets a value to the original default

Pro 5.0.6 - August 26, 2021
Bugfix: Fix timezone conflict with countdown element
Bugfix: Fix Navigation Off Canvas and Modal prefab elements having additional toggle
Bugfix: Fix Advanced Background Border Radius control not working
Bugfix: Fix Alert element padding not being applied
Bugfix: Fix base background color not outputting when interaction color is transparent
Bugfix: Fix Term Name Dynamic Content not resolving first category of post
Bugfix: Fix option to enable search in Header not showing in Theme Options
Bugfix: Fix detection of active breakpoint occasionally inaccurate in Safari

Pro 5.0.5 - August 24, 2021
Bugfix: Fix index.php theme template not including content when accessed directly by 3rd party plugins
Bugfix: Fix duplicate output of global custom javascript.
Bugfix: New pages created directly from Design Cloud are now set to draft status
Bugfix: Fix modal elements in the site footer not outputting
Bugfix: Fix deprecated cart elements missing inner cart styles
Bugfix: Fix Navigation Inline in left or right Header regions not applying the correct flex direction
Bugfix: Fix newly added Posts (Tiles) element not showing featured images
Bugfix: Fix navigation elements current link style not applying
Bugfix: Fix Inline Editing not closing if the element content was not changed
Bugfix: Fix Grid Editor changes not always applying to the currently viewed breakpoint
Bugfix: Fix resizing Row in preview not always applying to the currently viewed breakpoint
Bugfix: Fix Dynamic Content in CSS not allowing multiple instances of the same statement
Bugfix: Fix missing site wide background color set in Theme Options applying to Ethos single posts
Bugfix: Fix deprecated Content Area Dropdown element missing content

Pro 5.0.4 - August 21, 2021
Bugfix: Fix rule color of text columns feature not allowing global colors
Bugfix: Fix original stack fonts not loading when font manager is disabled

Pro 4.3.3 - April 20, 2021
Updated: Sync Google Fonts list
Bugfix: Fix import button not providing any feedback in template mananger
Bugfix: Fix Paste Style action on Social element overwriting text content
Bugfix: Fix Navigation Off Canvas rendering with an additional toggle after saving

Pro 4.3.2 - April 14, 2021
Bugfix: Fix body scroll continuing to be disabled if you delete a Modal element while it is open
Bugfix: Fix fatal PHP error using Product Gallery element outside of a WooCommerce single product layout
Bugfix: Fix Design Cloud site import no longer setting a thirty second cURL timeout
Bugfix: Fix WP Auto Embeds running in Text element after shortcodes instead of before
Bugfix: Fix javascript error when markup contains a toggleable area without a matching toggle
Bugfix: Fix Creative CTA element not outputting interactive content
Bugfix: Fix next/previous post Dynamic Content sometimes caching incorrect post IDs
Bugfix: Fix live preview error message covering up other parts of the UI
Bugfix: Fix duplicate WooCommerce Breadcrumbs output
Bugfix: Fix failed template mananger imports not indicating the error

Pro 4.3.1 - April 8, 2021
Updated: Updated Live Preview to allow more cases of server side site accelerators adjusting HTML output
Bugfix: Fix Design Cloud Site importer showing progress bar without working
Bugfix: Fix PHP autoloader warnings

Pro 4.3.0 - April 7, 2021
Feature: New Element: Dropdown
Feature: New Element: Modal
Feature: New Element: Off Canvas
Feature: New Element: Mini Cart
Feature: New Megamenu Prefab elements
Updated: Design Cloud Assets can be installed from the "Use a Template" screen
Updated: Content, Header, Footer, and Layout Design Cloud Assets can be used directly without needing to be installed
Updated: Template Manager and Design Cloud can now be opened in any builder without having to navigate away
Updated: Add WordPress auto embed support to Audio and Video elements
Updated: Deprecate elements based on old Modal, Dropdown, and Off Canvas pattern and replace with new prefabs
Updated: Automatically open modals or off canvas elements when they are created
Updated: Added option to Preview Manager for locking element toggles
Updated: Allow Dynamic Content in footer content area
Updated: Trigger WooCommerce before/after product hooks when a layout is assigned.
Updated: Add hooks to hash scrolling
Updated: Use hooks instead of templates for WooCommerce wrapper markup
Updated: Removed changes to WooCommerce markup in favor of targeting with CSS
Updated: Allow setting a search term when previewing search results
Updated: Add nocache headers on builder WP JSON API routes for better compatibiltity with server side caching schemes
Updated: Clone Existing feature now imports entity settings including Custom CSS and Javascript
Updated: Access saved templates from the Use Template screen
Updated: Add Login, Logout, and Registration URL options to Dynamic Content
Updated: Use recommended Contact Form 7 wpcf7_load_css hook instead of wp_deregister_style
Updated: When section separators are turned on automatically set a z-index so they appear instantly
Bugfix: Fix WooCommerce Product type Element condition not working
Bugfix: Fix WooCommerce Navbar cart Theme Options getting cached and not updating in realtime
Bugfix: Fix javascript console error when using Product Gallery element
Bugfix: Fix Products element not restoring previous WordPress post data
Bugfix: Fix not being able to inspect Add to Cart element
Bugfix: Fix toggle secondary image requiring additional tap to appear in iOS Safari
Bugfix: Fix accordions remaining open when inside an area using dynamic rendering
Bugfix: Fix Twitter missing in portfolio share options
Bugfix: Fix CSS minifier sometimes failing on allowing multiple consecutive line breaks
Bugfix: Fix element error in live preview when using Content Area Modal
Bugfix: Fix Countdown element not accounting for WordPress timezone
Bugfix: Fix Tabs elements not updating in live preview

Pro 4.2.3 - March 10, 2021
Updated: Improved live preview performance when typing in text controls
Updated: Account for padding and border widths when aligning sub menus
Updated: Modal, Dropdown and Off Canvas based elements show the content controls before toggle controls in the Inspector
Bugfix: Fix Looper Consumer outputting a duplicate item when combined with Element conditions based on Consumer data
Bugfix: Fix submenus not working in IE11
Bugfix: Fix Contact Form 7 response being hidden

Pro 4.2.2 - March 6, 2021
Updated: Add Found Posts to Dynamic Content
Bugfix: Fix toggle hash functionality not working
Bugfix: Adjusted anchor content and graphic styling to address styling issues in some edge cases


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Download X | The Theme v9.1.4 + X Pro v5.1.5 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.