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WPShapere v6.1.20 – WordPress Admin Theme

WPShapere Nulled – WordPress Admin Theme allows you to customize the entire look and feel of the default WordPress admin theme as you wish. It allows you to deliver WordPress to your clients in a way as customized as you think.

Customize WordPress Admin as a complete CMS for your Clients.

WPShapere – WordPress Admin Theme is a WordPress plugin with a powerful tool to customize your WordPress admin. It will completely white label the WordPress admin section. With WPShapere, you have the ability to give your customers a new admin dashboard complete with your brand name.

WPShapere has a Simple to use user interface to manage the colors and elements of the wordpress admin theme.


WPShapere Key Features – WordPress Admin Theme

  • Unlimited color options + 16 pre-made Pro themes.
  • New: Flat Design / Default.
  • Brand White Label.
  • Upload custom logos for login pages and dashboards.
  • Hide, rename, and sort admin menu items.
  • New: Privileged users can access all menu items.
  • New: RTL compatible.
  • Custom icons for admin menu items: Dashicons and FontAwesome icons
  • Custom Login Theme.
  • Manage and Create Custom Dashboard Widgets.
  • Hide unwanted widgets from the dashboard.
  • Manage the elements admin bar.
  • Ability to add custom links to the admin bar.
  • Turn off automatic background updates.
  • Email white label.
  • Multisite network support – Global option / Personal blog option.
  • Export and Import feature settings.
  • The options panel is powerful and simple to use.
  • Add custom css styles for login and admin pages.
  • Tested for compatibility with popular plugins: Contact Form 7, Visual Composer, WP Super cache, WP Total cache, woocommerce, etc
  • Detailed documentation.

Multisite network support:
1. You can customize the backend themes of the whole network as a super admin.
2. Or You can allow each of your network blog administrators to customize their admin theme to their liking.



  • Remove the WordPress logo from the admin bar.
  • Upload your own logo on the login page and on the admin bar.
  • Customize login page design.
  • Custom admin theme with 16 preset themes to get your project started.
  • Remove default wordpress dashboard widgets.
  • Add your own content widget and RSS widget.
  • Customize admin bar link.
  • Add your custom logo, text or link on the footer.


  • Hide any admin menu items.
  • Rearrange all admin menu items.
  • Rename admin menu items.
  • Set custom icons for admin menu items.

Privileged User Features

  • Hide specific menu items from non-admin users.
  • Show all menu items to specific admin users or multiple people.


Export all your settings to your local computer and import any time you need.

Changelogs: WordPress Admin Theme – WPShapere

v6.1.19 - Aug 26, 2022
Support for PHP 8.

v6.1.18 - Mar 20, 2022
New: Custom CSS for non-privilege users.
CSS bug fixes and improvements.

Changelog v6.1.16 - Dec 23, 2021
* Improved css styles.
* Shortcode execution for admin footer.

Changelog 6.1.15 - Aug 11, 2021
* Improved css for admin menu width.

v6.1.14 - Aug 06, 2021
Fixed: Admin bar menu colors issue in the latest WordPress version.
New: Purchase code display in deactivate license page to know which license key is used on the site.

Changelog v6.1.13 - Jun 25, 2021
* Google fonts compatibility option for WPSPowerbox addon.

Changelog v6.1.12 - Jun 11, 2021
* Fixed: Iconpicker issue with buddy boss plugin iconpicker js.

= v6.1.10 - Mar 2, 2021 =
New: Option hide Woocommerce header bar.

= Changelog 6.1.9 - Dec 18, 2020 =
* Fixed: Iconpicker icons display error.

= 6.1.7 - Aug 27, 2020 =
- Improved code for fetching dashboard widgets list for hiding.

= 6.1.6 - July 22, 2020 =
- Options framework improvements.

= 6.1.5 - June 11, 2020 =
- Replace wp logo in Gutenberg fullscreen editor.
- CSS improvements.

= 6.1.4 - May 24, 2020 =
- New: Compatibility added for WPSPowerbox upcoming version 2.0.
- Option - "Hide selected Menu links to specific admin users also has been deprecated".

= 6.1.3 - May 13, 2020 =
- New: New method introduced for admin menu customization.
- Fixed: WordPress branding still displayed in footer sometimes.
- Fixed: WordPress logo removed from gutenberg editor full screen mode.
- Fixed: Gutenberg editor margin issues.
- Prevented access to admin menu customization to admin users without privilege access to prevent confusion.

= 6.1.2 - Jan 27, 2020 =
- Fixed: Learndash top bar position.

= 6.1.1 - Jan 16, 2020 =
- Fixed: Cannot set new password in Reset password form.

= 6.1.0 - Jan 09, 2020 =
- New: User info - User avatar and profile edit and Logout button on top of the admin menu.
- New: Option to show admin notices and screen meta links to Privilege Users.
- Fixed: Add-on plugin menu is hidden when WPSPowerbox plugin is activated.

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Download WPShapere v6.1.20 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.