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WPML Multilingual CMS v4.5.14 (+Addons) – Multi-Language WordPress Plugin

WPML Multilingual CMS Nulled is a translation plugin that’ll come in handy while building multilingual websites. WPML enables authors to write and translate material in several languages. Advanced translation management capabilities and a professional content translation interface are included in the plugin.

The plugins cover a wide range of topics, including casual websites, portfolios that exhibit developer talents, and websites for international enterprises that need to be done in multiple languages or for online commerce.

WPML is incredibly easy to use and does not require any programming knowledge. Without having to alter the code, site administrators can install it and make their site bilingual.

WPML comes with a full API that may be used to integrate with other plugins and translation systems. As a result, developers may easily use WPML to multilingualize their product. Creating multilingual pages is simple with WPML!


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wpml addons

Changelog WPML Multilingual CMS WordPress Plugin Nulled Free

v4.5.14 - Released on: November 14, 2022
Fixed a reported security issue for Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF) vulnerability.

WPML Multilingual CMS v4.5.13
Released on: November 7, 2022
Fixed an issue with the menu language switcher where the “wpml-ls-first-item” class was applied to the current language instead of the first listed language. This issue was introduced in WordPress 6.1 and WPML 4.5.12.
Fixed an issue with the hierarchical language menus to make sure it is not possible to not display the current language in such menus.

WPML Core 4.5.12:
Fixed a notice related to WP_object_cache
Added support for translating the new List-item Gutenberg block
Fixed an issue with registering strings coming from the Elementor Flexbox container
Fixed an issue with the Block widget text being unexpectedly wrapped with a paragraph tag
Fixed the issue where Block widgets translations were not applied any more

WPML Multilingual CMS v4.5.11
Released on: September 26, 2022
Fixed a security issue that allowed unauthorized access to WPML internal calls without the required capabilities.
Fixed an issue that could lead to a fatal error when having WPML Media Translation enabled and saving posts with big amounts of anchor HTML tags.

WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.10
Released on: September 12, 2022
Fixed an issue with classic WordPress widgets displayed in all languages.

WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.9
Released on: September 5, 2022
New Features​
New interface for the Translation queue (WPML → Translations) and Jobs queue (WPML > Translation Management > Jobs) pages
Added a new feature to remove leftover translation when a language is disabled
Usability Improvements​
All languages option in the Translation Dashboard will be visible only when there are more than 2 active languages
Added a troubleshooting button to cancel in-progress automatic jobs
Added pagination to the Translation Management Dashboard for the “All types” option
Added an option to filter by “Not translated” in the Translation Manage Dashboard
Added a button to refresh the license data on the WPML Troubleshooting page
Performance Improvements​
Optimized the sync process between WPML and Advanced Translation Editor in order to reduce the load time
Fixed a performance issue in fetching taxonomy terms while loading them into a translation job
Fixed a performance issue caused by a sync endpoint after creating new posts in the block editor.
Fixed a redirect issue when the post translation is edited from a non-default language source
Fixed an issue where translated category links did not appear translated in post content
Fixed an issue with taxonomy terms with the same translated slug being removed from post content while using bulk update
Fixed an issue where resetting a WordPress template or a template part does not remove the translation
Fixed an issue with defining a language mapping for already existing languages
Fixed a fatal error that could happen when an anonymous user visits WP admin with WPML running
Fixed an issue with the custom XML language configuration when WordPress is installed in a subdirectory
Fixed an issue with the number of translations on the banner in the Translation Management Dashboard when Posts are deleted
Fixed a 404 issue on a logout page when English is a secondary language
Fixed an incorrect display of languages on the root page when the language URL option is set to “Use directory for default language”
Fixed an issue that occurred when saving empty Translation Notifications settings
Added the ability to translate navigation block added using Full Site Editing, with sub-menu items label and link
Fixed an issue with the “translation pending review” notification on the Translation Management Dashboard page
Enabled the “Show language switcher” setting by default when login page translation is enabled
Fixed styling issues with the submenu items of automatically translated menus
Fixed an issue that prevented translation of duplicated translation in the Advanced Translation Editor
Fixed an issue that prevents adding translator’s language pairs
Fixed an issue where the “Who will translate” section in the WPML setup was missing
Fixed an issue where root pages would block the Automatic Translation tab from loading
Fixed a minor styling issue in the Translation Management Dashboard background
Fixed incorrect renewal notice that appeared when auto-renewal was activated for the WPML plugin
Fixed a fatal error that could occur when resetting languages with custom languages and revisiting WPML Languages after reset
Fixed incorrect source language in translation editor when translating from a manually translated secondary language as a source
Fixed an issue with language cookies and language detection in AJAX requests
Fixed an issue where some translation jobs were created with an invalid job ID and would cause automatic jobs to get stuck
Fixed a fatal error with PHP 5.6.x when sending jobs from the Translation Management Dashboard
Fixed an XSS issue in the wp-login.php file that uses a language attribute in the URL
Fixed inability to send Gravity form item to translation via the Translation Management Dashboard
Fixed an issue related to a new job created every time when opening a completed translation
Fixed an issue with a hardcoded database table prefix in the WPML code
Fixed an issue with translation jobs being stuck in a review status when translation review mode is changed
Fixed an issue where an important notice wasn’t displayed after site migration
Fixed an issue with the Translate Everything mode on content with lots of attachments where the Translation Management Dashboard could get stuck on calculating translations
Fixed an issue with completed translation in Advanced Translation Editor not being updated on the front-end
Added proper error messages for identified errors instead of displaying an unusable message that “WPML did not manage to translate”
Added proper error handling when the Advanced Translation Editor clone endpoint failed
Fixed an issue to allow administrators who are not Translation Managers to edit Advanced Translation Editor jobs as expected
Features for Compatibility with Page Builders​
Added support for ID conversion by configuration in shortcodes
Added support for ID conversion by configuration in blocks
Fixes for Compatibility with Page Builders​
Fixed a bug where we set the incorrect translation editor on quick edit actions
[Divi] Display a notice when editing a post in a different domain than its language
[Divi] Fixed an issue with translating products in Divi’s Woo Title and Woo Description widgets
[Divi] Fixed a bug overwriting translated Divi posts when updating the original post from the Blocks editor
[Divi] Fixed stripping tags in the Classic Translation Editor after merging WPML Translation Management into core
[Elementor] Fixed a bug that happened when editing and viewing landing pages when using the /%category%/%postname%/ permalink structure
[Elementor] Fixed the template conditions cache so it includes templates from all languages
[Elementor] Introduced a new filter to support widgets with nested or repeater fields with the same key
[Elementor] Fixed a bug in multisite when manually editing a page in the secondary language and using different domains per language
[Elementor] Fixed a bug that removes <p> tags when switching between visual and text modes in the Classic Translation Editor
[WPBakery] Fixed a bug where a translated post is assigned original tags
[WPBakery] Copy the post CSS to the translations
Fixed some deprecated notices with PHP 8.1.x

WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.8
Released on: May 31, 2022
Fixed an issue that caused that same taxonomy terms to be assigned to the last queried object.
Fixed a fatal error that happened in some cases when upgrading the plugin manually.

v4.5.7 - Released on: May 23, 2022
Fixed an issue with storing taxonomy terms for translations due to changes in WordPress 6.0.
Fixed an issue with displaying original terms on secondary languages with WordPress 6.0.

WPML Multilingual CMS 4.5.5
Released on: February 22, 2022
Fixes slow queries on the Translation Queue page when loading a large number of pending translations.
Simplifies the process of signing up for a translation service by only showing your preferred service.
Adds the ability to translate Avada dynamic attributes using the Advanced Translation Editor.
Fixes an issue that caused a warning when using display conditions with Divi.
Updates to the WPML user interface to support the recent changes to automatic translation pricing.

WPML Multilingual CMS v4.5.4
Released on: January 27, 2022
Fixed a fatal error that occurred while updating the plugin if the site is using the WPML Blog License.
Fixed a fatal error that occurred after updating the plugin when the site is runinng on a filesystem that is not case sensitive (i.e. Windows).
Fixed a fatal error that occurred when using separate domains per language.
Fixed a fatal error that occurred on servers using PHP 5.6 after updating the user profile.

v4.5.3 Released on: January 25, 2022
Add a new WPML language switcher to login and registration pages to replace the core language switcher for these pages introduced in WordPress 5.9.
Added support for translating Full Site Editing templates.
Allow to sync post type archive menus.
Fixed an issue to ensure the get_adjacent_post function returns the correct links.
WPML installer page no longer shows Translation Management on the list of available plugins when WPML version 4.5 or newer is active.
Fixed an issue where the Language Switcher disappeared from the menu after changing the default language.
Renamed the “logs” directory to prevent unwanted deletion.
Fixed an issue that occured when using a different name for the “wp-content” dir.
Removed redundant AJAX calls when using the Classic Translation Editor.
Removed all fallbacks to the Classic Translation Editor when using Advanced Translation Editor.
Removed all source map files from the production package.
Fixed an issue where the Translation Review Bar was displayed behind the “Preview is not available” overlay.
Added a hint to the Translators page about the Translation Reviewer Directory.
Removed unused calls to synchronize Translators endpoints.
Removed Media Translation as a recommended plugin.
Removed wpautop when saving string translations for visual fields in Elementor.
Fixed a fatal error when Elemtentor’s widget is broken.
Disabled the language selector for WordPress widgets used with the Elementor builder.
Added support to translate graphic_image in Elementor’s “Call To Action” widget.
Added support for pop-ups inside hotspots in Elementor.
Fixed a warning message in Elementor Theme Builder.
Replaced _register_controls (deprecated) with register_controls in Elementor.
Added support for Elementor’s WooCommerce Purchase Summary Widget.
Fixed Divi’s display conditions when it uses categories.
Fixed an issue with WPBakery page builder where the raw HTML was being stripped from translations.
Added support for Avada’s “Off Canvas” translation.
Fixed an issue with the native Block Editor where an HTML attribute in blocks contains some HTML entities.
Fixed an issue with the native Block Editor with missing self-closing tags when the translation is being updated.

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List of WPML addons:

  1. Advanced Custom Fields Multilingual – ACFML v1.10.4
  2. WPML WooCommerce Multilingual Addon v5.0.2
  3. WPML Gravity Forms Multilingual Addon v1.6.3
  4. WPML Translation Management Addon v2.10.8
  5. WPML String Translation Addon v3.2.3
  6. WPML Media Translation Addon v2.7.1
  7. WPML BuddyPress Multilingual Addon v1.7.0
  8. WPML Contact Form 7 Multilingual Addon v1.1.0
  9. WPML Yoast SEO Multilingual v2.1.0
  10. WPML All Import Plugin Addon v2.3.0
  11. WPML CMS Navigation Addon v1.5.5
  12. WPML Sticky Links Addon v1.5.4
  13. WPML MailChimp Addon v0.0.3
  14. WPML WPForms Multilingual Addon v0.2.0
  15. WPML Ninja Forms Multilingual Addon v0.2.0
  16. Formidable Forms WPML Multilingual Add-On v1.09
  17. WPML Integration with AMP v1.7.16
  18. WPML WordPress Multilingual Compatibility Test Tools Add-On v1.0.1
  19. WPML WordPress Multilingual Translation Analytics Add-On v1.0.7

Download WPML Multilingual CMS v4.5.14 Nulled Free

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