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WPForms Pro v1.7.8 – Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

WPForms Pro Nulled is the best WordPress contact form plugin. Creating a contact form with WPForms is easy and convenient. Drag & Drop visual editor is used, which makes this plugin even more user-friendly (very convenient to use).

The main mission of WPForms is to make the plugin as user-friendly as possible. Since not everyone is familiar with HTML/CSS to directly edit form fields etc. Therefore, it does not contain some confusing functions, which are located in other plugins.

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Feautures of WPForms – The World’s Best Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin

  • Drag & Drop Form Builder: Easily create a great form in just minutes without writing any code.
  • Form Templates: Get started with pre-built form templates to save even more time.
  • Responsive Mobile Friendly: WPForms is 100% responsive which means it works on mobile, tablet and desktop devices.
  • Smart Conditional Logic: Easily create high-performance forms with our smart conditional logic.
  • Instant Notifications: Respond to leads quickly with our instant form notifications for your team.
  • Entry Management: See all your leads in one place to streamline your workflow.
  • Payments Made Easy: Easily collect payments, donations and online orders without hiring a developer.
  • Marketing & Subscriptions: Create a subscription form and connect it to your email marketing service.
  • Easy to Embed: Easily embed your forms in blog posts, pages, sidebar widgets, footers, and more.
  • Spam Protection: Our smart captcha and honeypot automatically prevent spamming.


features of WPForms Pro

Changelog WPForms Pro – Drag & Drop WordPress Forms Plugin Nulled Free

## [1.7.8] - 2022-11-09
### Added
- Introducing a completely new Content field to help you easily add formatted text to your forms.
- Submitted files can now be attached to the notification email, that is configurable on the Form Builder > Notifications screen.
- All anti-spam protection settings are grouped in one place in the Form Builder > Settings for easier access.
- You can now completely block form submissions from certain countries.
- You can also block form submissions that contain particular keywords.
- New hooks at the beginning and end of each page of the Page Break field.

### Changed
- Recently added Form Templates are now available in the "New Templates" category.
- Non-responsive (desktop) version of the Form Builder is not accessible on mobile devices.

### Fixed
- jQuery deprecation notices were triggered in the browser's console.
- Close button in dropdowns was displayed incorrectly in certain places.
- A PHP warning was raised on certain site configurations when the user tried to submit a form.
- Toggle control animation was working incorrectly in certain cases.
- Required fields were still highlighted as incomplete after being filled on the Form Builder > Marketing screen.
- Text was overlapping the down arrow on dropdowns in the 2021 theme.
- The Currency field dropdown went outside of the page border in the Form Builder.
- WPForms Challenge user experience was improved.
- Smart tag list was too big in fields with warnings.
- Some input masks caused the text in the Text field to be right-aligned.
- Compatibility with the 2023 theme was improved.
- Search was incorrectly processing the `0` term when performed on the Entries Overview page.
- Entry Preview functionality didn't work on the Form Preview page when Conversational Forms was enabled.
- A PHP warning related to the Entry CSV Attachment was raised when navigating through different form revisions.
- Entry CSV Attachment settings were not saved properly when saved too quickly after the page load.

[] - 2022-10-12
### Added
- There is a new filter `wpforms_builder_panel_sidebar_section_classes` to change builder panel sidebar section classes.
### Changed
- Updated DOMPurify library to 2.4.0.
### Fixed
- Placeholder text in the Dropdown field was cut off in the Form Builder.
- The Form Builder had an inconsistent text strings escaping.
- The information about "no form templates to display" did not disappear when a category was changed.

## [] - 2022-10-05
### Fixed
- Email Notifications options for completed payments were displayed in an incorrect place - below the Settings > Notifications > Advanced section in the Form Builder.
- Very long field labels were not wrapped and were breaking mid-word.

[v1.7.7] - 2022-09-27
### Added
- Introducing a completely new Layout field to help you build advanced form layouts that automatically adjust to the users’ screen size.
- All templates are now available on our new Form Templates admin page.
- Form Templates can now be marked as favorite for easier access to forms inside the Form Builder.
- The form fields column can now be collapsed in the Form Builder to give more space to the form preview panel.
- Form submission values can now be attached as a CSV file to the notification email. You can set it up on the Form Builder > Notifications screen.
### Changed
- The DB tables row in the Site Health Info section is now private which means it's excluded from the copied data when the "Copy site info to clipboard" button is clicked.
### Fixed
- Selected columns were not centered in the Entries Field Columns dropdown.
- WPForms Challenge was displayed after a forms search with no result.
- WPForms Challenge disappeared after selecting a template for the new form.
- After a form submission a PHP warning was generated in some cases when the Akismet anti-spam protection setting was enabled.
- Using allow/deny list was breaking input mask validation for all fields above the Email field.
- An unusually long text string in the confirmation message caused layout problems due to overflow.
- File upload field was broken in the Block Editor on WordPress 5.2-5.4.
- The time value for the Date/Time field was not populated correctly on the Edit Entry page.
- `page_title` smart tag was working inconsistently on a form preview page.
- `wpforms()->get( 'entry' )->get_entries()` returned all entries when no entries were found.
- From Email address check in the Form Builder > Notifications was incorrectly handling domain check containing the `www` prefix.
- It was possible to execute exported field values as formulas in `.csv` and `.xlsx` files.
- Input mask validation message didn't use what was previously saved on the WPForms > Settings > Validation page.
- On the Form builder, a template selection didn't work if a page was translated through web extensions.

[v1.7.6] - 2022-08-16
### Added
- Entries can now be checked against the Akismet API to prevent spam submissions.
- When exporting entries on the Tools > Export page all items can be selected or deselected easily with a single click in Form Fields and Additional Information sections.
### Changed
- Only 3 uploaded files are now displayed in the table on the Entries list page.
- Paragraph and multiline long values are properly truncated to improve readability on the Entries list page.
- Display fields available according to license level as active in the Form Builder, even if the required addon is not installed or activated.
- Single Item field placeholder option is now displayed only when a User Defined type is selected.
- The Date/Time field displays options from `01` to `12` instead of from `00` to `11` when the format is set to `12 H`.
- Address field' country name is now displayed instead of the country code throughout the plugin admin area.
- Empty post titles and term names in Dynamic Choices are now treated the way WordPress does.
- Modern Dropdown field fuzzy search sensitivity is adjusted to display only exact matches.
- Allow typing choices in the modern Dropdown field with the Multiple Options Selection option enabled.
- WPForms Challenge experience is improved for new users.
- Lite Connect is now disabled in non-production environments.
- Lite Connect functionality improves handling of staging and cloned sites, and changed domain names.
- Unnecessary PHP packages are no longer shipped in WPForms Lite.
- Stylesheets loaded in the Form Builder and on certain plugin pages are better optimized and shrank to improve performance.
- WPForms now better integrates with the WP Mail SMTP plugin to enable overriding From Name and From Email values in existing forms.
- Form Notifications now have better validation of From Email settings.
- Displaying and counting the total number of entries is improved across the admin area of the plugin.
- Start using new `elementor/widgets/register` hook introduced in Elementor 3.5.0.
- The intl-tel-input library has been updated to v17.0.17 to support more regions and area codes.
- Updated DOMPurify library to 2.3.10.
- Updated jquery.validate library to 1.19.5.
### Fixed
- Improved compatibility with Twenty Twenty-Two theme.
- No more missing form ID in the date dropdown `id` HTML attribute.
- Added meaningful `alt` text to form submission spinner image to stop being flagged by certain SEO scanners.
- Address field's Country value on the Entries list page was truncated with the International scheme set.
- Lite Connect import admin notice on the Tools > Scheduled Actions page was positioned incorrectly.
- Page break titles overlapped on certain screen sizes when using the Connector progress indicator.
- Single Item field Placeholder value was not updating correctly in the Form Builder preview.
- Constant Contact Authorization Code and Account Nickname fields are now required on the Settings > Integrations page.
- Constant Contact connection can now be added even if the Authorization Code is invalid.
- Error occurred upon form submission when Time in Date/Time field was set to 00AM.
- Fields that required unique answers did not work with page breaks.
- A form with a smart Phone field that requires a unique value didn't get submitted if the phone field value was invalid, even if the phone field was hidden by conditional logic.
- Form cannot be submitted now until all uploads in separate modern File Upload fields are finished.
- Conditional Logic was not working when the value was updated on paste from the clipboard.
- Modern File Upload field was not fully cleared when hidden and shown again with Conditional Logic applied.
- Validation of required fields on Marketing or Payment sections in the Form Builder was triggered even if the field is hidden.
- Action Scheduler was triggering a PHP fatal error on the Tools > Scheduled Actions page on PHP 5.6.
- Images breaking out of containers on smaller screens if Multiple Choice and Checkboxes fields were set to use image choices.
- `query_var` smart tag was not working in Confirmations and Notifications.
- Incorrect results were displayed when search by term was combined with a date filter.
- Plugin and addons could not be updated via WP CLI.
- Custom templates had an incorrect badge, "Addon" instead of "Custom".
- The Confirmation Message label overlapped the editor when WYSIWYG mode was disabled.
- A list of IP addresses forwarded by Cloudflare or some other proxies could not be parsed if it contained spaces.
- Default form title was not changed when switching form templates.
- Both `page_title` and `page_id` smart tags were returning incorrect values on non-singular pages if the form was used outside the Loop.
- WPForms Block preview (on block hover) was rendered incorrectly in Site Editor.
- Users with roles other than Administrator could not see all export options even if they had sufficient permissions.
- Display only those sections that the user has permissions to view and interact with on the WPForms > Tools page.
- Rich Text field label was misplaced if positioned below the Single Line Text field with the Address Autocomplete option enabled.
- Sorting entries by Total column worked incorrectly when combined with pagination.
- User-uploaded files remained in the /uploads/wpforms/ directory when an Entry was deleted.
- Partially uploaded user files were not deleted when the upload was interrupted or canceled.
- Files with extensions containing an underscore or a hyphen were not supported by the File Upload field.
- Custom validation errors were not displayed with hCaptcha enabled upon AJAX form submission.
- Validation errors were not shown when the field with an input mask was not fully filled.
- Duplicated entries were created in the database when an entry of the form with more than 30 fields was edited.
- Smart Tags could be added to Sender Email and Sender Name if the fields were managed by the WP Mail SMTP plugin.
- The Confirmation message block had incorrect margins in the Twenty Twenty-Two theme.
- Occasional errors during migration were fixed when upgrading from some older versions of WPForms.
- The Confirmation Redirect URL can no longer be saved with an empty value.
- Default choices were displayed on the frontend if a Dynamic Choices source had no objects (Dropdown, Multiple Choice, and Checkboxes fields were affected).

[v1.7.5.5] - 2022-07-28
### Fixed
- Migrations logic was broken in certain cases when addons have their own migrations.
- Security-related improvements around email generation for notifications.

[] - 2022-07-22
### Fixed
- Some users were not able to use templates when creating a form.

[v1.7.5.3] - 2022-07-19
### Added
- New filter to modify CSS classes of the form submit button on the frontend.
### Changed
- The PayPal Standard transaction URL now uses a new format on the Entry details page.
- Improve cached templates handling in the Form Builder.
### Fixed
- Retrieving a current URL should not strip a custom port.
- "JavaScript file not found" error when the "Load Assets Globally" option was enabled in Settings > General.
- WordPress database error when upgrading from WPForms Lite to WPForms Pro.
- Do not cache an incorrect or empty response from the Templates API.
- PHP warning raised in certain notifications configuration when PayPal payment status is changed to Completed.

[v1.7.5.2] - 2022-07-15
### Fixed
- Increase chances for the templates inside the Form Builder to load properly, so occasional empty form creation from a template should be gone.
- PHP fatal error was generated in some cases when Lite Connect attempted to generate site key too many times.

[v1.7.5.1] - 2022-06-30
### Fixed
- v1.7.5 migration did not complete when a database prefix other than `wp_` was used.
- Form Tags: incorrect links to filter by tags were generated right after saving tags.

[v1.7.5] - 2022-06-28
### Added
- Form Tags: add tags to forms with an ability to filter by them; bulk add/edit/delete tags for multiple forms.
- Payment details stored in entries are now searchable.
- Display the status of the Lite Connect setting and the date-time when it was enabled (Tools > System Info).
- New `{unique_value}` smart tag.
### Changed
- The sodium library is now included in WordPress core, so we removed it from the plugin.
- Action Scheduler library was updated to 3.4.2 to fix deprecation notices with PHP 8.1.
- The jquery.validate library updated to 1.19.4.
- Conditional logic can now be applied to custom fields.
- Do not allow not completed Challenge to appear in the regular Form Builder.
### Fixed
- For some fields, their default values were not always previewed in the Form Builder.
- Regularly clean up additional information we store for each task we run within the plugin.
- No fatal error anymore in Allow/Deny email lists with very long or international emails.
- Correctly handle additional CSS classes for each WPForms block on the same page (Block Editor).
- Properly process survey field values when they were updated to become empty.
- Modals order was incorrect when the Lite Connect feature was enabled or disabled on mobile.
- Notification for the last step of the WPForms Challenge was not displayed on the Posts Page with the Gutenberg plugin.
- Some Form Templates could be empty upon fresh installation.
- Several minor issues in the Challenge flow are now fixed.
- Total value for items with a cost lower than 1 dollar was calculated incorrectly.
- Color Palette was not shown in the Form Builder for duplicated fields.
- Do not register Gutenberg block styles on the front end when no form is present on a page.
- Access Controls: Entries list showed all forms with the 'View Others Forms' capability.
- Form Builder exited automatically when a user with allowed permissions created a form.
- Limit the number of attempts to get the site key in Lite Connect.
- Multiple Items (Radio) choice showed "Empty" on a single entry page if a selected choice value is undefined/empty.
- Search results didn't show old abandoned and partial entries after the latest addon update.
- Entries Search on the Entries Table page was not fully cleared when a user cleared the search.
- Several issues were fixed with the ability to move certain fields (Page Break and Entry Preview).
- Elementor popup was not processing conditional logic on the initial load.
- Added focus state indication for admin tabs.
- Duplicated column name appeared in the columns configs on the Entries Table page when a user tried to change settings.
- Edit Entry: the Date field with a custom format was shown improperly.
- GDPR sub-settings remained enabled if GDPR is disabled and sub-setting was left enabled.
- Duplicate/Trash form actions did not work after sorting forms by Name, Author, or Created Date.
- Improved styling of the warning/loading message for the Modern File Upload field.
- Notices appeared in the debug.log when the user created a Custom Template and used it in the Form Builder.
- Entries Overview: search attributes were removed when searching for an empty HTML tag.
- Empty license was shown improperly in some cases inside the Site Health.
- Fatal error on PHP 8 after a PayPal payment.
- hCaptcha pointer had a weird thick dark border since WordPress 6.0.
- Check GDPR settings before trying to use a cookie.

[v1.7.4.2] - 2022-05-19
### Changed
- DOMPurify library updated to 2.3.8.
### Fixed
- PHP notices avoided in Lite Connect if decrypted entry data didn't contain required keys.
- Lite Connect: entries counting and import-complete notice improved.
- WordPress 6.0 compatibility: WPForms block styling fixed inside the Full Site Editor. (2022-05-05)
LiteConnect auth key request didn't work with plain permalinks and with subdirectory install.
Do not display the import entries notice if the license key is not valid.
Improved Form Locations compatibility with the Full Site Editor template parts.

## [1.7.4] - 2022-04-26
### Added
- Form Locations! On the Forms Overview page easily check all places where each form is currently embedded.
- Back up form submissions into the cloud and restore them to your database as Entries after upgrading to a paid plan.
- New `{entry_details_url}` smart tag.
### Changed
- Improved text wrapping of field labels and descriptions.
- Each smart tag inserted by a user in the Form Builder will now be placed as the last one in relevant inputs.
- Show error message during Entry Export if some error occurs.
- Admin dashboard widget can now change the color scheme and graph style.
- The input field in the Form Embed wizard popup in the Form Builder is now focused by default.
- Updated DOMPurify lib to 2.3.6.
### Fixed
- Adding Entry Preview field after visiting the Revisions panel.
- Search result was not reset when the user clicked "x" sign in the search field on the Addons page.
- Strength validation was failing when the Password field was empty and not required.
- Entry Preview field didn't show fields with an input value of `0`.
- Some fields' `0` value was shown as empty on Edit Entry and Print pages.
- Form's Entries page unread/read and starred/unstarred notices were behaving incorrectly.
- Entry values weren't exported (.xlsx) if form fields had the same label.
- Entry export didn't work for non-admins with 'View Entries' access.
- Error occurred when the user clicked on the Export Entries download link.
- Configurations on the Payments tab in the Form Builder were not previewed when a user was previewing form revisions.
- Dynamic choices were not prefilling values for the Multiple Choice field on the Edit Entry page.
- Plugin data should not be deleted when Lite was deleted, and Pro is still active.
- The form could be saved while still adding a field, but it should not.
- Improved compatibility with Elementor popups.
- Cleaned up deprecation notice for `_register_controls()` with recent Elementor versions.

[1.7.3] - 2022-03-16
- Support for PHP 5.5 has been discontinued. If you are running PHP 5.5, you MUST upgrade PHP before installing WPForms 1.7.3. Failure to do that will disable WPForms core functionality.
- Support for WordPress 5.1 has been discontinued. If you are running WordPress 5.1, you MUST upgrade WordPress before installing WPForms 1.7.3. Failure to do that will disable WPForms core functionality.
### Added
- Forms now can be moved to Trash and restored on the Forms Overview page.
- Forms now support Revisions with new UI and ability to switch between them.
- Exported entries (.csv and .xlsx) now have an Entry Status column that indicates completed, abandoned, or partial entry.
- Export Entries and Form Template Export selection on the Tools > Export page now support search.
### Changed
- Improved support for WordPress Core UI colors and admin themes in the admin notifications panel.
- Improved submitted email field value validation (take into account real-world usage and RFC information).
- Improved `wpforms_get_ip()` IP detection quality by taking care of proxies (e.g. when the site is behind Cloudflare).
- Improved Time selector display with a limited number of choices.
- Updated Action Scheduler library to 3.4.0.
- Improved the manual addon installation message if automatic installation fails, added links to the downloads page and a manual installation guide.
- Hide Sub-Labels option should be hidden for some formats in the Name and Date / Time fields.
- Improved performance of Action Scheduler tasks.
- Drop jQuery matchHeight library in favor of a CSS solution.
- Abandoned and partial entries are now displayed in search results on the Entries page.
- Unified and improved modals across all plugin pages and the Form Builder.
- Forms now can be deleted when the user who created them is deleted.
### Fixed
- Confusing alignment of Print Preview options on small screens.
- Long field titles didn't wrap within the field container.
- Stuck on loading the Form Builder when switching to a new form template with unsaved changes and dismissing the native browser prompt.
- Buttons had no spacing when the Embed button is not available for a user without the capability to edit pages and/or posts.
- Fly-out menu was not auto-hiding on the Entries page with Survey Results enabled.
- Incorrect position of the notification counter in the admin bar when a notification was dismissed.
- Misaligned buttons in the Entries navigation block on the single Entry admin page.
- Make the form Submit button disabled all the time after the submit action when AJAX form submission or confirmation redirect are enabled.
- Toggle control labels did not have a hand cursor.
- The `iframe` element in the HTML field was not displaying after meeting a conditional logic in the Twenty Twenty theme.
- The dropdown list was shown partially when located at the end of the form in the Twenty Twenty theme.
- Country flag from the Phone field was overlapped in the Enfold theme.
- Multiple selected options in the Classic Dropdown field didn't have a visual active state.
- CSV export filesystem issue on WordPress VIP platform.
- Deprecation notice when processing smart tags.
- False JavaScript issue error when WP Rocket's Delay JavaScript execution option is on.
- PHP notice generated when email notifications were sent.
- "Did You Know" block now always spaned across all columns.
- Validation error if an email was not required and left empty.
- Email field validation failed with long and invalid emails.
- Import from other plugins.
- Compatibility with PHP 8.1.

[v1.7.2.2] - 2022-02-03
### Fixed
- Compatibility with current versions of the User Journey and Form Locker addons.

[v1.7.2.1] - 2022-02-03
### Fixed
- Compatibility with PHP 8.0 and PHP 8.1.
- Compatibility with WordPress 5.9, including its new Full Site Editing feature.
- Broken cache directory path if `WP_CONTENT_DIR` is set in the `wp-config.php` without trailing slash.
- PHP Notice when using the `wpforms_log()` function in certain conditions.
- Type mismatch brakes a list of scheduled actions in Action Scheduler if typed arguments are passed.

v1.7.2 - 2022-01-04
### Added
- Search by form name and description is available on the Forms Overview page.
- New "Author" column in the Forms Overview table to display a name of a person who created the form.
- Display log records on the single Entry page when an entry note has been added or deleted.

List of WPForms Pro Plugin Addons

  1. WPForms AJAX Submit v1.2.4
  2. WPForms AWeber v1.2.0
  3. WPForms Drop Uploader v1.0.2
  4. WPForms Campaign Monitor v1.2.1
  5. WPForms Custom Captcha v1.3.2
  6. WPForms Conversational Forms v1.6.0
  7. WPForms Drip v1.4.2
  8. WPForms Form Abandonment v1.5.0
  9. WPForms Form Templates Pack v1.2.2
  10. WPForms Form Locker v2.0.2
  11. WPForms Form Pages v1.4.1
  12. WPForms Geolocation v2.0.0
  13. WPForms GetResponse v1.4.0
  14. WPForms MailChimp v2.1.1
  15. WPForms Multilingual v0.1.2
  16. WPForms Offline Forms v1.2.3
  17. WPForms PayPal Standard v1.4.0
  18. WPForms Post Submissions v1.3.2
  19. WPForms Sendinblue v1.0.0
  20. WPForms Signatures v1.3.1
  21. WPForms Stripe v2.5.0
  22. WPForms Surveys and Polls v1.6.4
  23. WPForms User Journey v1.0.1
  24. WPForms User Registration v2.0.0
  25. WPForms Webhooks v1.0.0
  26. WPForms Zapier v1.4.0

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Download WPForms Pro v1.7.8 Nulled Free + Addons

To use pro features please activate it with the addons

FOR Nulling just open wpforms.php find this code around line 39
‘type’ => ‘Basic’,

remove and replace it with this code:

‘type’ => ‘PRO’,

‘key’ => ‘valid’, (insert this code after “invalid”)

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.