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WP Ultimo v2.0.18 - a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network

You can make your own Website as a Service platform – like, Squarespace,, and others – in hours, not months, with WP Ultimo Nulled ! WP Ultimo can help you revolutionize your company model right now!


create your site

Features: WP Ultimo – a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network

  • Subscriptions are simple to manage: With WP Ultimo’s straightforward and powerful interface, managing your subscriptions is as simple as it gets.
  • Support for PayPal and Stripe: WP Ultimo is pre-installed with PayPal and Stripe, with more gateways available as add-ons.
  • Templates for Websites: During the sign-up process, you may construct boilerplate sites for your users to pick from! It’s the same as!
  • In less than 10 minutes, you can have your network up and operating: WP Ultimo makes it simple to get all of your settings in order in just a few minutes. Simply follow the instructions in our Setup Wizard to quickly configure all of the choices you’ll need.
  • It’s as basic as it gets when it comes to domain mapping, and it works with a variety of hosting providers: Your clients may easily add their domain to their sites on your network, enhancing the professionalism of your platform!
  • Make the most of WP Multisite’s capabilities: WordPress Multisite provides a solid foundation on which to construct a premium network of sites that are both fast and extensible.
  • Support During the Trial Period: Setting a number of trial days in our settings page is all it takes to give your users a trial period!
  • Multiple Sites Support: Your users can develop different sites based on the limitations set out in the plans to which they have subscribed.
  • Make an unlimited number of plans: WP Ultimo allows you to construct an endless number of levels, each with its own set of plugins and themes.
  • Set Limits for Your Plans: You may specify limitations for storage space, posts (including custom post kinds), pages, and even site visitors in each of your plans.
  • Make an unlimited number of coupons: You may also provide your consumers alternative coupon codes with relative discounts (percentages) or absolute numbers.
  • Automatic Assistance to Hosting Providers: Our domain mapping solution integrates seamlessly with WP Engine, Cloudways, and CPanel, with more integrations on the way!
  • Send Emails and Messages to the Entire World: Directly from the admin interface, send admin messages and emails to network sites and users.
  • Sign-up Process That Can Be Modified: Using template overrides, you may add new stages and fields, as well as entirely modify the HTML.
  • Emails that can be customized: You have complete control over emails with WP Ultimo. Their subject, substance, and even HTML markup are all important.
  • Support for Domain Mapping: WP Ultimo comes pre-installed with Domain Mapping! You have the option of choosing which plans will have access to it.
  • Multiple Gateways are supported: Your users can select from a variety of gateway alternatives. There’s no reason to confine yourself to just one network.
  • Fantastic Assistance: We want you to have the best possible experience with WP Ultimo. We are always willing to assist!

Changelog: WP Ultimo – a Tool for Creating a Premium WP Network

Version 2.0.18 - Released on 2022-08-05
* Added: Current currency in use on Stripe and StripeCheckout product gateway;
* Added: wu_pre_save_settings filter to allow data change before save settings;
* Added: Stripe and Stripe Checkout api keys verification on save settings;
* Added: Show messages to customer on forms according sistem and account limitations;
* Added: Current membership selected on Current class;
* Improvement: Set trial status according membership data on save process;
* Improvement: Delete object cache key of a model after save process;
* Improvement: Non recurring coupon value on stripe checkout;
* Improvement: New session system on forms;
* Improvement: Stripe and Stripe Checkout calls, ensuring correct API keys in use;
* Improvement: Create new payment with Stripe and Stripe Checkout only on "charge.succeeded" webhook event;
* Improvement: Check if membership uses Stripe or Stripe Checkout gateway on webhook calls to prevent duplicated processes which can cause subscription cancelation on gateway;
* Improvement: Public API load order to by present on setup wizard;
* Improvement: get_broadcast_targets method return on class Broadcast;
* Improvement: Multiple account with woocomerce billing_address value;
* Fix: Subtotal value on cart items;;
* Fix: Stripe card input styles;
* Fix: Check the available template sites for selected products;
* Fix: Correct build the cart with trial period on checkout process;
* Fix: Template switch form;
* Fix: Stripe and Stripe Checkout error code on WP_Error;
* Fix: Stripe and Stripe Checkout webhook listener url shown in payment settings;
* Fix: Stripe and Stripe Checkout production mode setting value on save;

Version 2.0.17 - Released on 2022-07-04
* fix: New site creation not working on customer form

Version 2.0.16 - Released on 2022-07-01
* Improvement: Allow the auto-submission of fields with the steps field present in form;
* Improvement: Do not calculate prorate in upgrades if membership is in trial period;
* Improvement: PayPal gateway rebuilt to run updates on memberships;
* Improvement: Set Stripe Webhook mode by request mode (live or sandbox);
* Fix: Checkout form editor not showing the input and steps settings;
* Fix: Step being duplicate when updating the step id in checkout form editor;
* Fix: Paypal gateway not completing the checkout process on recurring payments;
* Internal: Additional tests for Wordpress 6.0;
* Internal: Improved the multistep checkout test;
* Internal: Improved the model generators for better tests;
* Internal: Improved the code to check sent emails in automated tests;

v2.0.15 - Released on 2022-06-15
* Added: Currency Saudi Riyal
* Improvement: Removes unlisted countries from the billing address checkout field when using the "Restrict by country" option;
* Improvement: Disables the "Restrict by country" toggle when saving the form without allowed countries;
* Improvement: Improves the addition of billing address fields by allowing the removal of fields through the “wu_billing_address_fields” filter and avoiding error in the use of this filter;
* Improvement: Checks if payment status is completed when building the cart to prevent error with Ultimo defining the cart as “retry”;
* Improvement: Verifies if the cart has a future value to be paid to better handle downgrades;
* Improvement: Checks if subscription is not already cancelled on Stripe and Stripe Checkout gateways before trying to cancel;
* Improvement: Improvement: Changes stripe.js handlers to better code readability and to follow Stripe recommendations;
* Improvement: Adds a line item in cart in case of downgrade to remove the current value from payment on swap schedule;
* Improvement: Calculates prorate credit when upgrading membership;
* Improvement: Changes the method that checks if we need to collect payments to consider the possibility of future payments before returning false to handle downgrade cases;
* Improvement: Changes next billing charge date method to consider downgrades with scheduled swap;
* Improvement: Schedules swap with Stripe and Stripe Checkout gateway to handle downgrades to paid plans;
* Improvement: Handles gateway subscription cancelation when membership gateway data has change;
* Improvement: Checks for Stripe webhooks in Stripe Checkout gateway;
* Improvement: Ensures data type of test_mode value to bool on Stripe, Stripe Checkout and Paypal to prevent errors;
* Fix: Added currency value when creating the cart from a payment or membership to avoid errors on gateway processes as with GoCardless;
* Fix: Mapped domains redirect not working;
* Fix: Problem with gateways as GoCardless that needs the currency value to finish checkout process;
* Fix: Limit site users by role not working;
* Fix: Problem with the broadcast message being delivered just to the first customer;
* Fix: Free membership not being activated even with email verification disabled;
* Fix: SSO not working on wp-admin page with mapped domains;
* Fix: Stripe saved cards not working;
* Fix: Downgrade cart not being correctly built when new plan is not free;
* Fix: Correctly define a cart as “retry” and postpone the payment verification when building it to prevent some errors on checkout validation process;
* Fix: Get the enable multiple membership value config from settings value;
* Fix: Allow updates with current plan on trial period;
* Fix: Stripe Checkout gateway id with wrong value on get_or_create_customer method;
* Fix: Stripe maybe_cancel_old_subscriptions method not working;
* Fix: Stripe Checkout sandbox toggle not working on settings;
* Fix: Site publish on trials with payment method;
* Fix: Cart build with membership causing error due currency error;
* Internal: Fix delete product test;

v2.0.14 - Released on 2022-05-27
* Added: Message on email verification if user is not logged in, with a link to login page including a redirection back to email verification;
* Improvement: Hide go back checkout button if it is in second step, the first is a plan selection and if plan is pre-selected in URL;
* Improvement: Grouped go back and next buttons in same line in checkout form;
* Improvement: Suppress email change notification on page duplication causing confusion about the current admin in template sites;
* Improvement: Upgrade from free to another free plan capability;
* Improvement: Error message on integration wizard containing missing constants on wp-admin.php;
* Improvement: Woocommerce performance when listing sites;
* Fix: Stripe webhook not being processed by ultimo;
* Fix: Go back action in checkout keeps previous step with loading block screen;
* Fix: Currency in payment with wrong symbol;
* Fix: Stripe checkout not redirecting in Safari;
* Fix: Stripe gateway causing error when using trials without payment method;
* Fix: Error with domain field not accepting dots when trying to create a new site via network admin page;
* Fix: Value "enable_custom_login_page" added with value 1 on ultimo install process to avoid errors on ultimo setup page;
* Fix: Downgrade to a free plan activating the current paid plan and giving lifetime membership if no payment accepted before;
* Fix: Payment invoice placeholders;
* Internal: Fix composer Symfony package versions;

v2.0.13 - Released on 2022-05-06
* Improvement: Set the first period in period selector as pre-selected if durations is not added before, preventing the mixing of products with different period if using the selector;
* Improvement: Removed verification for existing signatures in v1, reducing the chance of false negatives as the need to run migration process;
* Fixed: Stripe card check causing error with multi step forms wen using the product slug in url;
* Fixed: Product variations not being identified and not setting the price on cart overview;
* Fix: Get the correct address field in form to set the cart regardless of multi step or single step form type;
* Fix: Stripe checkout not working on Firefox;
* Fix: Delete option on broadcast admin list table;
* Fix: Broadcast list table causing fatal due error on customers column;
* Fix: Email footer with subsite url on link instead of main site;

v2.0.12 - Released on 2022-04-25
* Added: Created the wu_before_form_submitted javascript filter to allow bypass the checkout form before submit;
* Added: Sunrise.php data on WP Ultimo system info page;
* Improvement: Define COOKIE_DOMAIN constant on domain mapped sites to prevent cookie related errors;
* Improvement: Search models by hash improving the UX on admin forms and preventing errors when creating sites for customers on network admin dashboard;
* Fixed: Added a default setup to use with Stripe Portal to prevent errors when not configured on Stripe account;
* Fixed: Makes sure if card is valid before start the account creation process using Stripe Gateway;
* Fixed: Check if auth_redirect and wp_set_auth_cookie functions exist before define;
* Fixed: Template previewer error when product is not selected in checkout form;
* Fixed: Error on remaining sites calculation if limitation is not set;
* Fixed: Check if there's domain options available on create site form;
* Fixed: Prevent errors with variable types defined on limits;
* Fixed: Correct check the status of a pending site for a membership on thank you page;
* Fixed: Billing address not being saved on multi step checkout form when not in last step;
* Fixed: Gutenberg blocks not being loaded;
* Fixed: Login page not working on blocked sites;
* Fixed: Error on some checkout processes due pending site check;
* Internal: Improved our test structure with cypress to help catching error before releases;

v2.0.11 - Released on 2022-04-09
* Important
* Fixed: Plugin & Theme Limitations not being loaded, leading to plugins not being hidden, or auto-activated after registration;
* Fixed: Site duplicator now deals with plugins that have custom database tables with foreign key constraints - for example, Bookly;
* Fixed: Incompatibility between Avada and mapped domains;
* Fixed: Incompatibility between Avada and template previewer;
* Fixed: Incompatibility with FluentCRM breaking the registration flow;
* Fixed: Domain mapping issues on previous build;
* Fixed: Payments pending on trial plans;
* Fixed: Products with wrong duration after checkout;
* Fixed: Sites created in double in some circumstances - specially when using Stripe & Stripe Checkout;
* Added: A completely re-designed and re-written SSO module, built to work in a higher level of abstraction to support all current and future possible use cases; It deals natively with:
* Security: there's a token exchange protocol that verifies both sides of the auth process;
* Cross-scheme Auth: When we are not able to access remote cookies due to different schemes being used, we force a regular redirect flow to authenticate the customer regardless;
* Admin Panel Access: Prevents the auth_redirect function from sending the request to wp-login.php before SSO has a chance to kick in;
* Auth for different Domain Options: SSO no longer focuses on mapped domains only. It gets triggered anytime there's a mismatch between the target domain and the main network domain. This allows it to work with sites that were registered using different domain options offered on checkout;
* Loading Screen: the new SSO offers a setting that adds a loading overlay when SSO is being performed on the front-end;
* Support to Incognito Mode: most browsers prevent cookies from being set from third-parties, nowadays. Our SSO detects incognito mode and forces a full redirect, instead of trying to authenticate directly with the verify code;
* Added: Placeholders on Thank You page snippet code editor, to pass values to conversion snippets;
* Added: Country classes with state and city lists to allow for more granular control over how taxes apply territorially, as well as to guarantee that valid billing address info is entered during checkout. At the moment, the following countries are supported: US, GB, BR, FR, RU, DE, NE, ES, CA, CN, ZA (this list was devised based on our current customer base, new countries can be added as requested).
* Added: REST API field requirements and descriptions are now compiled and saved as static files at build time. This is done because we use reflection on PHPDocBlocks to generate the documentation of the fields, and comments might not be available if op_cache is enabled on production, causing the REST API to break;
* Improvement: Add CNAME records from Cloudflare to the DNS c

v2.0.10 - Released on 2022-01-21
* Added: Workflow to automatically generate the [list of actions]( and filters for the plugin;
* Improvement: Added extra checks on the field loops on checkout to prevent warnings;
* Improvement: Added checks to the customizer theme screen to prevent theme limitations from being bypassed;
* Improvement: cPanel integration adds alternative domain options to cPanel as sub-domains on site creation;
* Experiment: Added the SSO lax mode to deal with new browser restrictions;
* Fixed: Free memberships correctly being set as Lifetime, by default;
* Fixed: Product user roles not being applied to newly created sites;
* Fixed: User roles not being updated on up/downgrade;
* Fixed: User role restrictions being applied to editable_roles();
* Fixed: Incompatibility between Blocksy customizer and mapped domains on WP Ultimo;
* Fixed: Incompatibility between Brizy and mapped domains on WP Ultimo;
* Fixed: Capability names not matching with Support Agents options;
* Fixed: Broadcast notices not appearing on sub-site admin panels;
* Fixed: Discount Code use count not being increased if the cart total goes down to 0;
* Fixed: Conflict with Fluent Forms - where Ultimo broke the FF form edit UI;
* Fixed: Error migrating broadcast messages from v1 to v2;
* Fixed: Search and Replace not working on post titles in some cases;
* Fixed: Multiple Accounts replacing billing address with fake version even when it's not necessary;
* Fixed: Send customer address to Stripe;

Version 2.0 Development Cycle
This is the path we are following to reach the WP Ultimo 2.0 version. You can download the latest 2.0 build here.

Version 2.0.0 – 21/11/2021
RC 3 – 20/11/2021
RC 2 – 19/11/2021
RC 1 – 31/10/2021 👻
Beta 15 – 20/10/2021
Beta 14 – 23/09/2021
Beta 13 – 02/09/2021
Beta 12 – 25/08/2021
Beta 10 – 31/07/2021
Beta 9 – 06/07/2021
Beta 8 – 29/06/2021
Beta 7 – 11/05/2021
Beta 6 – 06/05/2021
Beta 5 – 04/05/2021
Beta 4 – 27/04/2021
Beta 3 – 22/04/2021
Beta 2 – 24/02/2021
Beta 1 – 29/01/2021
Alpha 5 – 10/11/2020

Version 1.10.13 - 09/12/2020
Fixed: CSS incompatibility issue with Uncanny Automator;
Fixed: issue with users being able to site templates when copying their own sites;

Version 1.10.12 - 01/10/2020
Fixed: Save Settings cleans up the API key field on the settings page;
Fixed: Incompatibility with Elementor versions >= 3.0.10;

Version 1.10.11 - 08/05/2020
Fixed: Iframes created by page builders with wrong document.domain set breaking;
Fixed: Signup form fields with capped width;
Fixed: wu_get_subscription_by_integration_key missing variable and not working properly;

Version 1.10.10 - 27/04/2020
Fixed: Added window.domain fix for site templates to prevent CORS (thanks, Andrey);
Fixed: Elementor compiled stylesheets missing when "copy media on duplication" is disabled;

Version 1.10.9 - 27/03/2020
Fixed: SSO not working well with generic server name configs;

Version 1.10.8 - 26/03/2020
Fixed: Incompatibility with iThemes Security, which warned about our Register page being insecure;
Fixed: Keys on wp-activation.php (on user invite) not working with mapped domains;
Fixed: Scroll issue on template previews on iPhones;

Version 1.10.7 - 16/03/2020
Fixed: Force redirect to the main domain not working;
Improved: Replaced the H1 element with an H3 on the Template List shortcode;

Version 1.10.6 - 20/02/2020
Fixed: Dealing with leading and trailing slashes on the register and login URL settings;
Fixed: Removed HTML tags from the PayPal description of the subscription;
Fixed: Subsites not redirecting to the mapped domain in some specific edge-cases;
Fixed: Reordering signup steps on the customizer breaks the template selection shortcode;
Fixed: Coupon codes exclusive to Setup Fees (not the subscription price) incorrectly marking subscriptions as free;
Fixed: Gutenberg incompatibility with mapped domains when the network domain is forced;
Improved: Better compatibility with Jetpack;

Version 1.10.5 - 03/12/2019
Fixed: Typos;
Fixed: Coupon codes not being applied on Stripe in certain edge cases;
Fixed: Duplication issues on Percona 8;
Fixed: Customers getting a permission error when trying to access the Delete Account screen;
Fixed: Issues with the login form on WordPress 5.3;
Fixed: Warning on add_submenu_page with WordPress 5.3;
Fixed: Free plan showing plan amount on the Account page;
Fixed: Deleting site as a customer was not freeing up the site quota;
Fixed: Broadcasts not being sent when the target was a single user;
Fixed: WP Ultimo creating empty clients on Stripe when the Accounts page is accessed;
Improved: Removed the gateway column from Billing History widget;
Improved: Removed one-time charges since they are not allowed under SCA-compliance;

Version 1.10.4 - 20/09/2019
Fixed: Typos;
Fixed: Wrong discount value being displayed for coupons;
Fixed: RunCloud integration now works with their API version 2.0 - Auto-SSL support was also added;
Improved: Replaced the old Stripe Checkout with the new version, which supports SCA;

Version 1.10.3 - 27/08/2019
Improved: Adjustments to add support to setup fee on the AffiliateWP Integration;
Fixed: Typos;
Fixed: Webhooks for successful payments and received payments not being triggered;
Added: Network Admins can now create Coupons that apply to Setup Fees;
Added: Pricing Tables now display prices after coupon code when a coupon URL is used;

Version 1.10.2 - 01/08/2019
Fixed: Incompatibility with Beaver Builder Pro and up;

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List of Addons WP Ultimo 

  • WP Ultimo – Material WP v1.1.13
  • WP Ultimo – PRO Theme v1.1.5
  • WP Ultimo: Admin Page Creator v1.8.5
  • WP Ultimo: Ad Injector v1.0.2
  • WP Ultimo: AffiliateWP Integration v1.1.6
  • WP Ultimo: Language Selector on Sign-up v0.0.3
  • WP Ultimo: Mailchimp Integration v1.1.0
  • WP Ultimo: Multiple Accounts v1.1.3
  • WP Ultimo: Plugin and Theme Manager v1.2.5
  • WP Ultimo: Pro Sites Migrator v0.0.4
  • WP Ultimo: WooCommerce Integration v1.2.6
  • WP Ultimo: European VAT v1.0.2

Download WP Ultimo v2.0.18 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.