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WP Staging Pro v4.3.2 - One-Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites

WP Staging Pro Nulled – A plugin to clone and recreate changes to your WordPress site in only a couple of snaps.

WP Staging permits you to work safely on your webpage: duplicate information bases and records starting with one webpage then onto the next; permits you to reject explicit tables and envelopes; extremely quick cloning measure; client job validation; even significant sites are upheld; exceptionally simple to utilize


Features WP Staging Pro – Create Staging Sites for WordPress Websites

  • Make a copy of your website with one simple click
  • Copy Database, Plugin, Theme & Media files from Staging site to Live
  • Staging site for authenticated users only
  • The cloning process doesn’t slow down your site
  • The staging site resides on your server. No data is sent to 3rd parties
  • Clone & Push WordPress Multisite, (main & subsite)

Changelog WP Staging Pro – One-Click Solution for Creating Staging Sites nulled

= v4.3.2 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPress 6.1 #
* Fix: Could not delete oldest backup from (S)FTP cloud storage provider if FTP location was set in FTP settings #1953

= v4.3.1 =
* New: Option to disable local storage space and upload backup(s) only to remote storage spaces #1935
* Enh: Huge improve of backup restoring performance by factor 2-3. #1951
* Enh: Huge improve of backup creating performance on slow database servers. #1951
* Enh: Add extra search & replace rule for elementor generated data #1902
* Enh: Add dropdown to select bucket region for S3 backups instead of typing it in manually. Improve Amazon S3 settings page #1943
* Enh: Skip search & replace if restoring a backup on the same site #1949
* Enh: Add extra search & replace rule for elementor generated data #1949
* Fix: Prevent a rare situation where the database is copied slowly with only one row per request #1951
* Fix: Table selection ignored when creating a new staging site #1946
* Fix: Could not properly restore network sites when a multisite backup was restored on a new WordPress that had a different table prefix than the source website #1948
* Dev: Update DI52 version to 3.0 for performance gain #1934

= 4.2.14 =
* Fix: Error when pushing a staging site and all folders are selected #1883

= 4.2.13 =
* Fix: Prevent internal error when clicking on Test Connection link on SFTP remote storage backup settings page. #1869
* Fix: Properly catch runtime Exception during Backup Create and Backup Restore #1833
* Fix: Connection to external database is broken if the password has special characters #1862
* Fix: Can not login to staging site if special characters are used in password due to improper sanitization #1877
* Tweak: Improve visual design of the upgrade screen
* Tweak: Better error logging if backup could not be uploaded to sftp and if path does not exist on SFTP remote server. #1869
* Dev: XDebug support for docker PHP image v.8.x #1867

= 4.2.12 =
* New: Compatible up to WordPres 6.0.2
* Security: Further improve sanitization and escaping of variables to prevent potential XSS attacks with high privileges #1836
* Enh: Show better response from remote when license can not be activated #1818
* Fix: Fatal error Uncaught TypeError on google drive backup upload settings page under rare circumstances when site is translated #1849
* Fix: Fatal error on Windows OS when pushing a staging site and activating the backup option. It deletes the WP Staging content directory including its cache files file during files copying process, resulting in a failed push #1851

= v4.2.11 =
* Fix: Does not sanitise and escape some of its backup settings, which could allow high privilege users such as admin to perform Stored Cross-Site Scripting attacks (XSS) even when the unfiltered_html capability is disallowed (for example in multisite setup) #1825

= 4.2.10 =
* Fix: Important update! Deselecting all tables does not lead to exclusion of tables as expected, but leads to selection of all tables. Thus all tables are copied and possibly overwritten instead of deselected. Applies to new cloning, UPDATE and RESET of a staging page. That can lead to data loss in the staging site. An update is strongly recommended! The problem appeared for the first time in version

= v4.2.8 =
* Fix: On some servers, autoloader tries to load Composer\InstalledVersions although this doesn't exist. We fix this by only loading classes that exist #1801

= v4.2.6 =
* Fix: Certain default plugins like wps-hide are not excluded anymore during cloning #1742
* Fix: Scheduled backup not always executed #1754
* Fix: Backup folder is deleted during backup restore on Windows OS #1737
* Fix: On backup restore retry deleting an item again in next request instead of re adding it at the end of queue, if item isn't completely deleted in current request #1758
* Enh: Refactor normalizePath() #1751
* Enh: Optimize table selection to reduce POST characters. Send either selected tables or excluded tables whichever is smaller along to reduce the POST size for cloning and pushing #1727
* Enh: Allow automatic update of WP STAGING | PRO on the staging site. It can still be disabled using the filter wpstg.notices.disable.plugin-update-notice #1749
* Enh: Add filter wpstg.backup.restore.extended-search-replace. The extended search replace allow properly replacing to destination URL for some plugins like rev-sliders #1741

= v4.2.2 =
* New: Add multiple filters to keep existing media files, plugins, themes and mu-plugins after backup restore #1617
* New: Clean existing files during backup restore which are not in backup #1617
* Fix: Cloning does not work if php mb module is not installed #1669
* Fix: Catch fatal error happening on backup upgrade routine #1663
* Fix: Only process one backup queue action at a time. This make sure another action doesn't conflict with the backup action in process. Also fix the wpstg_queue backup processing table growing problem #1652
* Enh: Save log file name instead of complete task response in wp_wpstg_queue table. This reduces the size of backup queue table #1623
* Enh: Stop the backup job on critical errors during scheduled backup #1623
* Dev: Test for cleaning up files before backup restore fails on second run #1681

= v4.1.8 =
* New: Support up to WordPress 5.9.1
* New: Add filter wpstg.frontend.showLoginForm to allow third party plugin disabling login form for the staging site #1577
* New: Add labels to distinguish between network and single site clones on multisite
* Fix: Handle issue when showing staging sites in System Info #1560
* Fix: Fix Rows Generator for zero or negative values for Primary Key Index #1584
* Fix: Set option "Keep permalinks" on the staging site when updating a staging site if "keep permalinks" is active on the production site initially #1562
* Fix: Updating an existing multisite clone converted the clone to a single site #1565 #1589

= v4.1.7 =
* New: Create backups and restore of multisites #1458
* Fix: Force AnalyticsSender to convert wpstg_settings to array before usage #1559
* Fix: Backup Search & Replace does not work with new primary key conditional query #1556
* Fix: Fix labels on backup sites #1551
* Fix: Backup restore can not unserialize escaped serialized strings #1554

= v4.1.6 =
* New: Support for WordPress 5.9
* New: Add filter to change the cache folder for creating & restoring backups #1528
* New: Huge performance improvement for search & replace in cloning / pushing / backup process #1522
* Fix: Call to undefined function human_readable_duration() on backup creation if WP is older than 5.1 #1527 #1525 #1535
* Dev: Add unit tests for Times class
* Dev: Update db_version in SQL dumps to match WordPress 5.9 db version #1539
* Dev: Add command to get db_version from database

= v4.1.5 =
* New: Add support for WordPress 5.8.3
* New: Add filter for excluding files during cloning / backup #1494
* New: Add filter for overwriting max execution for database backup restore #1512
* New: Add filter to allow overwriting of the maximum allowed request time to make sure backup restore works for huge files. (19.000.000M database rows) #1510
* Fix: If cloning a multisite subsite into external database, it does not clone / backup wp_users and wp_usermeta #1515
* Fix: Skip tmp single file plugin during backup PUSH copy process #1491
* Fix: Preserve table selection during PUSH and UPDATE even when all backup tables unselected #1488
* Fix: Make sure maximum memory consumption during cloning or backup is never higher than 256MB #1502
* Fix: Use custom implementation of wp_timezone() for backward compatibility to WordPress older than 5.3 #1505
* Fix: Override FileObject::fgets to make them behave exactly from SplFileObject of PHP < 8.0.1 #1506
* Tweak: Show custom uploads folder in tooltip description and explain better that changing a symlink image will also change the image on the production site. #1495

= v4.1.4 =
* Hotfix: Fix CLONE PUSH BACKUP on Medium and High CPU Load on WP STAGING PRO 4.1.3. Improve Performance of database backup #1492

= v4.1.1 =
* Fix: Update notice is shown even when using latest version #1398
* Fix: Backup & cloning 100% compatible with PHP 8.0.12 #1281
* Fix: Skip search replace on backup & cloning query if it's size exceed preg functions limit #1404
* Fix: Skip inserting backup & cloning query if it exceeds mysql max_allowed_package. Show warning to user #1405
* Fix: Make db option wpstg_staging_sites always return an array #1413
* Fix: Fix dependency injection for backup notices class. Solve conflict with TranslatePress #1416
* Tweak: Use php version number as tag for php docker container #1407
* Tweak: Improve symlink tooltip text #1411
* Tweak: Refactor WP STAGING Pro to WP STAGING | PRO in notices #1409
* Tweak: Remove 16 characters limitation for the backup & CLONE NAME and keep it for CLONE DIRECTORY #1412

= v4.1.0 =
* New: Show a summary of selected tables and plugins in the push selection
* Fix: WP Staging's variable not declared on plugins page #1373
* Fix: Fix PUSH process when no table is selected #1387
* Fix: Enclose table name with backticks during quering in CLONE and PUSH jobs #1388

= v4.0.9 =
* New: Ask user to allow sending non-personalized usage information for improving the user experience
* Fix: Feedback modal not opened after disabling a plugin #1373
* Fix: Prevent cloning error by enclosing table name with backticks in CLONE and PUSH jobs #1388
* Tweak: Disable the notice about not messing with uploads or wp-content directories #1385

= v4.0.8 =
* Fix: Push from staging site in external database can fail if there are many tables to replace due to exceeding maximum allowed number of external database connections #1379
* Enh: Added buttons to ease process of selecting tables during PUSH process. #1377

= v4.0.7 =
* Tweak: Make staging site upgrade routine run always #1358
* Fix: Fix issue about checking rest url #1354
* Fix: Fix exclude condition for tables during PUSH #1364

= v4.0.5 =
* Fix: New pro version does not recognize staging sites created with older free version #1293

= v4.0.3 =
* New: Support for WordPress 5.8
* New: Show notice if uploads dir is outside WP Root #1138
* Enh: Show warning during restore if Backup was created on a server with PHP ini "short_open_tags", and restoring on a server with it disabled #1129
* Enh: Also show disabled permalink message in disabled items notice on the staging site and show a page builder (DIVI, Elementor etc) not working help link in wpstg page footer #1150
* Enh: Allow filtering the Backup directory using the `` filter #1167
* Enh: Decouple clone name and clone ID for better usage #1158
* Enh: Allow backups on the staging site #1172
* Enh: Show issue notice if backups is created on version >= 4.0.2 #1198
* Enh: Remove deprecated hooks call #1209
* Fix: Fix staging site when site has freemius script #1112
* Fix: Prefix 'wpstg' to sweetalerts Swal to avoid conflict with its other versions #1125
* Fix: Fix a bug in the backup export logic that would loop when encountering a file with non-empty contents that PHP would evaluate as false #1126
* Fix: Set default values for wpstg settings on plugin activate event if wpstg settings not already set #1135
* Fix: Fix the problem when unable to access the staging site because production site have different siteurl or home url and either one of them is having www. prefix #1136
* Fix: Restore a backup with VIEWs or TABLEs with special MySQL configurations such as DEFINER #1139
* Fix: Fix issue where tab triangle was inconsistent by using css based tab triangle #1148
* Fix: Fix issue where backup tmp folder cleaning process closes logs modal #1157
* Fix: Reduce time to query INFORMATION_SCHEMA on some shared hosts from ~10s to one millisecond #1154
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would not prefix the table name if a MySQL View is selecting data from another MySQL View #1155
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup restore that would fail when trying to create a MySQL View that selects data from another MySQL View that has not been created yet due to order of creation #1155
* Fix: Check available free disk space on large disks on 32-bit PHP #1179
* Fix: Fix a bug where a PHP memory_limit of -1 (Unlimited) would be interpreted as 64MB, now it's interpreted as 512MB #1178
* Fix: Fix download of .wpstg files on Bitnami/AWS Lightsail servers #1181
* Fix: Remove usages of `abstract static` methods that would violate `strict` PHP checks #1185
* Fix: Cloning a site resets the settings to the default ones #1183
* Fix: Fix a bug on backup creation that would prevent user from logging in after restoring a backup on a site with a different WPDb prefix #1169
* Fix: Allow backup restore with a warning if file count is different than expected, improve backup file count logic #1189
* Fix: Fix Clone RESET and Clone DELETE when unable to delete file due to permission error #1196
* Fix: Fix an issue when canceling a push confirm redirects to empty page #1206
* Fix: Add missing back button and hide cancel button after clone UPDATE and clone RESET #1207
* Fix: Fix Error in JS console related to registering of main-menu in page where it was not available #1205
* Dev: Add wrapper methods for deprecated hooks functions to support WordPress < 4.6 #1209

* Enh: Replace css based hover with pure js hoverintent for tooltips #1106
* Enh: Cleanup logs older than 7 days automatically #1116
* Enh: Update the version to check in Outdated WP Staging Hooks notice #1118
* Fix: Fixed conflict with Rank Math Seo PRO when Rank Math Seo PRO is activated network wide in multisites #1111
* Fix: Make Scan::hasFreeDiskSpace() return other info even if disk_free_space is unavailable #1093
* Fix: Fix an issue where MySQL views were not being deleted correctly during the database cleanup step of the backup export #1098

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Download WP Staging Pro v4.3.2 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.