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WP Smush Pro v3.12.3 – Image Optimization For WordPress

Through the WordPress Manager, WP Smush Pro Nulled allows you to maximize image compression.

The plugin compresses photos by deleting metadata from Jpeg files, improves data compression in files, converts Gif files to PNGs, and reduces file size by removing color that isn’t used from indexed images.

WP Smush Pro compresses photos quickly and efficiently, freeing up storage space and allowing the website to run at peak performance.

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Features WP Smush Pro – Image Optimization for WordPress

Smush Pro Image Optimization for WordPress
  • Super Smush – 2x compression
  • Automatically optimize images on upload
  • Unlimited Image Compression every month
  • Global CDN Smush Pro
  • Compress huge photos up to 32MB
  • Fully automatic image resizing
  • Fast loading for offscreen images
  • Next Generation WebP File Converter
  • Smart PNG to JPEG conversion
  • Compress photos with just one click
  • Smush compresses the image and saves the original image file in case of recovery
  • Lossy compression with optimum quality
  • Amazon S3 plugin integration
  • Compatible NextGEN Library
  • Hold EXIF ​​data
  • WP Retina 2x plugin support
  • Envira library support
  • Avada Fusion Builder Support
  • smusing dedicated server
  • Compatible HTTPS Encryption Browser
  • WPML Media Compatibility
  • Lossless Compression
  • Unused color gamut from indexed images
  • Progress reports and storage space savings
  • Compress personal pictures
  • Asynchronous compression ensures server performance…

Changelog Wp Smush Pro Nulled Free

October 24, 2022 - v3.12.3
Fix: Free to pro upgrade issue

October 20, 2022 - v3.12.2
Improvement: Security hardening
Fix: Issues on older PHP versions

- Fix: PHP error on non-English language sites

August 19, 2022 - v3.11.1
Fix: Fallback to sequential processing when parallel processing not possible

= v3.11.0 ( 2022-08-11 ) =
- New: Smush all image sizes in parallel for improved performance
- Improvement: Code improvements

= v3.10.3 ( 2022-07-14 ) =
- Enhance: CDN activation process
- Enhance: Improve media library image filters
- Enhance: CDN compatibility with Avada theme
- Enhance: Add notice about disabled folders in directory Smush module
- Fix: Errors table UI on bulk smush page
- Fix: Bulk smush UI when images have been removed when page was already loaded
- Fix: Cron job of logger library not running properly
- Fix: Remove tools meta box from dashboard page
- Fix: Recover image from NextGen Gallery button does not reset Smush data
- Fix: Image dimensions meta does not reset after restoring a resized image in NextGen Gallery
- Fix: Incorrect percent of total savings on Dashboard page
- Fix: Pro feature enable/disable toggles are clickable in free version

= v3.10.2 ( 2022-06-16 ) =
- Enhance: Data processing
- Enhance: Database calls
- Fix: Loading images from remote location

= v3.10.1 ( 2022-06-09 ) =
- Fix: PHP error on dash page

= v3.9.11 ( 2022-05-23 ) =
- Enhance: Code quality
- Fix: Minor code quality issues
- Fix: Update internal libraries

= v3.9.10 ( 2022-05-17 ) =
- New: Gravity Forms integration
- New: `smush_background_images_regex` and `smush_images_from_content_regex` filters to adjust regex rules for finding images on the page
- New: `smush_cdn_before_process_background_src` filter to adjust background image src
- New: Add additional parameters to `smush_skip_adding_srcset` filter to allow disabling auto-resize for selected images
- Enhance: Compatibility with WPBakery page builder
- Enhance: Compatibility with Offload Media plugin
- Enhance: Handling images via REST API endpoints
- Fix: Directory Smush savings cached and not updated
- Fix: "What's new" modal not hiding if white label is enabled
- Fix: Missing primary key on smush_dir_images table
- Fix: Scaled images not being resized on resize settings change
- Fix: Bulk Smush will now show all errors, instead of just the first 5
- Fix: Animated GIF images not being excluded from bulk Smush
- Fix: Only allow network wide activation of Smush

= 3.9.9 ( 2022-05-03 ) =
- Enhance: Code quality
- Enhance: Handling user input
- Enhance: Update React modules to latest versions
- Fix: XSS vulnerability when uploading modified configs

= v3.9.8 ( 2022-03-22 ) =
- New: Add expiry header to Nginx template for WebP
- New: Add `wp_smush_webp_dir` filter to customize WebP directory
- Fix: XSS vulnerability
- Fix: Disable submit button on Integrations page when no integrations available
- Fix: CDN bandwidth limit status message
- Fix: Text alignment issue on Bulk Smush page
- Fix: Highlighting selected lazy load spinner with color accessibility
- Fix: Compatibility issue with WP Offload Media 2.6.0
- Fix: Undefined offset notice with certain WooCommerce themes

February 28, 2022 - v3.9.7
Fix: Local WebP is not activated on applying config after reset settings
Fix: Missing WebP file for WP scaled images
Fix: Fatal error on PHP 5.6
Fix: Compatibility issue with WP Offload Media

= v3.9.6 ( 2022-02-09 ) =
- Enhance: Do not close the Directory Smush modal in case of error
- Enhance: Tooltips in CDN module
- Fix: Compatibility issue with PHP 8.1
- Fix: "Choose Directory" button loading state in case of error
- Fix: PNG to JPG conversion leaves behind some thumbnails after deleting the image
- Fix: PNG images that need resizing don't get converted to JPG
- Fix: Issue creating the WebP test files
- Fix: Incorrect unique file names during PNG to JPG conversion
- Fix: Duplicate thumbnails while converting PNG to JPG
- Fix: Auto refresh API status when updating to Pro version

= v3.9.5 ( 2022-01-25 ) =
- Fix: Translation strings
- Fix: Remove upsells
- Enhance: Update admin menu icon

= v3.9.4 ( 2021-11-29 ) =
- Fix: Errors in media library with WP Offload Media and backups
- Fix: CDN not activated if the WPMU DEV Dashboard plugin folder is renamed
- Fix: Missing hover effect for video on the Smush Pro page
- Fix: Incorrect number of compressed images when WooCommerce plugin is active
- Fix: View stats not working when adding an image from a page/post
- Fix: Wrong "Images smushed" count on NextGen Gallery Smush page
- Fix: Duplicate stats are added by WPML media translations.
- Fix: Regenerated thumbnails not detected as pending for Smush
- Fix: CDN status when pushing production to staging on WPMU DEV hosting
- Fix: Translation strings

= v3.9.3 ( 2021-11-04 ) =
Enhance: White label support

= v3.9.2 ( 2021-11-01 ) =
- Fix: Code and stability improvements

= v3.9.1 ( 2021-10-05 ) =
- New: Option to compress uploaded images
- New: Option to disable WordPress scaled images
- New: Compressing uploaded and backups are now free for all users
- Enhance: Detect and warn about other potentially conflicting lazy load plugins
- Fix: Deprecated jQuery deprecated warnings
- Fix: CDN 'wp_smush_cdn_before_process_src' filter
- Fix: Remove HTML markup in Local WebP wizard
- Fix: PHP Fatal error - cannot use object of type stdClass as array
- Fix: PHP warnings when optimization fails via WP CLI
- Fix: Missing CDN upsell meta box
- Fix: Ignored images not being skipped from image re-check process

August 24, 2021 - version 3.9
New: Wizard for setting up the local WebP conversion
Enhance: Wrong tooltip title showing up on configs on hover
Enhance: WPBakery detection when the base directory is custom named
Fix: CDN status not getting updated when enabling the CDN via configs
Fix: Local WebP rules path getting truncated in some environments
Fix: WooCommerce gallery thumbnails not being served from the CDN
Fix: Failing to restore PNG images that were converted to JPG
Fix: "Save" button on the Bulk Smush page changing its size when saving
Fix: Some options not being removed on uninstall
Fix: Image size names overflowing their container in the Gutenberg blocks stats table

July 22, 2021 - version 3.8.8
New: Allow serving locally stored WebP images through the CDN
New: Allow excluding WebP from the media types to lazy load
New: Add a widget for handling configs to the Dashboard page
New: WP CLI will now properly detect and convert images to WebP
Enhance: Prevent uploading config files across plugins
Enhance: Whitelabel support
Enhance: Lazy load integration with Divi theme
Enhance: Lazy load integration with GiveWP donation form
Enhance: Redirect to module page after activating on the dashboard
Fix: Local Webp says that the Amazon S3 integration is enabled although it's not
Fix: Images not loading in embedded posts and pages when lazy load is enabled
Fix: Replace WP_SMUSH_API_TIMEOUT by the correct constant WP_SMUSH_TIMEOUT in error messages
Fix: Bulk Smush progress not starting from zero after a Smushing took place
Fix: Images without Smush backups being included in the bulk-restore list
Fix: Lazy load parsing issue with forums AJAX requests from BuddyBoss
Fix: Disable CDN on WPMU DEV hosting staging sites
Fix: Configs in the free version not syncing with the Hub

June 18, 2021 - version 3.8.7
Enhance: Display a message when local WebP creation fails due to directory permissions
Fix: Error when applying a config from the Hub and the WebP module gets toggled
Fix: Compatibility issue with WP < 5.7
Fix: Wrong count of images to re-smush when the 'big_image_size_threshold' filter return false
Fix: Thumbnail images not being converted to JPEG on upload

June 15, 2021 - version 3.8.6
New: Dashboard page
New: Global configurations
New: Add tutorials to dashboard
New: Integration with Buddyboss theme and Buddyboss Platform plugin
Enhance: Move out Smush modules to dedicated pages
Enhance: Documentation links now link to correct sections on the documentation page
Fix: Issue with scrolling to originals & backup section
Fix: Avoid creating backup files for SVGs
Fix: Display of "Settings" link appearing when the plugin is deactivated for network
Fix: Incorrect number of total images during bulk smush with NextGen Gallery plugin activated
Fix: Super smushed count on Nextgen Gallery Smush page
Fix: Directory Smush fails when a directory has spaces
Fix: Uploading image over the max-width was creating backup file when "Store my small originals" is enabled
Fix: Table "smush_dir_images" was failing to create when deleted manually
Fix: Settings not showing up on subsites after the plugin has been deactivated for network
Fix: Stuck "re-smush" status on the free version

May 13, 2021 - version 3.8.5
Enhance: Allow filtering the resulting image markup after the Lazy Load processing
Enhance: Prevent the description text next to the "Update settings" button from saving
Enhance: Use the shared module for Tutorials
Fix: Incompatibility issue with WPBakery Page Builder
Fix: Total savings value losing decimal point on image re-check
Fix: Inability to unselect all thumbnail sizes
Fix: Lazy loading on Avada (use 'WP_SMUSH_LAZY_LOAD_AVADA' define in case of conflicts on Avada 6.x)
Fix: Icons in Directory Smush modal
Fix: Links in summary meta box on multisite
Fix: Warning: count(): Parameter must be an array or an object that implements Countable
Fix: Uploading images to Gutenberg blocks
Fix: Styling issue in Smush's network-admin upgrade page
Fix: Undefined offset in multisite when smushing the "uploads" directory
Fix: Wrong directories listed in "Directory Smush" under Windows

March 18, 2021 - version 3.8.4
Enhance: Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
Enhance: Lazy load compatibility with Slider Revolution
Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on multisite
Enhance: Apache rules for local WebP on subdirectory installs
Enhance: Local Webp description texts
Fix: Backups not properly removing from S3 containers
Fix: Compatibility with Jetpack Site Accelerator
Fix: Compatibility with WordPress native lazy loading
Fix: UI inconsistencies in local WebP module
Fix: Browser console errors on upgrade page
Fix: Menu not working on mobile views
Fix: PHP warnings with images offloaded to S3 buckets
Fix: Image preview on WPML Media Translation screen
Fix: Directory Smush empty folder detection
Fix: Image resize detection UI
Fix: PHP Notice: Trying to access array offset on value of type bool
Fix: Translation strings

February 10, 2021 - version 3.8.3
Enhance: Allow local WebP on WPMU DEV staging sites
Enhance: Display the WebP test request code and message in the status on failure
Enhance: Remove unused setting and methods for converting transparent PNGs to JPEG
Enhance: Validate the paths submitted by the user for Directory smush
Enhance: Compatibility with WP Offload Media
Fix: Bulk Smush getting stuck after 100 images on free version
Fix: Loading of Wistia assets on free version
Fix: Data usage option not being saved on the free version during the onboarding wizard
Fix: Do not adjust sizes attribute when automatic resizing on CDN is disabled
Fix: WebP rules path is wrong in Flywheel sites
Fix: Extra horizontal line after the last row of the WebP metabox
Fix: Choose Directory modal not opening when in tabs other than "Directory Smush"
Fix: Cached list of attachments with backups getting out of sync with backups
Fix: Empty images in media library after PNG to JPG conversion on servers without "fileinfo" extension

December 9, 2020 - version 3.8.2
Enhance: Compatibility with PHP 8.0
Enhance: Compatibility with WP 5.6
Enhance: Compatibility with Hub
Fix: API validation on new installs
December 3, 2020 - version 3.8.1
Fix: Error when querying stats from Hub
December 3, 2020 - version 3.8
New: Local WebP support
Enhance: Plugin performance
Enhance: Lazy load module will properly distinguish between single/double quotes
Enhance: srcset generation speed
Fix: Image resize detection flagging images that have been auto resized by CDN
Fix: Lazy Load conflicting with Maintenance plugin
Fix: PHP warning when saving lazy load settings
Fix: Copy URL functionality in media library
Fix: White label branding
Fix: Tools link in network admin Settings page
Fix: Upsell notice breaking after re-checking images
Fix: smush_check_for_conflicts cron running on every page load
Fix: Compatibility with SupportCandy plugin
Fix: Minor UI issues in Tutorials module
Fix: Minor UI issues in NextGen Smush page
Fix: CDN image paths on sub-directory installs

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Download WP Smush Pro v3.12.3 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.