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WP Frontend Admin Premium v1.17.0.6 – Create Frontend Dashboard For WordPress

WP Frontend Admin Premium helps Create frontend dashboard for WordPress

Best Seller plugin to create Frontend Dashboards for Regular WordPress Websites, Multisite Networks, WaaS/SaaS platforms and Frontend Management of any website.

Show admin pages in User Interface with one click.

WP Frontend Admin Premium converts WordPress plugins into whitelisted Web Apps on the fly


WP Frontend Admin 2
WP Frontend Admin 3
WP Frontend Admin 4
WP Frontend Admin 5
WP Frontend Admin 6

You can create all kinds of applications. There are over 30,000 WordPress plugins. You can use all the plugins to create apps.


You can use a “photo gallery” plugin. Show the “gallery builder” page in the UI and your users will be able to upload photo galleries and view the galleries

Email Marketing – Wp Frontend Admin Premium

Use the free “MailPoet” plugin and show your mailpoet settings, list editor, and newsletter builder in the user interface. Your users will be able to create and send newsletters

Sell Products

Use the free “WooCommerce” plugin and display product listings, sales reports, and settings page in the user interface. So your users can create stores and sell products from your app

Analysis And Statistics

Use the free “Monster Insights” plugin. Displays settings and reports pages in the user interface. Your users will be able to set up their Google Analytics account, view web traffic statistics from their website on your platform or their external website

File Hosting – WP Frontend Admin Premium

Display the WP Media library in the UI and allow your users to upload files and view their uploads in the gallery.


Use the free “Givewp” plugin and show a donation form editor. Your users will be able to create donation forms and receive donations

Event Management

Use the free “The Events Calendar” plugin and display the “attendants” page in the UI. So event managers can control attendees from your app.

Charts Creator – WP Frontend Admin Premium

You can use the free “visualizer” plugin and display the “graph editor” in the user interface. Your users will be able to log in and create charts.

Polls And Surveys

Using the free “CBX Polls” plugin, display a list of polls in the UI and your users will be able to log in, create a poll and share the poll link with their friends .

Url Shorteners

Use the free “URL Shortener” and show the “short url” editor. Your users will be able to login, shorten urls and see their URLs in the UI

For Sale Courses – WP Frontend Admin Premium

Item Use the “LearnPress” plugin and display the “course” page and editor in the user interface. So users of your app can login, create and edit courses.

Create Site

You can display multiple pages from WP Admin, like post list, theme and settings page in the front end. Your users will be able to login, publish blog posts, create pages with the element, and edit their designs.

Changelogs: WP Frontend Admin Pro – Create a front end dashboard for WordPress

= v1.17.0.6 - 2022-03-07 =
* CHANGE - Small bug fixes

= - 2021-12-10 =
* CHANGE - Improve compatibility with admin JS apps
* CHANGE - Performance improvements
* CHANGE - Improve compatibility with Bricks builder

= 1.17.0 - 2021-11-29 =
* NEW - Integrate with Blitz Live Editor for Elementor
* NEW - Integrate with Thrive Architect
* NEW - Allow to use Beaver Builder as the default front end editor
* NEW - Allow to use Divi as the default front end editor
* NEW - Integrate with the plugin WP Recaptcha Integration (
* CHANGE - Added full compatibility with WP Ultimo v2
* CHANGE - Improve the fluentcrm integration
* CHANGE - Allow to write custom CSS targeting specific user roles
* CHANGE - Improve the rank math integration
* CHANGE - Improve the brizy integration
* CHANGE - Improve the woocommerce integration
* CHANGE - Improve the wp ultimo integration
* CHANGE - Allow to display Gutenberg as full screen page
* CHANGE - Improve the hide elements tool
* CHANGE - Allow to change the maximum content width
* CHANGE - Improve the stateful links feature
* CHANGE - Improve the wp customizer support
* CHANGE - Prevent conflicts with admin pages that use hashes for their own internal navigation
* FIX - License activation issue caused by a conflict with the SSO fix

= v1.16.0 - 2021-08-17 =
* NEW - Add option to hide WooCommerce system pages from the pages editor
* CHANGE - Exclude WooCommerce system pages from WP Ultimo's plan quota
* CHANGE - Improve the integration with the WP Ultimo's payment workflow
* CHANGE - Improve the handling of login redirects
* CHANGE - Make the hover, active, and focus effects on buttons more noticeable when using the clean admin look
* CHANGE - Add compatibility with Folders Pro by Premio
* FIX - Admin content doesn't load when WP Ultimo has orphan data in the wu_site_owners table.
* FIX - Twentytwenty theme is setting the content with width:0

= v1.15.0.4 - 2021-05-28 =
* CHANGE - Prevent errors when renaming LearnDash
* FIX - Full screen pages are not full width
* FIX - The "go back" button doesn't appear after we save changes in the post editor

= v1.15.0.2 - pending =
* CHANGE - Compatibility with jQuery 3
* CHANGE - Improve the elementor integration
* CHANGE - Optimize the wp hooks
* CHANGE - Prevent WooCommerce errors caused by other plugins
* FIX - Minor error when multisite networks have +100 sites

= v1.14.0.1 - pending =
* CHANGE - Improve the stateful navigation
* CHANGE - Improve the CSS selector generation
* CHANGE - Integrate with user role editor plugin

= v1.13.0 - 2021-02-19 =
* NEW - Add compatibility with Rank Math
* CHANGE - Improve the elementor integration
* CHANGE - Improve the brizy integration
* CHANGE - Improve the wpultimo payment gateways integration
* CHANGE - Improve the wpultimo account previews
* CHANGE - Improve the "hide element" tool
* CHANGE - Improve the login form shortcode handling
* CHANGE - Improve compatibility with FluentForms
* FIX - The failed page load notification appears randomly
* FIX - Compatibility with the Instant images plugin
* FIX - Improve the handling of hashes in shortcode URLs
* FIX - Wrong filters applied to posts listings sometimes

= v1.12.0 - 2021-01-26 =
* NEW - Allow to filter the list of users
* NEW - Add support for admin2020 plugin
* NEW - Stateful navigation
* CHANGE - Improve the hide elements tool
* CHANGE - Don't load the global page feature if the global dashboard feature is activated
* CHANGE - Don't show gutenberg as full screen mode by default
* CHANGE - Improve oxygen compatibility
* CHANGE - Improve the loading indicator
* CHANGE - Improve the css selector generator
* CHANGE - Add minimum_height parameter to shortcode [vg_display_admin_page] that accepts a number of pixels
* CHANGE - Simplify the configuration of the elementor templates
* CHANGE - Improve the text editor tool
* FIX - Sometimes the admin content has wrong height when using multiple instances on the same page
* FIX - Sometimes post fields are not saved when using the redirect option
* FIX - Wrong position of the loading indicator
* FIX - Add support for main sites that use subdomains
* FIX - Live text edit doesn't support german characters
* FIX - Prevent errors when user belongs to zero sites in a network
* FIX - Add compatibility with the Pro and X themes
* FIX - Login redirect issue on rare scenarios
* FIX - Prevent errors when we view a draft page or site doesn't use permalinks
* FIX - Prevent errors when other plugins use exit() in their admin pages
* FIX - redirect_to parameter not working correctly in the log out shortcodes when using custom redirect URLs
* FIX - Compatibility issue with Local by Flywheel

= 1.10.0 - 2020-09-15 =
* NEW - Allow to use one global dashboard for the entire wpmu network
* NEW - Allow cross domain pages
* NEW - Add support for Brizy page builder
* NEW - Added new shortcodes
* NEW - Spanish translation
* NEW - Add support for lazy loaded or late shortcode rendering
* NEW - Added support for Gravity Forms and Gravity Views
* NEW - Added option to change loading animation
* NEW - Added global replacements feature
* NEW - Compatibility with MailPoet
* NEW - Allow regex for global replacements
* CHANGE - Improve the admin content look
* CHANGE - Add option to disable the logout redirection
* CHANGE - Don't apply text changes to the backend when the admin is viewing it
* CHANGE - Improve the integration with WPUltimo
* CHANGE - Improve the wpmu suport
* CHANGE - Prevent mistakes in the whitelisted URLs
* CHANGE - Improve handling of settings page in the wpmu context
* FIX - Fixed iframe flickering issue on mobile scroll event
* FIX - Edit link doesn't work sometimes
* FIX - "Edit text" doesn't work some times
* FIX - Added support for Divi's frontend editor
* FIX - Wrong height when viewing WooCommerce pages in a narrow window

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Download WP Frontend Admin Premium v1.17.0.6 Nulled Free:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.