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WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On v4.3.21 – WordPress Form Plugin

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On Nulled is the simplest and fastest way to create WordPress forms. More than 60 pre-made designs and an appealing user interface will make creating forms enjoyable and enjoyable. Construct. Editor. Delete. Simple and straightforward.

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On has it all, from highly customizable drag-and-drop fields to HubSpot connectivity, multi-step Forms to uniquely integrated visual data representations.


Features WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On

The WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On comes with all of the functionality you need to create and customize forms for any purpose. Whether it’s a simple contact form or a payment form, you can create it quickly and easily. The new WP Fluent Forms has a ton of features that will impress individuals from all walks of life.

features WP Fluent Forms

Prepare the input fields.

All input fields have been meticulously designed and are intended to fulfill a specific purpose. Each one has its own personality.

Form Builder with Drag and Drop

All you have to do to create a form is drag and drop the fields you need to see the magic. It’s never been easier to create a form.

Templates for Pre-made Forms

Do you know what it means to have a good time? Select a template and easily construct a form. There are dozens of samples, all of which have been categorized.

Fields calculated

Yes, our Form builder plugin can assist you if you keep the options to add numbers and need to compute them.

Data Visualization Reports

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On will generate graphs based on submitted entries to help you better comprehend the data and take action.

Step Form

Cut the lengthy Forms into multiple-step formats now. According to studies, these forms have a high conversion rate and are user-friendly.

Form with many columns

Do you want to go back to a one-column layout? Introduce a two- or three-column layout with the WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On.

Logic that is conditional

This single feature is an extremely valuable choice that can assist you in achieving the level of control over your Form that you desire.

Upload your documents and photos.

If you allow users to upload files and photographs, they will be able to do so. Not to add that it’s a useful function on sometimes.

All of the third-party integrations you’ll ever need in one one location!

WP Fluent Forms integrations

WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On is a formidable rival when it comes to bolstering your armory with supplementary apps. WP Fluent Forms includes a robust array of other connectors, ranging from CRM to email marketing software, project management to conversion tools.

Works fluently with all page builders

WP Fluent Forms integrations page builder

Demonstration of the Form

Demonstration of the Form

Take a look at the sample forms to get a good sense of how they’ll look once they’re finished. We’ve created some demo forms based on real-world requirements, and we hope you’ll see what we’re talking about. Examine the application forms before making a purchase selection.

Changelog: WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On: The Fastest & Most Powerful WordPress Form Plugin

= v4.3.21 (Date: November 10, 2022) =
- Fixes Quantity field

= 4.3.20 (Date: October 27, 2022) =
- Adds Date field support on HubSpot
- Fixes nagative payment bug
- Fixes Checkable Grid on Google Sheet
- Improves UX

= v4.3.19 (Date: October 21, 2022) =
- Adds ACF gallery support
- Adds RazorPay customer prefill

= 4.3.18 (Date: October 19, 2022) =
- Fixes ZohoCRM tags support

= v4.3.17 (Date: October 18, 2022) =
- Adds HubSpot error handler

= v4.3.16 (Date: October 16, 2022) =
- Adds input mask for Repeater field
- Fixes PayPal IPN
- Fixes ACF field date section bug
- Fixes zero value bug for Discord
- Fixes Repeater field select width issue

= v4.3.15 (Date: October 10, 2022) =
- Fixes conditional support
- Fixes integration failed notification
- Fixes Google Sheet integration

= v4.3.13 (Date: October 07, 2022) =
- Adds Inventory Management module
- Adds Coupon Code limitation feature
- Adds ACF and Metabox support in Post feed
- Adds Salesforce sandbox support
- Adds min function to calculations
- Improves PHP 8 support
- Improves Quiz module
- Improves Google Sheet integration
- Fixes Webhook <br> tag
- Fixes HubSpot custom field issue
- Fixes BuddyBoss user registration issue
- Fixes elementor popup for conditional fields

= 4.3.12 (Date: September 01, 2022) =
- Improves translation for reciept page
- Fixes Resend email notification custom recipient bug
- Fixes pending payment entry count of additional shortcode
- Fixes BuddyBoss nickname issue
- Fixes Zoho CRM: Customized Lead Status Issue
- Fixes Rich Text input not working in modal
- Fixes Step Form previous session bug
- Fixes popup issue for Elementor with conversational form
- Fixes user update password issue
- Fixes image upload button issue
- Fixes Conversational form Phone field country code issue
- Fixes Rating field option editing bug
- Fixes Quiz field randomize issue
- Fixes Conversational form payment bug
- Fixes iPhone image upload issue conversational form
- Fixes Step form issue with submit button

= 4.3.10 (Date: August 04, 2022) =
- Adds Save & Resume form submission
- Adds Rich Text Input
- Adds Insightly Integration
- Adds Mailster Integration
- Adds Airtable Multiple table connection
- Adds email notification for Pending Payment
- Improves Quiz Module
- Improves Post Update with ACF
- Improves User Update with meta fields
- Improves failed integration notification email
- Fixes Signature field placement issue
- Fixes HubSpot API update issue
- Fixe User Registration password reset email issue
- Fixes Step form data save issue with Checkable Grid field
- Fixes Coupon Code issue
- Fixes ACF image upload with media upload
- Fixes Constant Contact Issue
- Fixes br tag issue in Twilio

= 4.3.9 (Date: JULY 04, 2022) =
- Adds Resizeable Container Width
- Adds hCaptcha in conversational form
- Improves Regex pattern Condition
- Adds User Profile Update with Fluent Forms (Pro)
- Adds Partial Entry bulk delete (Pro)
- Fixes confirmation message responsive issue
- Fixes conditional logic empty issue
- Fixes form duplicate issue
- Fixes auto captcha option issue with Custom Submit Button
- Fixes tooltip issue
- Fixes Range Slider broken issue for multiple uses on the same page (Pro)

= v4.3.8 (Date: June 02, 2022) =
- Fixes Post update taxonomy issue
- Adds MailJet integration
- Fixes Pipedrive custom field issue
- Fixes zero custom payment issue
- Fixes payment styling issue

= v4.3.7 (Date: May 20, 2022) =
- Adds Airtable setup validation
- Fixes CPT selection issue for Post Update
- Fixes license error notice display issue
- Fixes smart dropdown style issue

= v4.3.6 (Date: May 19, 2022) =
- Adds WP Media file upload option
- Adds Airtable integration
- Adds advanced quiz scoring system
- Improves Post update feature
- Improves Paystack integration
- Improves ZohoCRM integration
- Improves Discord integration
- Fixes chained selector issue on Elementor popup

= v4.3.5 (Date: April 22, 2022) =
- Adds Quiz module
- Adds amoCRM integration
- Adds OnePageCRM integration
- Adds Pipedrive integration
- Adds phone number support for ZohoCRM
- Adds other data center support for ZohoCRM
- Adds email notification support for failed integrations
- Adds resubscribe option for MailerLite
- Adds dyanmic default value for payment item
- Adds support for programmatically license management
- Adds smart search for chained select field
- Adds {payment_total} shortcode support on Conversational Form
- Adds Subscription Payment field in Condition Logic groups
- Improves payment item display for radio fields
- Fixes Phone Field validation message for Conversational Form
- Fixes currency position issue for payment items for Conversational Form
- Fixes payment item value zero issue
- Fixes payment method selection issue
- Fixes Stripe donation issue

= v4.3.3 (Date: Mar 18, 2022) =
- Adds Post update feature
- Adds Salesforece integration
- Adds filter for post feed data
- Adds quantity field for Subscription
- Adds field customization option for Slack
- Adds remote CSV upload for Chained Select field
- Improves User Registration module
- Improves Trello integration
- Improves Zoho CRM and ClickSend integrations
- Fixes Address Line 1 duplication for autocomplete
- Fixes BuddyPress bug for Multisite
- Fixes Step Form saved data issue
- Fixes multiple payment method selection bug

= v4.3.2 (Date: Feb 17, 2022) =
- Fixes single payment method bug

= v4.3.1 (Date: Feb 15, 2022) =
- Adds AffiliateWP integration
- Adds Zoho CRM integration
- Adds ClickSend integration
- Adds CleverReach integration
- Adds Phone Number validation message configuration
- Adds conditional block support in PDF Feed
- Fixes payment hooks for FluentCRM
- Fixes custom payment issue for one time billing
- Fixes Phone Field country settings
- Fixes Range Slider width
- Fixes Stripe Subscription meta data
- Fixes Stripe Inline customer information
- Fixes Checkable Grid stat in Entries' Visual Data Report
- Fixes payment issue in Elementor Popup
- Fixes PayPal empty cart issue
- Fixes Salesflare custom fields issue
- Improves partial entry sorting

= v4.3.0 (Date: Jan 18, 2022) =
- Adds Payment Inputs in Conversational Forms
- Adds Checkable Grid Field in Conversational Forms
- Adds File Upload Field in Conversational Forms
- Adds Image Upload Field in Conversational Forms
- Adds Discord integration
- Adds SalesFlare integration
- Adds Address autocomplete with map
- Adds Auto-locate user in address field
- Adds Media Attachment in email notifications
- Adds support for country-wise google autocomplete
- Fixes Stripe subscription trial Days issue
- Fixes Stripe donation issue with subscription
- Improves Customer Billing Address for Payments

= v4.2.0 (Date: Sep 01, 2021) =
- Subscription Payments
- Stripe Inline element checkout
- Paystack Payment method
- Razorpay modal payments
- Google Map API integration for Address field
- Manage Payments and subscription for user portal
- New "Stripe Connect" API implementation
- Calculate values with Repeater Field

= v4.1.5 (Date: July 13, 2021) =
- Improvements on Conversational Forms
- Payment & Coupon Module improvements
- Help Message Positioning
- Predefined Data Set for Checkable Input Fields
- Raw HTML Email Template for Double Option Emails
- Regex on conditional Logic
- Other Improvements

= v4.1.0 (Date: June 30, 2021) =
* New Payment Methods – RazorPay and Mollie
* Improvements on Conversational Forms
* MetaBox Plugin integration
* Sharable Landing Page
* Introducing ReCaptcha V3
* Elementor Integration Widget Improvements
* Other Improvements

= v4.0.0 (Date: June 08, 2021) =
* Introducing Conversational Form Style
* Dedicated landing page for Conversational Form
* Payment Module Improvements
* Added Layout Option for Conversational Form
* Bulk Resend Notification Fixed
* Various Integration Improvements
* Editor UI improvements
* PHP 8.0 Support

= v3.6.68 (Date: Mar 06, 2021) =
* PHP 8 deprecated issue fixed
* Export and Import Form/Entries Nonce issue fixed
* Add Date range selection on entries chart

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Download WP Fluent Forms Pro Add-On v4.3.21 Nulled Free

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