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WP File Manager Pro v8.3.2 - Manage Your WP Files

WP File Manager Pro Nulled is the most user-friendly and adaptable file management solution ever created. Integrate your WordPress website with your favorite cloud services, such as Github, Google Drive, and Slack. Give this plugin a try if you’re weary of using FTP and Cpanel!


Managing files has never been easier.

File Management Made Easy

Don’t bother with FTP or cPanel! Take complete control of your Wordpress website with our wp file management plugin.

A Toolkit for Developers

Take Control of Your Files!

You may use WP File Manager to edit, remove, upload, download, copy, and paste files and directories.

Front-End Integration Made Simple

WP File Manager Plugin may be quickly added to your WordPress site using a widget, shortcode, or design.

Simple to Use

FTP, sFTP, and cPanel are no longer available! You’ll never have to leave the convenience of your WordPress dashboard. Our premium extensions may also be used to enhance the functionality of the wp file management plugin for WordPress.

You Have Complete Control Over Every Aspect of Your Website

There are a lot of options for fine-tuning your website, from basic settings to specific file security, permissions, alerts, and more.

Updates in Real Time

It’s simple to update the File Manager plugin and extensions: just one click and you’re done. We simplify updates so you can concentrate on what you do best.

Friendly to Developers

Hundreds of functions and connectors that may be utilized to construct efficient workflows were built with developers in mind.

Features: WP File Manager Pro

  • Permissions can be adjusted based on users or user roles.
  • Users or user roles can be used to limit file actions.
  • Files and folders can be hidden.
  • Increase or decrease the file upload size
  • A built-in code editor with a full-screen view is included.
  • Themes for the code editor and the user interface are available.
  • Shortcodes that may be used immediately from the editor
  • Built-in database management
  • User or user role changes trigger email alerts.
  • Integrations that are simple to utilize
  • Within File Manager, create sharable links to files.
  • Checker for Syntax Code
  • Notifications to users or roles of users

Changelog: WP File Manager Pro Plugin for WordPress

8.3 (24th Dec, 2021)
Integration with Digital Ocean.

Fixed warnings.

Security enhancement.

8.2 (12th July,2021)
Integration with Google Cloud.
Fixed folder name spacing issue in the shortcode generator.

Fixed database table create query issue.
Security enhancement.

Improved performance.

8.1.1 (30th March, 2021)
Shortcode customize filters added.

8.1 (9th March, 2021)
Shortcode generator feature added.

8.0 (5th Sept, 2020)
Security release.

7.9 (1st Sept, 2020)
Security release.

7.8 (18th Aug, 2020)
jQuery issues fixes.

7.7 (17th Aug, 2020)
Trash issue fixes.

7.6 (13th May, 2020)
Minor bug fixes.

7.5 (26th May, 2020)
Minor issues fixes.

7.4 (22th Jan, 2020)
Minor issues fixes on settings page.

7.3 (24th Oct, 2019)
Minor issues fixes.

7.2 (8th Oct, 2019)
Minor issues fixes.

7.1.2 (20TH JULY, 2021)
Checked compatibility with wordpress 5.8
Fixed minor bugs
Checked compatibility with Query Monitor plugin
Updated Translations

7.1.1 (30TH MARCH, 2021)
Checked compatibility with wordpress 5.7

7.1 (18TH FEB, 2021)
Fixed Cross site scripting (XSS) issue

7.0 (8TH FEB, 2021)
Confliction issue fixed with wordpress 5.6 version
Fixed download backups links not works on some servers issue
Fixed PHP warnings issue
Add support to tiff extension images

6.9 (1ST SEPT, 2020)
Security issue fixed

6.8 (31ST AUG, 2020)
Fixed design compatibility issues with wordpress 5.5 version

6.7 (20TH AUG, 2020)
Fixed issue of deprecated function of jquery
Updated messages text

6.6 (18TH AUG, 2020)
Updated Translations
Added media title to the uploaded file when Files Upload to Media Library is enabled

6.5 (18TH JUN, 2020)
Security Fix

6.4 (25TH MAY, 2020)
$ confliction fixes

6.3 (22ND MAY, 2020)
Files extract issues fixes

6.2 (15TH MAY, 2020)
jQuery confliction fixes

6.1 (14TH MAY, 2020)
Compatibility issues

6.0 (14TH MAY, 2020)
Google doc preview feature added and Library Updates – Major Update

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Download WP File Manager Pro v8.3.2 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.