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WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click PRO v13.4

You don’t want your material to spread without your consent, thus WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click (PRO) Nulled protects the content of your articles from being duplicated by other web site authors.
The plugin uses many strategies (JavaScript + CSS) to keep your articles and home page safe. These techniques aren’t found in any other WordPress plugin, and you’ll get them for free with this plugin.


wp content copy protector screenshot 1
wp content copy protector screenshot 2
wp content copy protector screenshot 3
wp content copy protector screenshot 4

Features: WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click PRO

  • Protect your content from copying and selecting. This plugin makes it simple to secure your content without shouting at your viewers.
  • No one is able to download photographs from your website.
  • There is no context menu or right-click option.
  • When you save photos or right-click on them, you’ll get a warning message, an image ad, or an HTML ad.
  • Disable the CTRL+A, CTRL+C, CTRL+X, CTRL+S, or CTRL+V keys.
  • Control panel that is both advanced and simple to use.
  • If you desire, no one can right-click photographs on your site.
  • Watermarking
  • The use of htacsess rules
  • Overlay protection using jquery is supported.
  • With a right-click or context menu, you may have complete control.
  • When the user does a right click on photos, text boxes, links, plain text, etc., show alert messages.
  • Copy protection can be turned off for the home page or individual postings by the administrator.
  • Copy protection may be turned off for admin users.
  • 3 levels of protection (JavaScript protection, RightClick protection, CSS protection)
  • Image security that is aggressive (experienced users will find it nearly hard to steal your photographs!!)
  • All major theme frameworks are supported.
  • All major browsers are supported.
  • IE9, IE10, Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera were all used to test this.
  • Removes the ability to drag and drop images.
  • Works on smart phones and iPhones – solved since October 2, 2015, and updated on November 13, 2015.
  • Per page or post, you may establish several degrees of protection.

Changelog: WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click PRO

= v13.4 =
(DevTools killer) error has been fixed
Stop unwanted console.log data
Overlay protection has been fixed, it now works only over post images and attatchments

= v13.3=
Code block selection improvements
When selecting text on code blocks, the copy button over that block only will be activated
Right click error when clicking on some empty spaces has been solved
Improvements for JavaScript selection protection techniques
Include files by absolute path is now the main way instead of relative path

= v13.2 =
Print protection can be excluded by usertype
Some fixes for the main array
Developer tools killer function is now stronger than before

= v12.7 =
Fix PHP issue array_key_exists error notice
check with the last version 6.0.1 of wordpress

Fix PHP issue

Fix PHP error in the main file (related to str_contains function)
Fix selection code
Fix CSS code
Rearrange some control panel options
Add new option to allow/disable selection on code blocks
Add new option to show copy button over the code blocks

Fix selection code
Make changes to the general work mechanism
Change some defaults

= v12.3 =
Fix code selection ability inside code blocks and content editable areas
Fix Z-Index for the copy button
console.log is now just only when developer mode is ON

= v12.2 =
Fix favicon issue

Check for the new WordPress version 6.0
Change the control panel icon set
New option to control the alert message font size
New add button for URL Exclude List option
New option to allow exclusion by post type
New option to allow exclusion by post category
Some deprecated functions have been deleted
New option to control the message that must be shown when JavaScript is disabled
New option to exclude any page from protection from an icon inside its admin bar
New option to include any excluded page to be protected again from an icon inside its admin bar
Improvements for URL included list option
Improvements for the (prevent print screen key) function
The option Print page disabled message has been fixed

fix copy button place to be shown out of code text inside code blocks

= v11.3 =
fix copy button place to be shown out of code text inside code blocks

Allow selection inside CODE blocks
Allow copy from CODE blocks

Fix text cursor issue on submit buttons
Fix permissions issue

Fix caching functions
Fix css functions on custom devices

New Update Changelog v10.8​
Fixed - Fix default options

Improve CSS protection functionality
Prevent the use of google chrome developer tools
Prevent the use of some browser extensions
Prevent the use of firefox developer tools
Support watermarking by russian laguage
Support watermarking by Arabic laguage
Support watermarking directon text for RTL laguages
fix error with old php versions
fix error when using developer mode
Using nounce to secure tje admin form
Add new option to control the cookie, our cookie called wccp_pro_functionality
Change some tab icons
Add new tab called beta options
Add new options inside beta options to stop developer tools and browser extensions

fix the update problem

Fix color picker error
some JS fix

select text protection improved
New option (inside 2nd tab) to control Drag/Drop for images only
JS drag drop old function improved
some JS fix

Now compatible with (elemenator page builder) plugin
Now compatible with (siteorigin live editor page builder) plugin
Now compatible with (WordPress Page Builder – Beaver Builder) plugin
Now compatible with (Wordpress internal preview mode)
New control panel (restore defaults) button added
New control panel (preview alert message) button added
New name for the top bar icon to fix its default choice in the previous version
Translation file updated
Disable (CTRL + Shift + I) developer tools shortcut key
Some fixes
Important fix for content editable tags
Now compatible with wpDiscuz plugin & some chat wordpress plugins
Top bar icon has been returned, as it was inside previous version 2.6
New option inside main settings to control the visibility of the top bar icon
Stop the auto loading for the alert (warning.png) icon
Some linguistic mistakes were corrected

= v9.6 = 
Code fix for image & video overlay protection


Change the place of (exclude by user type) option, its now the first option inside the exclusion tab
Plugin private admin page styles just run when amin page loaded
Fix for exclude by user type feature to work better with Ultimate Members plugin
Code fix to allow users to drag & drop images when editing thier profiels
Watermark exclusion code fix

Code fix for video protection
Watermarking code fix

Videos protection is now stronger than any other plugin
New feature, For the first time! watermarked is not out of exclusion anymore. Any excluded page will be excluded from image watermarking too
New feature, Wordpress media library is now excluded from image watermarking
New feature, Posts & Pages editor are also excluded from image watermarking
Fix bug for CTRL+(p,s,u) with editable text boxes
Fix bug with image smart protection CSS
New feature, Exclude registered images sizes from watermarking
New feature, Exclude images by name & size (manually) from watermarking
New feature, to enable/disable drag & drop. This feature is needed for LMS ,quizing and e-learning systems
Selection Exclude by class name bug fix
Exclude online services bug fix
Exclude by user type feature improved to list all user types
Disable special keys function improvment
All editable text inputs are now allowed to copy/paste
Selection issue fixed for SmartPhones
Update to the new bootstrap version
Use RTL-bootstrap version for RTL languages

Fix Exclusion by class name settings code

Fix laguages & translation issues

separate between selection functions and hotkey functions
New option to stop CTRL + A
New option to stop CTRL + C
New option to stop CTRL + V
New option to stop CTRL + S
New option to stop CTRL + X
New option to stop CTRL + U
New option to stop CTRL + P
New option to stop F12
Update on option Ctrl + P
Fix inputs and any content editable filed selection exclusion

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Download WP Content Copy Protection & No Right Click PRO v13.4 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.