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WP AMP v9.3.35 - Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce

WP AMP Nulled — Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce is a premium WordPress plugin that adds support for Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) for WooCommerce. With this plugin, it only takes a few clicks to make your website mobile.

WP AMP HTML is an open source initiative by Google that aims to deliver instantly loadable mobile-optimized content anywhere. Read more about AMP here –


WP AMP setting

WP AMP allows you to:

  • Include all types of content and storage in your mobile site.
  • Embed images, video, audio and iframes.
  • Completely customize the standard design or create a completely new one.
  • Track visitors using Google Analytics, Google Tag Manager, Yandex.Metrika, and Facebook Pixel.
  • Working with Yoast SEO, All in One SEO Pack, The SEO Framework, SEO Ultimate.
  • Integrate AMP with WooCommerce to sell on mobile devices.
  • Earn more by adding AdSense and DoubleClick ads to AMP pages.

Language localization:

  • English
  • German.
  • Spain
  • Russian

This plugin works for:

  • Home page
  • Blog page
  • Single post
  • Static page
  • Category
  • Card
  • Archive date and author
  • Search
  • Page 404 Not Found
  • Custom post types and taxonomies
  • WooCommerce store, product, category, cart and tag

Here’s what you can customize WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce:

  • Your logo (text, image, or both)
  • Title menu
  • Colour
  • Font
  • Footer Content
  • Featured image
  • Post meta data block
  • Related and recent postsf
  • Post comment list and comment button
  • WooCommerce compatible
  • Ad block
  • Custom HTML and CSS

Compatible with WooCommerce

The WP AMP plugin works with WooCommerce and allows you to display your products on your AMP page.

Here are the pages that will show up on an AMP page:

  • Store page;
  • Product page;
  • Product catalog and tag pages;
  • Cart page.

Please note: due to the limitations of the AMP Project, there is no way to have the checkout and account pages in the AMP instance. So your users will be redirected to the normal version of your website when they click ‘checkout’ and so on.

Integrate ads into your mobile site

AdSense allows you to place ad blocks on your website and gives you money for every visitor who clicks on the ad. Watch money start flowing in when a visitor to your site clicks on an ad.

With our WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce plugin, you can integrate AdSense into your AMP website and choose where to place your ad blocks.

Placing ads at the top will get you more clicks, but can ruin the look and feel of your site. Placing ads at the bottom won’t ruin the look and feel of your site, but will likely result in fewer clicks.

With our plugin, you can also insert ads into post content using a simple shortcode ‘[wp-amp-ad]’.

Start earning more money from your website today!

WP AMP templates
WP AMP schema
WP AMP extra css
WP AMP ads
WP AMP WooCommerce
WP AMP troubleshooting

Support for page creators

This feature has been requested many times by users of various wysiwyg page builders, breadcrumbs. Technically, there’s no way to provide full support for them due to the limitations of the AMP standard – some custom html, inline css and js tags are not allowed. And these wysiwyg page builders for WordPress generate a lot of inline html and css that can’t be properly displayed and validated on AMP pages.

So we added the ability to override content for individual posts/pages. If you have a complex layout on the desktop version of your site and you want the same page on AMP, can you create a generic version of text, images, video, and formatting? has simple code, will be visible only to AMP users.

Or you can disable AMP versioning for any post or page if you need to.

WP AMP Integrated Page Builder – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce

Our plugin provides the ability to enable, disable, modify and rearrange AMP blocks using the built-in drag and drop page builder. The page builder works for posts, pages, archives, blog pages, search pages, 404 pages and supported WooCommerce pages. For more information, see the plugin screenshot.

Plugin shortcodes

The WP AMP plugin provides a pack of shortcodes that you can use in your post content:

  • [wp-amp-related] – a shortcode to display related posts
  • [wp-amp-recent] – a shortcode to display recent posts
  • [wp-amp-share] – a shortcode to display social sharing buttons
  • [wp-amp-ad] – a shortcode for displaying AdSense ad blocks
  • [no-amp] – a shortcode to hide part of the post content from amp
  • [wp-amp-switcher] – a shortcode to add a “Switch to regular version” button

For more details and examples, please check the plugin documentation.

API plugin

  • esc_amphtml( $content ) – a function to escape and sanitize content output for AMP.
  • is_wp_amp() – conditional tag, returns “true” if the AMP page is opened.

The plugin actions and filters are listed in the documentation.

Important Notes

Always save the permalink and clear all cache when installing or updating the WP AMP plugin!

WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce is compatible with:

If you are interested in using AMP with ACF, you will also need to download the AMP ACF extension.

Changelog: WP AMP – Accelerated Mobile Pages for WordPress and WooCommerce

2022-10-21 - v9.3.35
New: Add compatibility with plugin sku-shortlink-for-woocommerce.

2022-09-30 - v9.3.34
New: Google Analytics 4 support.

2021-12-20 - v9.3.29
Fixed: SEO Yoast compatibility.

2021-11-2 - v9.3.28
New: support for Woocommerce shortcodes.

2021-08-5 - v9.3.27
Improved: added preloading for image srcset.

2021-07-13 - ver 9.3.26
Fixed: image preloading. Use double quotation marks in img tags.

2021-07-8 - v9.3.25
Improvement: images preloading.

2021-07-5 - ver 9.3.24
New: images preloading;
Fixed: Gravity Form compatibility.

2021-06-22 - v9.3.23
New: srcset option for images;
Fixed: Gravity form bug with loading unneeded scripts to AMP.

2021-05-25 - v9.3.22
Fixed: links for external products;
New: compatibility with PHP 8.

2021-04-29 - v9.3.21
Fixed: custom fonts feature.

2021-04-19 - ver 9.3.20
Improved: compatibility with SEO plugins.

2021-03-015 - ver 9.3.19
Fixed: compatibility with plugin All in one SEO Pack, canonical URL issue

2021-03-02 - ver 9.3.18
New: WordPress 5.7 support;
Improved: compatibility with plugin All in one SEO Pack.

2021-03-02 - ver 9.3.17
Fixed: minor php issues.

2021-01-11 - ver 9.3.16
Fixed: products variations issue.

2020-09-08 - ver 9.3.11
Improvement: product variations. 

2020-08-31 - ver 9.3.10
Improvement: compatibility with SEO Rank Math; 
Improvement: tags name for product variations.

2020-08-13 - ver 9.3.9
New: support for Avada lazyload;

2020-07-24 - ver 9.3.8
Fixed: minor bugs.

2020-05-14 - ver 9.3.7
Fixed: Yoast SEO compatibility. 

2020-04-14 - ver 9.3.6
New: activate or disable AMP by post/product category or tag. 

2020-04-03 - ver 9.3.5
Fixed: multiple ads issue; 
Tested WC compatibility. 

2020-01-08 - ver 9.3.4
Fixed: templates.  

2019-12-9 - ver 9.3.3
Fixed: php warning notice. 

2019-11-21 - ver 9.3.2
Fixed: images for post on blog;
Fixed: save add to cart;
Improvement: check class ads;
Fixed: schema type name 'Offer';
Fixed: a few other minor issues.

2019-10-01 - ver 9.3.1    
New: HTML in WooCommerce templates;
Fixed: Schema settings saving data issue;
Fixed: product search in amp.

2019-09-23 - ver 9.3.0    
Improved: compatibility with WP AMP ACF;
Improved: templates blocks;
New: separate templates for custom post types.

2019-09-16 - ver 9.2.9    
Fixed: image src for Yootheme;
Fixed: block "add to cart block" in product archives.

2019-09-06 - ver 9.2.8
Improved: compatibility with WP AMP ACF;
New:  legacy functions;
New: footer social icons. 

2019-08-29 - ver 9.2.7
Improved: compatibility with WP Seopress;
Improved: functions;
Improved: quotes design. 

2019-08-16 - ver 9.2.6
Fixed: styles for WC filter;
Improved: activation process. 

2019-07-15 - ver 9.2.5
New: compatibility with Yootheme;
New: added sorting block to Woocommerce shop page.

2019-05-14 - ver 9.2.4
Fixed: structured data for blog, archive, front pages;
Improved: child items alignment for menu.

2019-05-7 - ver 9.2.3
Fixed: social script;
Fixed: iFrame.

2019-04-12 - ver 9.2.2
Hotfix: the mobile redirecting. 

2019-04-11 - ver 9.2.1
New: Database Search and Replace Script in PHP compatibility
New: FooGallery compatibility

2019-03-31 - ver 9.2.0
New: 16 languages localisations;
New: cart page; 
New: adding products to the cart without page reloading. 

2019-02-19 - ver 9.1.7
Fixed: styles for an "Add To Cart" button in a "Grid" products template;
Fixed: drag block in WooCcommerce tab;
Fixed: canonical url;
Improved: Spain and Russian localization;
New: German localization. 

2019-02-11 - ver 9.1.6
Fixed: hot fix, syntax error. 

2019-02-08 - ver 9.1.5
New: Add custom font-face
Fixed: Cyrillic character in DB
Fixed: Background color for an amp-img
Improved: License activation

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Download WP AMP v9.3.35 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.