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WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program v5.4.0

WordPress and WooCommerce Affiliate Program is an Affiliate Marketing Plugin for WordPress and WooCommerce that allows you to advertise your items through your affiliate team and make more revenue from your eCommerce site by increasing exposure and traffic. To do so, just download and install our plugin, then sit back and relax with your friends or family. With hundreds of features to choose from, we’ve got you covered.


wordpress woocommerce affiliate program features

Features: WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program

  • MLM – Multi Level Marketing – will give you with the top three matrixes utilized by the majority of enterprises in the industry.
  • Admin can choose whether to use a Referral Link or a Referral Code.
  • Lifetime / Unlimited Commission – Pay affiliates a lifetime / unlimited commission.
  • Affiliate can also earn income by purchasing using his own referral link. It’s a win-win situation for both you and your affiliate.
  • Commission Rules: Dynamic and Conditional – Commission on products can be imposed at three distinct levels. Priority 1 – For each product Per category, 2nd Priority All Products is the third and last priority.
  • Coupons – Affiliates may use their earnings to create coupons that can be used when purchasing products from your site.
  • With our new Add-on, you can show Social Media share icons on Shop and Product pages, as well as choose from 5 different Icon Packs.
  • Payouts using Paypal – Make multiple payouts with only one click. With a simple click, all of your affiliates who have a PayPal account will be paid.
  • Stripe Payouts – Pay US affiliates using Stripe’s payment channel.
  • Banner Creation – Affiliates can create product banners to use on their marketing platforms directly.
  • Affiliates may easily build a referral link for any product with just a few clicks.
  • QR code – QR codes may be used to distribute referral links.
  • Referral Notification – After a successful referral, an email is sent to the affiliate with all of the commission data.
  • User-based commission – Different users might have different commissions. Users can also advance to the next level of commission after completing a certain goal.
  • Different Product-based Compensation Kinds — A specific product, a category, or all items can be assigned to one of three commission types. 1. Commission at a Fixed Price 2. Commission by Percentage 3. Commission that is both fixed and percentage based.
  • Provide an additional reward when the affiliate achieves a goal.
  • Withdrawal Fees – When you make a payout using PayPal or Stripe, you will be charged a fee, but don’t worry, we’ve taken care of it as well. Before making a final payment, choose how much you want to remove from the affiliate’s total commission.
  • Overview of the dashboard – From our basic yet attractive dashboard area, check out all of the facts regarding the referrals.
  • Affiliate Verification – Before allowing a person to become an affiliate, you may check their identity.
  • Unlimited Affiliates – As many affiliates as you wish to advertise your items can be created.
  • Affiliate Tools — Easy-to-use tools for promoting your products.
  • Notifications — With just one click, you can send all of your affiliates the most recent commission information for various products/categories through email.
  • Post on Social Networking – An affiliate may use this feature to share the product’s affiliate link on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Gmail, and Whatsapp.
  • Registration Incentive – Increase the number of people who visit your site by offering a signup bonus to affiliates who REGISTER using their referral link.

Changelog: WordPress & WooCommerce Affiliate Program

v5.4.0 (9 July 2022)
- Added CPC Bonus feature
- Now admin can check paid and unpaid amounts of every affiliate
- Other minor bugs fixed

24.01.2022 - ver 5.2.0
   - Add: Implemented Notification section (Now Admin can enter notification from backend and that will display to all of the 
      affiliates at affiliate dashboard). 
   - Add: Set coupon for any affiliate(If someone Applies that coupon that Affiliate will get commission associated with that 
      link ).
   - Add: Instead of Affiliate link just Refer coupon and earn a commission for Affiliate.
   - Fix: Redirect Issue fixed.
   - Other minor bugs were fixed.

16.11.2021 - ver 5.1.1
   - Other minor bugs fixes

20.10.2021 - ver 5.1.0
   - Add: Add Custom Login Form feature. 
   - Add: Custom Registration form feature
   - Fix: Updated Report Tab and Error Fixed.
   - Other minor bugs fixes

25.08.2021 - ver 5.0.0
  -  Automation on referral tab (“Accept referral request automatically according to the option selected by admin at back- 
  -  Now Affiliates can request earnings through the withdrawal feature of the amount they want to withdrawal from their 
  -  Admin will have the ability to control the withdrawal and also have a table where all transactions are listed.
  -  Now affiliate can see all their transaction under the payout tab.
  -  No reload feature is implemented.
  -  Now affiliates can see the total downloads from different devices in the report section.
  -  Dynamic charts were implemented for better understanding.
  -  Membership bug is fixed.
  -  Decimal places bug fixed.
  -  Other minor bugs were fixed.

23.01.2021 - ver 4.1.0
   - Add: Implement logout functionality in all three templates.
   - Fixed: Corrected MLM structure
   - Fixed: js issues.
   - Fixed: Error while payout using PayPal.
   - Other minor bugs fixes

12.12.2020 - ver 4.0.0
   - Graphical representation of an overview
   - No reload Affiliate Panel
   - Switch template to Lite and Dark Mode
   - Track Number of Hit's and Purchase in Report tab
   - Track sales and commission on the same date
   - Different layout for payout
   - Animated representation of MLM plan for better understanding of how the chain is going to form
   - Admin can know the parent through whom referral link affiliate Registered
   - Other Minor bug fixes

 28.07.2020 - ver 3.2.0
   - Added Pay to Become Affiliate Feature
   - Custom registration form data will be shown on the user edit page(Admin)
   - Given Option to disable Registration and Login form in Affiliate Page
   - Added option for decimal and thousand separator
   - Added social login feature in social media addon - Facebook, Linked-in, Gmail
   - Solved bug of product not shown on the frontend for banned.
   - Solved bug of generating cookie by having affiliate id.
   - Other Minor bug fixes

 31.05.2020 - ver 3.1.0
   - Custom Banner feature added
   - Added New Template for affiliate dashboard
   - Custom field bug solved
   - Elementor and other builder issues solved
   - Affiliate link bug for custom permalink structure solved
   - Other Minor bug fixes

  27.03.2020 - ver 3.0.1
  - Signup redirect issue fixed
   - Login redirect issue fixed
   - Other Minor bug fixes

   19.02.2020 - ver 3.0.0
   - Compatible with Easy Digital Downloads
   - Added Option to add a separate page for affiliate login 
   - Added Option to add a separate page for affiliate signup
   - Password Reset Page compatible with registration template
   - Improved Redirect on Affiliate Login and Signup
   - Added option to give the reason for declining referrals
   - Improved become affiliate section
   - Other Minor Bugs Fixed

   18.12.2019 - ver 2.6.0
   - Two Way Commission feature is added
   - Commission for the user can be set from the product edit page
   - Product-wise commission for users has been added
   - Saving options bug fixed
   - Other Minor Bugs Fixed

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