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WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.58.1 – Plugin Automatically Crawl WordPress Website Content

WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled – Get content (crawl – scratch) from various sources in WordPress. It can post quality targeted articles, Amazon products, Clickbank products, Walmart products, Youtube videos, Vimeo videos, DailyMotion videos, feed messages, eBay auctions, Flickr images, photos Instagram, Pinterest contacts, Reddits, Twitter tweets, Facebook posts, Craigslist ads, ITunes App/songs/books/movies/podcasts, Envato entries and SoundCloud songs on autopilot.


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Features WordPress Automatic Plugin by valvepress

  • Automatically post content from RSS.
  • Automatically post from RSS feed to WordPress
  • Automatically post from any website to WordPress
  • Automatically Post Amazon Products to WordPress
  • Automatically Post eBay Products to WordPress
  • Automatically Post Walmart Products to WordPress
  • Automatically post ClickBank products to WordPress
  • Auto Post from Envato to WordPress
  • Automatically post Craigslist listings to WordPress
  • Automatically post from CareerJet to WordPress
  • Automatically post from Facebook to WordPress
  • Auto-post from Twitter to WordPress
  • Automatically post from Instagram to WordPress
  • Automatically Post from Pinterest to WordPress
  • Automatically Post from Reddit to WordPress
  • Automatically post Flickr images to WordPress
  • Automatically post Youtube videos to WordPress
  • Automatically post Vimeo videos to WordPress
  • Automatically post DailyMotion videos to WordPress
  • Automatically Post SoundCloud Audio to WordPress
  • Automatically Post From Itunes to WordPress
  • Automatically post Ezine articles to WordPress
  • Automatically Post Spintax to WordPress
  • Get full content from summary feeds.
  • Extract specific sections of the original feed article.
  • Search and replace.
  • Original article time.
  • Extract list.
  • Extract the original tags.
  • Extract the original author.
  • Ignore posts with no content.
  • Ignore non-English posts.
  • Skip posts without images.
  • Post oldest entries first.
  • Decode html entities.
  • Convert encoding before posting.
  • Ignore duplicate titles.
  • Featured image from Facebook og:title.

Changelog WordPress Automatic Plugin Nulled Free

Version 3.58.1 (19 October 2022) 
Fix: Apify back to work after recent changes that triggered an error Field input.proxyConfiguration is required
Fix: Facebook group posts full text extraction now back to work
Improved: Youtube posting from a channel can now accept channel URL instead of ID

Version 3.58.0 (6 October 2022) 
NEW: Feeds/Multi-scraper option to extract original meta description and set as SEO meta description
NEW: Twitter option to auto embed direct video URL instead of Twitter embed code
NEW: Twitter new tag [item_video_url_direct] to get direct video URL for embed
NEW: Reddit option to set flairs as tags/categories and a new tag [item_flairs] to return them
NEW: option to not remember imported posts urls
Fix: Facbook events import back to work for new page experience pages
Fix: eBay now reset the keyword search index after reaching 10k results which is eBay limit
Fix: Feeds/Multi-scraper relative links fix algorithm improved

v3.57.4 (19 September 2022)
NEW: Option to filter returned posts by fields equal to a specific value, contains a specific value, greater than a specific value and more
Fix: Feeds/Multi scraper specific part to custom field regex extraction single value tag now work
Fix: Keyword to category check option now works correctly
Fix: Twitter format from:user filter:videos now works

v3.57.3 (6 September 2022)
Fix: The previous version created categories even if the option was not enabled, now sorted

3.57.2 (4 September 2022) 
NEW: option to search PixaBay from title keywords and get a featured image
NEW: AliExpress option to send an email notification if the cookie expired and needs renewal
NEW: Amazon option to set the imported product categories as WordPress categories
Fix: AliExpress link generation back to work after recent changes from AliExpress
Fix: Now reviews work for the latest WooCommerce version 6.8.2

Version 3.57.1 (24 August 2022) 
NEW: Amazon option to delete no more available products on amazon
NEW: Amazon option to set out of stock products to pending and publish them when back to stock
NEW: Facebook/Instagram session expire email notification option added
NEW: Feeds/Multi-page scraper original categories can now be set as tags
NEW: Reddit now support importing gallery reddits
Fix: Facebook now imports events from new experience FB pages
Fix: add all content image as gallery now use the block format instead of legacy
Fix: Cron improved to bypass cloudflare and siteground cache
Fix: TikTok now works for non-latin keywords like Japanese

v3.57.0 (11 August 2022)
NEW: Option to set featured image from
NEW: Option to create a gallery from found post images
NEW: Set post tags option now supports current post tags like [original_title]
NEW: Twitter new option to get recent or popular tweets
NEW: Amazon can now import from best sellers pages
Fix: Facebook now back to import comments after recent changes
Fix: Instagram popular posts only option back to work

v3.56.2 (16 July 2022)
Fix: ClickBank module updated to work again after changes
Fix: Make permalink link directly to the source now works for eBay and AliExpress affiliate links

v3.56.1 - (5 July 2022)
NEW: eBay new tag for item condition description
Fix: Amazon switch from non-API to API campaigns now work
Fix: TikTok module imporved to bypass if your server is blocked
Fix: Instagram module updated to cope with new changes

v3.56.0 (8 June 2022)
NEW: Now supports AliExpress
New: Amazon option to set a custom location if the server country is different
NEW: Multi-page scraper original date extraction algorithm improved
NEW: Youtube new option to skip live videos
NEW: Instagram tag [item_comments_count]
Fix: eBay module updated to cope with recent changes
Fix: Instagram module updated to cope with new changes, multiple images back to work
Fix: Download images from the content now download webp as well
Fix: Multi-page scraper title extraction by regex now consider \s
Fix: Multi-page scraper now get the title when posting from custom list of URLs
Fix: Multi-page scraper/feed extract by REGEX now return correct result for [rule_1] tag
Fix: Title words as tags now keeps the dot character
Fix: Twitter post from a specific user up to a specific date now skips pagination

Version 3.55.6 (20 April 2022)
Fix: Array error when translation using Google translate is now sorted

v3.55.5 (17 April 2022) 
Fix: TikTok module updated to back to work again
NEW: custom field [featured_img_id] for created thumbnail ID
NEW: Amazon [item_rating] new tag
Fix: hyperlinking specific keywords algorithm improved
Fix: Single page scraper update post duplicate custom fields issue fixed
Fix: Single page scraper update post date now stay as-is

@12 March 2022 v3.55.4
Fix: Facebook updatd to cope with new changes
NEW: Amazon new tag [item_details]
NEW: eBay affiliate reference ID support

11 Febrary 2022 v3.55.3
Fix: Google translation back to work normally
NEW: Careerjet now imports the logo image
NEW: Reddit can now filter videos only and Gifs only
Fix: Amazon images now load correctly

Version 3.55.2 (7 February 2022)
- Fix: Instagram module code updated to work again correctly
- NEW: Option to set the slug to original post slug

Version 3.55.1 (28 January 2022)
- Fix: UI updated to work with WordPress 5.9
- Fix: amazon last time price updated tag now returns correct date

Version 3.55.0 (19 January 2022)
- Fix: eBay module rewritten to use the new eBay Browse API
- Fix: Facebook now import description if containing quotes
- Fix: The plugin now keep backslashes in title and content 
- Fix: Careerjet full description extraction better method 
- Fix: Instagram can now import popular images without issues
- Fix: Youtube embed back to load normally 
- NEW: option to hyperlink specific keywords with a specific link
- NEW: option to not remove html tags from title 
- NEW: Feeds/multi-scraper option to only check top post
- NEW: Deepl new fomality option
- NEW: Option to set parent category for created categories
- NEW: Option to remove inline links from the post content 

Version 3.54.2 (15 November 2021)
- Fix: Facebook back to import images after new changes

v3.54.1 (9 November 2021)
- Fix: Amazon price extraction now works with recent changes from Amazon

v3.54.0 (3 November 2021)
- NEW: JavaScript support for Single/Multi-page scraper/Feeds
- NEW: Pinterest skip pins with no title

v3.53.6 18 October 2021 
Fix: amazon without API and EzineArticles recent changes handled
New: option to skip posts longer than a specific length

v3.53.5 (26 September 2021)
- Fix: Youtube fixed invalidPageToken error

Version 3.53.4 (20 September 2021)
- Fix: Craigslist back to work with major improvements and full Woo support
- Updated: Deepl free API can now be used on the plugin settings page
- Fix: Adjust numeric values option now can adjust values containing a comma
- Fix: List of languages updated for Deepl

Version 3.53.3 (23 August 2021)
- Urgent: Fix of a core bug, all users must upgrade to this version
- Fix: Facebook removal of translation links of group posts

Version 3.53.2 (31 July 2021)
- NEW: PolyLang plugin full support
- Fix: Facebook updated to fix not logged in for EU users
- Fix: Amazon extra part on the description CDATA now fixed
- Fix: CareerJet now save the sorting option as date

= Version 3.53.1 (3 July 2021) =
- Fix: Instagram posting back to work
- Fix: Facebook posting from events now get end date again

= Version 3.53.0 (28 May 2021) =
- NEW: option to adjust numeric values e.g: increase returned price
- Fix: SoundCloud module updated to work again after new changes
- Fix: Facebook pinned post now get skipped
- Fix: Facebook events now return the date
- Fix: Facebook option to skip shared posts now works
- Fix: Amazon books now get imported with more details
- Improved: new user nick name from display name when creating a user

= @22 March 2021 v3.52.0 =
NEW: Multi-page scraper now supports Infinite scroll
Fix: TikTok posting from a specific user back to work

= v3.51.5 (22 March 2021) =
- Fix: FB empty images issue sorted
- Fix: FB videos back to embed normally
- Fix: Multi-page scraper Fixed pattern next page URL now supports negative steps

= @6 March 2021 v3.51.4 =
Fix: eBay updated to support new links format
NEW: Youtube safe search option added
NEW: Google translate now supports Traditional chineese

= @25 Feb 2020 v3.51.3 =
Fix: TikTok now can import from a specific user normally even if blocked

= @23 Feb 2020 v3.51.2 =
Fix: Facebook now reports when a cookie is a must
NEW: Reddit video embeds now supports sound
Fix: TikTok can now import by keyword normally
Fix: TikTok can now set the featured image if cache is disabled as well

= v3.51.1 (4 February 2021) =
- Fix: Facebook posting from groups now back to work normally

= v3.51.0 (31 January 2020) =
- NEW: Now supports TikTok
- NEW: Japanese and Chinese languages added to Deepl option
- NEW: Youtube option to limit search to videos that have closed captions
- Fix: PHP 8 support
- Fix: Facebook import corrections
- Fix: Microsfot translate now works with any region, region code must be added

= @18 December 2020 v3.50.12 =
Urgent Fix: Amazon posting without API _c url error message sorted
NEW: Option to limit processing time for each campaign
NEW: Multi-page scraper option to skip posts older than a specific date
NEW: Reddit tag item_nsfw returns yes or no
Fix: Feeds visual selector now works if multiple feed URLs are used

= @8 December 2020 v3.50.11 =
- Important: SoundCloud now back to fully work
- NEW: Option to set default values for tags that will return empty
- NEW: Facebook option to skip posts shared from other posts
- NEW: content only added to search and replace option
- Fix: Facebook envets place_name non-latin chars fix
- Fix: Facebook now can get full posts from profiles
- Fix: eBay hong kong and Singabore links fix
- Fix: Reddit now accept URLs that contain parameters
- Fix: Instagram popular images instead of recnet for USA servers
- Improved: serialized arrays on custom fileds can now have tags

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Download WordPress Automatic Plugin v3.58.1 Nulled Free

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