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Scrapes v3.2.0 – WordPress Auto Post And Crawler Plugin Scrapes

Scrapes Nulled is a WordPress plugin that automatically copies content from a website to a WordPress site. Scrapes is easy to use, doesn’t require any programming skills, and is designed to be more user-friendly.

You no longer need APIs that require registration and provide limited access, and you can also receive data from websites that do not support the API. Schedule once and do your automated work 24/7!


⭐See also: WordPress Automatic Plugin that automatically crawls website content here!

Feature WordPress Auto Post And Crawler Plugin Scrapes

Scrapes plugin
  • Support 3 operation modes: Single scraping, Serial scraping, Feed scraping (RSS)
  • Detailed Dashboard: See all your tasks on one screen
  • Supports All Fields in WordPress
  • Visual selector
  • Auto detect required content (Auto detect)
  • Get updated objects from the feeds (RSS) of websites

Changelog Scrapes v2.1.0 – Automatic WordPress Scraper and Content Crawler Plugin Nulled Free

Updated to version 3.2.0 on 18 June 1400!

Added the ability to transfer index and gallery images with source links without uploading to the media
Added special feature of the option to prevent the simultaneous execution of scraps (if necessary, this option must be enabled in all scraps so that none of them run simultaneously)
Added special update feature (price and inventory) without re-processing the product (this feature will increase the speed of scrap execution)
Added password protected feature for post status
Added the ability to add an internal link in the first run of Scrap (for the Top Rank plugin)
Added the ability to add an alt attribute to the html structure of in-content images For sites where in-content images do not have an alt attribute in the html structure (related to the Top Rank plugin)
Added the ability to add alt attributes to index images and galleries with source links
Added the ability to specify the number of scraps that can be displayed per page using the settings at the top of the page
Support for solar dates of sites where all three items (day, month and year) are numeric

Updated to version 3.1.0 on March 26, 2010!

Added the ability to change the settings panel by clicking on the side icons
Added display of number of transfer posts when running scrap
Fixed title issue when activating html tags in excerpts
Fixed the problem of duplicate digital image names when the original image name option was enabled in the top rank settings
Do not apply SEO items when the "Do not update" option is activated in the content section, keeping the previous SEO items
Prevent the transfer of discounted Digitala prices that are the same as normal prices due to their uniform structure in non-discounted products

Updated to version 3.0.0 on February 7, 2010!

Added new SEO and optimization capabilities (requires a new Top Rank add-on)
Added fundamental and attractive changes to the user interface
Assign each part of the scrap to a separate jQuery-based panel
Added previous and next button to edit each panel
Added new tooltips with a new look to guide each section
Translation changes of tooltips with fluent descriptions
Changes in the appearance of the scrap settings tab
Added the ability to display the name and profile picture of the author of each scrap in the settings tab
Appearance changes Display the icons of each panel in a timeline
Added the ability not to update the title (uniqueness must be set to the url)
Added the ability to use html tags in excerpts
Added the ability to not update the index image
Added the ability to transfer images with the original name without changing to random names (requires the addition of Top Rank)
Added the ability to add the Alt feature to images (requires adding a top rank)
Added the ability not to delete fields that are manually defined in the post (such as product features, SEO fields, etc.)
Added the ability to continue transferring limited posts per run (for example, 5 posts per day)
Added tutorial icon in settings for quick access to tutorials
Added SEO icon for quick access to Top Rank plugin settings
Improved content translation capability for some html tags

Updated to version 2.1.1 on July 10, 1999!
The following features have been added specifically and some of them require technical additions

Added the ability to add watermarks to images (requires the Image Watermark plugin from the WordPress repository)
Added special feature of template activation option with shortcode value in the section to add categories to customize and separate brands
Added product type field by keeping the selected product type in previous scraps (simple, external, variable, group)
Added option to change variables automatically to simple in variable products (if the product did not have a variable property)
Added option to delete all links within the content
Added the option to transfer images to sites that have data-src and data-lazy-src properties
Added the option to automatically change the status of the product to release (during the update and after release manually)
Added the ability to transfer original digital images with original quality using replacement rules
Added the ability to transfer features by registering them in the Product Properties and Databases tab using a technical add-on
Added video tutorials on working with new features in the plugin support section
Improved html tags in the technical specifications of Digitala and some other sites
Fixed the transfer of images from some sites when translating content
Fixed a digital gallery transfer issue when multiple custom backgrounds were created
Fixed the separator problem in the Add Classification section when multiple categories are added
Fix the "Do not update" option in the custom fields when multiple fields are created

- New feature – Bing Microsoft Translator
- New feature – DeepL Translator
- New feature – Google Translate (Official)
- New feature – Yandex Translate
- Improvement – Minor code fixes.
- Improvement – Fix for translation feature.

Download Scrapes v3.2.0 Nulled:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.