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Wordfence Security Premium v7.5.7 – WordPress Security Plugin

Wordfence Security Premium provides the greatest WordPress security available today for your website.

Wordfence is a WordPress security suite that includes an endpoint firewall and malware scanning. The Threat Defense Feed, which contains the most up-to-date firewall rules, malware signatures, and dangerous IP addresses, is crucial for keeping your website secure.

Wordfence is the most complete security solution available, and it comes with a set of premium features that make it better than the free version.


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Features: Wordfence Security Premium

  • IP Blacklist in Real-Time: Blocks all requests from IP addresses known to be actively targeting Wordfence-protected WordPress sites.
  • Updates to Firewall Rules in Real Time: Wordfence Firewall uses firewall rules to discover and prevent harmful traffic to your site, safeguarding you against the newest WordPress security gaps and assaults.
  • Malware Signature Updates in Real-Time: Thousands of malware signatures are used by the Wordfence security firewall and scanner to assist identify malware on your site and stop dangerous uploads.
  • Checking Your Reputation: Each scan generates spam or spam spam, if your website or IP address has been banned for harmful behaviour.
  • Blocking by country: Designed to thwart an attack, prevent content theft, or prohibit criminal conduct in cyberspace that originates in a certain geographic region.
Wordfence Security Premium function

Changelog: Wordfence Premium – WordPress Security Plugin

= 7.5.7 – November 22, 2021 =
* Improvement: Made preliminary changes for compatibility with PHP 8.1
* Change: Added GPLv3 license and updated EULA.

= 7.5.6 – October 18, 2021 =
* Fix: Prevented login errors with WooCommerce integration when manual username entry is enabled on the WooCommerce registration form.
* Fix: Corrected theme incompatibilities with WooCommerce integration.

= 7.5.5 – August 16, 2021 =
* Improvement: Enhanced accessibility.
* Improvement: Replaced regex in scan log with signature ID.
* Improvement: Updated Knockout JS dependency to version 3.5.1
* Improvement: Removed PHP 8 compatibility notice.
* Improvement: Added NTP status for Login Security to Diagnostics.
* Improvement: Updated plugin headers for compatibility with WordPress 5.8
* Improvement: Updated Nginx documentation links to HTTPS.
* Improvement: Updated IP address geolocation database.
* Improvement: Expanded WAF SQL syntax support.
* Improvement: Added optional constants to configure WAF database connection.
* Improvement: Added support for matching punycode domain names.
* Improvement: Updated Wordfence install count.
* Improvement: Deprecated support for WordPress versions older than 4.4.0
* Improvement: Added warning messages when blocking U.S.
* Improvement: Added MYSQLI_CLIENT_SSL support to WAF database connection.
* Improvement: Added 2FA and reCAPTCHA support for WooCommerce login and registration forms.
* Improvement: Added option to require 2FA for any role.
* Improvement: Added logic to automatically disable NTP after repeated failures and option to manually disable NTP.
* Improvement: Updated reCAPTCHA setup note.
* Fix: Prevented issue where country blocking changes are not saved.
* Fix: Corrected string placeholder.
* Fix: Added missing text domain to translation calls.
* Fix: Corrected warning about sprintf arguments on Central setup page.
* Fix: Prevented lost password functionality from revealing valid logins.

= 7.5.4 - June 7, 2021 =
* Fix: Resolve conflict with woocommerce-gateway-amazon-payments-advanced plugin

= 7.5.3 – May 10, 2021 =
* Improvement: Expanded WAF capabilities including better JSON and user permission handling.
* Improvement: Switched to relative paths in WAF auto_prepend file to increase portability.
* Improvement: Eliminated unnecessary calls to Wordfence servers.
* Fix: Prevented errors on PHP 8.0 when disk_free_space and/or disk_total_space are included in disabled_functions.
* Fix: Fixed PHP notices caused by unexpected plugin version data.
* Fix: Gracefully handle unexpected responses from Wordfence servers.
* Fix: Time field now displays correctly on “See Recent Traffic” overlay.
* Fix: Corrected typo on Diagnostics page.
* Fix: Corrected IP counts on activity report.
* Fix: Added missing line break in scan result emails.
* Fix: Sending test activity report now provides success/failure response.
* Fix: Reduced SQLi false positives caused by comma-separated strings.
* Fix: Fixed JS error when resolving last scan result.

= v7.5.2 - March 24, 2021 =
* Fix: Fixed fatal error on single-sites running WordPress <4.9.

= v7.4.14 – December 3, 2020 =
* Improvement: Added option to disable application passwords.
* Improvement: Updated site cleaning callout with 1-year guarantee.
* Improvement: Upgraded sodium_compat library to 1.13.0.
* Improvement: Replaced the terms whitelist and blacklist with allowlist and blocklist.
* Improvement: Made a number of WordPress 5.6 and jQuery 3.x compatibility improvements.
* Improvement: Made a number of PHP8 compatibility improvements.
* Improvement: Added dismissible notice informing users of possible PHP8 compatibility issues.
* Improvement: Initial integration of i18n in Wordfence.
* Improvement: Prevent Wordfence from loading under <PHP 5.3.
* Improvement: Updated GeoIP database.
* Improvement: Prevented wildcard from running/saving for scan's excluded files pattern.
* Improvement: Included Wordfence Login Security tables in diagnostics missing table list.
* Fix: Removed new scan issues when WordPress update occurs mid-scan.
* Fix: Specified category when saving `whitelistedServiceIPs` to WAF storage engine.
* Fix: Removed localhost IP for auto-update email alerts.
* Fix: Fixed broken message in Live Traffic with MySQLi storage engine for blacklisted hits.
* Fix: Removed optional parameter values for PHP 8 compatibility.

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