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WoodMart v7.0 – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

WoodMart Nulled is a great WordPress theme for WooCommerce. The template has a clean, modern design that will make your online store fresh and unique.

Use powerful AJAX technology to provide users with fast and seamless online shopping without having to constantly reload the page


Features WoodMart – Responsive WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Features WoodMart
  • 45+ beautiful demo layouts
  • More than 15 pre-built homepages
  • WooCommerce 3.0+ Advanced Support
  • WPBakery drag and drop page builder
  • 100% Responsive & Retina ready
  • Support WordPress 5.0+
  • RTL ready demo
  • Drag and drop title generator
  • Easy one-click installation
  • Fake content includes
  • Clean and well organized codebase
  • PHP Object Oriented Standards
  • Minified CSS and CSS files
  • Cross-browser compatibility: FireFox, Safari, Chrome, IE10, IE11, Edge
  • Custom CSS & JS in Theme Settings
  • AJAX shop filter
  • AJAX Search
  • WPML Multilingual Support
  • WooCommerce Supported
  • Supports multiple plugin providers
    • Dokan
    • YITH Multi Vendor
    • WC Marketplace
    • WC Vendors
  • 8 predefined header layouts
  • Advanced title customization options
  • 3 header layout for mobile devices
  • Sticky title
  • Advanced ad pop-up options
  • Accordion function for product catalog widget
  • Nice Scroll for widget filters
  • 6 product thumbnail layouts
woodmart is compatible with the following plugins

WoodMart – Responsive WooCommerce WP Theme Nulled Free Changelog

03-10-2022 – Update version 7.0

ADDED: NEW VERSION – Accessories
NEW FEATURE: Frequently bought together. (Screenshot, Documentation)
NEW FEATURE: Theme dashboard new UI. (Screenshot)
NEW FEATURE: Multiple wishlists. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
NEW FEATURE: Product linked variations. (Screenshot, Documentation)
NEW FEATURE: Global and elements rounding options. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
NEW FEATURE: Show single variation products. (Screenshot, Documentation)
ADDED: New custom shop page #11. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom shop page #12. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom shop page #13. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom product page #11. (Demo)
ADDED: “Status” dashboard page. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Changelog” dashboard page. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Theme settings backup” dashboard page. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Bulk actions for products wishlist. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Notification about change in wishlist products status. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Compare by category. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
ADDED: “Show dropdown with category” option to header builder compare element. (Screenshot)(Screenshot)
ADDED: Product swatches styles option. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
ADDED: Disabled product swatches styles option. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Product swathes shape option. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Product swatches styles & shape options for “WoodMart WooCommerce Layered Nav” widget. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Product swatches styles & shape options for “Product filters” element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: New product swatches sizes. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Attribute hint. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Theme settings options hints. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Extra content for product category. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Ability to disable custom layouts. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Ability to manage slides on slider edit page. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Ability to manage sliders and slides on slide edit page. (Screenshot)
ADDED: WPML languages for header builder elements. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “On backorder” filter in stock status widget. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Currency switcher support for free shipping progress bar when active “WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher“ or “WooCommerce Multilingual & Multicurrency” plugins. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Additional custom product tab. (Screenshot)(Topic)
ADDED: Color options for product labels. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Popup text color option for promo popup. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Inherit current product” option in size guide element. (Screenshot)(Topic)
ADDED: Additional “White label” options. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Element title” option to “Product countdown” element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Lazy loading to product image swatches.
ADDED: Typography option to “List” element.
FIXED: “current-menu-item” class for portfolio page. (Screenshot)
FIXED: Mini cart quantity max value typing issue.
FIXED: Blog design “Meta image” responsive columns issue.
FIXED: Products element issue. (Topic)
FIXED: W3C errors with tabs on single product page. (Topic)
FIXED: Image category in page title. (Topic)
FIXED: Import dummy content and lookup regeneration issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Show products brand in quick view with active “Show brand on the single product page” option. (Topic)
FIXED: WoodMart slider with “Distortion” effect. (Topic)
FIXED: CSS generation with active theme settings presets. (Topic)
FIXED: Import dummy content issue. (Topic)
FIXED: WoodMart Layouts translate when active “WPML” plugin. (Topic)
FIXED: Yoast optimize SEO issue. (Topic)
FIXED: W3C errors in shop page.
FIXED: Quantity input on shopping cart widget. (Topic)
FIXED: AJAX add to cart with “Fancy Product Designer” plugin. (Topic)
FIXED: Fixed output related product with active WPML plugin. (Topic)
FIXED: Off canvas button in mobile sticky navbar when layout builder is active. (Topic)
FIXED: Google Lighthouse notices. (Topic)
FIXED: AJAX mobile search element for header builder. (Topic)
FIXED: Dokan plugin dashboard mobile menu. (Topic)
FIXED: Product loop hover image with “.png” format. (Topic)
FIXED: “MFP-popup” library navigation with third-party plugins. (Topic)
FIXED: “Full width button” product hover with “Hover content” disabled.
FIXED: “font-display for Google Fonts” option renamed to “font-display for text fonts”.
FIXED: “Typekit fonts” options renamed to “Adobe fonts”.
FIXED: Product title visibility with Elementor “Hide title” option enabled in HTML Block.
FIXED: “Stock” label styles in compare page table.
FIXED: Menu labels with RTL.
FIXED: “More description” button in hotspot element.
FIXED: Dropdown position in Mega Menu widget element.
FIXED: Size guide empty style tag.
FIXED: Include Elementor plugin files.
FIXED: “Preloader” option with WPBakery builder full-width rows.
FIXED: Render upsells, when “upsells products position” equal “hide”.
FIXED: Slides per row option for tablet devices in Elementor Page Builder elements. (Topic)
FIXED: Shipping calculation in cart page created with WoodMart layout builder. (Topic)
FIXED: Checkbox in “Filter product by attribute” widget. (Topic)
FIXED: “Masonry grid“ in products loop. (Topic)
FIXED: Single product reviews. (Topic)
DEV: Added filter “woodmart_show_infobox_svg_by_tag” for info box.
IMPROVED: plugin “Stripe” styles (Screenshot)(Screenshot)(Screenshot)(Screenshot)(Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Product swatches styles and structure.
IMPROVED: “Theme settings presets” moved to separate page with own interface. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: “Masonry grid” option moved to “Products grid” section.
IMPROVED: “Login / Register” options moved into the new “My account” section.
IMPROVED: “Social authentication” options moved to “API integrations”. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: “General layout” options moved to “General”. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Variable products related options merged to own section “Variable products”. (Screenshot)
UPDATED: Google fonts list.
DEPRECATED: “Combine CSS files”, “Include minified CSS”, “Light bootstrap grid version”, “Combine JS files”, “Include minified JS”, “Include minified JS”.
DEPRECATED: CSS files for old Mailchimp form structure.

28-06-2022 - Update version 6.5.4
FIXED: Single product gallery swatches image issue.
FIXED: Page title background image with presets.
FIXED: HTML tag issue in AJAX product tabs element.
FIXED: Compatible with "Elementor Pro" plugin. (Topic)
FIXED: Output compare and wishlist links in mobile menu. (Topic)
FIXED: Accordion on single product for mobile device. (Topic)

21-06-2022 – Update v6.5.3
FIXED: Single product JS error when variations load by AJAX. (Topic)
FIXED: Free shipping progress bar update on checkout. (Topic)
FIXED: Single product builder SEO data issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Issue product categories masonry (with first wide)
FIXED: Issue with lazy loading for images. (Topic), (Topic)
UPDATED: Google fonts list. (Topic)

18-06-2022 - Update version 6.5.2
FIXED: Issue with element button for header builder. (Topic)
FIXED: Catalog mode when active layout builder. (Topic)
FIXED: Full screen search issue. (Topic)
FIXED: PHP notices in product grid. (Screenshot)
FIXED: Issue with "Woo Custom Stock Status" plugin. (Topic)

16-06-2022 - Update version 6.5.1
ADDED: WP Rocket delay JS exclusions option (Screenshot)
FIXED: Header logo width issue.
FIXED: Header element cart style.
FIXED: Product review verification text.

15-06-2022 – Update v6.5.0
ADDED: New custom shop page #8. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom shop page #9. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom shop page #10. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom product page #10. (Demo)
ADDED: New custom checkout page #3.
ADDED: Quick buy button in single product. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Mega menu design “Aside”. (Screenshot)
ADDED: New product hover “Full width button”. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Product visitor counter option. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Search option for “WOODMART WooCommerce Layered Nav” widget. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Header builder search element “Full screen search 2” design. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Shop sidebar collapsible widgets option. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Popular search request option for full screen search. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Text/HTML block area for full screen search. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Previously viewed products. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Aside”, “Simple” and “Alternative” designs to the tabs element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Aside” design to the AJAX product tabs element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Price unit of measurement. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Show SKU” option for product hovers. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Show SKU” option for cart and mini cart widget. (Screenshot), (Screenshot 2)
ADDED: Advanced button styling (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Stretch container” option to the Elementor “Flexbox Container”. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Color scheme” option to the Elementor “Flexbox Container”. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Animations” option to the Elementor “Flexbox Container”. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “With background” design for product stock status. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Output icon in widget menu. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Selection of 12 grid columns in element Product category. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Typography for type grid in element Product category. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Form text color, Form placeholder color, Form border color, Form border color focus, Form background color to theme settings, AJAX Search, Product filters, Contact Form 7, Mailchimp (Screenshot)
ADDED: Responsive controls for Banner carousel, Images gallery, Products brands, Testimonials, Infobox carousel, Instagram elements. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Single product layouts “Product type” condition. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Product archive “Filtered by any attribute” and “Filtered by attribute” conditions. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Filter in current category option to Brands element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Exclusions JS files for WP Rocket (Topic)
ADDED: Quantity input on product hover and quick shop where the hover layout is allowing it.
ADDED: “Stock status position” option for product hovers. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Show empty star rating” option for product hovers. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Calculation” option to “Free shipping bar”: Custom or Based on WooCommerce zones. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Default” style option to “Free shipping bar” element (Screenshot)
ADDED: New icon design for “Main menu”, “Mobile menu”, “Cart”, “Wishlist”, “Compare”, “Search”, “Account” header elements.
ADDED: Inline option to “Main menu” and “Menu” header elements. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Secondary navigation links selectors to advanced typography.
ADDED: Plugins tab in theme dashboard. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Change form colors in AJAX Search, Mailchimp, Contact Form 7, Product filters elements (Screenshot) and Search element in Header builder (Screenshot)
ADDED: Exclude coupon discount in calculation of free shipping. (Screenshot), (Topic)
ADDED: Design “Simple” for accordion element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Design “With background” for “Categories” header element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Open on mouse event” option for “Categories” header element.
ADDED: “Open menu item dropdown” option for “Categories” header element.
ADDED: Design “With background” for “Mega Menu widget Settings” element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Change button color in Mailchimp element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Show/Hide options for mobile menu wishlist, compare and my account” in “Mobile menu” header element.(Screenshot)
ADDED: min (‘woodmart_get_min_per_page’) and max (‘woodmart_get_max_per_page’) filters in product per page. (Topic)
FIXED: Missing products filters on shop page after import.
FIXED: WooCommerce price slider after AJAX.
FIXED: Single product layout PHP errors without products.
FIXED: PHP errors notices. (Topic)
FIXED: Product attributes with Polylang. (Topic)
FIXED: Image size in product category elements.
FIXED: Generation of variation thumbnails gallery in single variable product without thumbnails in main gallery.
FIXED: Wrong body classes on shop search page.
FIXED: Popup element animations issue.
FIXED: Quantity input in mini cart with products has one piece in stock.
FIXED: Popup element cannot be deleted on some pages after import.
FIXED: Header builder Infobox element font weight issue.
FIXED: WP Rocket combine CSS with Elementor issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Draft layouts issue. (Topic)
FIXED: DOCTYPE HTML on single product page issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Single product tabs W3C errors. (Topic)
FIXED: Quick shop with AJAX Product tabs carousel element. (Topic)
FIXED: Android browser with search in Off canvas sidebar issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Instagram API connect error. (Topic)
FIXED: Init of Hotspots after shop AJAX. (Topic)
FIXED: Dokan Pro PHP errors. (Topic)
FIXED: Include widgets in Elementor for compatibility with Crocoblock plugins. (Topic)
FIXED: Child categories did not inherit the image from the parent. (Topic)
FIXED: CTX Feed plugin error with Testimonials WPB element. (Topic)
FIXED: Elementor repeater link field translated with WPML.
FIXED: Wordfence 2FA on my account page.
FIXED: Product filters after back button click. (Topic)
FIXED: Add to cart popup with Elementor Pro. (Topic)
FIXED: Categories widget subcategories animation (Topic)
FIXED: Sticky header logo aspect radio issue (Topic)
FIXED: Header logo size transition.
FIXED: “woocommerce_after_shop_loop_item” hook on product hovers with icon add to cart button design
FIXED: “woodmart_media_init” in customize page (Topic)
FIXED: Translate free shipping bar message.
IMPROVED: Added aria-label to navigation with description. (Topic)
IMPROVED: Additional pages now can be reinstalled.
IMPROVED: Background parallax option now generate CSS with !important.
IMPROVED: Added responsive custom height option to WPBakery Promo banner. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Added preset priority option. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Added preset rename options. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Long breadcrumbs on mobile devices are displayed in a compact layout, in one row with a horizontal scroll. (Screenshot)
IMPROVED: Presets CSS now loading with AJAX on shop page.
IMPROVED: Custom CSS option now working in presets.
IMPROVED: Clear shop per page cookie on theme settings save.
IMPROVED: WPBakery custom fields now generate CSS in the Frontend editor.
IMPROVED: Register by Facebook social login first and last name now saving to account. (Topic)
IMPROVED: Product quantity added to list product style.(Topic)
IMPROVED: Refactored quantity input styles.
DEV: Added filter “woodmart_three_sixty_prev_next_frames” to change how many images slide on click next prev button in the 360 element. (Topic)
DEPRECATED: Load Elementor optimized CSS
UPDATED: TweenMax library to GSAP (117 kb => 65 kb)
UPDATED: Core plugin to 1.0.34

25-04-2022 – Update version 6.4.2
FIXED: Calculation for free shipping with taxes.
FIXED: Dummy content is split into parts to avoid timeout errors.

19-04-2022 – Update version 6.4.1
FIXED: Calculation for free shipping with taxes. (Topic)
FIXED: Products bordered grid on Related products. (Topic)
FIXED: Import PHP error on some servers. (Topic)
FIXED: Extra content option. (Topic)
FIXED: Product filters PHP notices. (Topic)
FIXED: Single product brand with RTL.
FIXED: WPBakery tabs element typography options. (Topic)
FIXED: Theme custom code conflict with WordPress dashboard styles. (Topic)

11-04-2022 – Update version 6.4.0
ADDED: New custom shop page #5. (Link)
ADDED: New custom shop page #6. (Link)
ADDED: New custom product page #6. (Link)
ADDED: New custom product page #7. (Link)
ADDED: New custom product page #8. (Link)
ADDED: Mobile menu close button. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
ADDED: Free shipping progress bar. (Screenshot, Screenshot, Documentation)
ADDED: Preloader color scheme option. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Is RTL” condition to theme settings presets. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Responsive columns for Blog, Portfolio, Products, Products tabs, Products categories element. (Screenshot)
ADDED: “Keep the page number in the URL” option for load more pagination. (Screenshot)
ADDED: Product filters element inline option
ADDED: Product categories widget selectors to advanced typography.
ADDED: Option Even product grid (Screenshot)
ADDED: Option bordered grid inside (Screenshot)
FIXED: Brands element empty name issue. (Topic)
FIXED: New preset creation issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Fixed WPBakery shortcodes in “Quick view”. (Topic)
FIXED: Shop page styles on AJAX change from layout to default.
FIXED: Layered navigation widget category select. (Screenshot)
FIXED: Errors in widgets Gutenberg editor. (Topic)
FIXED: JS files error. (Topic)
FIXED: Fixed CSS validator errors. (Topic)
FIXED: WPML with layout conditions. (Topic)
FIXED: Product list view add to cart button issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Dokan PHP fatal error. (Topic)
FIXED: After back history on the shop page order by select not run AJAX.
FIXED: Dropdowns animation on iPad. (Topic)
FIXED: Product element load more button undefined in url. (Topic)
FIXED: Quick shop variations bug when the quick view is turned off. (Topic)
FIXED: Login to see add to cart and prices now hide price from Google search. (Topic)
FIXED: WordPress Gutenberg global styles and SVG now related to “Disable Gutenberg styles”. (Screenshot, Screenshot)
FIXED: PHP notice in Elementor element Products widget. (Topic)
FIXED: Single product sticky add to cart on layouts.
DEV: Added filter “woodmart_animated_counter_speed” to change Animated counter element speed.
IMPROVED: Options where select HTML Block now load data with AJAX.
IMPROVED: Changed media queries on all theme options for WPBakery from 1024 to 1199 (Element width, margin, padding, hidden option, align options, typography option, off-canvas column, collapsible content)

17-03-2022 – Update version 6.3.3
FIXED: AJAX Tabs element in product description
FIXED: List element images with lazy loading
FIXED: Product description on mobile devices (Topic)
FIXED: Header dropdown menus with RTL (Topic)
FIXED: Product attributes table with RTL.
FIXED: Layout single product description issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Errors on widgets page.
FIXED: Widget layered navigation style bug.
FIXED: Shop archive layout condition bug.
FIXED: Swatches styles when swatch selected by metabox. (Topic)
FIXED: Single product accordion. (Topic)
FIXED: My account sidebar form on mobile. (Topic)
FIXED: PHP errors. (Topic)

10-03-2022 – Update version 6.3.2
FIXED: PHP Fatal errors. (Topic, Topic)
FIXED: WPBakery templates library images import issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Instagram API images issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Products hover image issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Sticky add to cart with out of stock product. (Topic)

07-03-2022 – Update version 6.3.1
FIXED: Attributes image remove issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Page title categories menu click issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Theme Settings not loaded issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Additional variations images issue. (Topic)
FIXED: Template library import bug. (Topic)
FIXED: Section title element with bordered style. (Topic)
FIXED: Font weight in “out of stock” label. (Topic)
FIXED: Scroll with disable OWL-carousel on mobile option. (Topic)
FIXED: Add to cart button spacing with addition plugins. (Topic)
FIXED: Checkout steps arrows with RTL. (Topic)

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Download WoodMart v7.0 Nulled Free

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