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WOOCS v2.3.9.2 - WooCommerce Currency Switcher

WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) Nulled A multi-currency WooCommerce plugin that allows your website visitors to convert product prices in real time at a defined currency rate and pay in the currency of their choice (optional). Allows you to add any currency to your WooCommerce shop! The best solution for seriously adopting WooCommerce and hosting a multi-currency website!

In summary, the following features of this plugin can help your store: Payment in a certain currency, various GeoIP rules, various Fixed Price rules and regulations, Price based on the User Roles, Country Based Pricing, Billing Rules, API.


let your customers pay in their selected currency

Features: WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS)


WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) is a widget that works in any widget area. Shortcodes are also available [woocs] for added versatility. Shortcodes [woocs] can be used everywhere on your site, including the top menu.

A shortcode / ajaxed widget of WooCommerce Currency Switcher (WOOCS) and a shortcode / ajaxed widget of the currency rate are also included in the plugin.


The WooCommerce Graphics Currency Converter is available in three different forms: dropdown, flag, and side converter. Flags can be specified for each currency.


Customers can pay in the currency of their choice (preferred). ‘Multiple Allowed’ is the name of this feature, and it must be activated in the plugin settings.


For automatic rate changes, there are seven currency aggregators. In addition, if necessary, the price can be manually set by the administrator! Currency rate changes can be informed to the admin option by email.

Exchange rates are updated automatically.

Hourly, twice daily, daily, weekly, monthly, every 5 minutes, every 15 minutes, every 30 minutes, and every 45 minutes, currency rates are updated. You can also turn it off and manually set your own currency rate!


Decimal counting, conventional or custom money symbols, and money sign locations can all be customized to meet your needs (4 variations). You can choose to show or hide coins for each currency. After the comma, you can put a different number of decimals for each currency, therefore BTC isn’t an issue with this plugin.

Money symbol made to order

Make your own money symbols and use them as needed. It’s even feasible to use virtual money that doesn’t exist in the actual world!

Format for custom pricing

Each currency can have its own format, with the price and currency sign placed on the desired side.


For business needs, collect currency conversion statistics. Only currency, country, and conversion time are gathered from customers. There are also statistics for currency orders.

Visibility of the currency

The ability to choose between public and private currencies. In private mode, the currency is not displayed in the converter, and the user cannot change it using the ‘? Currency = XXX’ link.

Payment Procedures

Depending on the current currency, there are rules to conceal or show the payment gateway on the payment page.

Welcome currency

Allows you to set any price currency you like for first-time visitors to your website. So, if your store currency is INR and you want your consumers to see the pricing in USD on their first visit, simply select ‘Welcome currency’ from the WOOCS option.

Individual cost is determined by the user’s function.

Allows you to define various prices in each currency for each user role. Customers that participate in your store’s loyalty program will appreciate this option.

Each product has its own set of GeoIP restrictions.

Different nations might display different pricing in different currencies thanks to the transcendence function! This function allows you to create WooCommerce prices based on country.

Each product has its own set of fixed price guidelines.

The feature allows each product to establish a fixed price per currency, in which case the exchange rate conversion will not apply to the product; see the video for more information.

GEO IP Rules to determine the visitor’s native currency

This function is more targeted and allows website visitors to set the price currency in their local currency when they first visit the business. The currency automatically changes based on the visitor’s IP address, and if you set the ‘Pay by GeoIP rules’ option, your customers will always be able to buy things in their own currency!

For each currency, there is a set minimum amount that must be spent in order to receive free shipping.

Allows you to define a preset value for the minimum quantity of FREE delivery for each currency.

For each currency, there is a set minimum amount to transport.

Allows you to specify the minimum shipment amount for each currency as a fixed figure.

Per currency, a certain amount of money is set aside as a coupon.

For different currencies, you can set different quantities in store coupons. Alternatively, the system will determine the amount based on the current currency rate and the base currency.

Each currency has a fixed minimum and maximum coupon verification amount.

Instead of using the relative rate to the base currency, you can define a distinct fixed verification amount for each currency.

Indicate the range of prices.

If a rule exists in the GeoIP rules tab, show approximate prices on store pages and single product pages using IP-defined user currencies. Only works with currency rate data; fixed pricing rules and geo rules are not supported. If the geoIP visitor’s nation is determined by the system, and the visitor converts the currency, they will always see the product’s approximate price in their local currency.

Indicate the approximate amount.

If a rule exists, show an approximate amount on the checkout and cart pages with IP-defined user currency in the GeoIP rules tab. Only works with currency rate data; fixed pricing rules and geo rules are not supported.

Compatibility with cache plugins is a big plus.

If your site utilizes any cache plugins, enable the ‘I’m using a cache plugin on my site’ option, clear the site cache, and visitors to your item will be able to convert currency without issue from now on!

Orders are placed in the deal’s currency.

If the ‘Allowed Multiple’ option is activated, each order in your store is stored in the currency in which the consumer paid!

Icon for price information

Hovering the bottom of the icon shows the product’s price in all other currencies, whereas the show info icon near the product’s price shows the product’s price in all other currencies.

Shortcode [woocs price]

Allows you to directly insert product prices (which can be translated) into shop promotional items.

Price without coins

Calculate coinless rates for essentially coinless currencies like the JPY or TWD. After you’ve put it up, make sure to check it for payment!

  • The admin section allows you to set the currency for new orders you create manually.
  • In the plugin’s multi-currency mode, you can recalculate orders from any currency to the base currency.

Language has the ability to modify currency.

If you use the WPML or Polylang plugins in your store and wish to set currency based on the current locale, you can do it using the WOOCS API.

WOOCS recognizes as the currency in the sitelink.

The link contains no GET data.

In a link with a currency converter, there is no GET attribute (?Currency=USD) (optional)

API with a broad scope

Using conditional logic, an advanced collection of API calls allows you to swiftly alter prices and their rates.

Admins and clients will find it simple to utilize.

  • Install and set up in minutes, and watch your business grow!
  • WPML Compatibility
  • WooCommerce Products Filter is compatible with this plugin.
  • WooCommerce Active Products Tables are compatible with WOOT.
  • Try it! 95 percent interoperability with various payment gateways in multi-currency mode.
  • WOOCS LABS, our special program, is compatible with us.

Changelog: WOOCS – WooCommerce Currency Switcher – WooCommerce Multi Currency and WooCommerce Multi Pay

v. (06-10-2022)
    - Quick fix for ajax prices update
    - Loco translate incompatibility

v. (05-10-2022)
    - Quick fix for PHP 7.2 and lower

v.2.3.9 (05-10-2022)

v.2.3.8 (23-05-2022)
- WordPress 6.0 compatibility
- small fixes

v2.3.7.5 - 18th January, 2022 Latest Update
1 security issue fixed thanks to Krzysztof Zając, via WPScan

v2.3.7.4 - 14th January, 2022 Latest Update
fixed: is_ajax function is deprecated since woocommerce version 6.1.0. Replace with wp_doing_ajax.

v2.3.7.3 (07-12-2021)
- 1 security issue fixed (sanitise and escape)

v2.3.7.2 (25-11-2021)
- admin panel re-design

v2.3.7.1 (03-11-2021)
- 1 security issue fixed

v.2.3.5 (24-05-2021)
- Smart Designer added:

= v2.3.4.3 (05-05-2021) =
- code improvement
- wpcs gift updated

= v2.3.4.2 (12-03-2021) =
- fixed possibility for adding custom translations:
- fix for ddslik drop-down

= v2.3.4.1 (09-12-2020) =
- 1 jQuery fix for WordPress 5.6 compatibility

- Memcached and Redis added as currency storage
- Little fixes

v. (04-11-2020)
- 1 hot fix for Welcome Currency

v.2.3.3 (28-10-2020)

v.2.3.2 (02-09-2020)

v.2.3.1 (18-03-2020)

v.2.3.0 (02-09-2019)
    - some little fixes
    - new currency agregator added:
    - new currency agregator added: currencylayer
    - new currency agregator added: open exchange rate

v. (19-07-2019)
    - 1 hot fix for hook raw_woocommerce_price

v.2.2.9 (15-07-2019)
    - heap of small fixes
    - added in currencies new field as 'interes' which allows to add some your interest to the currencies rates
    - added possibility to set currencies as Public or as Private. In private mode currency not published in swithers and user cannot set it by link through '?currency=XXX'
    - new in-built module Statistic: enable it in tab Advanced Options
    - 3 new autonomic skins: Style #1, Style #2, Style #3 - what is cool - 3 currency switchers with different designs can be added on the same page
    - some new templates has its own unique options: [woocs style="2" head_bg="#ff0000" head_txt_color="#000" head_close_bg="green" head_close_color="yellow"] + [woocs style="3" head_title="Select Currency"]
    - REST API request added:
    - new option in tab Options 'Show options button on top admin bar' - Show WOOCS options button on top admin bar for quick access. Very handy for active work. Visible for site administrators only!

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Download WOOCS v2.3.9.2 Nulled Free

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