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WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA v3.1.6

The WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA Nulled Plugin is a comprehensive solution for your WooCommerce store’s Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) policy. It provides merchants with a simple environment in which to set up and manage return, refund, and exchange policies, as well as other related difficulties.

The plugin works well with the most recent versions of WordPress and WooCommerce.

The installation procedure is straightforward. Moreover, once the plugin is activated, merchants have complete customization freedom. Refund products, exchange products, cancel orders, wallet settings, text settings, email settings, shipping settings, and so on all have their own menus. As a result, the plugin’s interface is well-organized and simple to comprehend, and merchants may quickly become acquainted with the backend environment after a few visits.

Merchants can allow their consumers to request a return and refund on unsatisfied products under the Refund Setting option. Under this menu, you’ll find more relevant configuration options.

Similarly, the Exchange and Cancel Order Setup menus provide the appropriate setting options, allowing merchants to allow purchasers to send exchange and cancel order requests.

A wallet feature is also included with the plugin. It creates a sophisticated wallet for the consumers.

Furthermore, it provides sellers and purchasers with an exceptional contact route via emails, which is difficult to find in other WooCommerce RMA plugins.

Other menus, such as the Text Setting menu, Shipping Setting menu, Common Setting Menu, and others, are available in addition to these. All of these configuration options allow the retailer to tailor the plugin to their own needs and desires.

What You Can Do With This Plugin?

You may manage the following things with this WooCommerce Return Refund and Exchange plugin:

  1. Allow customers to request a refund if they aren’t satisfied with the things they have purchased.
  2. Allow clients to seek an exchange for items they have purchased but aren’t satisfied with.
  3. Allow your consumers to cancel orders for specific products (s).
  4. The Refund Rule Editor can be used to display refund rules in the refund form.
  5. You can add or remove the shipping costs incurred throughout the refund and exchange procedure using this plugin.
  6. As a payment gateway, create an enhanced user wallet for your consumers.
  7. You can keep track of the stock for the returned item (s).
  8. You can create product catalogs to manage the refund and exchange policies for a collection of catalogs.
  9. The plugin is cleverly constructed so that merchants and purchasers can contact via email. It keeps both parties up to date on what’s going on.

This is a list of actions that you can simply accomplish with the assistance of this plugin.

Features WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA

Features of the WooCommerce Refund and Exchange With RMA Plugin


Merchants can configure the settings to allow customers to request a refund. Once the refund request is approved, the merchants can use this plugin to complete the refund process. Even if a refund request has already been approved, purchasers can submit numerous refund requests within the allotted days. It indicates that a user can request a refund for an ordered product many times, even if a previous refund request has been processed.


The consumer can exchange numerous products or an order product, and a new order will be created for the exchanged product. If the exchange amount is greater than the new product amount, the extra amount is paid using WooCommerce’s default payment method. The user can send as many exchange requests as they like up to the available days and if none of them have been handled yet. It means that a user can request an exchange for an ordered product many times, even if any earlier return requests have been completed.

Add Custom Status To Mark Your Progressing Refund and Exchange Process

Multiple steps are required to complete a refund or exchange. Merchants can define a custom status for each step using the WooCommerce refund and exchange plugin. Refund-requested, refund-approved, refund-canceled, exchange-requested, exchange-approved, exchange-canceled, and so on are some of the most prevalent statuses.

When a customer seeks a refund, the order status changes to “Refund Requested.” When a refund request is authorized, the order status changes to “refund approved,” and when it is rejected, the order status changes to “refund canceled.” Similarly, businesses can specify several statuses according to their preferences.


The refund and exchange feature is accessible once the order has been completed for a specified number of days. After the order status has been completed, the user can seek a refund or exchange. If one of the requests is in the middle of being processed, no more requests can be sent. It means that an order’s refund and exchange requests are not submitted at the same time.

Tax Handling

The tax can be included in the return amount by the merchant. If the include tax option is selected, the user will be able to refund or exchange products that have tax included in the price. If a merchant removes the “include tax” setting, tax is not calculated in both refunds and exchanges.

For WooCommerce RMA, the tax setting is separate for both the refund and exchange processes.

Auto Accept Refund Request

If a merchant wants to automatically accept refund requests, they can do so in the plugin’s settings. When a user requests a refund for a product, the request is automatically authorized, and the merchant receives an email notification of the refund request, allowing them to proceed with the refund payment process.

Guest User Refund/Exchange

Both registered and non-registered users can submit return and exchange requests. On extension activation, a page called Refund/Exchange Request is created, where the guest user inputs their order id and email address and submits a refund/exchange request.

Fee for handling

For both refunds and exchange requests, the seller can charge processing costs. According to the administrator, this price could be an inventory management fee, a shipment fee, or something else.

Minimum Order Quantity

The minimum order quantity can be established as a threshold amount by the merchant. Any order that is less than this amount is not eligible for a refund or exchange.

Items for Sale

This feature disables refund and exchange requests for sale items. If this option is selected, the customer will not be able to request a refund or exchange for sale items.

Notification through email

From the backend, the merchant can also modify the user notification email. The following items are included in the notification:

  • Notification of refund request sent
  • Notification of refund request received
  • Notification of a successful refund request
  • Notification of a canceled refund request
  • Notification of an exchange request was sent.
  • Notification of exchange request received
  • Notification of authorized exchange requests
  • Notification of a canceled exchange request

Disable the product

On any specified product, the merchant can block refund and exchange functions. On the product edit page’s Advanced Setting section, you can disable refund and exchange for that product.

Disabled as a category

By deactivating refund and exchange requests in the backend, the merchant can remove the choice from any given product category.

Handling multiple requests

Multiple refunds or exchange requests for an order can be enabled or disabled by the merchant. If a merchant turns off Multiple Request Handling, only one refund or exchange request per order is processed at a time.

Stock Control

When a request is completed, the merchant can manage the stock of the returned or exchanged product. If this option is selected, a product that has been exchanged or refunded is added to the product stock.

CSS customization

If necessary, the retailer can add custom CSS to the refund and exchange request form.

Wallet of the Customer

Instead of refunding the amount through other channels, the merchant can enable this feature to send the refund amount directly to the customer’s wallet.

Payment via Wallet

To make payments for any purchases, add the customer’s wallet as a payment gateway.

Customer Wallet Management

From the customer edit page, you may manage the client wallet.

Customer Wallet Shortcode

Add a shortcode to any page to display the Customer Wallet.

Order Cancellation

WooCommerce merchants can add order cancellation options to their stores. Customers can cancel orders for products they no longer require using this feature of the plugin.

Configuration of the Catalog

Merchants can use catalog settings to group products based on time constraints, such as setting up a catalog of products for festivals and defining a similar refund and exchange policy for them.

Policy on Refunds

With this WooCommerce RMA Plugin, merchants may enable this option and configure their refund policy in two ways.

  • Policy based on price
  • Policy that is time-based

Allow exchange requests for the same product or variants.

Buyers can now exchange their ordered item for the identical item or one of its variants.

WooCommerce Refund Plugin Custom Email Template

For refunds and exchanges, you can now send a well-customized email utilizing a custom email template.

Changelog WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA

07-10-2022 - v3.1.6
New: Showing Bank Details field on the manual method.
New: Adding exchange attachment field.
New: Wallet System for WooCommerce plugin compatibility.
Fix: Compatibility with latest WP and WC along with php8+ version.

17-06-2022 - v3.1.5
Fix: Compatible with latest WP and WC

14-02-2022: v3.1.4
New : Change author from MakeWebBetter to WP Swings
New : Notice display of current version for <a href="" rel="nofollow">WP Swings</a>
New : Minor Bug fixes
New : Compatible with latest WP and WC

25.11.2021- v3.1.3
New : Add the order id shortcode for rma order message
New : Add exchange rule for the exchange request form
Fix : Add the validation for Guest Form When using the shortcode
Fix : Compatible with Latest WP and WC
Fix : Add the CSS to enhance the button and alert messages.

27.08.2021- ver 3.1.2
New: Add refund rule editor for refund form.
New: Compatibility with Latest WP(5.8) and WC(5.6.0)
Fixes: Fixed the bugs and issues

05.03.2021- ver 3.1.1
New: Attachment limit setting on Refund Form
New Compatibility with Latest WP and WC
Fixes : Made some changes to settings description text.
Fixes :  Cancel Product button issue for guest user.
Fixes : Refund Policy Empty field saved issue.

04.10.2019-  ver 3.1.0
New : Deduct WC-Coupon amount from Refund/Exchange Amount
New : Hide the Refund/Exchange button from the front-end
New : Disable Refund/Exchange mails to customer
New : Hide Wallet on front-end when wallet is not enable 
Fix : HTML tags removing from text editor (from custom template).
Fix : Saving image in email header and footer section.
Fix : Adding double quantity product on order cancel.
Fix : Refund Amount added to wallet for the first time.
Fix : Refund/Exchange Guest form session.
Fix : Cancel Product Form cancel whole order.

04.10.2019-  ver 3.0.0
- New : Short-code for Guest user Refund/Exchange form.
- New : Pay button link in Exchange approved mail for Extra Exchange Amount.
- New : Compatibility with latest WP (5.2.3) and WC (3.7.0) 

24.04.2019- ver 2.1.5
- New: Added remove button for refund and exchange reasons.
 - Fix: Blank field validation For pre-defined refund and Exchange reasons.

01.06.2018 - ver 2.1.4 
- Fix : RAE Configuration WordPress url tweek

23.05.2018 - ver 2.1.3
  - New : Order/ Order's Product Cancel Mail For Admin
  - New : Confirmation From Customer Before Order/Order's Product Cancelation
  - New : Wallet Settings Tab Creation in RAE Settings
  - Fix : Shipping Fee Calculation Issue for Refund Approved Mail

26.03.2018 - ver 2.1.2 
  - New : Auto update extention from dashboard functionality added.
  - New : Purchase code varification added to use extention.

16.03.2018 - ver 2.1.1
  - New : Formatted Billing & Formatted Shipping Address Shortcode Added for RAE Mail Configuration.
  - New : WooCommerce Refund And Exchange WC-Vendor Addon Compatibility.

09.03.2018 - ver 2.1.0
  - New : Manual Refund or Exchange feature.
  - New : Show Sidebar in Refund or Exchange Request Form Setting added.   
  - New : Add to cart button display setting on time of exchange.
  - New : Some hooks added in refund and exchange request form.
  - New : Partial order(order's products cancel feature.
  - New : Design Renovation.
  - New : Help Section Added.
  - Fix : Bug fixes.

11.12.2017 - ver 2.0.0
  - New     : Return Shipping Label Feature.
  - New     : Price based Refund Policy Listing in Product Page(Product warranty Feature).
  - New     : Full admin Control in Stock Management.
  - New     : Full admin control in Refund Money.
  - New     : Refund & Exchange form Template Overridden through Theme.
  - Fix     : Tax Calculation Issue.
  - Fix     : Currency separator issue.
  - Fix     : Bug Fixes.

25.10.2017 - ver 1.1.2
  - Fixed   : Compatible with WooCommerce 3.2.x
  - Fixed   : Bug Fixed.

26.08.2017 - ver 1.1.1
  - New     : Email Template Modification.
  - New     : Order short codes for Email.
  - New     : Exchange With same product or its variation.

06.07.2017 - ver 1.1.0
  - New     : Compatible with woocommerce 3.1.0.
  - New     : Customer can also exchange order in less old order amount and left amount refunded to customer.
  - New     : Quantity will be updated on time of cancel order.
  - New     : Admin can also refund amount later in case of wallet disable.
  - New     : Customer can select refund method on time of product refund like wallet refund and manual refund.
  - Fixed   : Quantity update issue fixed on time of exchange and refund.
  - Fixed   : Exchange button only visible on in stock simple product in shop page.

30.05.2017 - ver 1.0.10
  - Fixed   : Issue Fixed.

20.04.2017 - ver 1.0.9
  - New     : Compatible with Woocommerce v3.0.x.
  - New     : Add Product Catalog Feature for the different refund and exchange days per catalog.
  - New     : Add Refund Policy Settings according to Time and Price Based.
  - Fixed   : Hide Add to Cart Button On Exchange.
  - Fixed   : Product Refund and Exchanged quantity accepts maximum bought product quantity.

21.02.2017 - ver 1.0.8
  - New     : Add Cancel Order Feature for the customerstt
  - New     : Add Setting Page for changing texts on Frontend

03.02.2017 - ver 1.0.7
  - New     : Add Setting to provide and change Customer Wallet Amount
  - New     : Add Shortcode to display the customer wallet on any page
  - New     : Add Coupon Regenerator for changing wallet coupon of the customer
  - Fixed   : Wallet Deduction for Pending Payment Orders

28.01.2017 - ver 1.0.6
  - Fixed : Wallet Deduction while Payment
  - Fixed : Use of Wallet Coupon on Cart Page
  - Fixed : Exchange button visibility on shop page

03.01.2017 - ver 1.0.5
- New : Add New Payment Gateway for using wallet amount
- New : Add Setting for Cancel order amount in user wallet
- New : Add setting to enable Request for selected order status
- New : Add setting of Custom CSS for refund and exchange request form if required
- New : Add setting of Wallet. Registered User refund amount is added to wallet
- New : Add setting to resolve theme compatibility issue
- New : Add custom CSS setting for refund and exchange form

05.12.2016 - ver 1.0.4
- New : Manage Stock of exchanged and refunded products
- New : Add Header Footer to email Content.
- Update : Make Mail Notification Design more attractive

08.11.2016 - ver 1.0.3
- New      : Add minimum number of days for auto accept refund request.
  - New      : Multiple request handling feature
  - Update   : Make refund and exchange request form more user friendly
  - Update   : Make user interface clear

27.09.2016 - ver 1.0.2
- New : Add exchange feature for all product type
- New : Automatically accept refund request
- New : Refund product including Tax
- New : Refund and Exchange for guest User.
- Update : Update Language file
- Update : Make Mail Notification Design more attractive
- Fixed : Exchange Variable product listing

17.09.2016 - ver 1.0.1
- New     : Create a setting to show/hide Reason Description for refund and exchange request form
- Update  : Make Refund and exchange form compatible with all themes.
- Update : Make notification more clear and user friendly

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Download WooCommerce Refund And Exchange With RMA v3.1.6 Nulled

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