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WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches v1.0.11

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches Nulled is a professional plugin that allows you to display and choose attributes for product variations. Under colors, buttons, photos, variant images, and radio, the plugin presents product variations pick options. As a result, the plugin assists clients in visually seeing the items they require, saving time in finding the desired products over dropdown types for variations of a variable product.

WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches demo 1

Features: WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches

With a few clicks, you can convert any dropdown type into swatches.

The variation products in the dropdown type will be turned into variation swatches when you activate the WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches plugin.

In the plugin settings, you can change the global and custom attributes.

Through the swatches setting of this plugin, you can instantly alter all current global properties in WooCommerce.

  • You can use the search bar to look for a global attribute that already exists.
  • You can choose between two display styles for global attributes: horizontal or vertical.
  • Type of Display: You can choose from five different sorts of global properties to display: Button, Color, Image, Variation Image, and Radio.
  • Swatches profile: You can choose to display one of the swatches profiles that are available.
  • Show on product list: This option allows you to display or hide a global attribute on a product list.
  • You can alter each attribute term of an existing global attribute by editing its terms.

The custom attribute functionality of the plugin makes it simple to display custom attributes of variants products.

  • Custom attribute name: you may quickly customize existing attributes by entering their names.
  • Assign the following category: Choose which categories the attribute will be customized in.
  • You can choose between two display styles for custom attributes: horizontal or vertical.
  • Type of Display: You can choose from five different sorts of custom attributes to display: Button, Color, Image, Variation Image, and Radio.
  • Swatches profile: Choosing the swatches profile to display custom attributes in.
  • Show on product list: This option allows you to make a custom attribute visible or invisible in the product list.

Unlimited Swatches profiles

Product Variations in WooCommerce Swatches is a plugin that lets you create and style swatches profiles.

  • Name, Padding, Height, Width, Font size, the size on mobile mode, on the product list, Color, Box-shadow effect: You can customize to display a default swatch design pattern: Name, Padding, Height, Width, Font size, the size on mobile mode, on the product list, Color, Box-shadow effect.
  • Hover status styling: You can change the color, background, border, box-shadow effect, and reduce the size of the hover status.
  • Styling When a variants swatch is selected, you have the option of customizing the display status. Color, Background, Border, Box-shadow effect, and Reduce size are among the options for modification.
  • When a variants swatch is selected, you have the option of customizing the tooltip state. Color, Border, Font Size, and Tooltip Positions are all options.
  • You can also clone or remove the existing swatches profile to quickly build a large number of swatch design patterns.

In the product list and allocated pages, show swatches of product variations.

Some variables in the presentation on the product list tab can be used to show/hide the product variations swatches.

  • Show Add to Cart Button: You can turn on the Add to Cart button, which will appear after you’ve chosen your qualities.
  • Show/hide attribute name of variations swatches: You can choose to show or conceal the attribute name of variations swatches.
  • The placements of the variants swatches on the shop page, category page, and items list can all be customized.
  • Text tooltip: You can show or conceal the variants text tooltip on the products list with this option.
  • Maximum attribute item: You can control how many attribute items are displayed on the swatches.

Other Features

  • Auto-update: Enter your purchase code, and the plugin will update automatically whenever a new version is released.
  • WooCommerce Product Variations is mobile-friendly. Swatches is fully functional on mobile devices.
  • Easy to use: The UI is friendly and simple to use.

Changelog: WooCommerce Product Variations Swatches

v1.0.11 - 2022.07.29
- Fixed: Tooltip covered by out-of-stock attributes if Position is set to Right
- Fixed: Initialize swatches after a request to admin-ajax.php but not an ajax request
- Added: Prioritize first attribute

v1.0.10 - 2022.06.15
- Fixed: CSS of out-of-stock icon when enabling option to show attribute value for Color/Image type
- Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if name contains quote sign

v1.0.9 - 2022.06.13
- Fixed: "Change the size of attribute items" not applied to Select type
- Improved: Values of Global attributes are paginated
- Improved: Remove empty css
- Added: Preview of attribute image and color on Global attributes page
- Added: Ability to modify tooltip content, show attribute image/variation image in tooltip
- Added: Option to show attribute value for Color/Image type

v1.0.8 - 2022.03.29
- Fixed: Swatches sometimes not initialize on product page built with Elementor
- Fixed: Small bug causes Elementor Hamburger menu not working when using along with WP rocket
- Updated: VillaTheme support

v1.0.7 - 2022.03.23
- Fixed: Out-of-stock visual issue
- Improved: Use srcset for attribute image when available
- Updated: VillaTheme support
- Added: Option to only use Custom position for swatches on product list

New Update Changelog v1.0.6​
Fixed: Zoom image not changing accordingly for "Change product image" option when using with Woodmart theme
Fixed: Impeka theme - product item height on archive not auto correcting after variation swatches init
Fixed: Tooltip not showing for out-of-stock attributes
Added: Action hooks viwpvs_before_loop_variation_swatches and viwpvs_after_loop_variation_swatches

v1.0.5 - 2022.01.15
- Fixed: Deprecated is_ajax in WC6.1
- Fixed: Backorder status condition check
- Fixed: Swatches not working with Woodmart theme's quickview
- Fixed: Some fields of global attributes(Edit screen) are duplicated when WPML is active
- Fixed: "Change product image" option not working if a product has more variations than "Ajax variation threshold"
- Updated: Make "Out of stock" design(Swatches profile) apply no matter "Disable 'out of stock' variation items" option is on or off

v1.0.4 - 2021.11.16
- Fixed: Custom attribute not saving the value 0
- Fixed: "Change product image" option overrides variation image when a variation is selected
- Added: Custom hook for swatches position

/** - 2021.10.15**/
- Fixed: Missing variation price on product list if swatches position is before/after title
- Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if attribute name is in non-latin language
- Updated: Load images/colors(filter by attributes) from original language if not set in a second language(WPML)
- Added: Option to set maximum items shown by default for WooCommerce filter widget

v1.0.3.1 - 2021.09.15
- Fixed: Change attribute select when an attribute does not exist in any variations
- Fixed: Swatches in product list not working if Default Form Values do not exist in any variations
- Fixed: Custom attributes not saving correctly if attribute name contains special characters
- Fixed: Out-of-stock attributes not blur out when turning off "Disable Out of stock variation items" option if Default Form Values are set
- Fixed: "Show selected attribute item" not working with products that have more variations than the Ajax variation threshold
- Updated: Remove Ajax variation threshold limitation
- Optimized: Do not print css with empty style
- Added: Compatibility with JetSmart filters plugin

/**1.0.3 - 2021.04.22**/
- Fixed: Show selected attribute item on single
- Fixed: Variation image in product list not change when selecting an attribute with image caused by some lazyload functionality of some plugins/themes
- Fixed: Swatches type Variation image not working with translated product variations(WPML)
- Fixed: Conflict with Contact form
- Update: Hide 'out of stock' variation item option for Product list
- Update: Product edit page: button "Add new" -> "Add", add button "Add new" like WooCommerce which is to create a new term for global attributes
- Update: “Out of stock” products are still selectable
- Added: Option to change product image according to attribute/variation image when selecting an attribute value
- Added: Compatibility with FacetWP, Ajax load more(Darren Cooney)
- Added: Add to cart button text on product list can be translated with WPML, Polylang
- Added: Swatches align for single product

v1.0.2.6 - 2020.12.18
- Added: Reset settings general
- Added: Attribute image size
- Fixed: Auto update

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Download WooCommerce Product Variations v1.0.11 Nulled

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