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WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts! v14.4

The WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts! Nulled plugin (WCTBP) is a powerful tool that allows the shop administrator to create price and discount rules that dynamically set product prices, cart discounts, or add fees to cart based on time periods, quantity (currently in cart or item stock value left), amounts spent (per items or cart total), and user roles (for automatic role assignment give a look to companion plugin: WooCommerce Role by Amount Spent).


woocommerce pricing and discounts screenshot

Features: WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts!


The store admin may use the WooCommerce Pricing! bulk editor to add numerous price/discount rules to a collection of items (by picking them or a set of categories) or utilize the rules configurator directly in the product edit page. The following choices are available for each price rule:

  1. Optional product(s) (only in bulk editor)
  2. Choosing a category(ies) (only in bulk editor)
  3. Assignment technique (available only in the bulk editor: the rule can be assigned to the specified product/categories or to all items except the ones selected).
  4. Categories for “Children” (only in bulk editor: if a category was selected, that rule can be assigned also to its children)
  5. Periods of time

NOTE: Product-defined pricing rules take precedence over bulk-defined pricing rules. If both apply to the same product, the one specified on the product page will be used. If the “Stack rule: apply rule event if other have been applied?” option is selected, only rules of the same kind will stack (specific product pricing rule or bulk defined rules).


The store admin may define alternative dates and time periods for each pricing rule, pick user roles or individual user accounts to which the pricing/discount rule applies, and assign them varying prices or cart discounts.
Every pricing strategy can alternatively be based on the product amount in the customer’s shopping cart or on the stock left value.
If the Cart strategy option is selected and the quantity is null or zero, the displayed product price will be automatically modified based on the strategy. If the quantity value is left empty or 0 in the Stock strategy, the rule will be disregarded.

As a result, the administrator may design customized rates based on time, quantity, and user role, or only for user roles! This might be beneficial for setting up specific wholesale rates or creating limited time offer discounts or special prices!


WCTBP modifies the product pricing displayed on its website whenever a consumer alters the amount of a product. This is excellent for informing your consumers of the pricing of an item without putting it to the cart!


The default woocommerce “Sale” badge is shown by default for each product that applies a pricing rule and whose price is less than the original. The WooCommerce Pricing! general settings menu allows you to disable this functionality. You may even change the wording if you like!


For each pricing rule, the store admin may utilize the custom option Conceal price for unauthorized users to hide product prices and add to cart buttons for illegal users. Unauthorized users are those that do not match the user roles and user accounts that have been selected.
In the case of previously adding goods to the cart prior to the rule generation, they will be removed from the cart during the checkout process validation and a notification will be displayed to the user.


Would you like to offer a bulk discount on products in the same category if a client adds more than X items from that category to their shopping cart (or spends more than a specific amount on those items)?
Do you want to apply a bulk discount to the selected goods if the total of their quantities/spent amount exceeds X?
Do you want to apply cart fees based on the purchased product/categories?
You certainly can!

WooCommerce Pricing! allows you to choose sophisticated quantity strategies, which allow you to choose which quantity the plugin should take into account (single product, total of product quantities/amount spent belonging to the same category, or sum of all the specified product quantities).


The WCTBP plugin allows you to set up discount rules so that your customers can buy X number of a product and receive Y amount of those goods for free!

To do this, the shop administrator only has to perform the following during rule configuration:

  1. choose the new [CART]
  2. In the Price / Discount approach, the specified number of products will be the free choice.
  3. On the Give away method section, pick the By cart quantity range option and enter a minimum and maximum quantity range.
  4. Choose the amount of free goods.

So, for example, if the store admin establishes a discount rule with a quantity range of 8 – 15 and a number of free goods of 3, if a client adds at least 8 things, a discount equal to the item price * 3 will be added to the cart.


Choosing the [CART]The set amount of goods will be free technique, you may also provide X items for free every Y items (of the same item). It is beneficial to set up promotions such as “You will receive one thing for free for every five purchased goods!” It should be noted that the offer will be applied to identical goods, therefore the plugin will give X things for free for every Y of the same item.


Another handy feature provided by the WCTBP plugin is a new column on the Products list page called “Pricing rule(s).” As a result, the shop administrator will always be aware if a pricing rule has been applied to one (or more) post(s)/product (s)


The plugin is not intended to be used in conjunction with other third-party plugins that modify product pricing. As a result, if you use one of them, the Pricing! (or other 3rd party plugins) may not operate. If you wish to proceed at your own risk, I recommend avoiding using it in conjunction with other plugins that influence pricing.

Changelog: WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts!

= v14.4 - 04.07.22 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented discount rules to be properly applied to single products

= v14.2 - 30.01.22 =
* Minor bugfix

= 14.1 - 10.01.22 =
* Updated year selector

= 14.0 - 04.01.22 =
* Fixed an issue related to vriable products

= 13.9 - 29.12.21 =
* Fixed an issue due to the shop page messages were not properly displayed

= 13.8 - 14.12.21 =
* Minor improvements

= 13.7 - 18.08.21 =
* Minor improvements

= 13.6 - 27.07.21 =
* Bugfix

= 13.5 - 07.07.21 =
* Code redesign

= 13.4 - 22.06.21 =
* Update the selectable years 

= 13.3 - 17.03.21 =
* Fixed an issue with the dynamic price computation and variable products having all the variations with the same price

= 13.2 - 13.02.21 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented the pricing rules to be properly applied when selecting any product

= 13.1 - 25.11.20 =
* Updated internal libraries 
* Fixed some notices that in some cases were displayed on the cart page

= 13.0 - 20.06.20 =
* Core libraries update

= 12.9 - 25.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to min-max price was hidden in the product variable page

= 12.8 - 14.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the product hide feature

= 12.7 - 10.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to some theme may prevent product prices to be properly displayed

= 12.6 - 04.02.20 =
* Minor bugfix

= 12.5 - 04.02.20 =
* Added option to apply taxes to fees 
* Added option to customize fee and discount cart label

= 12.4 - 18.11.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 12.3 - 18.11.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 12.2 - 24.09.19 =
* Fixed an issue due to for variable product price was not hidden using the "hide price" option

= 12.1 - 24.09.19 =
* Minor UI improvement on product page

= 12.0 - 17.05.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to the tax computation

= 11.9 - 06.05.19 =
* Minor bugfix related to the percentage price display (in case the value was 100%)

= 11.8 - 28.04.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to the "hide price" feature

= 11.7 - 16.04.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to bulk and specific product pricing rules priority

= 11.6 - 12.04.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 11.5 - 03.04.19 =
* Fixed an issue with the "give x item every y" feature

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Download WooCommerce Pricing & Discounts! v14.4 Nulled Free

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