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WooCommerce PDF Vouchers v4.3.14 - Ultimate Gift Cards WordPress Plugin

Make an infinite number of PDF vouchers that consumers can use online or in person to redeem. The WooCommerce PDF Vouchers Nulled WordPress plugin is ideal for gift certificates, rewards, promotions, and event tickets, providing you and your customers complete control. This PDF Vouchers plugin will enhance your business for online companies, offline enterprises, or those who want to combine the two.

Gift certificates, coupons, and discount codes are nothing new, but what if you’re selling something that can’t be downloaded or shipped? The PDF Coupons WordPress plugin allows you to offer any product, service, or experience online using printable vouchers that can be redeemed in person – the possibilities are endless! You receive all of the exposure, convenience, and security of online purchasing and payment while still being able to deliver your product or service at a physical location at a later date.

PDF Vouchers ties your online store to your physical location, making life easier for your consumers and ensuring a seamless operation and excellent customer service. It’s fully automated, safe, and simple to use, with comprehensive administration and reporting tools to help you keep track of your voucher codes.


woocommerce pdf vouchers

Features: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers

Completely customizable

You can build your own vouchers in minutes using the user-friendly admin interface’s straightforward drag-and-drop tools. Your PDF coupons can be tailored to certain items, events, or campaigns, and they can be customized for your brand or business. Create as many PDF templates as you like and modify each one. Variations of the same product are also supported by PDF Vouchers, so you don’t have to start from scratch every time.

It’s simple to verify that each voucher is unique and cannot be duplicated or re-used with the PDF Vouchers plugin.

Secure and automated

Everything from creating codes to recording and confirming redeemed vouchers is taken care of by PDF Vouchers. Create infinite unique codes automatically, import codes through CSV, or manually enter them. You can make specific codes restricted if necessary, so that vouchers can only be used once. You may even convert voucher codes to discount codes and use them in your online store.

You can include a QR code or barcode in your PDF file for enhanced convenience and security, which can be scanned when the printed coupon is redeemed. This makes verifying each voucher at the collection point or event location faster and easier than ever before, so you don’t have to keep clients waiting.

Voucher Management Made Simple

You may view and manage your vouchers on the voucher admin page, as well as generate full reports for purchased, used, and unused voucher codes. You can instantly check whether a voucher code is genuine and record it as redeemed, ensuring that every consumer has a consistent experience.

The PDF Vouchers plugin also allows you to export lists of voucher codes to PDF or CSV, containing all client information.

Ideal as a gift

It’s never been easier for your customers to send gift vouchers for your products, services, events, or experiences to their family and friends than it is now, thanks to PDF Vouchers. They can customize their vouchers in your online store by adding the recipient’s information and a personal message to make a one-of-a-kind gift card that can be emailed.

Pay Your Price Extension has received support.

Customers may choose the value of their gift voucher and enter it into the price field when purchasing using this sophisticated WordPress plugin, which supports the Pay Your Price extension. This is ideal for gift certificates as well as non-profit supporters who wish to designate their gift donation.

Support for Pay Your Price Extension

The WooCommerce PDF Vouchers WordPress plugin is a simple yet powerful extension that will revolutionize the way you interact with your clients!

wooCommerce pdf vouchers is also compatible with

Changelog: WooCommerce PDF Vouchers – Ultimate Gift Cards WordPress Plugin

= Version 4.3.14 (2022-17-10) =

* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of Product Level Voucher Listing.

= v4.3.13 (2022-17-08) =
* [+] New: Improved compatibility with WCFM Frontend Manager plugin.

= v4.3.12 (2022-19-05) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of voucher download link not working.

= v4.3.11 (2022-18-05) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed compatibility issue with the latest woocommerce 6.5.1.

= Version 4.3.10 (2022-04-02) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of sending voucher link if offline delivery method is enabled.

= v4.3.9 (2022-12-01) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of background image is not displaying on PDF if user download pdf from email or frontend.
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of voucher usability one time only not working with product setting.

= v4.3.8 (2021-29-11) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of coupon redemption history not reflecting on check voucher code page.
* [*] Fix: Resolved issue of generating voucher codes in unlimited pattern when global Usability set to unlimited and one time only set in the product.

= Version 4.3.6 (2021-21-10) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of generating duplicate voucher codes.

= Version 4.3.5 (2021-19-10) =
*[*] Fix: Fixed an issue of  secondary vendor not able to see the Redeem button after scanning QR code.

= Version 4.3.4 (2021-17-09) =
*[+] New: Added a compatibility with PHP 8.0

= Version 4.3.3 (2021-15-09) =
* [+] New: Added a filters on voucher codes page to filter out partially and fully redeemed codes.
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of redirection after scanning QR code. 
* [*] Fix: Improved compatibility with WCFM and WooCommerce Booking plugins. 

= Version 4.3.2 (2021-22-07) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of vouchers download while WPML is activated and active language is different than order language.
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of sending wrong attachment in email while bulk order completion action used. 
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of voucher can not download from thank you page.

= Version 4.3.1 (2021-08-07) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of exporting advance CSV when product already deleted.  

= Version 4.3.0 (2021-06-25) =
* [+] New: Added a feature to export advance CSV that will have each field separated.  
* [+] New: Added a feature on voucher details page to see the product name on which the voucher codes redeemed.  

= Version 4.2.13 (2021-05-31) =
* [+] New: Added a feature to partially hide unredeemed voucher codes from the vendors. 
* [*] Fix: Optimized the plugin code as per codecanyon rules. 

= Version 4.2.12 (2021-04-20) = 
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of expiry date confliction of voucher codes.

= Version 4.2.11 (2021-04-14) = 
* [*] Fix: fixed an issue of assiging wrong expiry date for variable products.

= Version 4.2.10 (2021-04-07) =
* [+] New: Optimized the plugin code for not saving the meta if it's blank and also removed unnecessary meta from the DB. 

= Version 4.2.9 (2021-02-25) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed issue of an image stretched on PDF template preview popup.
* [*] Fix: Fixed the issue of wrong expiry date when voucher code generated in a sequence of simple product and variable product in one order.

= Version 4.2.8 (2021-02-22) =
* [+] New: Added a support of new addon import voucher codes.

= Version 4.2.7 (2021-02-01) =
* [*] Fix: Fixed issue of Custom CSS not applying on the PDF voucher templates.
* [*] Fix: Fixed the issue of voucher coupon discount shows greater than cart total.
* [*] Fix: Fixed an issue of multiple time redemption when order amount is less then coupon value.

= Version 4.2.6 (2021-01-18) =
* [*] Fix: Resolved an issue of gift email notifications not working with the latest WooCommerce 4.9.0.

= Version 4.2.5 (2020-12-29) =
* [*] Fix: Modified plugin Auto Updater request URL

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Download WooCommerce PDF Vouchers v4.3.14 Nulled Free

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