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WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses v20.5

Your registered customers can attach numerous addresses to their profile and optionally different product addresses on the Checkout page using WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses (WCMCA) Nulled.

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WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses features

Features: WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses

How It Works

The plugin’s goal is to make it simple for customers to save multiple billing and/or shipping addresses for use throughout the checkout process.

In addition, the plugin allows users to save new addresses right on the checkout page! As a result, after an address has been stored (through the My Account page or directly in the Checkout page), the user will be able to select any previously saved address as shipping and/or billing address on the fly!

During the checkout process, WCMCA now allows your customers to assign several shipping addresses to each product!

Add, Edit And Delete Addresses

Customers can add, amend, or delete extra billing and/or shipping addresses from the My Account page, which can then be used as shipping or billing addresses throughout the checkout process. The plugin validates the postcode (according to the selected country), email, and phone number fields before saving an address. The user will be able to select default addresses for each address, so that the indicated address will be immediately loaded as the billing/shipping address on the checkout form!

Multiple Addresses Are Disabled For A Specific Address Type

Would you like to turn off the option to use multiple addresses for billing or shipping? Yes, you can! disable the option does display multiple addresses choices for billing and/or shipping addresses in the WooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Addresses Options menu!


The consumer will be able to turn on the fly addresses or add new ones throughout the checkout process! All of this was accomplished with the help of a select menu that was effortlessly integrated into the checkout page!

Shipping Email & Notification Email

The plugin allows you to enter a shipping email address to the checkout shipping form, which will then be used to send WooCommerce notification emails to that address!

Shipping Addresses For Products

WCMCA has been updated to allow your customers to send each item to a separate address! Simply enable the specific Shipping per product option in the plugin options menu, and you’re done! 🙂
The plugin will display a select menu seamless integrated in the Checkout order table, under each item, allowing the registered customer to create a new billing/shipping address or select an already existing address to which the item will be shipped!

Each item will have its own address, which will be specified by guest users.

NOTE: Based on the product’s address, no additional shipping costs or taxes will be imposed. The major billing/shipping addresses are usually used to determine shipping charges and taxes.

Shipping Addresses For Products: Handling Fee

The plugin can potentially charge an extra handling fee for products shipped to addresses other than the current checkout shipping address. Consider the following scenario:

  1. If there are 2 to 4 products to ship to addresses other than the checkout address, charge a fee of $4 per product.
  2. If there are 5 to 10 products to ship to addresses other than the checkout address, charge a fee of $3 per item.

and so forth.

NOTE: THE HANDING FEE IS NOT INCLUDED IN THE SHIPPING COST. It is a fixed value that does not take shipping location into account when calculating a cost.

Add The Same Items To The Cart Many Times

You can enable distinct carts for the same products if you like. This function is especially handy when combined with the product shipping addresses feature.

Administration Of Customer Addresses

All client addresses will be visible to the administrator, who will be able to add, amend, and delete them as needed. Access to the user profile page is all that is required to complete the procedure.

Management Of Admin Order Page Addresses

The admin can load any client shipping and billing address into the admin order page and use it as the current order billing and shipping addresses. This can be done on the fly, without having to leave the page!

Checkout Field For EU VAT Identification Number

The VAT Identification number box on the checkout billing address is optional in WCMCA. To do so, navigate to WooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Addresses Options and check the box for field display.
It can also be set as needed if desired. Your EU customer will be able to provide their VAT Identification number in this manner!

Do you want to improve your VAT field management? That’s great! 🙂 then check out WooCommerce Eu Vat & B2B, my newest plugin! Simply install the WooCommerce Multiple Addresses plugin, and you’ll be able to provide a VAT number for each additional billing location (only if the selected country is part of the European Union).

Enable/Disable Required Option For Billing/shipping First, Last Name And Company Name

You can disable/enable the compulsory option for billing/shipping first, last, and company name on the checkout page using the specific option found on WooCommerce -> Multiple Customer Addresses Options. This is extremely beneficial to corporate users.

Limit On The Number Of Addresses

The maximum number of shipping/billing addresses that a user can generate is optionally determined by the shop admin!

Remove The Ability For A User To Add, Edit, And Delete.

The store administrator can choose to prevent the user from creating, deleting, or deleting existing addresses. Only the administrator will be able to add, delete, or edit user addresses once this option is enabled. Simply go to the user admin page and perform the action you require!

Wizard Of Woocommerce Multistep Checkout

It works if the WooCommerce MultiStep Checkout Wizard plugin is used to implement the multistep checkout.

Extra Checkout Fields For Brazil On Woocommerce

For Brazil, WCMCA supports WooCommerce Extra Checkout Fields. As a result, you can create new addresses with the additional information added by this plugin.
NOTE: These additional fields will not be validated by the plugin.

Checkout Field Editor Pro Woocommerce (free Version)

WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro is supported by WCMCA (FREE VERSION). On the Checkout page, all new fields entered with this plugin will be displayed in the billing and/or shipping addresses.

NOTE: These new fields will not be validated by the plugin, and the Country and State fields must not be removed. If this is the case, the plugin will not function.

NOTE 2: As the name implies, the WooCommerce Checkout Field Editor Pro simply adds more fields to the checkout billing/shipping forms. They will not appear in the My Account -> Addresses section. This implies the WCMCA won’t be able to add or change addresses in the Addresses page that contain certain fields.
If you want your customers to be able to change those fields for current addresses or create new addresses with those fields using the Addresses page, manually edit the class-thwcfd-public-checkout.php file in the woo-checkout-field-editor-propublic folder and replace line 165 and 173:




Custom Checkout Form Notice

The plugin is compatible with standard shipping and invoicing forms. Using a plugin that hasn’t been listed yet to add or remove custom fields may cause the plugin to stop working. In any case, the plugin will not function properly if the shipping or billing country fields are removed (either by a plugin or through any customisation). Do not take them out.

Other than the ones specified above, the plugin does not support any other 3rd party plugins that edit checkout (in any way) and modify the billing and shipping data. The plugin or even the checkout page may become inoperable as a result of the change to the checkout form. Only use the WooCommerce checkout form’s default template.


Before and after adding, removing, and updating a user’s address, the plugin does the following action:

  1. apply_filter(‘wcmca_before_adding_new_user_address’, $new_address, $user_id);
  2. do_action(‘wcmca_after_adding_new_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
  3. do_action(‘wcmca_before_deleting_user_address’, $user_id, $address_id);
  4. do_action(‘wcmca_after_deleting_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
  5. apply_filter(‘wcmca_before_updating_user_address’, $new_address, $user_id, $address_id);
  6. do_action(‘wcmca_after_updating_user_address’, $user_id, $new_address);
  7. do_action(‘wcmca_before_duplicating_user_address’, $user_id, $address_id, $address);
  8. do_action(‘wcmca_after_duplicating_user_address’, $user_id, $address_id, $new_address_id, $address);
  9. do_action(‘wcmca_after_render_address_form’, $type); (After popup billing/shipping address form has been rendered)

Changelog: WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses

= v20.5 - 14.09.22 =
* Added option to disable editing checkout billing/shipping form

= v20.1 - 23.05.22 =
* Fixed a CSS issue

= v19.9 - 05.02.22 =
* Added option to apply different shipping cost to products according to the associated address

= v19.7 - 05.01.22 =
* Minor improvement

= 19.4 - 25.10.21 =
* Added option to disable smooth scroll on address selection on the checkout page

= 19.3 - 21.10.21 =
* Fixed an issue related to the "pickup" option with guest checkout

= 19.2 - 11.10.21 =
* Minor update

= 19.1 - 25.08.21 =
* Added new option to display billing and shipping address on the orders list table

= 19.0 - 18.07.21 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented the properly select customer address from the admin order page

= 18.9 - 10.07.21 =
* Updated internal libraries
* Fixed an issue due to product addresses were not properly loaded

= 18.8 - 25.06.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= 18.7 - 10.02.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= 18.6 - 15.02.21 =
* The actions triggered before saving and updating an address have now become filters

= 18.5 - 27.01.21 =
* Minor CSS improvement

= 18.4 - 21.01.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= 18.3 - 07.01.21 =
* Minor bugfix

= 18.2 - 10.10.20 =
* Minor improvements

= 18.1 - 06.10.20 =
* By default, the product address selector is not displayed if there is only one item in the cart. This behavior can be disabled through the special option

= 18.0 - 18.09.20 =
* Fixed a js issue with product addresses and guest users

= 17.9 - 14.08.20 =
* Fix an interference performed by the Porto theme

= 17.8 - 10.07.20 =
* Minor UI improvements

= 17.7 - 10.07.20 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented the plugin to be properly installed

= 17.6 - 10.07.20 =
* Fixed a minor issue

= 17.5 - 09.05.20 =
* Minor bugfix

= 17.4 - 03.04.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to the country and state select box was not properly displayed

= 17.3 - 02.04.20 =
* Minor CSS improvement

= 17.2 - 20.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the vat number loading on the admin order details page

= 17.1 - 05.02.20 =
* CSS minor improvements

= 17.0 - 23.01.20 =
* Minor Bugfix

= 16.9 - 20.01.20 =
* Minor UI improvement

= 16.8 - 15.01.20 =
* Minor UI improvement

= 16.7 - 10.01.20 =
* Default addresses are now shown as first in the My Account -> Addresses page

= 16.6 - 26.12.19 =
* Fixed an issue that in some cases may preventing the address identifier field to be properly saved

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Download WooCommerce Multiple Customer Addresses v20.5 Nulled Free

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