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WooCommerce Lottery v2.1.9 - WordPress Competitions and Lotteries

WooCommerce Lottery Nulled adds lottery, competition, and lucky draw elements to the popular WooCommerce plugin. Competitions, lotteries, and drawings on WordPress have never been easier!

The WooCommerce Lottery / Competition plugin is a simple but powerful solution that provides website owners with a genuine WordPress lottery and draw solution that is simple to set up and adjust.

In less than 30 minutes, you can set up a WooCommerce lottery website and begin holding lotteries using our lottery plugin (assuming you have payment processor ready). If you’re a theme developer looking to design a Wordpress lottery theme for Envato, all you have to do is get an extended license.


woocommerce lottery demo

Features: WooCommerce Lottery – WordPress Competitions and Lotteries

  • Supports PHP8 and works with the newest WordPress and WooCommerce versions as well as earlier ones. Elementor support is available from version 2.0.
  • Hooks allow for seamless interaction with WooCommerce.
  • You receive a new WooCommerce product type – lottery tickets.
  • Determine how many lottery winners there will be – one or more.
  • The price of a lottery ticket might be $0, and it works with TeraWallet and credit card payment gateways.
  • Users/winners may receive a single reward or several prizes.
  • If the lottery fails, there is an option to refund tickets with a single click.
  • If the maximum number of tickets has been sold, there is an option to end the lottery immediately.
  • With all already sold tickets, there is an option to extend the lottery’s end date (ticket rollover for failed lotteries)
  • Relist lottery manually, with the ability to erase old lottery data after relisting.
  • Extend the lottery end date manually for unsuccessful lotteries (keeps lottery participants)
  • Define the minimum and maximum number of tickets that can be purchased.
  • Set the maximum amount of tickets per user, the number of winners, and the number of times a user may win.
  • Set the lottery’s start and finish times.
  • Lotteries have entry lists.
  • You have complete control over how lotteries are shown – among other things or on their own page.
  • Widgets with the terms “ending soon,” “future,” “latest / recent,” “featured,” “recently watched,” “my lotteries,” and “random lotteries” are available.
  • Customers get email reminders (with adjustable templates) for lottery wins, losses, finishes, no luck, lottery failures, and lottery extensions.
  • On the thumbnail of a lottery product, there is a lottery icon (label).
  • The “Lottery History” tab has been added to the product’s single page.
  • The user may view active and winning lotteries on the “My Lotteries” page (page with shortcode [my lotteries]).
  • Filtering by lottery in the product list (wp-admin)
  • Each lottery product includes an icon that represents a distinct lottery status: active, completed, completed and paid, and failed (wp-admin)
  • There are other shortcodes available, including one that displays my lotteries for logged-in users.
  • Make a lottery out of any Woocommerce product, whether it’s basic, virtual, or downloaded.
  • Delete any ticket manually through Woocommerce order management – deleting an order deletes the ticket.
  • Translation files that are compatible with WPML.
  • Allow users to design and publish their own lotteries, tournaments, and lucky draws, and you can charge a fee as the site owner (via multivendor plugin like Product Vendors or Dokan)
  • Cronjobs are required; if your server does not allow 1 minute cronjobs, a third-party cron provider such as easycron can be used.
  • Pick ticket numbers (ticket number grouping in tabs), manually pick winners, and question / answer modification (for an additional charge) – see demo and admin screenshots – please contact us for more information through ticket system or email – the following features were included: When you want to use 3rd party lottery drawing options like national lottery numbers, service like, or your own random number generator, ticket number pick (ticket number grouping in tabs) with option to randomly assign numbers without picking each number, question / answers, manually pick winning number(s) –
  • WooCommerce API is supported.

Changelog: WooCommerce Lottery – WordPress Competitions and Lotteries

- Add: filter woocommerce_lottery_max_purchase_quantity

** Version 2.1.8 **
- Fix: cache
- Fix: small bugs

** Version 2.1.7 **
- Fix: Dokan double ticket problem
- Add: filter woocommerce_lottery_entry_list_perpage
- Fix: entry list compatibility with Yoast SEO
- Fix: entry list compatibility with RankMath SEO

** Version 2.1.5 **
- Fix: duplicate queries
- Fix: JS quantity bug
- Add: login at later stage of checkout

- Fix: lottery stuck if there is on hold order for lottery
- Fix: template bug with future lotteries
- Fix: show additional custom content in email notifications
- Fix: caching and future lotteries

- Fix: translations
- Fix: lottery winners shortcode problem
- Add: lottery winners shortcode paging

** v2.1.1 **
- Fix: potential cache issue

** Version 2.0.5 **
- Fix: performance
- Fix: stock input

** Version 2.0.4 **
- Add: show SKU
- Add: tickets sold label above progress bar (or tickets available)
- Fix: don't show future lotteries if this option is enabled in lottery setting

** Version 2.0.3 **
- Fix: participate button tax display issue
- Fix: sourceMappingURL not found
- Add: fully tested with PHP8 and WooCommerce 5.0

** Version 2.0.2 **
- Fix: small bug
- Fix: countdown timer JS issue

** Version 2.0.1 **
- Add: [vendor] tag for email notifications recipients
- Fix: small bugs

** Version 2.0.0 **
- Add: Elementor support
- Add: updated POT translation file
- Fix: lotteries winners shortcode problem

** Version 1.1.27 **
- Fix: updating ticket quantity in cart
- Fix: max tickets number setting cannot be 0
- Fix: typos
- Add: lotteries shortcode now with paging and attributes like products WooCommerce shortcode
- Add: winner link in edit lottery leads now to user profile instead refreshing current page

** Version 1.1.25 **
- Fix: reset stock when enabled "Remove ticket numbers from orders with wrong answer."
- Fix: wrong directory name
- Fix: version numbers

** Version 1.2.24 **
- Fix: decimal separator bug
- Fix: tickets per user limit in frontend
- Fix: tax ignored in display price
- Fix: required fields when publishing lottery
- Fix: wrong message for future lotteries in widget
- Add: do not mix lotteries with regular products disabled by default

- Fix: Add class variables for removing hooks
- Fix: Button change price with qty
- Add: Add hook lottery_product_save_data
- Fix: Added failed message with reason for user on single lottery page
- Fix: Changing order status after relist and delete log bug

Add: extend lottery end date with all previously sold tickets (ticket rollover for failed lotteries)
Add: delete logs on lottery relist
Add: lottery failed notification for participants
Fix: sold individually option problem

Fix: Updating product lookup table
Fix: Small bug when cancelling order
Add: Added WPMU support

** Version 1.1.20 **
Fix: stock problem with free lotteries
Add: Added argument for future lotteries to ending_soon_lotteries shortcode [ending_soon_lotteries per_page='12' columns='4' order='asc' future='yes' ]
Fix: Automatic partial refund

** Version 1.1.19 **
Fix: Future lottery shortcode
Fix: Dateformat fix for widgets and shortcodes
Fix: Datetime format taken from WP settings for timestamp in lottery history tab
Fix: Plain email template lottery_finish.php

Fix: Adding lotteries to my lotteries field
Fix: Changed ajax function call for deliting logs
Add: New action on ajax deleting log 'wc_lottery_delete_participate_entry'

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Download WooCommerce Lottery v2.1.9 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.