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WooCommerce Email Template Customizer v1.1.13

WooCommerce Email Template Customizer Nulled is a useful tool for creating and customizing WooCommerce email templates. The plugin includes enough foundation pieces and WooCommerce parts, as well as development tools, allowing users to create a finished email. With no coding expertise necessary, you can effortlessly drag and drop, modify and style transaction emails using Layouts, and insert desired information. Overall, you only need a few mouse clicks to build and test your email template that will be delivered to your consumers.


woocommerce email template customizer features 1
woocommerce email template customizer features 2

Features: WooCommerce Email Template Customizer

  • Drag & drop items to easily construct and personalize emails: – The easy-to-use email template generator lets you to create professional and eye-catching WooCommerce email templates.
  • Email Components – Add several elements (Basic, WooCommerce, and hooks) to your email design with complete WooCommerce shopping details and user information. The editing tab will appear, allowing you to work directly on each piece quickly and effectively.
  • Endless Rows – You may add an unlimited number of rows to the email template to include anything you need in the emails.
  • Email configuration: Even in the email template, you may choose to designate an email type, billing country, and/or category.
  • Live Changes Preview – visually monitor emails via preview, update any changes in preview mode, integrate to see on desktop and mobile.
  • Send Test Emails — Before sending the email, double-check the design.
  • Add Images to WooCommerce Emails — Include photos in your email templates to make them more appealing, such as banners, logos, featured images, and so on.
  • Display Dynamic Data Using Placeholders — Using placeholders makes it simple to create templates. For example, customer name, site name, User name, Password, My account URL, which will be changed by real user/order data when the WooCommerce emails are sent.
  • Compatibility with the majority of Villatheme plugins — This allows you to edit and send email templates from VillaTheme plugins such as WooCommerce Abandoned Cart Recovery, WooCommerce Photo Reviews, and others.
  • Responsive and compatible with all smartphones.

Changelog: WooCommerce Email Template Customizer

v1.1.13 - 2022.10.28
- Updated: Add {viwec_download_product_link_style} to style button download product
- Updated: Add {viwec_download_product_link_text} to set title for button download product
- Updated: Compatible with WP 6.1.0
- Fixed: Fixed PHP Notice: Array to string conversion
- Fixed: Fixed NONCE_SALT

**1.1.12 - 2022**/
- Updated: Compatible with WC 7.0.0
- Updated: Compatible with 'SUMO Discount' by Fantastic Plugins
- Updated: Add {applied_coupon} to coupon code
- Updated: Add {order_edit_url} for email send to admin
- Updated: Add {order_number_with_url_edit} for email send to admin
- Updated: Add {view_order_url} for email send to customer

**1.1.11 - 2022.09.17**
- Update: Compatible with 'Slider Revolution' by ThemePunch
- Update: Compatible with 'Gioia' theme by Elated Themes
- Update: Email subject can run shortcode
- Update: Compatible with WC 6.9.2
- Fixed: Shipping/Billing address font size not being recognized on Outlook
- Fixed: Fixed email template disable setting working not correct
- Fixed: Fixed email template not working in outlook with AutomateWoo

v1.1.10 - 2022.08.04
- Update: Filter shortcode by email type
- Update: Compatible with AutomateWoo
- Update: Compatible with Dokan pro verification email

v1.1.9 - 2022.05.28
- Fix: Tiktok icon is missing
- Fix: Minify html content
- Update: Remove duplicate product attributes on WooCommerce 6.4
- Update: Option remove shipping address if same billing address
- Update: Include both language rules & billing country rules

v1.1.8 - 2022.03.31
- Fix: class WP_Upgrader not found
- Fix: shortcode ignore 9mail

v1.1.7 - 2022.03.30
- Fix: Select type control
- Updated: Minify email content
- Updated: tiktok & telegram social icons
- Updated: VillaTheme_Support

New Update Changelog v1.1.6​
Fix - Change capability_type
Updated - Add {set_password_url} to new account email
Updated - html tab for text element
Updated - VillaTheme_Support

v1.1.4 - 2021.22.12
- Updated: Compatible with Dokan pro when generate coupon
- Fixed: Display font-family on left control panel

v1.1.3 - 2021.10.25
- Fixed: Active error

v1.1.2 - 2021.10.22
- Fixed: Social distance on mobile view
- Fixed: Show shipping phone

v1.1.1 - 2021.10.14
- Fixed: Display order note to customer

v1.1.0 - 2021.10.06
- Fixed: Generate coupon with amount 0
- Updated: Template blocks

/** - 2021.09.21 **/
- Fixed: Color of link

/**1.0.3 - 2021.09.17 **/
- Fixed: Send email with wc_mailer
- Fixed: Style of default template with outlook

v1.0.2 - 2021.09.09
- Updated: Add do shortcode
- Updated: Order detail template overridable
- Updated: Font-family
- Updated: Center on mobile option for text element
- Updated: Fix button on outlook
- Updated: Show custom css on preview
- Updated: Remove product link in order detail
- Updated: Add shortcode {from_email}

v1.0.1.6 - 2021.06.08
- Fixed: Remove duplicate heading in default template
- Updated: Add shortcode {customer_phone_number}

/** - 2021.05.03 **/
- Updated: RTL support
- Updated: Disable from WC email list
- Fixed: Remove 3rd argument form subject hook

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Download WooCommerce Email Template Customizer v1.1.13 Nulled Free

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