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WooCommerce Conditional Product Fields at Checkout v5.8

You may display extra product fields at checkout with the WooCommerce Conditional Product Fields at Checkout Nulled plugin! Fields can be shown dynamically based on logic rules… and it was all done with the help of a wonderful visual editor!

Live Demo
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woocommerce conditional product fields at checkout features

How Does It Work?

The plugin enables for the generation of additional product fields that will be shown on the Checkout page using a visual editor. Each field can have its own set of conditional criteria that the plugin uses to determine whether it should be displayed or not. Other conditional field values or WooCommerce native checkout field values can be taken into account by conditional rules, such as:

  1. Fields for billing
  2. Fields for shipping
  3. Methods of Payment

Last but not least, each field can only be displayed once per order, once per product, or once per product cart quantity.


You can, for example:

  1. Make a field that only appears if the billing nation is Italy and the state/province is Rome.
  2. Make a field that only appears if the payment method is PayPal.
  3. After you’ve created a text field called “field1,” you may add a second field that will only appear if “field1” includes the words “hello world,” and so on.
  4. You can construct a second field after establishing a date field “field1” that will appear only if the specified date for “field1” is greater than December 25, 2018.

And so forth!

Dynamical Field Display And Conditional Logic

Each field can have many “and/or” conditional rules that make the field dynamically visible only if certain conditions are met. The values of additional fields or the native billing/shipping checkout fields can be used to create a conditional rule.

Note that the logic rule may only be established for fields with the same Display policy and Position choices in the case of other custom field values.

Types Of Field

The store administrator will be able to create the following field kinds using the plugin:

  1. Text
  2. Textarea
  3. Number
  4. Email
  5. Select/Multiselect
  6. Date
  7. Time
  8. State and country
  9. HTML

Each field has its own set of settings, such as CSS classes to assign to the input field, placeholder text, emails, order details page, row size, and so on.

NOTE: The HTML field will only be shown on the checkout page. It may be used to visually arrange a variety of different fields (for example creating headings).

According to Products/Categories Visibility

A field can be displayed only for the goods or categories that have been selected. The plugin will display one field for each product in the basket if none is selected. When you choose a category, the plugin will display one field for each product that falls into that category.

Policy Of Display

The plugin will display a field for each matching product by default. You can, however, choose from the following options:

  • For matched items, the field will only be displayed once per product.
  • For matching goods, the field will be shown N times, where N is the cart quantity.
  • If at least one of the specified products/categories matches the ones presently in the basket, it will only be done once.


You have the option of displaying the field after the billing or shipping forms.

Note: If the Ship to a different address option was selected at checkout, the field will only be shown in the shipping form selection. Otherwise, WooCommerce will not display the shipping form, and the field will be hidden.

Notes about the Country and State

Only states/provinces may be specified for the permissible sale nations in the WooCommerce -> Settings -> General menu.

Compatibility with WPML

If WPML is recognized, the plugin will display multilingual input fields for labels, placehonders, and other elements. You may insert various texts for each language this way.

Integration of the frontend

If the corresponding conditional conditions (if any) are met, additional fields will be smoothly incorporated into (in the case of “one time” field type) or after (in the case of “per product” or “per cart quantity” field type) the Billing/Shipping form. Note that the field will only appear in the shipment form if the option to ship to a different address was selected during checkout. Otherwise, WooCommerce will not display the shipping form, and the field will be hidden.

Once the order is placed, the plugin will display certain validation messages in case of necessary fields, incorrect email format, or if a numeric value is not within the preselected range.

Integration with the backend

Depending on the field type, more fields will be smoothly incorporated into the order details page. The Product/Cart quantity field type is reported under each product to which it refers, while one-time fields are reported under the customer billing/shipping information (according to the field location).

Note about Checkout Forms That Have Been Modified

If you’ve changed the checkout forms in any way, such as adding/removing/customizing fields using a third-party plugin, this might cause the plugin to stop working properly.

Changelog: WooCommerce Conditional Product Fields at Checkout

= v5.8 - 10.08.22 =
* Fixed an issue related to the Order datails page

= v5.7 - 14.07.22 =
* Fixed an issue that prevented the field to be properly displayed when "shipping/billing country" conditions were used

= v5.6 - 25.02.22 =
* Fixed an issue due to time fields were not properly displayed in the admin order details page

= v5.5 - 18.10.21 =
* Bugfix

= 5.4 - 11.10.21 =
* Bugfix

= 5.3 - 27.07.21 =
* Code Redesign

= 5.2 - 02.03.21 =
* Bugfix

= 5.1 - 29.12.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to when using date fields, when excluding just one day, the fields were not properly rendered

= 5.0 - 08.09.20 =
* Minor improvement

= 4.9 - 20.08.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the delete process

= 4.8 - 19.08.20 =
* Minor bugfix

= 4.7 - 18.08.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the logic condition configurator

= 4.6 - 06.05.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to WPML

= 4.5 - 04.05.20 =
* Minor bugfix

= 4.4 - 02.04.20 =
* Fixed an issue with date display format

= 4.3 - 09.03.20 =
* Added option to disable specific day of the week for date selector

= 4.2 - 19.02.20 =
* Bugfix related to the date and time fields

= 4.1 - 08.02.20 =
* Fixed an issue due to field headers were shown after the shipping form even if they should not

= 4.0 - 04.01.20 =
* Fixed an issue related to the relative max date option

= 3.9 - 12.11.19 =
* Fixed an issue related with WordPress 5.3 that may prevent field to be properly shown on checkout and in the configuration page

= 3.8 - 07.11.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to the min/max date selection option for Date field

= 3.7 - 04.11.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to WPML field label translation on the Order details page

= 3.6 - 01.11.19 =
* Removed "billing" and "shipping" prefixes for "one time" field type

= 3.5 - 21.08.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to the checkout validation process for required fields

= 3.4 - 10.08.19 =
* Fixed an issue due to the "one time" field type mandatory option was ignored

= 3.3 - 31.07.19 =
* Unique id is now showed in the field configuration panel

= 3.2 - 28.07.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 3.1 - 16.07.19 =
* Fixed an issue related to mandatory fields and blank character

= 3.0 - 11.07.19 =
* Product selector now shows only published products

= 2.9 - 09.07.19 =
* Improved datepicker: is now possible to choose the number of years to show in the year selector

= 2.8 - 08.07.19 =
* Datepicker widget css improvement

= 2.7 - 27.06.19 =
* Fixed an issue with the logic operator option and the Country/state selector

= 2.6 - 11.06.19 =
* Is now possible to multiple select products and categories. Selection box won't close at first selection

= 2.5 - 23.04.19 =
* HTML field type added

= 2.4 - 23.04.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.3 - 19.04.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.2 - 10.01.19 =
* Minor bugfix

= 2.1 - 08.12.18 =
* Fields displayed according product quantity are now visually grouped

= 2.0 - 26.11.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to fields were not displayed on checkout forms

= 1.9 - 21.11.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to using virtual product the plugin crashed at checkout page (thanks to 17seconds)

= 1.8 - 21.11.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to for Select field, placeholder value was not properly showed on configuration menu

= 1.7 - 12.11.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to required fields were highlighted even if a value was still not inserted

= 1.6 - 08.11.18 =
* Fixed an incompability with Admin columns pro

= 1.5 - 08.11.18 =
* Fixed an issue that may raise 500 server error

= 1.4 - 08.11.18 =
* Fixed an issue due to admin Order preview was not working

= 1.3 - 18.10.18 =
* Added "Payment methods" to logic options

= 1.2 - 05.10.18 =
* Added new activation system: now the plugin can be only activated in two domains and they cannot be unregistered

= 1.1 - 07.09.18 =
* Fixed an issue with select fields and logic rules

= 1.0 - 05.09.18 =
* First release

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Download WooCommerce Conditional Product Fields at Checkout v5.8 Nulled Free

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