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WooCommerce Advanced Quantity v3.0.5

You can change how the quantity field for products works with the WooCommerce Advanced Quantity plugin.

You may adjust the quantity field’s minimum value, establish a maximum value, change the interval between each step in the quantity field, set a standard value for the quantity fields, add a price and quantity suffix, change input type, and a lot more.

This allows you a lot of flexibility in terms of determining how much of each product a consumer may purchase. Morning Train proudly presents this product.


Features: WooCommerce Advanced Quantity

Decimal Quantity is permitted

You can use decimal numbers to represent quantity (which is perfect for stores that offer food, textiles, or other things that are measured by weight or length/height – piece goods). Allow your consumers to buy a tenth of a product (0.1, 0.2, 0.3, etc.) or merely half of a product (0.5, 1, 1,5, etc.).

Allow Decimal Quantity

The Interval Between Each Step Can Be Controlled

You may set a time interval between each step, allowing you to limit the number of goods a consumer must purchase at a given time (great for stores that sell products in bundles including x products – packed products). Make sure the buyer only buys 5, 10, 15,… pieces of the goods, for example.

Control the Interval between each Step

Establish a Minimum Quantity

You may compel a buyer to purchase a minimum amount (great for wholesalers selling bulk items). Set the minimum value to 10, for example, and your consumers must purchase at least 10 units of the product.

Set the Minimum Quantity

Decide on the maximum amount.

You may restrict how many of a product a consumer can purchase per order (Ideal for limited offers). Set the maximum value to 30, for example, and a buyer may only order 30 of that product in a single order.

Set the maximum quantity

Establish a Base Value

For the quantity fields, you may set a default value. Setting the standard value to 7, for example, implies that the quantity fields will show 7, but you can still buy less or more than that.

Set a Standard Value

Set a Suffix for the Price

You have the option of adding a price suffix. This is the text that will appear beneath the price. Setting the price suffix to “pr. kg.”, for example, will display that text beneath the price.

Set a Price

Changelog: WooCommerce Advanced Quantity CodeCanyon

- Solved problem with > PHP 8.1 throwing warnings when array keys does not exist
- Solved problem with min and max quantity not castet correctly to floats

- Solved problem with cross site scripts and https
- Solved problem with fatal error in PayPal Standard integration
- Removed linebreak in price suffix template

v. 3.0.2
    - Solved problem with +/- on mobile firing events twice
    - Changed some styling to quantity suffix
    - Removed display price from the product list in the admin area for performance and administrative reasons
    - Solved problem with Dropdown and decimal quantity causing wrong quantity to be added to the cart

v. 3.0.1
    - Solved problem with parent settings for input type was always displaying default input
    - Added cache to input attributes for performance optimization
    - Solved problem with the "Always display dropdown on mobile" setting not working

v. 3.0.0
    - Complete rewrite: Solved problems with WooCommerce compatibility and rounding errors
    - New function: Support of settings for individual product variations
    - New function: Display price factor

v. 2.4.5
    - Fixed an issue with price suffixes being duplicated
    - Added ability to 'hold down' on +/- inputs to change value

v. 2.4.4
    - Fixed +/- buttons after cart refresh.

    - Fixed error with dropdown on cart page.
    - Updated .pot to include new texts for translation.
    - Updated setting descriptions, danish translations.
    - Added a check for managing stock.

    - Fixed rare plugin conflict resulting in a fatal error.

    - Fixed not being able to set a Grouped Products quantity to 0.
    - Fixed "Order Again" giving an error, even though it worked.
    - Fixed being able to select more than what's currently in stock.
    - If a product is set as grouped, the Advanced Quantity settings for that products, won't show.
    - Split settings into sections for better overview.
    - Changed cart input picker setting. You can now select the input type separately from product input types.
    - Added option to force mobile users to use a dropdown input type, to avoid them being able to select invalid 
    - Removed left over debugging code.
    - Code optimization, commentation and clean up.

    - Fixed count() error.
    - Added option to hide update cart button.
    - Added WooCommerce dependency check & error if WooCommerce isn't installed.
    - Added removal of plugin settings on plugin uninstall, as to not clutter the database.
    - Fixed a possible compatibility issue with older WooCommerce versions.
    - A lot of code clean up and restructuring - not very exciting for anyone but me.

    - Moved general settings to its own WooCommerce settings tab. It can now be found in the same place, but under the 
      "Advanced Quantity" tab.
    - Cleared up the cluttering text and simplified it, to (hopefully) make the plugin easier to both understand and look at.
    - Added a "Follow global setting" to the product & category input selector as the default choice.
    - Fixed thousands separator only working on the cart.
    - Moved the category settings to the bottom of the page, so it won't interfere with existing settings.
    - Added more consistent code comments.

    - Fixed values getting overwritten when importing with WP All import
    - Added an option for a thousand separator on the slider picker

    - Fixed missing values after importing products with either WooCommerce import or WP All Import

    - Fixed bug that is causing the cart to always auto update

    - Added option to refresh the cart with triggers
    - Fixed fatal error on installing new plugins

    - Reimplemented an old filter
    - Fixed php notices

    - Fixed values would be removed after purchase if the product has stock enabled

    - Fixed notices from WooCommerce
    - Added quantity suffix on order e-mails
    - Added quantity suffix on the confirmation page
    - Added quantity suffix on order review
    - Changed css

    - Fixed decimal bug

    - Added fallback to cartItemQuantity to find the cart item by the cart item key 
    if the cart item is not passed to the method

    - Fixed problem with variable products

    - Fixed bug that caused the product not be removed from the cart if the quantity was 0
    - Fixed bulk edit would delete the settings for the chosen products

    - Added option to show the quantity suffix or the price suffix on the cart page
    - Added option to show our custom-made input types (dropdown, (+/-), slider) on the cart page
    - Fixed order again issues

    - Fixed problem their the customer could change the quantity to an invalid number on the cart page

    - Added compatibility with WooCommerce v.3.0.0 and up
    - Fixed quick edit would delete the settings for the chosen product or category

v. 2.1.3
    - Fixed order again issues

v. 2.1.2
    - Fixed some of the category options not making a different to the product
    - Added dropdown to input picker for the whole site
    - Added step intervals to categories and the whole site

v. 2.1.1
    - Fixed problem with PayPal for products with long names

v. 2.1.0
    - Fixed problem with dropdown and numbers above 1000
    - Fixed problem with PayPal and products with variation

v. 2.0.2
    - Changed [] to array() for better compatibility

v. 2.0.1
    - Fixed Problem with displaying max reached message on products without max property

v. 2.0.0
    - Added step intervals
    - Set quantity suffix per product, category and for the whole site
    - Fixed missing price suffix for the whole site
    - Added support for three different quantity input (Slider, (+/-) and dropdown)
    - Added individually variations
    - Fixed problem with PayPal and WooCommerce update
    - Removed input field and added message, when max is reached

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Download WooCommerce Advanced Quantity v3.0.5 Nulled

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