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WishList Member v3.17.0 – Create a Membership Site in WordPress

WishList Member Nulled is a sophisticated, but simple-to-use membership software that can transform any WordPress site into a full-fledged membership site.

Install the WordPress membership plugin and you’ll have your own membership site up and running in minutes… features password-protected, members-only content, integrated payments, member administration, and more!

Demo: https://wishlistmember.com/

total content control

Features: WishList Member – Create a Membership Site in WordPress

  • Customization to the max: Add a personal touch to your membership site.
    • Your site, your mannerisms: Don’t waste your time with cookie-cutter membership sites. Design, integrations, redirects, and functionality are all unrestricted, giving you industry-leading variety and control.
    • There are no limits to the number of “modular” membership levels that can be created: Build as many membership tiers as you’d like, pick who has access to each piece of content (and who doesn’t), and create targeted promotions.
    • Effortless integration with WordPress’s top features: Protect your material without interfering with the look and feel of your website. WishList Member is compatible with a wide range of WordPress themes, page builders, and plugins.
    • Level actions are triggered: Set triggers for activities like creating new posts or moving users throughout your site using a logic-based system – the possibilities are unlimited.
  • Total Content Management: To access the potential of member-only content, manage posts, files, and pages.
    • Drip and plan ahead of time: Automate the dissemination of material to your community. Schedule posts to go live on a specific date and drip your favorite material to new users.
    • Content from the archives: Encourage users to keep their memberships active by regularly archiving material so that only those who were members at the time of the archive date may view it.
    • Safeguard your priceless data: To offer free, premium, or pay-per-post content, create multiple membership tiers. Your password-protected material is safeguarded by industry-leading internet security.
    • “Sneak peek” plus a portion of the display: If a non-member comes across gated material, you may produce “sneak peek” excerpts to show them what they’re missing out on—and then ask them to join.
  • Payments may be easily collected: Connect WishList Member to your preferred method of payment.
    • Collect payments with the help of your payment processor: Accept payments through 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, Clickbank, PayPal, Stripe, 1ShoppingCart, CloudNet360, Cydec, eWAY, InfusionSoft, JVZoo, PayBlue, PayKickStart, Plug&Paid, Recurly, RedOakCart, SamCart, SendOwl, ThriveCart, UltraCart, WooCommerce, and other leading payment processors and online carts.
    • Setups for several payments: Create monthly memberships, pay-per-post subscriptions, or several paid membership levels in any combination.
    • Memberships are available for free, on a trial basis, or for a fee: Allow clients to fall in love with your membership site prior to charging them. Allow visitors to sign up for free trials to get the inside scoop, or charge for memberships and pay-per-post alternatives.
  • There are more than 50 integrations: The WishList Member purpose is to connect the tools you use every day.
    • Connect your payment processor: 2CheckOut, Authorize.Net, Clickbank, PayPal, Stripe, 1ShoppingCart, CloudNet360, Cydec, eWAY, InfusionSoft, JVZoo, PayBlue, PayKickStart, Plug&Paid, Recurly, RedOakCart, SamCart, SendOwl, ThriveCart, UltraCart, WooCommerce, and other top payment providers and online carts are just a few of the top payment providers and online
    • Providers of email services: MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, ConvertKit, Drip, arpReach, Automizy, AWeber, Constant Contact, iContact, InfusionSoft by Keap, Interspire Email Marketer, Mad Mimi, MailerLite, MailPoet, Maropost, Moosend, Ontraport, SendFox, and Sendlane can help you get your membership site into inboxes all over the world.
    • Page builders and LMS: To improve your member experience, integrate with LearnDash, TutorLMS, Elementor, Divi, LifterLMS, Sensei LMS, and WP Courseware.
  • Above and beyond Zapier: We’re always introducing new connectors to make it easier for you to create your ideal membership site. Plus, Zapier gives you access to over 2,000 different integrations.
    • Management of members: Learn about your audience and track the effect of your material.
    • Get to know your teammates: To discover more about each new member that signs up, use onboarding forms. GDPR compliance will keep their information safe.
    • Engagements made to order: Create personalized login screens, enable email alerts to keep users up to date, and fine-tune access.
    • Dashboard for the administrator: Gain a bird’s-eye perspective of your membership site’s activities. Get up-to-the-minute statistics about your neighborhood.
    • RSS Feeds That Are Safe: Secure RSS feeds allow your members to consume your material in their preferred RSS reader while keeping your private content safe.

Changelog: WishList Member – Create a Membership Site in WordPress

New Feature
Stripe Payment Integration
We now allow Stripe Proration when user purchases a new Level.

Fixed WooCommerce payment integration where member loses access to the membership level if order status gets updated to “On-Hold”.
Fixed “Congratulations” admin notice cannot be closed in any of the WP screens.
Fixed issue where the function shopping_cart_reactivate updates the registration date of the user to current date even when the level is not expired.
Added Thrive Apprentice to Integrations > Other Provider. This integration is automatically enabled when the Thrive Apprentice plugin is activated.

GetResponse Email integration
Fixed issue where member is not added to list if the member has no first name or last name.
Fixed issue where “Removed From Level” actions are not processed
Display list name dropdown if using v3 API
Clickbank Payment integration
Fixed display issue where Level and Pay Per Posts Cancellation settings stopped showing.
Fixed warning about set_time_limit() being disabled for security reasons
Fixed broken login styling for WordPress 5.9 onwards
Display a dismissible message when site has 50 active members or more

WishList Member v3.15.0
What’s New
Added field mapping to the ActiveCampaign email integration
Added Pay Per Post support to WebHooks integration.
Updated [wlm_loginform] merge code to use AJAX when possible allowing it to stay on-page for invalid logins, password resets and one-time login requests
Added time selector to scheduled actions under Members > Manage
Fixed Automizy email integration showing as connected even if there’s no API key provided
Fixed Sequential Upgrade table not showing.
Fixed incorrect “Free Registration URL” for Pay Per Posts
Fixed SVG icons being pushed down in the WordPress admin bar
Fixed MySQL duplicate entry warning when setting membership levels
Fixed API issue where all Pay Per Posts are removed when adding/removing Pay Per Posts
Fixed Fatal error when doing a scheduled remove action.
Actions and Filters
Added wishlistmember_payment_integration_levels filter – Filters the payment integration levels
Added wishlistmember_payment_integration_levels_labels filter – Filters the payment integration level labels
Added wishlistmember_registration_id filter – Filter the registration URL ID
Added wishlistmember_payperpost_added action – Triggerd when a Pay Per Posts is added to a member
Added wishlistmember_payperpost_removed action – Triggerd when a Pay Per Posts is removed from a member
Added wishlistmember_login_form_shortcode filter – Filters the login form markup
Added wishlistmember_profile_form_shortcode_is_processed filter – Filters the processed status of the [wlm_profileform] merge code

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8351
Fixed Madmimi API connection reporting invalid API credentials if no list is configured
Hid “down” arrow in disabled select2 fields

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8337
Fixed [wlm_register] shortcode not staying on page where the shortcode is placed if there is a registration error.
Fixed PHP Fatal error: Uncaught Value Error: Unknown format specifier “S”
Fixed select2 double escaping data-* values such as data-placeholder and the like
Fixed calls to undefined functions wlm_trim() and wlm_get_data() in version requirements checker
Switched from using internal wlm.translate() to WP 5.0+’s built-in wp.i18n.__() and wp.i18n.sprintf() functions
Separated loading of main.js and wlm.js to benefit from JS translation
Added missing translators comments
Added domain path to plugin header

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8325
Added tooltips to the following sections
Advanced Settings
Login Styling
Payment Providers
Paypal Express Checkout
Email Providers
Replaced usage of esc_js_e() wrapper function with echo esc_js( __() ) for more standard language parsing
Removed reference to main.css.map

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8319
Payment Providers
Generic Integration
Fixed an issue where other integration actions will not get triggered when the new member registered through Generic integration and the “auto-create accounts for integrations” level setting is enabled.
Fixed the broken redirect link after registering through Generic integration due to the URL being escaped.
Fixed issue where some of the events sent by Plug&Paid to the API Notification URL (Webhook URL) results in a 302 error which disables the Webhook URL of the client on their Plug&Paid Account.
Seeing error notices due to product properties should be accessed directly.
Paypal Payment Standard
Issue where WLM stopped redirecting 0$ trial subscriptions even with the incomplete registration already created for the user.
Extended the PAYPAL IPN wait time for 0$ trial from 15 seconds to 60 seconds (10 * 6 seconds to accommodate delayed IPN arrivals.
Email Providers
Fixed an issue where ConvertKit Tag actions tab will show no results when a tag is deleted on ConvertKit’s end while it’s still connected to a Tag Action.
Other Providers
Fixed minor typo.
Fixed issue where enabling the eLearnCommerce integration displays the settings even though the plugin is not installed and activated.
Removed the Video tutorial and replaced it with a link to a KB Article.
Fixed an issue where Legacy WooCommerce Blocks causes a fatal error when protected due to the block value being NULL.
Fatal error when the “Restrict access to this block” is enabled on a block and WooCommerce is enabled.
Fixed incorrect email notification sending behavior when set to “Send Email Notification”
Fixed edit member modal not opening when payperpost is clicked
CourseCure – Points/Badges/Quizzes tab.
Fixed issue where the links coming from CourseCure that opens up the corresponding tab in the user data’s modal results in the error “Invalid Member”.
Fix for an issue where updating the user’s data through the Modal removes the admin role of the user.
This happens when a user has multiple roles (eg. Administrator and bbp_keymaster).
In this case the bbp_keymaster will be the one selected and displayed instead of the Administrator role which removes the admin role when the user updates.
Fixed issue where the Scheduled date is being adjusted two days back (eg. selecting May 29, 2022 will display the date as May 27, 2022 after saving it) when doing a schedule move and the WordPress Timezone doesn’t match the Server’s timezone.
Pay Per Posts
Fixed post types filter showing “Show All” without post type name
Added filter for users payperpost list when wlm_userpayperpost shortcode is used
Filter wishlistmember_payperpost_shortcode_user_ppplist ( (array) $user_ppplist)
Content Scheduler
Fixed a bug with Content Scheduler shortcode not following the ‘showpost’ parameter and showing the filtered extra posts as untitled and have broken schedule date.
Fixed an issue with calling GET /members with the filter user_login or user_email not working.
Fixed an issue where GET /members with or without filters isn’t working for WordPress Multisites.
Fixed the issue where GET /members without filters stopped working.
Fixed wlm_date() fatal error if $timestamp is not null or not an integer
Added a filter for post id when retrieving the redirect url so that other plugins could hook into it
Filter: wishlistmember_redirect_url_post_id ( (int) $post_id, (string) $perpage_type )
WishList Member inline CSS
Only display inline CSS in relevant pages – that is those that show any of the following:
WishList Member Registration Form
WishList Member Login Form
WishList Member Widget
Added new tooltips to different sections of the WishList Member settings pages.
Fixed a bunch of PHP Warnings and Notices
Fixed broken WP profile page when running WP 6.0 + PHP 8.

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8261
Fixed per sender name not being used for per-level email notifications
Payment Providers
Multiple providers
Fixed the issue where clicking the “login” link does not show the login form and just redirects to the current page. Affected providers are Authorize.net ARB, EWay, PayPal Payflow, PayPal Pro, Stripe, 2Checkout API
Fixed PHP Uncaught Error: Call to undefined function wcs_is_subscription()
Other Providers
Fix issue where some plugin overrides WishList Member settings in Elementor widget/section
Fixed “not enough memory PHP Fatal error” triggered by wlm_maybe_unserialize() when sites make use of object caching
Fixed E_DEPRECATED error: explode(): Passing null to parameter #2 ($string) of type string is deprecated

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8215
Fixed members being imported as administrators in certain scenarios.
Payment Providers
Fixed incorrect level expiration processing.
Fixed a bug where canceling a user’s membership level in Members > Manage doesn’t cancel their connected Stripe subscription even when the cancellation setting is enabled.
Fixed broken media uploader when Gutenberg plugin is enabled.
Fixed escaped code showing in text field under Advanced > Logins > Settings.
Coding Standards: WordPress.Security.EscapeOutput.
Fixed SQL error when retrieving PayPerPost via transaction ID.

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8204
Payment Providers
Fixed: Stripe getting stuck on checking coupon
Fixed: Stripe Profile page showing “No such customer:’ch_xxx'” error.
Fixed: Cannot add level to member with a past date
Added capability to open a member edit modal focused on a specific tab via URL fragment. format is #edit-user-[user_id]-[target_tab]
Fixed: Copying email address includes http://
Email Broadcast
Fixed: Send to admin checkbox not showing
Post/Page Options
Fixed: Protection status shows as unprotected when post is set to draft
Fixed: Protection inheritance not correctly passed/inherited
Fixed: Tooltips and help blocks displaying escaped HTML code
Performance: Prevent logging of the same exact message multiple times during the same request
Chore: Coding Standards compliance

WishList Member v3.14 Build 8188
Fixed: expired members are not returned
Fixed member_level not showing up on emails sent out when importing members
Fixed: All address fields contain the value of the company field
Improved \WishListMember\Levels::get_all_levels() performance. Helps fix Error 50x’s and improve speed of sites with lots of membership levels
Stripe Payment Integration
Fixed broken markup for selecting payment plan on payment form
WP Post editor.
Fixed oversized WishList Member icon
Content Scheduler
Fixed: Notice: Undefined index: administrator
The following fixes affects FluentCRM, OptimizePress Checkout plugin and possibly a few others.
Fix for plugins that check for old WLM3_ constants (affects FluentCRM, possibly others)
Loaded WishListMember3 class alias and WLM3_ constants earlier in the code

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