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Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro v6.7.1 + Addons

Modern Events Calendar Pro Nulled is created following trendy design approach and latest technologies with attractive design based on practical design concept.

With the growing population of WordPress users worldwide along with the expansion of WordPress tools and features make the WordPress event calendar the best choice for creating an event management website.

Modern Events Calendar Pro the best event calendar plugin, Manage your events in the fastest, easiest and most modern way with the best WordPress event calendar plugin.

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Features Modern Events Calendar Pro – Best WordPress Event Calendar

Features Modern Events Calendar Pro – Best WordPress Event Calendar
  • Easy event setup
  • Detailed and optional settings
  • More than 40 Event Display Layouts
  • Ticket booking & ticketing feature
  • Various payment gateways
  • Easy to use interface

Changelog Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro Nulled Free

v6.7.1 – 12 November 2022
Fixed: Some characters in frontend css

v6.7.0 – 12 November 2022
Added: Progress bar module.
Added: Event gallery image module.
Added: Feature to apply 100 percent coupons to all fees.
Refactored: Structure and html output of booking module.
Improved: Design of standard style of list skin.
Improved: Learn dash integration.
Improved: Search module to hide the organizer, location, etc that don’t have future events.
Fixed: Issue when editing booking in the backend.
Fixed: Issues in ical feed.
Fixed: Issues when WordPress time format is an empty string.
Fixed: Issue in MEC settings wizard.

v6.6.12 – 18 October 2022
- Added: Sample CSV file to the CSV booking import.
- Added: Ability to define family tickets.
- Added: Ability to add icons for custom event fields.
- Added: Sofort, iDeal and many more payment systems using new Stripe gateway.
- Improved: The additional organizers module.
- Improved: The free booking process.
- Refactored: Stripe Payment Gateway.
- Fixed: Issue in displaying cancellation reason in clean style of timetable skin.
- Fixed: Issue in cancellation of bookings by adding a confirmation step to the cancellation process.
- Fixed: Issue in booking reminder feature.
- Fixed: Issue in event finished notification.
- Fixed: Issue in import / export feature.
- Fixed: Issue in displaying expired events in backend.
- Fixed: Issue in capability of import / export feature.
- Fixed: Issue in displaying dates of events in booking edit page.
- Fixed: Issue regarding importing invalid ics files.
- Fixed: Issue on saving date format options per language.
- Fixed: Issue in importing advanced repeat events from Google Calendar.

v6.6.10 – 20 September 2022
Added: Ability to disable Add Organizer feature in Frontend Event Submission
Added: Ability to disable Add Location feature in Frontend Event Submission
Improved: The booking price details by splitting the total ticket price into different prices per date and adding the number of tickets for each booked date
Improved: The registration button by hiding it when the event is expired
Fixed: Issue in displaying event custom fields when embed code is used
Fixed: Issue in importing all-day events in ics format

v6.6.9 – 13 September 2022
Improved: The date display when single widget is enabled
Fixed: Daylight saving time
Fixed: Issue in agreement field of Frontend Event Submission
Fixed: Issue in general calendar regarding the All-day events
Fixed: Issue in general calendar when event end time is hidden
Fixed: Issue in general calendar when the whole event time is hidden
Fixed: Conflict with other plugins

v6.6.8 – 6 September 2022
Added: Option to change style details per event.
Added: Ability to translate expired and ongoing words from the message panel.
Added: Shortcode element to avada builder.
Added: Feature to exclude categories, locations, and organizers from Shortcode Builder.
Improved: The Google calendar export.
Fixed: Issue when links are disabled in the simple style of the monthly skin.
Fixed: Issue with displaying dates with regard to saving day light.
Fixed: Issue with cronjob commands.
Fixed: Issue with the cost field of Frontend Event Submission.
Fixed: Issue with the date format of Google map light boxes

v6.6.6 – 24 August 2022
Added: Visual Crossing provider to the weather module.
Added: Option to the iCal feed to display only upcoming events.
Improved: The default configuration of search bar.
Removed: Dark Sky provider from the weather module.
Fixed: Issue in coupons menu.
Fixed: Issue regarding speaker name in Frontend Event Submission.
Fixed: Some issues in Frontend Event Submission.

v6.6.5 – 17 August 2022
Added: Ability to change ticket prices per occurrence.
Added: New CSV export option compatible with Google Calendar.
Added: Ability to assign custom layouts to the events created by Frontend Event Submission.
Added: Ability to display disclaimer messages for the events created by Frontend Event Submission.
Improved: The related events module.
Improved: The custom user recipients in large scale websites.
Improved: Creating booking on the backend.
Improved: Editing bookings on the backend
Fixed: Issue in “Frontend Event Submission” regarding dates.
Fixed: Some issues in the sponsors module.
Fixed: Issue in displaying content images in the modal window.
Fixed: Issue in MEC Cart regarding validating the cart before checkout.
Fixed: Issue in rich text schema regarding the price.
Fixed: Some issues in MEC dynamic messages.

v6.6.4 – 31 July 2022
- Improved: The event wizard editor.
- Fixed: Issue in tile view.
- Fixed: Some issues in multilingual websites created by polylang.
- Fixed: Issue in showing pro skins including yearly skin in archive skins.
- Fixed: Issue in displaying event fields in monthly skin.
- Fixed: Some issues in calendar date selection method of booking module.
- Fixed: Date picker issue in event wizard
- Fixed: Some issues iCal feed

v6.6.3 – 24 July 2022
Added: New feature to course enrollment of LearnDash integration.
Compatibility: Ultimate addons for Elementor
Improved: The sale stop feature and its message.
Fixed: Issue regarding date dropdown field.
Fixed: Some issues regarding radio buttons field of booking form.
Fixed: Issue in start time and end time of events.
Fixed: Month select in year dropdown (Shortcode Filters)

v6.6.2 – 30 June 2022
- Added: Option to make the featured image mandatory in “Frontend Event Submission”.
- Improved: The speaker selection module.
- Fixed: Descending order in masonry shortcode.
- Fixed: Showing cancellation reason on repeated events.
- Fixed: Issue in full calendar skin.
- Fixed: Number spinner of ticket selection in booking module.
- Fixed: Setting event times. (midnight hours)
- Fixed: Using coupon codes on multiple bookings in WooCommerce as Payment System.
- Fixed: Hide image box if event doesn't have featured image in list view simple type

v6.6.1 – 23 June 2022
Added: Maximum booking option for tickets.
Added: Date display in booking module when loaded in shortcode and only 1 date is available to book.
Fixed: Issue in iCal feed regarding custom day events.
Fixed: Midnight hour in save event

v6.6.0 – 13 June 2022
- Added: A ticket style option (pro)
- Added: Booking progress bar (pro)
- Added: Total selected tickets display to booking module (pro)
- Added: An ability to import event authors from one of third party plugins
- Added: An ability to provide update access to the events owners even if they don’t have proper WordPress capability
- Added: An ability for editor and admin users to manage events from frontend dashboard
- Added: An option to make the featured image mandatory in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Added: An ability to change the label of organizer website URL
- Added: Ability to add sponsors to events and display them on single event page
- Added: Some new placeholders to display date and time of event in user local time in email notifications (pro)
- Added: “Display all events in right section” option for monthly skin of full calendar
- Added: A feature to change the booking button label per event (pro)
- Added: A feature for events to inherit color from the category if no event color is specified
- Added: A total ticket limit to force users to book at-least a certain count of tickets (pro)
- Added: Booking and attendee fields to the PDF invoices (pro)
- Added: Event category in breadcrumbs
- Improved: The booing module to be disabled when event is canceled
- Improved: The integration with “Newsletter plugin”
- Improved: The sponsors feature
- Improved: The import process of third party plugins
- Improved: The booking progress bar (pro)
- Updated: The tooltip library to fix some conflicts with other third party theme and plugins
- Disabled: The remove function for MEC email and MEC name in booking form
- Fixed: Carousel skin
- Fixed: Auto email feature (pro)
- Fixed: Importing and exporting all day events
- Fixed: Importing events with repeat count from Google calendar
- Fixed: In adding/removing fees per payment gateway (pro)
- Fixed: On structured data
- Fixed: An compatibility issue with Weglot plugin
- Fixed: On scrolling when loading the event details page on modal
- Fixed: On new event notification
- Fixed: Some PHP notices

v6.5.9 – 25 May 2022
- Fixed: Security issue

= 6.5.8 – 24 May 2022 =
- Improved: Display attendees form on the event manage page (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in EXDATE option of iCal feeds
- Fixed: Sending auto-emails (pro)
- Fixed: Search issue when there are multiple shortcakes in one page
- Fixed: Email placeholders
- Fixed: Full calendar skin when the search form is disabled
- Fixed: The backend booking menu when fees are disabled for pay locally gateway (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on disabling ticket times (pro)
- Fixed: Some issues in the attachment field of the booking form and file upload and store process (pro)

v6.5.7 – 17 May 2022
- Compatibility: WordPress v6.0
- Added: A new currency to the list of available currencies
- Improved: The iCal feed by adding sequence parameters to the feed
- Fixed: An issue in the monthly view
- Fixed: An issue in the dropdown of timezones in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Fixed: Some issues on displaying expired events in the manage event menu in WordPress backend
- Fixed: A time display issue in different skins when the time format is not a PHP standard format
- Fixed: An issue in sold-out notification
- Fixed: An issue in descending order

v6.5.6 – 10 May 2022
- Improved: Ability to translate datepicker in the General Calendar skin
- Improved: The iCal code
- Fixed: An issue in Google schema
- Fixed: Some conflicts with other plugins
- Fixed: Some HTML code issues
- Fixed: An issue in the social widget
- Fixed: Some issues with the w3c standard

v 6.5.5 – 2 May 2022
- Fixed: The content of third party plugin on single event pages
- Fixed: Some PHP notices

v 6.5.4 – 27 April 2022
- Added: An option to prevent sending new event notifications after creating an event with super admin email
- Added: The download link on the checkout page will be open in a new tab (_blank) (pro)
- Added: Event filter based on start time (main time) in admin area
- Added: An option to control the inclusion of script.js (pro)
- Added: Thank you page feature for MEC Cart (pro)
- Added: An ability to add custom characters into the single date format
- Added: An option to control the decimal number of prices (pro)
- Added: A notice message to admin when the single sidebar is empty
- Added: Loading for MEC Checkout (pro)
- Improved: The social share buttons
- Improved: Changing the iCal export to optimize and fix some bugs
- Improved: Flip countdown display in mobile devices
- Changed: Select image input design in wizard mode
- Fixed: The issue with removal of fees in MEC Cart payment gateway
- Fixed: Date translation issue in general calendar
- Fixed: Notice error translation issue
- Fixed: Telegram icon style
- Fixed: Notification sending error while using WooCommerce payment gateway (pro)
- Fixed: Not overwriting the Booking Success Message from settings in MEC Cart (pro)
- Fixed: Not disabling automatic confirm for payment gateways in MEC Cart (pro)
- Fixed: Bookings filter by repetition select box display issue (pro)
- Fixed: New Event notification
- Fixed: An issue in PayPal classic gateway (pro)
- Fixed: reCAPTCHA feature of Frontend Event Submission
- Fixed: An issue in Stripe gateway (pro)
- Fixed: Custom day repeating events
- Fixed: XML Export / Import
- Fixed: An issue in lazy loading
- Fixed: An issue with HTML markups
- Fixed: Some issues in MEC Cart (pro)
- Fixed: Some other issues

v6.5.3 – 17 April 2022
- Improved: the performance and security
- Improved: the WhatsApp share
- Fixed: a very rare issue on the booking module (pro)
- Fixed: some issues on event structured data (schema)
- Fixed: an issue on showing expired events on the event manager of the backend
- Fixed: HTML markup issue on some skins
- Fixed: some PHP notices and warnings
- Fixed: some apostrophe issues

v6.5.2 – 12 April 2022
- Fixed: An issue on event bulk edit and saving locations, organizers
- Fixed: A security issue
- Fixed: HTML support of gateway comment
- Fixed: An issue on block themes
- Fixed: An issue on notification placeholders
- Fixed: An issue on calculating end date of some certain events in rare cases
- Escaped: Many parameters to improve the security

v6.5.1 – 3 April 2022
- Improved: The security and output escapes
- Fixed: An issue in displaying event tags on the block editor
- Fixed: An issue on the public file module
- Fixed: Some issues regarding event filters
- Fixed: An issue with displaying end dates for multiple-day events
- Fixed: An issue with displaying the cost of events
- Fixed: A multilingual issue

v6.5.0 – 31 March 2022
- Fixed: An issue on shortcode filter options
- Fixed: The remove button for the inner form builder
- Fixed: An issue on the single event date method option
- Fixed: An issue on the hide event option
- Fixed: Some minor issues

v6.4.7 – 27 March 2022
- Fixed: An issue on PayPal Standard Gateway (pro)
- Fixed: An issue in “Related Events” module when a link is set for an event
- Fixed: Some issues in notification placeholders
- Fixed: An issue in manual import from Google Calendar
- Fixed: Some PHP issues and warnings
- Fixed: An issue on displaying cancellation reason (pro)
- Removed: PHP curl and used WordPress remote API instead
- Escaped and Sanitized: Many parts of the project to improve security and performance

New Update Changelog v6.4.6​
Fixed: Ticket Lable

v6.4.2 – 3 March 2022
- Improved: The XML export
- Improved: The skin load in full calendar shortcode
- Improved: The Stripe gateway by adding some booking fields into the meta fields (pro)
- Improved: The search functionality on shortcodes
- Improved: The XML import to store event fields too
- Improved: Some options on the lite version
- Improved: The speaker feature in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Fixed: An issue on event and booking filter in WP backend (pro)
- Fixed: An issue on the next event module
- Fixed: Some issues in “Frontend Event Submission”
- Fixed: An issue in year and month selection on month navigation
- Fixed: A potential memory issue
- Fixed: An issue on independent tag

List of Addons Modern Events Calendar Pro

  1. Advanced Reports Addon for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.1.3
  2. Virtual Events Addon – Modern Events Calendar v1.2.0
  3. Event API for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.1.5
  4. Elementor Single Builder for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.7.5
  5. Elementor Shortcode Designer for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.2.5
  6. Elementor Form Builder for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.2.2
  7. WooCommerce Integration With Modern Events Calendar v1.5.6
  8. Elementor Shortcode Builder for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.7.0
  9. Modern Events Calendar (MEC) Ticket and Invoice v1.4.0
  10. Modern Events Calendar (MEC) User Dashboard Plugin v1.2.5
  11. Multisite Event Sync for Modern Events Calendar (MEC) v1.0.7
  12. Modern Events Calendar Zoom Integration v1.1.6
  13. Modern Events Calendar RSVP Events v1.1.9
  14. Modern Event Calendar Addons – Divi Single Builder v1.0.7
  15. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar Filter Bar v5.1.3​
  16. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar Community Events Tickets 4.7.8
  17. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar Community Events 4.8.5
  18. Modern Events Calendar Advanced Organizer v1.1.0
  19. Modern Events Calendar Waiting List v1.1.9
  20. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar PRO v5.4.0.2
  21. Modern Tribe – The Events Calendar Eventbrite Tickets v4.6.7
  22. Modern Events Calendar Advanced Speaker v1.1.0
  23. Modern Events Calendar Advanced Importer 1.1.1
  24. Modern Events Calendar Fluent-view Layouts v1.3.5
  25. Modern Events Calendar BuddyBoss Integration v2.0.4
  26. Modern Events Calendar Advanced Location v1.1.0
  27. Modern Events Calendar Advanced Map v1.0.7
  28. Modern Events Calendar Zapier Integration v2.0.2
  29. Modern Events Calendar Square Payment v1.0.0
  30. Gutenberg Single Builder for MEC v1.0.0
  31. Modern Events Calendar Seat v1.0.0
  32. Modern Events Calendar Webex Integration v1.0.0
  33. Elementor FES Builder for MEC v1.0.0
  34. Modern Events Calendar Social Auto Poster v1.0.0

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Download Webnus Modern Events Calendar Pro v6.7.1 Nulled Free + Addons:

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.