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WebinarPress Pro v2.24.38 - WordPress Webinar Plugin

Use YouTube Live’s strong live streaming or any prepared video from YouTube, Vimeo, or your own server.

  • Allow your participants to ask questions and have them answered during the webinar, either in your video or through the question and answer option.
  • Visitors may watch a webinar from any mobile device or tablet thanks to fully responsive websites.
  • Gather the names and email addresses of participants and enter them into your third-party email provider.
  • Email reminders that are fully customized to ensure that your participants do not miss the webinar.
  • Replays are available as an option for those who missed their time window.


widget editor preview

Features: WebinarPress Pro – WordPress Webinar Plugin

  • Organize live webinars using Google Hangouts, YouTube, or Vimeo (MP4 video files, iframes and RTMP streams are also available in the Pro version)
  • Customize the look and feel of each webinar page.
  • Shortcodes may be used to add a registration or login form to any page on your website.
  • Webinar pages that are responsive and mobile friendly
  • When people join up, collect their name and email address.
  • Send out automated reminders that are tailored to your specific requirements.
  • After you’ve signed up, you’ll be sent to confirmation pages.
  • Before the event begins, display a countdown page.
  • Check how many people are watching your webinar live.
  • Attendees can be exported as a text or CSV file.
  • Allow guests to ask questions live during the session and preserve a record of them.
  • During your live webinar or rebroadcast, give away a prize.
  • Have a recording accessible for registrants who were unable to attend the live webinar.
  • It goes with practically any theme.
  • Webinars that are automatically recorded
  • Webinars that are recurring, evergreen, ‘just in time,’ and ‘on demand’
  • Fields for custom registration
  • Webinars for a fee
  • Webinars for members
  • During your webinar, you’ll be able to see the names of those that attended.
  • During webinars, there is a live chat option.
  • Attendees should raise their hands.
  • During the webinar, display features that encourage people to take action.
  • Widgets providing information about past and forthcoming seminars
  • Emails sent out for webinars
  • Pages for registration that are unique
  • Confirmation pages that are unique
  • Replays that are automatically generated
  • WooCommerce integration is available.
  • WooCommerce Memberships integration
  • Mailchimp integration is available.
  • Aweber integration is available.
  • Integration with ActiveCampaign is a must-have for any marketer.
  • Mailpoet 2 and 3 integration
  • Drip is included.
  • GetResponse is integrated with GetResponse.
  • Enormail is integrated.
  • Zapier integration is available.
  • Your webinar settings may be imported and exported.
  • Allow participants to download the webinar to their Outlook or Google calendars.

& more connections and functionality are on the way!

Changelog: WebinarPress Pro – WordPress Webinar Plugin

= Version 2.24.40 – 2021-10-13 =
– Fix redirect issue when
– Disable start/stop on Android
– Correctly handle timezones on webinar replays
– Handle double optin for Newsletter plugin
– Fix non-latin characters in date
– Allow overriding the cache folder

= Version 2.24.39 – 2021-06-09 =
– Don’t load backend translations on front end pages

= Version 2.24.38 – 2021-06-03 =
– Let users resend order confirmation emails and registration confirmation emails
– Support shortcodes in CTA html content

= Version 2.24.37 – 2021-06-01 =
– Mautic email support
– Team members can approve questions before making them public
– Fix issue with WooCommerce email settings
– Fix issue with side cart plugin
– Fix issue with full screen IFRAME
– Fix issue in featured images

= Version 2.24.36 – 2021-04-02 =
– Fix issue resending confirmation emails
– Constant filename for output JavaScript file

= Version 2.24.35 – 2021-03-08 =
– Support multiple webinar logins in the same browser
– Added support for an end of webinar image
– Added a cut off time for automated webinars
– Add option to resend email confirmation in attendees view
– Fix bug where the video restarted at the end of the webinar

= Version 2.24.34 – 2021-02-22 =
– Added presenter mode
– Support WooCommerce floating carts plugin
– Add Joined at field to attendees
– Allow overriding text on WooCommerce pages
– Support custom fields on paid webinars
– Fav icon support
– Handle & in the webinar name and email subject
– Add option to redirect to the product after adding a paid webinar to the cart
– Fix issue in add to calendar issues on Yahoo and Outlook
– Fix issue in required select fields
– General fixes and improvements

= Version 2.24.33 – 2020-11-02 =
– Support special characters in email subject
– Fix spelling typo
– Fix bug in custom fields when making a dropdown or checkbox required

= Version 2.24.32 – 2020-10-07 =
– Add support for older versions of Safari
– Add option to redirect to WooCommerce product after adding to the cart
– Add support for LSCACHE_IS_ESI calls
– Add custom redirect after ‘required consent’ attendees sign up
– Don’t let multiple cron jobs run at the same time

= Version 2.24.31- 2020-09-15 =
– Added global error handler to report issues
– Disable re-registration of attendees for the same session
– Fix issue with reply CTAs
– Cache WebinarPress Connect ID
– Delete notification history for attendee so when they re-register they receive emails
– Fix cross domain registration widget issue
– Reduce email field column size to support index + unicode

= Version 2.24.30- 2020-08-05 =
– Added custom leave URL to webinar settings
– Start Twitch videos un-muted
– Show HTML CTA buttons on mobile devices
– Fix Vimeo issue when pausing videos
– Fix iOS click issue

= Version 2.24.29- 2020-08-03 =
– Updated WebinarPress Live to new platform
– Added support for Mail Octopus

= Version 2.24.28- 2020-07-10 =
– Added support for recurring Zoom webinars
– Fix MailerLite connection issue
– Fix issue with mp4 playback on simulated recurring webinars

= Version 2.24.27- 2020-06-23 =
– Allow embedding of registration widgets as HTML
– Added Slovak date format to the registration page
– Added an internal API for developers
– Allow full video url for Vimeo
– Fix IE 11 display issue
– Fix alignment issue in webinar editor

= Version 2.24.26- 2020-06-10 =
– Simulated webinars settings now work on Vimeo
– Remove obsolete label from WooCommerce checkout
– Added custom CSS on live view
– Fix issue in select on iOS
– Fix height issue when registration widgets are included in pages
– Fix display issue on paid webinars

= Version 2.24.25- 2020-05-25 =
– Added global page script settings
– Added sessions to display option for WooCommerce product pages
– Added maximum height to logos displayed in emails

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Download WebinarPress Pro v2.24.38 Nulled – WordPress Webinar Plugin

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.