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Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages v12.22

Fast, responsive, localized, amazing, fully featured the world’s most advanced stock video gallery! Wordpress plugin now available!

There are several features, colors, display choices, content sources, and so on in the WordPress Video Gallery. We created it with an incredible admin so that you can make galleries in minutes.


video gallery wordpress plugin w youtube vimeo demo 1
video gallery wordpress plugin w youtube vimeo demo 2
video gallery wordpress plugin w youtube vimeo demo 3
video gallery wordpress plugin w youtube vimeo demo 4

Features: Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

  • five skins + skin generator – we supplied more than five skins to complement any branding on your site, and more – in the Design Center, you may create your own skins with your own colors.
  • If the visitor is using an iPhone or iPad, this plugin creates HTML5 videos.
  • put up single videos, gallery of handpicked videos, gallery of mixed video types – youtube / dailymotion / selfhosted / audio files / photos / vimeo / etc., gallery of a youtube user channel, gallery of a vimeo user channel, gallery of a vimeo album, gallery of a vimeo playlist, etc.
  • It might be a video player or an example in the preview.
  • self-hosted videos, self-hosted audios, self-hosted photos, youtube playlists, youtube keywords, youtube user channel, vimeo user channel, vimeo channel, vimeo album, youtube user channel, vimeo user channel, vimeo channel, vimeo album
  • multiple galleries in one – create a gallery that streams from numerous galleries; for example, you might create a combined gallery with a vimeo channel, a YouTube playlist, and some bespoke films.
  • huge admin panel – comprehensive admin panel with many options to make the gallery as configurable as possible while being simple to use. Also includes a drag-and-drop HTML5 uploader! And fantastic features like drag-and-drop for items, duplicate galleries, and more to make updating the gallery easier. In the admin, you may create an endless number of galleries and place them in the content.
  • You can have captioning since the gallery subtitles and adds captioning to your videos — fantastic.
  • play from- you may provide a starting time for the video. Also, the position may be changed to “latest,” which implies the video will play from where it was last left (by closing the window, for example) – use the most recent html5 Local Storage API
  • Backup database / import, export feature – Using the Export Database function provided with this plugin, you can keep your database secure and make frequent backups.
  • Installing and setting up this plugin takes less than three minutes. Use the shortcode [videogallery id=”theidyousetintheadmin”] to include it in your article.
  • supplementary shortcodes – want to include a single video in your article without going via the admin? The , [youtube], and [vimeo] shortcodes were created specifically for this purpose. You only need to set the id for the video shortcode or the location for the youtube or vimeo shortcode.
  • shortcode generator – this gallery relies on shortcodes, but you won’t have to memorize any because a Shortcode Generator is located above each editor in the post/page.
  • linked with Vimeo API – you may connect with the Vimeo API using your account or to obtain more films than the standard API limit. With a Vimeo PRO account, you can stream private videos –
  • linked to YouTube API – only binded to the YouTube API, obtain Playlists or User channels; moreover, you may connect to the YouTube API via your account or retrieve more videos than the regular API limit.
  • deeplinking – the current browser url may be updated to match the current video in the gallery, and you can link to that video directly.
  • social media share thumbnail on deeplinking – sharing the link to the desired video shows the video\’s thumbnail on facebook via open graph tags
  • support for rtl admin – the admin has been updated to function with arabic and hebrew languages as well.
  • Link to any film in the gallery (for example, you may share the direct link to the third video in the playlist).
  • Meta support – elements such as og:image and og:title are automatically added to videos so that the thumbnail and title show appropriately when sharing a video on Facebook or elsewhere.
  • Support for DASH MPEG – live broadcast without a hitch on all major browsers and devices.
  • Gallery Video Linking – share a link to a certain video.
  • extremely responsive – option to resize all movies in the gallery accordingly
  • may be used to replace the default video playlists in WordPress
  • may be used to replace the default video embeds in WordPress as well as self-hosted videos
  • import folder – saves time on your server by importing whole directories.
  • support for adsense

Changelog: Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages

UPDATE 11.69 [ 07/21/2020 ]
[FIX] some bugs which were producing error logs

UPDATE 11.66 [ 07/03/2020 ]
[ADD] more options for the autoplay muted
[FIX] some bugs

UPDATE 11.59 [ 06/01/2020 ]
[ADD] replay button
[FIX] multiple bugs

UPDATE 11.54 [ 04/27/2020 ]
[TWEAK] refactored main javascript files from 266kb to 176kb – faster load times
[FIX] multiple bugs

UPDATE 11.47 [ 03/11/2020 ]
[FIX] a bug on iPad / iOS 13 not playing videos

UPDATE 11.10 [ 03/23/2019 ]
[FIX] a bug with wpbakery page builder and fusion builder

UPDATE 11.00 [ 11/28/2018 ]
[ADD] folder import option – bulk import a whole folder
[ADD] Gutenberg block

UPDATE 10.72 [ 07/27/2018 ]
[FIX] some fixes with databases in legacy mode

UPDATE 10.71 [ 07/20/2018 ]
[TWEAK] reworked LIGHTBOX – switched from zoombox to ultibox

UPDATE 10.69 [ 07/12/2018 ]
[FIX] multiple fixes

UPDATE 10.60 [ 05/02/2018 ]
[FIX] multiple fixes to autoplay
[TWEAK] extra css can be set as separate stylesheet

UPDATE 10.52 [ 03/29/2018 ]

[ADD] possibility to show mute button
[FIX] some fixes to facebook share thumbnail
[TWEAK] improved compatibility with dzs tabs

UPDATE 10.50 [ 03/26/2018 ]

[ADD] option to just have one dynamic player in the gallery ( to allow autoplay next on mobiles )
[TWEAK] desktop safari and desktop chrome now have stricter autoplay policies. That being said autoplay with sound will not always work for the first video, so autoplay muted on mobiles is not renamed to Mute when autoplay and will affect desktop browsers too.

UPDATE 10.46 [ 03/21/2018 ]

[FIX] general fixes

UPDATE 10.30 [ 02/23/2018 ]
[ADD] preinstalled sample data comes again to help new users start from 4 different examples
[FIX] other fixes

UPDATE 10.20 [ 02/07/2018 ]
[ADD] vimeo chromeless player – only for vimeo plus members
[FIX] youtube channel now retrieves full description, provided hide non embeddable videos is activated in Settings > YouTube
[FIX] other fixes

UPDATE 10.17 [ 02/02/2018 ]
[FIX] volume start on videos
[FIX] other fixes

UPDATE 10.12 [ 01/18/2018 ]
[FIX] volume start on videos

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Download Video Gallery Wordpress Plugin /w YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook pages v12.22 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.