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Vehica v1.0.74 - Car Dealer & Automotive Listing

Vehica Nulled is the most inventive WordPress theme for car dealerships. It has the potential to be utilized to create a stunning car website. This theme is extremely user-friendly and adaptable. You can edit choices without learning any code — simply drag and drop pieces to alter colors, pictures, sizes, spacing, and location. With only a few clicks, you can change all vehicle fields and search forms in Vehica’s sophisticated Vehicle Inventory module. Your final website created using Vehica will load quickly and look great on mobile and tablet devices. Vehica is a terrific investment since it allows you to create a great website without wasting a lot of time or effort putting it up and managing it.


vehica automotive dealership wordpress theme demo 1
vehica automotive dealership wordpress theme demo 2
vehica automotive dealership wordpress theme demo 3
vehica automotive dealership wordpress theme demo 4

Features: Vehica – Car Dealer & Automotive Listing

  • Import with a single click
  • Panel for Basic Setup
  • Adaptable on a global scale
  • Inventory of Strong Vehicles
  • Functionality for Advanced Search
  • Instant Inventory Results
  • Relationships in the Field
  • Fields of Interest
  • Integration with Elementor Plugins
  • System of Monetization
  • Payment Gateways for WooCommerce
  • Menu Options
  • Body & Headings on a Global Scale Google Fonts is a collection of fonts created by Google
  • User Roles for Private and Business Sellers
  • Blog
  • SEO stands for “search engine optimization” (SEO)
  • Third-party plugins are supported.
  • Any XML or CSV file can be imported (Free WP All Import Compatibility)
  • Cross-browser compatibility is a feature that allows you to use your favorite browser
  • Free updates for the rest of your life
  • Documentation is extensive.
  • Support of the highest order

Changelog: Vehica – Car Dealer & Automotive Listing

v1.0.74 - 14. Spetember 2022
Loan Calculator - fix the bug with the duplicate widget on the listing site
Carousel User - fix bug with visibility of the last user in the widget

v1.0.73 - 18. August 2022
Improved: Vehicle Tab Carousel / Featured Listings got new option to display sold listings
Fix: minor js/php bugs

v1.0.71 - 5. July 2022
Fix: fix issue with single listing gallery on mobile

v1.0.70 - 13. May 2022
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

v1.0.68 – 1. April 2022
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

v1.0.67 – 18. March 2022
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.66 – 17. February 2022
New Help Center Integrated into Vehica Panel

1.0.65 – 27. January 2022
WordPress 5.9 Compatibility

1.0.64 and – 21. January 2022
Improved: Parent / Child relationship  (e.g. Make > Model) - improve loading speed. 
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.63 – 15. January 2022
Fix: Custom Post Type Car Support For WordPress Rest API 
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.62 – 3. January 2022
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.61 – 21. December 2021
Fix: Minor js/php bugs

1.0.60 – 06. October 2021
Fix: In some edge cases listing was added 2 times

1.0.60 – 24 September 2021
Improved: Image Cleanup Function
Fix: If there were multiple "gallery fields" in Custom Fields there was a problem with chosing the one that should be displayed on the listing card
Fix: Vehicle Grid - edge case problem with saving widget

1.0.59 – 14 August 2021
Added: Compare Widget - "Hide When All Empty" option
Fix: Taxonomy - terms with multiple parents not saving correctly
Fix: Minor issue related to 'Latin fonts loading
Fix: Minor issue related to - Message System Time Zone

1.0.58 – 10 June 2021
Fix: Chat - Timezone problem on some servers
Fix: 2 Warnings displayed when debug mode turned on

1.0.57 – 1 June 2021
Fix: Firefox Vehica Panel > Bulk Add 
Fix: Safari > Compare Columns 
Added: Listing Price > Force hiding "Contact for a Price" option 
Added: New PHP filters available - social login/register redirection to custom page

1.0.56 – 1 May 2021
Fix: Menu mobile breakpoints broken

1.0.55 – 30 April 2021
Fix: Minnor js/php/css bugs

1.0.54 – 26 April 2021
Added:  "Chat via WhatsApp" module  -
Fix: Minnor js/php/css bugs

1.0.53 – 16 April 2021
Added: Private Message System Option
Added: Elementor > New Widget Listing Page > Listing Owner Description
Fix: Minnor js / PHP bugs

1.0.52 – 9 April 2021
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Type: Attachments
Added: New Elementor Widget > Single Listing Page > Attachments
Added: Posibility to redirect users after successful login to custom page

1.0.51 – 8 April 2021
Added: Car Dealer Homepage
Added: Vehica Panel > Custom Fields > Taxonomy > Single Value Taxonomy - "Allow users to add new values via the front-end panel" option
Added: New Elementor Widget - Slider
Added: New Elementor Widget - Services
Added: New Elementor Widget - Testimonials Carousel
Added: New Elementor Widget - Features
Added: New Card Type V4 (white with black labels)
Added: Author Name Widget - New Styling Controls
Added: Admin change listing pending to active via backend integrated with payments
Fix: Set password option
Fix: Minor js / PHP / css issues

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Download Vehica v1.0.74 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.