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Ultimate Membership Pro v10.11 – WordPress Membership Plugin

Ultimate Membership Pro Nulled allows you to create and work with decentralized exclusive access for your users based on free or paid plans.

You can include your website as a source of income, protect your valuable content, or just a portion of it.

Protect your pages, products, categories, any URLs, body sections, images, menus, whatever and set rules navigation or replace.

Ultimate Membership Pro allows you to create an unlimited number of users and levels through a simple registration process, so that users are synchronized with WordPress users.

This way users can also use WordPress with WooCommerce. All you need for the right task or folder Ultimate Membership PRO will allow you to complete.

With an intuitive control panel, you can complete your installation in minutes and your site will be ready to protect your content.

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Key Features Ultimate Membership Pro

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Changelog Ultimate Membership Pro – WordPress Membership Plugins Nulled Free

Version 10.11 – 11.08.2022
- Add option to clean the Notifications Logs
- Add extra message in Checkout page for Bank Transfer payment service
- Add Integration with RazorPay Gateway external Addon
- Add Integration with PayFast Gateway external Addon
- Add Integration with Paystack Gateway external Addon
- Improve Plugin core classes
- Upgrade Mollie Library
- Compatibility with WordPress 6.1
- Fix currency on Total Spend column
- Fix License process on WP Multisite environment
- Fix Payment selection on FireFox

Version 10.10 – 09.26.2022
- Add Stripe Checkout the new API 2022-08-01 integration
- Add a custom label for the Register form when payments are triggered
- Improve Register form showcase for required fields
- Improve how Memberships are listed on Admin Dashboard
- Improve Login Modal error messages
- Improve Register Modal workflow with upload file fields
- Improve Access Rules workflow
- Improve UMP Dashboard responsive display on low resolution
- Improve Expire time for the same Subscription assignation
- Fix Email Notification to cancel action
- Fix Export to CSV process for big amount of data
- Fix Taxes on Register form based on specific States
- Fix LinkedIn Social Login integration
- Fix links to the live environment
- Remove Google Fonts

v10.9 – 07.06.2022
- Improve WP Workflow Restriction module workflow
- Improve UMP Dashboard functionality and style
- Improve the Upload files process
- Improve Restrict Physical File workflow
- Fix compatibility with Security Plugins
- Fix the Restriction process with external AddOns
- Fix SweetAlert library compatibility with some WP Themes
- Fix Custom Tabs for Account page removing process

Version 10.8 – 06.10.2022
- Add integration with Manager role Addon
- Add integration with Pay Per Post Addon
- Add Coupons setup for multiple Memberships
- Add link for website and uploaded files into Members Directory
- Improve WP Workflow Restrictions process
- Improve Double E-mail Verification process - avoid multiple attempts
- Improve integation with Elemento Widget Locker Addon
- Improve compatibility with Twenty Twenty Two Theme
- Fix Memberships Order setup
- Fix Login Modal

Version 10.7 – 05.04.2022
- Add option to pre-check Optin signup checkbox
- Improve Dynamic Price for free Memberships on Checkout step
- Improve Coupons management on some languages
- Improve how Templates may be loaded from Theme folder
- Improve Stripe Connect on Firefox browser
- Improve Cancel option for Bank Transfer payment
- Fix ReSend Email Verification Notifications
- Fix Optin workflow based on conditional field into Register form
- Fix Checkout settings management after major update

v10.6 – 03.18.2022
- Add editable label for Register submit button
- Add custom labels for each Membership into Subscription Plan showcase
- Add Resend Verification Link for Double Email Verification process
- Improve Stripe Connect on Register step
- Improve Prorating Subscriptions module
- Improve Purchase button into Checkout Page
- Improve Subscriptions expire time for short months
- Improve Renew button from Subscriptions table
- Improve JS workflow on front-end side
- Improve Password required conditions on Register step
- Improve My Account - Top Header section management
- Improve UMP Dashboard structure
- Improve Plugin Update process on WordPress Dashboard
- Improve Authorize.Net payment fields on Register and Checkout Page
- Fix Stripe Connect months time management
- Fix Subscription Plan shortcode parameters
- Fix Payments vs Memberships module on Checkout Page
- Fix Weekly Reports module crons
- Fix Members Directory Filter process for Countries
- Fix Customer Login Alert Admin Notification
- Fix Discount Code messages translation option
- Fix Registration process on Firefox
- Fix Registration submit button workflow
- Fix Braintree Live mode setup
- Fix Trial Time calculation

Version 10.5 – 01.27.2022
- Add Prorating Subscriptions module
- Add User ID into Export CSV file
- Add Checkout Page option to move Payment Method section
- Improve Members Profile page
- Fix Price Decimals setup when is missing
- Fix Checkout Page workflow when Payment Method is turned off
- Fix Members editing process when no membership exist
- Fix Filter Members based on WordPress WP Roles option

Version 10.4 – 01.04.2022
- Fix jQuery Compatibility
- Fix Members Directory Slider Showcase
- Improve Stripe Connect Card Form
- Improve Plugin Dashboard display on small screen resolution.

Version 10.3.1 – 12.16.2021
- Fix Stripe Checkout OnGoing Subscriptions
- Fix Stripe Connect for older PHP versions
- Improve Compatibility with WP 5.8.2

Version 10.3 – 12.11.2021
- Add Stripe Checkout Migration process
- Add Stripe Connect - notification to customers for invalid credit cards
- Fix Checkout Page - Select Payment with RadioBox template
- Fix Stripe Checkout limited cycle Subscriptions
- Improve UMP Dashboard structure

v10.2 – 11.23.2021 – Important Update
- Add Stripe Connect Pro Payment Service
- Add "Change Card" option for Stripe Connect
- Add Spinner on Checkout Page
- Improve Integration with Ultimate Affiliate Pro
- Improve Checkout Page on old PHP versions
- Improve Email Notifications management
- Improve Payment Services Custom Labels
- Fix Custom Payment Labels on Checkout Page
- Fix Changing Payment Method on Checkout Page
- Fix Optin Accept Checkbox field on Register Page

v10.1 – 10.05.2021
- Add Checkout Page
- Add Thank you Page
- Add Test Email option for Email Notifications
- Add Purchase link shortcode
- Add "Show Password" option over Password fields
- Add "Reset Password" shortcode for Logged Users
- Improve Email Notifications default Templates
- Improve Reason for Cancel module workflow
- Improve Stripe Checkout payment for limited Subscriptions
- Improve Renew Subscription process
- Improve DB Tables encoding
- Improve generating password when Password field is turned off
- Improve Zapier Integration Module by sending out more user data
- Improve Subscription Expire time calculation
- Improve Messages Translation
- Improve Orders Table data display
- Improve Compatibility with common WP Themes, ex Divi
- Fix Registration process with Social Networks
- Fix Manually paid Membership assignation
- Fix Bank Transfer Email Notification
- Fix Notifications Logs stored in DataBase
- Fix Woo Product Discount for variable Products
- Fix Orders Code generation for repeated Orders.
- Fix Custom CSS style on Membership Cards during Printing process

v10.0 – 08.17.2021
- WordPress 5.8. Compatibility check
- PHP 8.0 Compatibility check
- Divi Theme Compatibility check
- Flatsome Theme Compatibility check
- Fix Import/Export process
- Fix WP Menu options for specific WP themes
- Fix MultiSite Subscription module
- Fix Optin Module for Mailchimp with additional data
- Fix Avatar photo uploaded via Mobile Devices
- Improve Social Login with Google
- Improve Country name display
- Improve adding new Members WP role selection
- Improve Bank Transfer amount calculation with discount and taxes

v9.9.1 – 06.19.2021
- Fix WooCommerce Product Discount module workflow

Version 9.7 – 05.14.2021
- Improve Style
- Improve Nonce for AJAX calls
- Fix Weekley Summary Email Module
- Fix Username Blacklist explode
- Fix Socal Plus tab from My Account Page
- Fix Inside Locker Preview

v9.6 – 04.22.2021
- Compatibility with WordPress 5.7
- Add New UMP Dashboard on Admin side
- Add New Shortcodes for My Account page predefined Tabs
- Add new Shortcode for Member Banner image
- Add Manage Plans section on UMP Dashboard for Members
- Add Extra options for Members Plans management
- Add Pause/Resume Option for one-time Memberships
- Add more details on UMP Dashboard for Members Plans
- Add OptIn box option as Checked by default
- Add Member List box option as Checked by default
- Add new Module Weekly Summary Email
- Add Profile Form Showcase on UMP Dashboard
- Improve create new Membership process with minimal required fields
- Improve Zapier Module data transfer
- Improve DataBase tables encoding
- Improve Inside Locker shortcode with minimal arguments required
- Improve Account Page settings Dashboard style
- Improve Register Lite module workflow
- Improve Shortcodes section from UMP Dashboard
- Improve Members table from UMP Dashboard
- Improve My Account page on front-end side
- Fix Admin Member form workflow
- Fix Nonce verification on front-end side
- Fix create Orders manually process
- Fix WooCommerce Product Discount workflow
- Fix Payment service credentials verification
- Fix Cancel process for Stripe Checkouts for incomplete Subscriptions
- Update Mailchimp API to 3.0

v9.5.1 – 03.08.2021
- Fix Import Users&Memberships module
- Fix Amount format inside email Notifications
- Fix Amount format on Toal Spend column
- Fix Register process for required fields
- Fix Inside Locker Preview box
- Fix Edit Profile form on UMP Dashboard
- Fix Taxes managements
- Fix display Taxes on Invoices
- Improve DataBase Tables format
- Improve calls via WP Dashboard
- Improve delete Memberships process
- Improve Subscription plan showcase display
- Improve Bank Transfer Message
- Improve UMP Dashboard counts

Download Ultimate Membership Pro v10.11 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.