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Ultimate Member WooCommerce Addon v2.3.2

Ultimate Member WooCommerce Addon – Integrates WooCommerce, a popular e-commerce plugin, with Ultimate Member.


Ultimate Member woocommerce Addon screenshot
Ultimate Member myCRED Addon screenshot 2

Features: Ultimate Member WooCommerce Addon

  • Adds a Purchases tab to the user’s profile.
  • Adds a product reviews tab to the user’s profile.
  • Display the user’s total spending as a profile field or in the directory.
  • As a profile field or in the directory, show total orders by user.
  • If a user purchases a certain product, give them a specified role.
  • If a user purchases a product, give them a specified role.
  • Compatible with WooCommerce’s Sequential Order Number add-on
  • Compatible with WooCommerce Subscriptions add-on


Version 2.6.14 or higher of WooCommerce is required.

Changelog: Ultimate Member WooCommerce Addon

= 2.3.2: October 26, 2022 =

* Added: An order note when user role is changed. It's good for debugging role changes
* Added: A hook `um_woocommerce_after_member_role_upgrade`
* Fixed: PHP error on action `woocommerce_order_status_failed`
* Fixed: Unwanted user role change on subscription renewal order status change
* Fixed: Removing all roles on action `woocommerce_order_status_refunded`

= 2.3.1: August 17, 2022 =
* Added: WooCommerce custom callbacks to allowed callback options on install
* Added: Ultimate Member register page URL on the checkout page with required registration an logged in user
* Fixed: Hide restriction products when using WooCommerce [products] shortcode
* Fixed: Account > Subscription auto renew toggle, changed template

= v2.3.0: February 9, 2022 =
* Added: "Ignore" option in "Change role" dropdowns for the subscription products
* Fixed: PHP notice for the State field
* Fixed: Settings section key on wp-admin Settings screen
* Fixed: Compatibility with the latest Woocommerce: Subscriptions plugin and Subscriptions tab in the UM Account
* Fixed: AJAX template for subscriptions in the UM Account -> Subscription tab
* Fixed: Select2 and selectWoo JS libraries conflict. Partially via the hook `um_woocommerce_dequeue_selectWoo`

= v2.2.8: December 20, 2021 =
* Added: General setting for getting the "add to cart" button hidden
* Added: Arabic translation. Thanks to Nabil Moqbel (Slack: nabilmoqbel)
* Added: Member directory filters: WC Billing state, WC Shipping state
* Fixed: Avoid using caching when subscription status is changed and we need to change role
* Fixed: Wishlist RTL styles
* Fixed: Displaying order date in account
* Fixed: Enqueue WCFM script in account
* Templates required update:
- orders.php
* Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

= v2.2.7: August 3, 2021 =
* Tweak: rewritten Shop and products restriction settings

= v2.2.5: December 16, 2020 =
* Fixed: Getting the first subscription payment method for roles assigning logic
* Fixed: "Change address" feature for subscriptions via the Account page
* Fixed: Subscription address change after update billing/shipping address
* Fixed: Duplicates assigning roles from processing to complete
* Fixed: Orders list's the next page button not visible in mobile view
* Fixed: Changed 'Billing Address' icon
* Fixed: State field in the Account page
* Fixed: Order view links in the Account page
* Fixed: Subscriptions list in the Account page

= v2.2.4 =
* Fixed role assigning logic for subscription products
* Fixed the "state" field loaded by AJAX
* Fixed role assigning when upgrade/downgrade the subscriptions
* Fixed removing roles on renewal order

= v2.2.2: April 1, 2020 =
* Fixed: Billing/Shipping Country fields and using options_pair
* Fixed: Account orders tab layout

= v2.2.1: February 26, 2020 =
* Changed: Subscription template
* Fixed: Billing/Shipping State field using a key instead of an option's label
* Fixed: Fields' options intersect when there are extra spaces and show them on members directory filters
* Fixed: "use_option_pairs" filter
* Fixed: Issue with reviews comments object

= v2.2.0: January 21, 2020 =
Tweak: Integration with Ultimate Member 2.1.3 and UM metadata table
Added: Cancel order to account page
Added: Integration UM Account with plugin "WCFM - WooCommerce Multivendor Marketplace"
Fixed: Existed metadata options in select-type filters
Fixed: Saving the billing/shipping state address
Fixed: Payment methods popup

= v2.1.9: November 11, 2019 =
Tweak: Integration with Ultimate Member 2.1.0
Added: Sanitize functions for request variables
Added: esc_attr functions to avoid XSS vulnerabilities
Added: "WooCommerce PDF Invoices" integration (PDF link to the Account orders table)
Added: "Add payment method" tool to Account page
Added: Billing & Shipping country fields filters
Changed: View Order and View Subscription links URL

Version 2.1.8
Added: Escape functions
Fixed: Account fields save
Fixed: Billing/Shipping fields value

Version 2.1.7
Added: Memberships account tab
Added: Templates
Fixed: Profile Tabs
Fixed: Uninstall Process
Fixed: Billing/Shipping country fields values

Version 2.1.6
Added: My Payment Methods account tab
Added: My Downloads account tab
Fixed: Duplicate fields in Billing/Shipping account tabs
Fixed: Date format in Account tabs

⭐See also: Summary of Ultimate Member Plugins to support continuous updates

Download Ultimate Member WooCommerce Addon v2.3.2 Nulled

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.