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Ultimate Member User Tags Addon v2.2.1

Ultimate Member User Tags Addon allow users to link tags with their profiles and locate other users with the same tag by adding a user tag system to your site.


ultimate member user tags addon screenshot 1
ultimate member user tags addon screenshot 2
ultimate member user tags addon screenshot 3

Features: Ultimate Member User Tags Addon

  • Admins can define user tags for users to choose from when registering or updating their profiles.
  • Parent/child tags can be used to divide tags into groups.
  • Tags can have a description that appears on the front end when the tag is hovered over.
  • Tags can be placed in the main profile section or the profile header area on the profile form.
  • When a user clicks on a tag labeled “HTML,” the user is sent to the directory page, where all users who have picked the HTML tag are shown.
  • The most popular tags are displayed in this widget (includes count next to each tag to show how many users have that tag)

Changelog: Ultimate Member User Tags Addon

= 2.2.1: October 26, 2022 =
* Fixed: Probable issue when user has wrong UserTags old value when save the profile page

= 2.2.0: August 17, 2022 =
* Fixed: PHP Warning in tax_title()

= v2.1.9: February 9, 2022 =
* Fixed: Extension settings structure

= v2.1.8: July 20, 2021 =
* Added: `ultimatemember_tags_calculate_count` filter for customizing user tags calculation
* Fixed: Compatibility with the Beaver Builder
* Tweak: WP5.8 widgets screen compatibility

= v2.1.7: December 24, 2020 =
* Fixed: Conditional logic for the User Tags field

= v2.1.6: December 8, 2020 =
* Fixed: WPML compatibility
* Fixed: User Tags field value when validation on form submission is triggered
* Fixed: Conditional logic for User Tags field type
* Fixed: User Tag's page if the members page has parent page
* Fixed: Restore new user tags after form validation fails

= v2.1.5: August 11, 2020 =
* Added: Translation file .pot
* Added: Translation for locales de_CH and de_DE
* Fixed: WPML integration
* Fixed: Members page content
* Fixed: Integration with UM metadata table
* Fixed: Restore new user tags after form validation fails
* Fixed: PHP notice on getting empty tags
* Tweak: apply_shortcodes() function support

= v2.1.4: February 25, 2020 =
* Tweak: Compatibility with 2.1.4 member directories JS
* Fixed: User Tags-type field validation and visibility
* Fixed: Using keys in User Tags-type field
* Fixed: Trimming options in User Tags filter

= v2.1.2: December 9, 2019 =
Fixed: User Tags filters displaying on member directories
Fixed: Notice on update profile

= v2.1.1: November 13, 2019 =
Fixed: User Tags links from widget
Fixed: WPML integration with new user tags links

= v2.1.0: November 11, 2019 =
Added: Field to enable user added tags
Added: New user tags permalinks and settings for integration with member directories
Tweak: Integration with Ultimate Member 2.1.0

= v2.0.9: August 21, 2019 =
* Fixed: Integration with UM core and fields without metakeys in different places

 Version 2.0.8
* Fixed: Search by User Tags

Version 2.0.6
* Fixed: CSS enqueue

Version 2.0.5
* Fixed: WPML user tags compatibility
* Optimized: JS/CSS enqueue

* Fixed: Search in members directory

Version 2.0.3
* Fixed: Search in members directory by User Tag

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Download Ultimate Member User Tags Addon v2.2.1 Nulled

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