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Ultimate Member Profile Completeness Addon v2.2.3

You can either encourage or force members to complete their profiles with the Ultimate Member Profile Completeness Addon. This is one of the most effective strategies to ensure that users engage with your site and that you don’t end up with a bunch of empty user accounts.


Displaying on profile
Display completed profiles in the members directory
Setup Fields

Features: Ultimate Member Profile Completeness Addon

  • Use sidebar widgets to display profile fields that a user has yet to complete, as well as a progress indicator.
  • Users may fill up profile data via pop-ups from anywhere on the site, or they can go to their profile to do so.
  • Users are forced to finish their profiles by being sent to their edit profile page until they do so.
  • Only members who have finished their profiles will be displayed in the member directory (you can set what percent limit is applied)
  • Choose which fields should be included in the profile.
  • Determine what percentage of the total is contributed by each field (e.g gender is worth 5 percent , country is worth 10 percent )
  • Widgets are removed once a user’s profile is completed.
  • Choose which user roles to enable profile completion for.
  • Create distinct fields for each position.
  • Shortcodes can be used to display a profile progress bar anywhere on the site.
  • Users should not be able to comment on posts until their profiles are complete.
  • Users should not be able to create new posts or react to existing ones on bbPress forums until their profiles are complete.
  • Users shouldn’t be able to see other people’s profiles until they’ve finished their own.
  • Determine how much profile completion is necessary before a user may no longer be limited.

Changelog: Ultimate Member Profile Completeness Addon

= v2.2.3: December 20, 2021 =
* Added: Reminder email for users who did not complete their profiles
* Fixed: Extra slashes in the field's title in the profile completeness widget
* Fixed: PHP warnings if the current user hasn't settings for profile completeness

= v2.2.2: September 22, 2021 =
* Added: Profile page reload if profile is changed
* Added: Profile page reload on popup closing by skip

= v2.2.1: July 20, 2021 =

* Added: Hook for restrict text for posting in group
* Added: Restricted text for ForumWP
* Added: Fields validation on save profile progress popup
* Fixed: wp-admin Users screen with progress data
* Tweak: WP5.8 widgets screen compatibility

= v2.2.0: April 28, 2021 =
* Added: Integration with ForumWP
* Added: Filter hook `um_profile_completeness_fields_array_for_titles` for changing fields titles programmatically
* Fixed: Using uppercase symbols in usermeta keys conflicts with `sanitize_key()` function, used `sanitize_text_field()` instead
* Fixed: Integration with User Locations extension
* Tweak: Rewritten the integration with Groups and bbPress extensions

= v2.1.8: December 24, 2020 =
* Fixed: Fields list used for completeness progress fields

= 2.1.7: December 8, 2020 =
* Fixed: Duplicate completeness calculation of the profile photo field (image and gravatar)
* Fixed: Completeness calculation for the field type 'checkbox'
* Fixed: Using uppercase metakeys for the fields in the profile completion
* Fixed: CSS issues with border-radius and completed bar

= v2.1.5: April 1, 2020 =
* Added: JS template for profile completeness widget
* Fixed: Profile complete via widget upgrade widget without reload
* Fixed: Completeness filters at the Member Directory

= v2.1.2: November 11, 2019 =
Added: [um_profile_completeness_related_text] shortcode
Added: ability to change templates in theme via universal method UM()->get_template()
Added: Sanitize functions for request variables
Added: esc_attr functions to avoid XSS vulnerabilities

= v2.1.1: August 21, 2019 =
* Fixed: Compatibility with User Tags

Version 2.1.0
* Fixed: Completeness profile with empty user meta

Version 2.0.9
Added: Page restriction via profile completeness
Fixed: Use Gravatar disable completeness

* Fixed: Changed role notification

Version 2.0.7
* Fixed: Open modal window for profile completeness widget

Version 2.0.6
* Fixed: Profile Completeness field types progress
* Optimized: JS/CSS enqueue

Version 2.0.5
* Fixed: JS enqueue
* Fixed: New translation files

⭐See also: Summary of Ultimate Member Plugins to support continuous updates

Download Ultimate Member Profile Completeness Addon v2.2.3 Nulled

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