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Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon v2.3.3

Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon – Allow users to privately message one other by adding a private messaging system to your site. Perfect for websites that require one-on-one interaction.


Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon screenshot
Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon screenshot 1

Features: Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon

  • Allows users to send each other private messages.
  • Users can send a private message to another user using the messaging modal by adding a message button to their profile.
  • Each user’s profile now has a messages area where they can browse all chats and read/send private messages.
  • Private messages are automatically refreshed.
  • The ability to simply add emoticons to each private communication
  • Option to limit the number of characters that may be used in each discussion reply.
  • Adds a setting to the user account page that allows users to choose whether or not they wish to receive private messages.
  • When someone starts a new chat with them, it sends an email notice to the users.
  • Users may now switch on/off getting e-mail notifications for new chats on their user account page.
  • Control which user roles are allowed to send and receive private messages.
  • You may choose which user roles are allowed to send and receive private messages.
  • Limit how many new chats a user role may start in a certain amount of time.
  • Includes a block function that allows users to prevent certain users from texting them, as well as a means to unblock persons via the account page.
  • Plain text is supported in messages, with urls automatically transformed to links (No other HTML is accepted in messages)
  • Using the new messages tag, you can quickly display the number of unread messages in your menu.

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Changelog: Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon

= v2.3.3: August 17, 2022 =
* Added: Refresh new real-time notifications on async query when conversation is refreshed

= v2.3.2: February 9, 2022 =
* Added: 'Hide a "Download Chats History" link' setting.
* Fixed: setCaretPosition when paste emoji in the message textarea
* Fixed: Extension settings structure
* Deprecated: user_id attribute for [ultimatemember_messages] shortcode. Messaging conversations list is displayed only for the current logged in user

= v2.3.1: December 20, 2021 =
* Added: Filter `um_messaging_get_messages_limit` for getting more than 1000 messages in 1 conversation via customization
* Added: Restriction settings for role who can start conversation/reply. There is possible to everyone or selected roles.
* Fixed: Multisite installation and tables creating when the plugin is active on the single site or network

= 2.2.8: August 11, 2020 =
* Added: The default value for attribute "user_id" of the shortcode [ultimatemember_message_button]
* Added: *.pot translations file
* Added: CSS for messages button at the profile page
* Added: 3rd party integrations hook in settings section
* Fixed: Security vulnerability with getting conversations content
* Fixed: Modal Login form with reCAPTCHA
* Fixed: Modal windows links
* Fixed: URLs with # symbol
* Tweak: apply_shortcodes() function support

= 2.2.7: April 1, 2020 =
* Tweak: Optimized UM:Notifications integration
* Fixed: Old script breaks reCAPTCHA handler, so user can't login using the modal login form
* Fixed: Modal Login for not logged-in user who starts a chat

= v2.2.6 - January 13, 2020 =
Fixed: A bug with message tab if a user role disabled for private messages
Changed: Account notifications layout

= v2.2.5: November 11, 2019 =
* Tweak: Compatibility with 2.1.0 UM core

Version 2.2.3
* Fixed: JS SimpleBar errors

Version 2.2.2
Added: Templates for all HTML layouts in plugin
Fixed: AJAX conversation update
Fixed: Timestamp for saving the message
Fixed: Uninstall process when delete options checked

Version 2.2.1
* Fixed: Return empty content for undefined User ID

Version 2.2.0
Added: Confirmation before block user
Fixed: Scrolling at mobile devices ( simplebar library for scrolling is included )
Fixed: GDPR chats downloading
Fixed: Cursor position after insert emoji

Version 2.1.9
* Fixed: Vulnerability with Chat History

Version 2.1.8
Fixed: CSS style via wp_inline_add_script
Fixed: Insert emojii in the message box
Fixed: Show first conversation on load page
Fixed: Email reminder about unread messages

* Optimized: JS template for conversations list

* Added: Filter for the displaying Start Conversation button

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Download Ultimate Member Private Messages Addon v2.3.3 Nulled

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