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Ultimate Member MailChimp Addon v2.4.1

Ultimate Member MailChimp Addon – When people register on your site, this plugin connects MailChimp with Ultimate Member and allows them to subscribe to your mailing lists.


Ultimate Member mailchimp Addon screenshot

Features: Ultimate Member MailChimp Addon

  • When people register, automatically add them to a MailChimp list.
  • When users register, provide them the option to subscribe to a MailChimp list.
  • Add many lists to the registration form and let people choose which ones they want to join.
  • Display various listings on various register forms.
  • Sync the user’s meta with the MailChimp mailing list.
  • Users should be able to subscribe and unsubscribe from their account page.
  • Restrict lists to certain roles (On their account page, only roles that may subscribe/unsubscribe to a list can see it).

Changelog: Ultimate Member MailChimp Addon

= 2.4.1: October 26, 2022 =

* Added: Remove MailChimp settings, connections, form fields on uninstall
* Added: Remove user role settings related to MailChimp on uninstall
* Added: Remove user meta related to MailChimp on uninstall
* Added: Remove custom templates related to MailChimp on uninstall
* Added: Default value for the "Groups and Tags view" setting
* Added: Auto-fill MailChimp groups and tags in the registration form after failed submit
* Fixed: A contact update if the user email is changed
* Fixed: Deleting fields on post delete or trash if field type is empty
* Fixed: Error in Admin dashboard if MailChimp API key is incorrect
* Fixed: Group's interests removing in account notifications tab

= 2.4.0: August 17, 2022 =
* Added: Hook um_mailchimp_can_sync
* Added: Display a list of newsletters after the member name (for administrators)
* Added: Sanitize connection title on connection update
* Added: Remove fields which use deleted connection on connection delete
* Fixed: Connection roles setting
* Fixed: Double opt-in feature
* Fixed: Error on activation without a core plugin
* Fixed: Don't display field label if empty
* Improved: Internal caching
* Improved: Planned requests are used instead of immediately requests
* Improved: Widget "Testing connection with MailChimp server"

= v2.3.2: February 9, 2022 =
* Fixed: Extension settings structure

= v2.2.9: May 5, 2021 =
* Fixed: Unsubscribe form

= v2.2.8: March 15, 2021 =
* Added: Setting "Groups and Tags view"
* Added: Setting "Label" for the MailChimp field
* Added: The `fieldset_ch.php` template for the Groups and Tags checkbox view
* Added: Option to skip address field on syncing
* Added: Links to the documentation
* Fixed: "MailChimp audiences" column in the Users table
* Fixed: MailChimp field's label in the registration form
* Tweak: Settings description

= 2.2.7: December 8, 2020 =
* Added: A column "MailChimp audiences" in the admin table "Users"
* Added: A notification if the "MailChimp API Key" is wrong
* Added: A setting "Blocked Email Addresses"
* Added: Helper fields "Role slug" and "Role title" to simplify role syncing
* Added: Skip invalid values on audience fields syncing
* Added: The shortcode [ultimatemember_mailchimp_subscribe]
* Added: The shortcode [ultimatemember_mailchimp_unsubscribe]
* Added: Template files field.php, form_subscribe.php, form_unsubscribe.php
* Changed: The template file fieldset.php
* Fixed: A label for the field type "MailChimp" in the registration form
* Fixed: Disable fields hidden by conditional logic
* Fixed: Don't unsubscribe existing contacts on registration
* Fixed: Integration with the extension "Profile Completeness"
* Fixed: The conflict caused by the function um_fetch_user
* Fixed: The subscription logic for contacts with the status "pending"

= v2.2.6: August 14, 2020 =
* Fixed: Getting all groups
* Fixed: Getting all tags
* Updated: Documentation

= v2.2.5: August 11, 2020 =
* Added: A new widget tool "Sync Profiles (with details)"
* Added: Compatibility with the extension "User Tags"
* Added: Compatibility with the MailChimp's field type "Address"
* Added: Show sync error details in the dashboard widget
* Added: Show sync error details on the page Account
* Added: Show a difference between "MC Choices" and "UM Choices" in the box "Merge User Meta"
* Added: Show tooltips in the box "Testing connection with Mailchimp server"
* Changed: Send a 'multiselect' field value as a comma-separated values
* Changed: The action on Account update or Profile update
* Fixed: Data used in the modal window "Review Registration Details" and email placeholder {submitted_registration}
* Fixed: JavaScript error in the tool "Bulk Subscribe & Unsubscribe"
* Fixed: The action on Change email address (update existing contact)
* Fixed: The form field "MailChimp", option "Select an audience"
* Fixed: The function that get audience groups (get all groups)

= v2.2.4: April 1, 2020 =
* Added: Frontend script and style
* Added: Setting "Marketing Permissions"
* Added: User Roles options: "Can manage groups?", "Can manage tags?", "Can create tags?"
* Added: Settings "Account delete action", "Account unapprove action"
* Added: Method UM()->Mailchimp()->api()->mc_archive_member()
* Added: Method UM()->Mailchimp()->api()->mc_deletep_member()
* Removed: Setting "Remove subscriber from Mailchimp audience when user unsubscribed"
* Removed: Setting "Allow member to create tags"
* Deprecated: Method UM()->Mailchimp()->api()->mc_delete_member()

= v2.2.2: December 18, 2019 =
Added: Ability to merge any UM field type with MC text field type
Fixed: Check member role before automatically subscribe
Fixed: Tool "Test subscribe"

= v2.2.1: November 13, 2019 =
* Fixed: Double opt-in: added "filter_subscription_status" method

= v2.2.0: November 11, 2019 =
New: MailChimp's Groups support
New: MailChimp's Tags support
Added: Update Notifications notices
Added: Requests cache
Fixed: Requests log
Fixed: Testing connection tool
Fixed: Sync Profiles tool Users cache

Version 2.1.1
* Fixed: Subscription on change users role

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Download Ultimate Member MailChimp Addon v2.4.1 Nulled

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