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Ultimate Member Groups Addon v2.3.0

Ultimate Member Groups Addon allow people to form and join groups based on common interests or subjects.


ultimate member groups addon screenshot 1
ultimate member groups addon screenshot 2
ultimate member groups addon screenshot 3
ultimate member groups addon screenshot 4

Features: Ultimate Member Groups Addon

  • Users are able to form groups.
  • Allow users to participate in groups.
  • Settings for group moderation
  • Users can create groups and post in them.
  • Users can choose the level of privacy for their groups (private, hidden, public)
  • Shortcode allows users to see their groups from their profile or any website.
  • For groups, there are categories and tags accessible.
  • Decide who has the authority to invite people to a group (Group admin, moderators or all members)
  • For group posts, post moderation is possible.
  • Add a group photo

Changelog: Ultimate Member Groups Addon

= v2.3.0: August 17, 2022 =
* Fixed: Content replace with Avada theme (Group single page)

= v2.2.9: February 9, 2022 =
* Fixed: Extension settings structure

= 2.2.8: December 20, 2021 =
* Fixed: Applying the category filter and after that click on "Load more" button.

= v2.2.7: September 22, 2021 =
* Added: the filter hook 'um_groups_single_the_title'
* Fixed: The text-type filter fields displaying on the Invite tab
* Fixed: The page title on the single group pa
* Fixed: Getting group post via the hash (there could be a match with another post type)
* Fixed: Translations typo

= v2.2.6: July 20, 2021 =
* Fixed: Single group's `the_title` hook
* Tweak: WP5.8 widgets screen compatibility

= v2.2.5: June 24, 2021 =
* Added: Enhancements in the integration of Groups + Profile Completeness
* Added: jQuery v3 compatibility (removed deprecated functions from jQuery.migrate)
* Added: Text to display if user needs to login to see group activity
* Added: Real-time notification 'Groups - New post'
* Added: Real-time notification 'Groups - New comment'
* Added: Hooks for integration with CPT and taxonomies
* Added: The restriction notice for the 3rd-party integration
* Added: Reported posts tab and notice in the group discussion wall
* Added a new shortcode [ultimatemember_group_users_invite_list]. The list of the invitations for current user
* Fixed: Shortcodes' data displaying privacy
* Fixed: Redirects on the profile tabs
* Fixed: [ultimatemember_group_invite_list] shortcode
* Fixed: Pagination in the members template
* Fixed: Email notification placeholders and updated templates
* Fixed: Restored post slug line
* Fixed: Changed default group CPT slug to avoid the conflicts
* Fixed: Privacy checking for "public for role" groups
* Fixed: AJAX actions for the group's members
* Fixed: Invitation filters bar the "clear all" link
* Fixed: Join Administrator as the first member to the group
* Fixed: Group creator name displaying
* Fixed: Administrator capabilities for deleting posts from the group
* Fixed: Groups list pagination and displaying groups for not logged in users
* Fixed: Deleting group avatar after group editing
* Fixed: Displaying hidden group in a user profile
* Fixed: Sending email notifications only after moderation
* Fixed: Avatar displaying on the real-time notifications feed
* Fixed: Displaying groups for the banned users
* Fixed: Displaying page title on the singular group page
* Fixed: Notice about not-reviewed group posts for moderators and admins
* Fixed: Displaying rejected users in the Join Requests tab
* Fixed: Form labels and some typo
* Deprecated: group_id attribute for the [ultimatemember_group_new] shortcode

= v2.2.4: December 16, 2020 =
* Added: Show the image upload error
* Added: Improvements for single/list groups templates (Show author, categories, tags. Upload avatar.)
* Fixed: User suggestions
* Fixed: Settings have to be applied after plugins loaded
* Fixed: Enqueue scripts
* Fixed: PHP notices
* Fixed: Show only friends to the user invites directory
* Fixed: Filters names
* Fixed: Typo bug fix and add action hooks
* Fixed: Remove email notifications after post updates
* Fixed: Don't display the form 'Write Post' if the user is not a member of a group
* Tweak: A new icon for the profile tab 'Groups'

= v2.2.3: August 24, 2020 =
* Fixed: Using a deprecated variable $.browser in autoresize library
* Fixed: Count notifier of groups on the someone else's profile
* Fixed: Invites actions on the someone else's profile
* Fixed: Action buttons in a groups tab on the someone else's profile

= v2.2.1: April 1, 2020 =
* Added: GDPR complicity, groups' discussions posts export
* Fixed: PHP notice for the "public for role" group when not logged in user see it
* Fixed: Shortcode arguments and search bar at groups list
* Fixed: Tags validation on create group
* Fixed: Editing group-wall posts
* Fixed: Group-wall posting and comments
* Tweak: Optimized webnotifications integration

= v2.2.0: January 23, 2020 =
Added: Ability to sort filters on Invites tab
Added: Text-type filters for Invites tab
Added: Performance fixes to decrease the number of mySQL queries
Fixed: Join to group button from another user Profile
Fixed: CSS issuess
Fixed: User action links
Changed: Account notifications layout

= v2.1.9: November 18, 2019 =
Fixed: Groups table creation
Fixed: Redirect from "Join Requests" to "Login" page for logged out users

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Download Ultimate Member Groups Addon v2.3.0 Nulled

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