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Ultimate Member Core Plugin v2.5.1

Ultimate Member Nulled is the most popular WordPress user profile and membership plugin. Users may easily sign up and become members of your website with the help of this plugin. The plugin helps you to create complex online communities and membership sites by allowing you to add gorgeous user profiles to your site. Ultimate Member is a lightweight and extensible membership management system that allows you to develop practically any sort of website where people may join and become members with ease.


ultimate member screenshot 1
ultimate member screenshot 2
ultimate member screenshot 3

Features: Ultimate Member – User Profile, User Registration, Login & Membership Plugin

  • User profiles on the front end
  • User registration on the front end
  • User registration on the front end
  • Form fields that are unique to you
  • Form fields with conditional logic
  • Form builder with drag and drop functionality
  • Page for the user’s account
  • User roles that can be customized
  • Directories of members
  • Emails from users
  • Restriction on content
  • Nav menus with conditions
  • On user profiles, display author postings and comments.
  • With dozens of functions and filters, it’s ideal for developers.

Changelog: Ultimate Member Core Plugin

= 2.5.1: October 26, 2022 =
* Enhancements:

- Added: Custom fields callbacks blacklist. Use `um_dropdown_options_source_blacklist` filter for adding your custom functions to the custom callbacks blacklist. By default there are all PHP internal functions.

= 2.5.0: August 17, 2022 =
* Enhancements:
- Added: Input type "tel" using for the "Mobile Number" and "Phone Number" fields
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: Performance issue on wp-admin Users screen. Queries were replaced to the cache transient values
- Fixed: Privacy policy displaying when there are 2 registration forms on the same page
- Fixed: Password Reset process via Ultimate Member - Password Reset form. Reset password links' arguments changed to the same view as WordPress native has. Password Reset available for the same cases as native WordPress Password Reset has
- Fixed: Sanitizing for the Info Text field-type in wp-admin forms. Needed for the proper 3rd-party integrations
- Fixed: Displaying the filters' titles on the Member Directory pages
* Deprecated:
- `UM()->query()->get_users_by_status()` without alternativities. It's unused since 2.5.0. Will be removed since 2.7.0
- `UM()->user()->get_pending_users_count()`. Use `UM()->query()->get_pending_users_count()` instead. It's unused since 2.5.0. Will be removed since 2.7.0
- `UM()->user()->remove_cached_queue()` without alternativities. It's unused since 2.5.0. Will be removed since 2.7.0
* Templates required update:
- password-change.php
- password-reset.php
* Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

= 2.4.2: July 14, 2022 =
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: Member Directory vulnerabilities
- Fixed: 3rd-party integration with profile tabs and ability to show edit profile form on the 3rd-party profile tab
- Fixed: PHP fatal error on unset
- Fixed: select2 style conflicts with 3rd-party plugins

= 2.4.1: June 13, 2022 =
* Enhancements:
- Added: Number-type Ultimate Member custom fields to the list of the sorting fields on the member directory
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: XSS issue related to the JS confirmation and links with JS code inside
- Fixed: PHP error when `um_options` option in wp_options table doesn't exist or has wrong format
- Fixed: select2 styles for RTL languages
- Fixed: Using slashes in the `Choices callback` setting for the dropdown/multi-select fields. It's for the using PHP namespaces
- Fixed: Deleting `um_member_directory_data` user meta when user is deleted
- Fixed: Using special chars inside the password and avoid using "\" symbol (WordPress native logic)
- Fixed: Conflict when `wp_get_current_user()` not exists
- Fixed: Changed hook for member directory variables initialization for getting ability to use Ultimate Member hooks for customizing these variables via theme
- Fixed: Remove a redundant WP_Users_Query when getting empty `account_status` users

= 2.4.0: June 1, 2022 =
* Enhancements:
- Added: "Allow external link redirect confirm" setting for the displaying JS.confirm alert before redirect to external link from User Profile links
- Added: "Allowed Choice Callbacks" setting for the security enhancements
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: PHP warning when nav menu is empty
- Fixed: Security issue related to the User Description field
- Fixed: Security issue related to the [um_loggedin] shortcode
- Fixed: Using $current_screen without checking for existence
- Fixed: `remove_unused_uploads()` function for some PHP installations

= v2.3.2: April 21, 2022 =
* Enhancements:
- Added: wp-admin notice with reminder about locking WordPress native registration for guests
- Added: Users dropdown field for Ultimate Member settings fields in wp-admin. It supports AJAX lazy loading
- Added: JS confirm when redirection from User Profile links to the 3rd-party URL
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: PHP warning when there aren't proper user while login
- Fixed: Removing UM custom capabilities from global $wp_roles when uninstall
- Fixed: Removing UM custom roles from user roles after uninstall
- Fixed: Issue with echo XSS on User Profile
- Fixed: Sanitizing for the checkbox, radio, multiselect fields for PHP8 installations
* Deprecated:
- `um_whitelisted_wpadmin_access` hook and `wpadmin_allow_ips` option. They were unused and redundant since the 2.x version

= v2.3.1: February 9, 2022 =
* Enhancements:
- Added: wp-admin notice on the Settings page when settings have been changed (#963)
- Added: WP Blocks restriction settings for the blocks (templates/nav-menu) on the FSE pages
- Added: UM-specific query_var for UM additional Users_Query on users.php screen in wp-admin. `um_custom_user_query` = true
- Added: Ability for dropdown.js to use it inside parent wrapper (not only document.body)
- Changed: Using WP Cron schedules. Un-schedule events after plugin deactivation
- Removed: `um_check_extensions_licenses` and replaced it to `um_daily_scheduled_events` event
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: "Can user edit this field?" fields' option for the file/image upload field-types (#958)
- Fixed: Using uppercase symbols in the "Blocked Email Addresses" and "Blacklist Words" blacklists settings (#962)
- Fixed: PHP warning related to the Ultimate Member custom fields without type
- Fixed: Some typos in the labels (#975)
- Fixed: UX issue with wrong text on the admin notice about upgrade
- Fixed: UX issue with Blacklist Words and Blocked Email settings labels. Added a small description about per line separation (#962)
- Fixed: Sorting the Extensions settings sections

2.2.5: September 22, 2021​
Added: Ability to insert SoundCloud track URL instead of Track ID
Added: Settings for the password min/max length (Ultimate Member > Settings > Users)
Fixed: Invalid role keys on the role list-table + role edit screen (case when latin symbols used with not UTF-8 symbols)
Fixed: Restriction logic and archive lists (+ nav menu bar) with active “Disable pre-queries for restriction content logic” option
Fixed: Restriction settings fields conditions on wp-admin screens
Fixed: Account user_login field validation removed as redundant. The field is disabled and not used in code flow
Fixed: display_name data update after First + Last name fields edition on the Account page
Fixed: Password length validation on the Account page and Password Reset page
Fixed: Using custom fields from multi-select dropdowns for user’s Display Name. Unserialized custom field’s values

= v2.2.4: August 27, 2021 =
* Bugfixes:
- Fixed: Hiding comments feed for pages with active comments
- Fixed: Changing the post title to the restricted value while displaying in the loop that uses direct `post_title` variable
- Fixed: PHP errors related to not passed function attributes from 3rd-party plugins or themes when using WP native hooks
- Fixed: Handling the login form errors via \WP_Error

2.2.0: July 20, 2021​
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the Ultimate Member > Settings forms’ fields
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the Ultimate Member > User Role Add/Edit forms’ fields
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the Ultimate Member > Forms forms’ fields
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the Ultimate Member > Forms > Add Field/Edit Field forms’ fields
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the Ultimate Member > User Roles forms’ fields
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the Restriction Content forms’ fields in the posts/pages/menus additional fields
Added: Sanitizing handlers to the all (Login/Registration/Profile/Account) frontend forms’ fields
Added: Custom placeholder setting for the Confirm Password field
Fixed: Content restriction settings using in Avada theme with active page headers
Fixed: Content restriction (CPT + Terms). Avoid displaying comments if the post is restricted
Fixed: Content restriction (CPT + Terms). Avoid displaying comments and posts feed
Fixed: Content restriction (CPT + Terms). Displaying the proper count of the posts. Restricted are excluded
Fixed: Saving and displaying settings on the UM > Settings > Access screen
Fixed: Saving and displaying default Member Directory settings
Fixed: Minor PHP warnings on registration data preview
Fixed: Member directory slider filter-type query and results
Fixed: Uploader filename displaying
WordPress 5.8 compatibility. Widgets screen changes based on the new features with Legacy Widget block
Templates required update:
Cached and optimized/minified assets(JS/CSS) must be flushed/re-generated after upgrade

Fixed: Endless JS loop when filtering on Member Directory page

Added: Activation link expiration setting (#803)
Added: ‚Owner and specific roles‘ privacy type for the Profile tabs (#773)
Added: Hooks um_before_email_notification_sending and um_after_email_notification_sending regarding #743 pull-request
Added: Hooks for integration member directory filters with different conditions for query to DB
Fixed: Editing private profiles capability. Removed the priority for „Can edit other member accounts?“ capability when the account is private. (#805)
Fixed: PHP notice when the admin filtering field has the not array default value (e.g. bool)
Fixed: The conflict with Disable Blog plugin regarding this issue. download_routing callback has the highest priority now.
Fixed: Fields privacy functionality. This function um_can_view_field() has been rewritten (#780)
Fixed: Fields privacy + form validation functionality. Skip the field’s validation that aren’t visible on the form based on the privacy settings (#795)
Fixed: PHP notice in the confirm password label thread
Fixed: Confirm password placeholder when label is empty
Fixed: Permanently deleting form’s field (#786)
Fixed: Default value with comma for checkbox field-type (#729)
Fixed: Gutenberg blocks conditional settings (#793)
Fixed: Getting active Profile tab when some of them are hidden
Fixed: Restricted content message is showing twice and removing header, avoid the conflicts with themes that use ‚the_content‘ filter in header or footer (#799)
Fixed: „Is required“ validation for the multiselect field-type when it’s empty on submit
Fixed: Using ‚wp_login_failed‘ hook, added 2nd parameter required since WordPress 5.4 version (#810)

Added: General and role setting to avoid indexing users’ profiles
Added: um_prepare_user_results_array_meta hook and the 2nd argument for um_prepare_user_results_array hook for handle $user_ids based on getting members query
Added: Change password email when the password has been reset
Added: jQuery v3 compatibility
Added: An option “Administrator” in a menu settings to make the menu visible for administrators only
Fixed: Creating and removing usermeta data with password_rst_attempts key, just update if exists for now
Fixed: Using ‘edit_users’ capability instead of ‘manage_options’ for approve|reject membership
Fixed: Using ‘manage_options’ capability instead of ‘delete_users’ for switching between members
Fixed: Using myCRED points metakeys in UM usermeta table
Fixed: Empty icons are shown in the popup “Choose from… available icons”
Fixed: Member Directory slider filter with NaN or decimal range
Fixed: PHP notices and warnings
Fixed: Security vulnerability with User Account page and password field
Fixed: User creating without username but based on first+last name with not-ASCII symbols
Fixed: Password reset hash generating more than 1 time
Fixed: Random order type translation string on the member directory
Fixed: Resize and compress images when uploading on User Profile images fields or user wall
Fixed: Displaying more than 1 UM popups on the same page
Fixed: UM dropdown.js position calculation
Fixed: Select2 dropdown block position calculation
Updated: Select2 to 4.0.13 version

⭐See also: Summary of Ultimate Member Plugins to support continuous updates

Download Ultimate Member Core Plugin v2.5.1 Nulled Free

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