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Ultimate Member bbPress Addon v2.1.2

bbPress, a popular forums plugin, is integrated with Ultimate Member bbPress Addon.


Ultimate Member bbPress addon setting 1
Ultimate Member bbPress addon setting 2

Features: Ultimate Member bbPress Addon

  • Automatically transfer your bbPress user profile to your Ultimate Member user profile.
  • All user links in the forum are immediately routed to the Ultimate Member profile.
  • On the Ultimate Member profile, it adds a forums tab.
  • The forums tab displays a user’s topics and replies.
  • On the profile, it displays the number of discussions and replies.
  • From their profile, the user may manage their subscriptions and favorites.
  • Allows you to specify which roles are allowed to have a forum tab on their profile.
  • No bbPress template tweaking is required – it works right out of the box!
  • Features for Content Restriction
    • Allow particular user roles to access forums.
    • Allow specific user roles to access specified subjects.
    • Control which roles are allowed to post posts and answers in which forums (s)
    • Allow/disallow a certain user role from generating new forum topics/replies.
    • On a user role basis, disable the creation of new topics on particular weekdays.
    • On a per-user-role basis, prevent the creation of new topics.


  • bbPress WordPress plugin

Changelog: Ultimate Member bbPress Addon

= v2.1.2: September 22, 2021 =
* Fixed: Favorites posts tab pagination
* Fixed: Subscription posts tab pagination

= v2.1.1: August 3, 2021 =
* Tweak: rewritten forums and topics restriction settings

= v2.1.0: April 28, 2021 =
* Tweak: rewritten integration with Profile Completeness and ability to post in the forums

= v2.0.9: June 1, 2020 =
* Fixed: Set default restriction settings for forums and topics

= v2.0.8: April 1, 2020 =
* Tweak: Optimized UM:Notifications integration

= v2.0.7: November 11, 2019 =
Added: Sanitize functions for request variables
Added: esc_attr functions to avoid XSS vulnerabilities
Added: ability to change templates in theme via universal method UM()->get_template()
Fixed: Profile Tabs integration
Fixed: When inactive hide Social Activity action on new topic in forum

Version 2.0.6
Added: Ability to rewrite templates via themes
Fixed: Profile Tabs
Fixed: Uninstall process

Version 2.0.4
* Fixed: Showing topic title for topic and forum title for forum

Version 2.0.3
* Fixed: AJAX actions handlers

⭐See also: Summary of Ultimate Member Plugins to support continuous updates

Download Ultimate Member bbPress Addon v2.1.2 Nulled

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.