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UiPress (Formerly WP Admin 2020) v2.4.2 – Modern WordPress Dashboard Theme

UiPress WP Admin 2020 Nulled powers your WordPress Dashboard. More than 18,228 websites have been charged with Admin 2020

A clean and modern WordPress admin extension with streamlined dashboard, Google Analytics and WooCommerce integration, powerful content library, dark mode, white label and more.


Welcome to a new way to manage your digital assets in WordPress

WP Admin 2020 comes with a brand new content library that is up to 50% faster than Classic WordPress Library. Gather all your posts, pages and custom post types into one screen with filters, advanced folders, previews and quick editing.

WP Admin 2020 Modern Wordpress Dashboard Theme 1

Fully modular

WP Admin 2020 v2 is designed in a completely modular way. That means any of its feature sets can be enabled or disabled for certain users, and each module is built to work independently of the other.

Content folder

With WP Admin 2020, you will have a powerful folder system where you can organize your media, posts, pages or snippets.

Content folder

Notification Center

WP Admin 2020 plugin notices are necessary in some cases, in others they are very annoying. So instead of blindly hiding them all, we moved them all away.

WP Admin 2020 announcements, updates, announcements, and more are now all in an off-canvas area, easily accessible from the top bell icon in the admin bar.

Notification Center

Changelog: UiPress (formerly WP Admin 2020) – Modern WordPress Dashboard Theme Nulled

v2.4.2 - 29/09/2022
Added Added new experimental feature for dynamic page loading in the admin
Added Admin menus made with menu creator now have an option to automatically update when plugins are deleted or added
Fix Fixed toolbar layout on frontend with theme x / Jupiter X theme
Fix Fixed minor layout issues with toolbar icon positioning
Fix Fixed layout issue with wp media folders plugin
Fix Fixed issue that could cause a warning for headers already set
Change When deleting a user through the user management page that users content is now automatically assigned to yourself instead of being deleted

v2.4.1 - 14/09/2022
Added Added option to purge all history items from the DB
Added Added option to limit amount of entries the history log can have
Added Added option to allow granular control of what actions are logged In the history
Change Updated Croatian language translation files
Change Date picker on overview page is now automatically translated into current install language
Change Updated default overview template to be translatable
Change Command / ctrl k will now work on Firefox and on windows
Change Reduced icon font library size considerably to boost page load speeds
Fix Fixed shortcut display on command centre - showing cmd on windows etc
Fix Fixed issue where user icon would show as broken image on toolbar flyout when no profile image was set
Fix Fixed bug with overview page templates / layouts adding backslashes to titles / descriptions / code etc
Fix Fixed layout issue with rank math menu items in admin menu
Fix Fixed a bug where theme styles wouldn’t import when running WordPress in another language other than English
Fix Fixed issue where uip toolbar wouldn’t show on frontend when using piotnet forms
Fix Fixed layout of woo commerce pages when flyout toolbar is enabled
Fix Fixed issue on multisite where background of my sites list was dark
Fix Fixed layout issue with full screen mode on wp sheets editor
Fix Fixed menu overlap issue on jet menu mega menu builder

v2.4.0 - 08/08/2022
Added Added new command centre
Added Added fix for redirecting to overview when installation doesn’t use default ‘wp-admin’ path
Added Added warning for when activity log gets very big (20,000 entries or more) and presents option to remove all history
Added Added option to delete selected history items from within the user activity page
Added Added submenu text and hover colors to the styles page options
Added Added uipress styles option to change the secondary primary color (usually black / dark grey)
Added Added a base font size option for the styles page
Added Added ability to delete custom capabilities
Change Improved contrast on the menu text
Change Updated several language files
Fix Fixed bug in uipress styles library that could cause themes to incorrectly import
Fix Fixed issue with stackable plugin breaking the admin menu layout
Fix Fixed WordPress icon showing in block editor
Fix Fixed issue where compatibility styles were not loading for pro version of SEOpress
Fix Fixed a positioning bug with dropdowns on the user management page and also corrected position when in rtl
Fix Fixed admin menu search bug
Fix Fixed issue with some plugin icons not displaying correctly in the admin menu

v2.3.8 - 02/06/2022
Fix Fixed support for ws forms pro
Fix Fixed bug that could stop emails being sent from the user management page
Fix Fixed bug that was causing batch emails not to be set as BCC

v2.3.7 - 31/05/2022
Added Added open profile and edit role to list actions available in user management tables
Fix Fixed bug that could cause front end admin bar to overlap with theme header

v2.3.3 - 16/05/2022
Added Added new style option for menu search text and placeholder color
Added Added option to apply dark / light mode according to prefers-color-scheme
Added Added new white label features - you can now rename the plugin author and plugin link
Added Added the uipress styles theme library
Change Custom js and css now loads on the front end only when uipress admin menu or toolbar or showing on the front
Change Improved the UX and layout of the uipress settings page and added the ability to search settings
Change Improved the custom font loading feature in uipress styles, now includes multiple font weights
Change Updated icons to google material symbols
Fix Fixed issue with setting custom admin menu width and then using the collapsed menu
Fix Fixed issue causing icons to flash as text before loading on slow networks
Fix Fixed spelling error on the overview page

v2.3.2 - 11/05/2022
Change Further modifications to oxygen styles
Fix Fixed unintended text showing in the admin menu - 28/04/2022
Fix Fixed item count on WordPress tables on mobile
Fix Fixed overview page categories overflow issue on mobile
Fix Fixed content page main table overflow issue on mobile
Fix Fixed extra margin at the bottom of submenus when using show submenu on hover
Fix Fixed incompatibility with free soul deactivate plugins
Fix Added fix for for layout issues with Kali Forms
Change Tweaked recent posts card layout
Change Various tweaks to woo commerce styles
Change Improved compatibility for security ninja plugin in dark mode - 25/03/2022
Fix Fixed issue where ad blockers / brave browser could break the overview page - 24/03/2022
Fix Fixed the styling / overlap issues with groundhogg advanced email editor
Fix Fixed errors when importing layout on overview page
Fix Fixed issue with to-do overview card displaying default items before loading up actually list
Fix Fixed various formatting issues on the content page
Fix Fixed formatting issues with recent comments and recent posts cards on the overview
Fix Fixed yootheme builder compatibility for admin pages
Fix Fixed incorrectly placed welcome message on overview page
Change Updated Brazilian translations
Change Updated two strings in German translation

v2.3.1.5 – 15/03/2022
Fix Fixed issue with rank math not displaying on admin menu
Fix Fixed issue with admin pages not displaying on multisite subsites
Change Extended the period between which uipress checks licence keys

v2.3.1.4 – 12/03/2022
Fix Fixed a bug in multisite where network override settings were not applying

v2.3.1.3 – 11/03/2022
Fix Fixed issue with conversion rate card that could crash overview page
Fix Fixed various issues with woo commerce cards on the overview page
Fix Added better error handling on the overview page so one broken card doesn’t crash whole page
Fix Fixed issue causing admin bar not to load on admin pages unless load front admin bar was enabled
Fix Fixed issue that could cause corrupted uipress settings on multisite network when using reset settings
Fix Fixed some small bugs with using custom menus on multisite and php 8

v2.3.1.2 – 10/03/2022
Fix Fixed several style issues with ACF in dark mode
Fix Fixed potential issue on country visits cards when traffic is from an unknown source
Fix Fixed issue stopping updated scripts from loading without cache clear
Fix Fixed issues with Czech translations

2.3.1 – 09/03/2022
Added Added option to change overview page default start and end date
Added Added new date picker allowing for custom comparison dates
Added Added option for menu search background colour
Added Added option for active menu item background colour
Added Added card module name to the card id for unique css targets on the overview page
Added Added option to add custom css classes columns on the overview page
Added Added option to add background colour to columns on the overview page
Added Added option to hide card and section titles on the overview page
Added Added ability to resize sections on the overview page
Added Added quote of the day and to do list card on the overview page
Added Added support for google analytics 4 on the overview page
Added Added over ten new google analytics cards
Change Design overhaul of overview editing experience
Change Updated default overview template
Change Updated all translation files and fixed various untranslatable strings
Change Added style fix for revolution slider
Change Added updated French translation
Change Added some style fixes for ACF in dark mode
Fix Fixed compatibility with loco translate
Fix Fixed issue when admin menu is collapsed, and you visit admin page it shows full without menu text
Fix Fixed layout issue with support board plugin
Fix Fixed errors with login redirect on login page on multisite running php8
Fix Fixed issue with WP Mail SMTP setup wizard
Fix Added fix for WooCommerce Multilingual setup wizard
Fix Fixed layout issue on classic editor text mode
Fix Fixed bug that could stop custom menus being loaded on subsites
Fix Fixed layout issue with late point plugin
Fix Fixed issue that could stop plugin logos showing in the menu
Fix Fixed issue causing custom classes not to load on separators when using custom menu
Fix Added fix for longer login forms on mobile displaying incorrect background colour at bottom
Fix Added layout fix for motion.pages builder
Fix Fixed issue displaying media items with no folder when elementor pro was active
Fix Fixed layout issue on block editor when uipress theme was disabled – 01/02/2022
Added Added option to stop admin pages being automatically added to the admin menu
Added Added option to allow custom slugs for admin pages
Added Added conditional role / user select for loading admin menu on frontend
Added Added option to change uipress icon
Added Added option to add admin favicon
Change Further refinement of settings page
Change Reworked the user / role selector and post type selector on the uipress settings page / menu creator etc
Fix Fixed layout of front end admin menu when used with default wp toolbar
Fix Fixed issue with menu front on mobile / smaller screens
Fix Added a fix for overview page where it could fail to load the default template
Fix Fixed issue that could cause blank admin menus
Fix Fixed issue with menu creator on multisite not showing all network users and incorrectly applying menu
Fix Fixed login redirect on multisite for directing to the overview page
Fix Fixed issue that could cause admin pages not to load on some setups
Fix Fixed checkbox issue on SEOpress meta boxes on posts / pages – 29/01/2022
Fix Fixed an issue that could cause posts types and templates not to appear on some multisite networks
Fix Fixed overflow issue on frontend that could cause admin bar to hide site header
Added Added Slovak translation

v2.3 – 28/01/2022
Added Added option to rename uipress plugin
Added Added option to hide uipress from the plugin table
Added Added admin pages feature – tested and working with block editor, elementor, divi, beaver builder, oxygen and bricks
Added Added option to allow admin menu to load on front end
Added Added routing for the uipress settings page so you load on the same tab on refresh
Added Added option to disable language selector introduced in wp 5.9
Added Added a fix for & symbols being incorrectly rendered and breaking some custom menu URLs
Added Added option to disable dark mode
Change Refined settings page ui
Change Further Improved loading speeds on subsites on WordPress multisite when using wp ultimo
Change Various performance enhancements and tweaks
Fix Various fixes to the media page layout when used with folders on mobile
Fix Fixed display issue with login page language selector introduced in wp 5.9
Fix Fixed issue causing no icons to be shown on shrunk menu when icons are hidden
Fix Fixed issue stopping the danger button from inheriting custom border radius

v2.2.9.1 – 10/01/2022
Change Various performance enhancements and tweaks
Change Added an overflow for the toolbar off canvas (notifications / updates etc)
Added Added a preview option to uipress styles to show items that are being changed
Added Added danger button (red button) style options to uipress styles
Added Added a swatch to the uipress styles options to show the color when a custom one isn’t set
Fix Fixed issue causing slow subsides on WordPress multisite when using wp ultimo
Fix Fixed bug causing all logins to redirect to admin url despite custom rules set
Fix Fixed login layout when using white label CMS plugin
Fix Fixed toolbar overlay issue on mainwp page
Fix Fixed issue stopping button styling applying to login page primary button
Fix Fixed vue.js conflict on overview and menu creator when using theme myListing
Fix Added layout fix for task scheduler in jetpack CRM plugin
Fix Fixed issue that could break the overview page if foreign characters were in usernames
Fix Added styling fix for wicked folders

v2.2.9 – 06/12/2021​
Added Added option to styles page to change the logo height
Change Further refinements to the admin menu loader, should be quicker and more stable
Fix Added toolbar layout fix for autonami
Fix Fixed issue with ultimo version 2> that could cause slow subsites
Fix Fixed quick view display issue in content page on mobile
Fix Fixed positioning of toolbar on classic editor when in text mode
Fix Fixed bug causing all roles to be locked out of content page / overview page when conditional disable for roles were added
Fix Fixed overflow issue on the content page that could hide item dropdowns
Fix Fixed issue stopping custom menu item classes being loaded up on admin menu
Fix Fixed issue with large icons on autnami pages
Fix Fixed checkbox on b2b king dynamic rules page

v2.2.8 – 29/11/2021
Change Allowed predefined date ranges on overview page to be translated
Change Added updated arabic translations
Fix Fixed issue with admin cache that could sometimes load up default menu before showing custom menu
Fix Fixed issue on multisite when subsite has domain mapped and certain scripts won’t load because of cross domain policy
Fix Fixed issue stopping custom icons from admin menu editor plugin from displaying
Fix Fixed issue that broke menu creator when wp ultimo v2> was installed
Fix Fixed issue that stopped you from actually viewing post when clicking view post button in search results

v2.2.6 – 22/11/2021
Added Emphasised the headers on the styles page and allowed for sections to be collapsed
Added Added option to allow view website links to open in new tab (default remains same window)
Added Added some style and layout fixes for lifter LMS
Added Added fix for page action buttons being oversized on code-snippets plugin
Added Added toolbar link hover colour to styles page
Added Added a dropdown for left toolbar links / options on mobile
Change Changed positioning of background image on login page
Change Smoothed out admin menu loader
Fix Fixed issue with menu creator showing unavailable icons and causing display issues
Fix Cleaned up some css around custom button colours / text colours
Fix Fixed issue with custom css converting symbols to html entities
Fix Fixed menu creator no items available when admin menu module is disabled
Fix Fixed issue that breaks layout on mobile when custom menu width is set
Fix Fixed custom text colours on toolbar dropdown for links on left
Fix Fixed licence activation count for multisite networks
Fix Fixed issue with page action buttons on rank math 404 page
Fix Fixed menu options dropdown location on mobile
Fix Fixed layout issue with groundhog
Fix Added fix for wordfence page actions

v2.2.5 – 18/11/2021​
Added Added style options for various buttons to the styles page
Added Added updated Portuguese translation files
Added Added pagination to icon selector in menu creator and added a few other improvements
Added Added custom scrollbars to help blend in when in dark mode
Added Added a more detailed color picker for the styles page
Change Stopped custom menus loading on network admin level
Change Allowed custom admin menus to still be applied on a subsite level
Fix Fixed issue on mobile menu when submenu hover was enabled
Fix Fixed a mobile layout error on default dashboard
Fix Fixed a couple display issues on mobile for analytics cards on the overview page
Fix Fixed the dreaded issue that could cause uipress settings to load blank
Fix Fixed issues with ‘&’ symbols being converted incorrectly in custom URLs
Fix Fixed issue causing menu items to become active on click in sub menu hover mode
Fix Fixed issue with conditionally displaying updates / notifications for certain users / roles
Fix Fixed RTL layout issues on login page
Fix Fixed custom menu name separators when menu is collapsed

v2.2.4 – 16/11/2021
Fix Fixed an issue causing items with no submenu to sometimes show empty dropdown
Fix Fixed issue stopping custom menu items opening in new tab
Fix Fixed issue that could cause blank pages for WooCommerce status / home pages
Change Smoothed page load of content and menu creator pages
Added Added primary wash colour to the styles page
Added Added overflow to menu creator preview so long menus don’t require page scroll – 13/09/2021
Added: Added Arabic translations
Fix: Fixed issue with uipressdocs global search not searching custom post types properly
Fix: Fixed issue with notifications and updates not hiding correctly for specific users

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