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Traveler v3.0.3 – Travel Booking WordPress Theme

Traveler Nulled – Travel Booking WordPress Theme help you period save time, period save money, period save face , period Save everything you can Save to make online booking: With fully customizable booking form, flexible online payment, automatic notification, affiliate system monetization (Affiliate), sync with Google Calendar, TripAdvisor Calendar, Airbnb Calendar, HomeAway Calendar.

Traveler Theme not just a travel booking theme, it’s a Booking Engine, designed for a travel website, Marketplace, Travel Agency, Tour Operator, Car Transfer, Activity/Event, Booking Hotel rooms, Villa Rentals, Resort Rentals, Flight Reservations, Travel Website Links. Easily enable/disable any service you want to use for your purposes.

With more than 6 years working on travel products, travelerwp confident to bring you the best product for your travel website with UX / UI okay Optimized, mobile-friendly on search engines.


Features Traveler – Travel Booking WordPress Theme

  • 15 pre-made demos and keep updating with best optimized UI/UX and in touch with world travel trends.
  • More than 400 flexible options in Theme Options to help you create a dynamic system.
  • Based on our pre-made demo layouts, you can define your layout using a variety of built-in elements to create a system your way.
  • Help create any type of travel website for tour operator, tour operator, travel blogger, hotel website with direct booking on site or mix them all on one website.
  • Help to create a Marketplace, allowing Partners/Suppliers to upload free or paid listings.
  • Fully customizable booking form that can be used on any device with Form Builder built-in.
  • Form Builder can create different types of fields (text fields, dropdown lists, multiple select..), create custom fields as required or optional, create as many fields as you need.
  • Order multiple items with WooCommerce checkout with lots of free add-ons to use to make payments.
  • Multi-language, compatible with layout WPML and RTL with Arabic languages.
  • Support to build Membership function, allowing Partners / Vendors who can buy packages to upload free, paid listings.
  • With a strong filterable, sortable and searchable booking list that you can configure and make the onsite layout as friendly as you want it to be.
  • Add unlimited properties for each service such as creating Categories for Hotels, Tours, Car Rentals, Rentals, Activities, Flights, Hotels, Rooms. This attribute is also embedded in the search filter template.
  • Support building Advanced Search very easy to make search more powerful.
  • Location post type support to build your location structure your way. Includes google map lat & longtidule.
  • Many services you can use for your travel website and can make On, Off according to configuration: Hotel, Room (Accommodation), Sightseeing, Rental, Car, Flight.
  • You can create a Marketplace system or a website for all of the above services.
  • Friendly dashboard for Partners/Suppliers, Admins and Buyers.
  • Partner/Supplier, who uploads the listing on the system can manage their profile and online booking schedule, booking history with completed and pending status.
  • Integrated analytics with booking statistics with graphs, balances, earnings. Can create filter by date to be more intuitive, more intuitive.
  • Manage invoices, the system automatically makes Invoices attached to email notifications for each booking process.
  • Suppliers, Partners can contact buyers through Inbox function before booking.
  • Booking history with display status of reservation like pending, canceled, completed
  • Manage refunds for Admins and Partners/Vendors. Support the refund process between Buyers and Suppliers/Partners and Site Owners.
  • Automatic currency detection by language when used with the plugin WPML with the option to change the language and assign money to each language system used.
  • Flexibility to create different email templates for notifications by building shortcodes.
  • Supports multiple OTA Calendar syncs (ICal) such as Google Calendar, TripAdvisor Calendar, Airbnb Calendar, HomeAway Calendar.
  • Can control everything with pricing by date on the calendar.
  • Tour Package can be made by including Flight, Accommodation, Car .. all in one for customers to choose to book.
  • Weather API support to display weather information on each location.
  • Set Daily Discount from one to all services on the website.
  • Flexibility to implement additional pricing for each onsite service. Like more people, laundry, more beds.. any kind of extra rack setting you can use, can be set on request or optional.
  • Make Coupon for one service or all services to compete with business.
  • Multi-language support and tested with team WPML. We work directly with the team WPML this and confirm each point for 100% compatibility.
  • With Regular booking, you can use up to 10 supported payment methods:Submit form, Paypal, Paypal Adaptive, Stripe, Payfast, 2Checkout, Skrill,, PayUbiz, (DPO) for most of Africa . If the site owner uses Paypal Adaptive Payments, enable split payment between the Site Owner and the Vendor/Partner in real time or set the delay by number of times.
  • With WooCommerce test you can use with some of our test plugins below:WooCommerce PayPal Express Checkout, WooCommerce Stripe Payment Gateway, Stripe Payment Gateway for WooCommerce, YITH WooCommerce Stripe, Stripe Payment Gateway WooCommerce Addon, Payment Gateway For WooCommerce, WooCommerce Braintree Payment Gateway
  • The theme is suitable to create an affiliate system and start making money for Blogger, Affiliate company with some OTAs that we have, HotelCombined,,,
  • Integrated by integration with Google , log in Facebook . Different registration form for normal users and Partner/Vendor users.
  • MegaMenu is integrated using WPBakery Visual Composer very easy to use can display images, icons with beautiful layout.
  • Perform evaluations for all services, with some options, allowing the request to be booked or not being able to perform the assessment. Each user rating can press Like/Dislike to be more helpful for visitors.
  • Multi-currencies support, set one Currency as the Main then with another do the exchange rate with the Main Currency.
  • Inventory for hotels/rooms to manage and get an overview of bookings for all rooms in one place.
  • Booking fee configurable in place by being able to turn it on and off to suit your purposes.
  • Wishlist to save all services interested by buyers willing to support.

Changelog Traveler – Travel Booking WordPress Theme Nulled Free

v3.0.3 -Aug 5 2022
[Big Update] Traveler Library Layout Elementor
[Big Update] API System
[Update WPBakery]Tour Style 1,2,3,7 for Guest Name
[Update] PayuLatam add description Brazil country
[Update] Store Transaction ID when pay with Stripe
[Update]Incomplete Bank Transfer deduct room in Inventory
[Update]Library fullcalendar to v5.11.0
[Update]Partner can choose Hotel, Room & Rental Layout Elementor
[Update]Remove SkyScanner API
[Update]Show Coupon on Booking Information and Email
[Update]Social Login Twitter
[Update]Status in Tour/Activity/Cars/Rental Booking
[Update]Theme Option Demo Aff
[Update]Theme Option>Styling Option > Menu
[Update]Theme Text
[Update]UI Calendar Single Hotel
[Update]UX SignUP Popup
[Update]Which demos have been imported
[Update]WooCommerce Order with Hotel Booking
[Update][Elementor]List Item Service
[Update][Mod]Car Transfer
[Fix Elementor] Rental filter price: min price wrong display
[Fix Elementor] Room, rental: The number of booking selections exceeds the maximum number
[Fix Mod]Modtel, Modcar, Modrental review gets data back from trash
[Fix] Email shortcode [st_email_booking_item_website]
[Fix]Ajax Price in Booking Form
[Fix]Blog Page
[Fix]Checkout Page with Header Transparent
[Fix]Currency Decimal
[Fix]Guest Name Required in Service Page Elementor
[Fix]Header Transparent
[Fix]Hotel Package in Tour with Instant Booking Bar
[Fix]Hotel Service Page
[Fix][Elementor]Author Page
[Fix][Elementor]Blog Siderbar on the left
[Fix][Elementor]Calendar in Partner Dashboard
[Fix][Elementor]Cannot translate abbreviations on calendar
[Fix][Elementor]Header/Topbar when have only 1 currency
[Fix][Elementor]Layout modern 1 and 2 of Tour/Activity
[Fix][Elementor]List Item Service show 3 item only
[Fix][Elementor]Remove Room/Infant in Rental
[Fix][Elementor]Search Form element
[Fix][Elementor]Search HalfMap
[Fix][Elementor]Slider Element
[Fix][Elementor]Tour/Activity Service Page
[Fix][Elementor]UI on Safari
[Fix][ModCar]Car Rental Service Page
[Fix][Modrent][mobile, tblet] booking box not showing
[Fix][Modtour+modactivity][mobile] Text price mobile wrong display
[Fix][mod] Mobile logo get the same modern logo
[Fix][Mod]Membership Package
[Fix][Mod]Search Result Page
[Fix][Mod]Tour Search Topbar

v3.0.2 - Jun 20 2022
Note: Kindly backup your website before updating
[Update]New 6 Demos
[Update]Compatible with WordPress 6.0
[Update]Order Preview in Woocommerce > Order information
[Update]Currency On TopBar Mobile
[Update]Required WOOCS plugin for multi-currency in WooCommerce Checkout
[Update]Theme Text
[Fix]User Dashboard with Calculation and Add New Booking
[Fix]Tour Package when not select Hotel Package
[Fix]Notice in Single Service Page
[Fix]WooCommerce Checkout with Cancelation
[Fix]Search Room still shows Unavailable Room
[Fix]WooCommerce Checkout
[Fix]Traveler Invoice plugin with WooCommerce Checkout
[Fix]Search Result Page with multi-word
[Fix]WPAdmin Availability Calendar show information from the day of the past
[Fix]TravelPayout Hotel Timezone
[Fix]Z-Index DatePicker in UserDashboard Page
[Fix]Booking Sidebar in Car Single Page
[Fix Elementor]Remove Mansory in Destination element
[Fix Elementor]List Item Service
[Fix Classic]Razor Pay Plugin
[Fix]Fatal Error when Bulk Upgrade/Install Plugin
[Fix]Cancelation Fee to Partner Earnings on Woo Checkout
[Fix]Language Dropdown on Topbar/Header
[Fix]Car Search Page JS Filter with Mapbox
[Fix][Elementor]Show search date in mobile for cartransfer
[Fix][Elementor]GuestName in TourPage doesn’t show when Instant&Inquiry Booking
[Fix][RTL]ST Search Form with Slider Tour and List of Service
[Fix]Bokun Plugin

V 3.0.1 Apr 26 2022
Note: Kindly backup your website before updating
[Update] Compatible with WordPress 5.9.3
[Update] Compatible with WPBakery 6.9
[Update] List of Destination style for button/link
[Update] Currency On TopBar
[Fix] Form Search in Location Page
[Fix] List Item Service by Location
[Fix] Booking Email Don’t Show Children Price
[Fix] Booking History show wrong number with MultiCurrency
[Fix] Bulk Discount on checkout page show incorrect value.
[Fix] Calendar UI when Room-Not-Fullday-Booking
[Fix] Child theme don’t show Traveler Element
[Fix] Discount in Form Booking in Activity Single Page
[Fix] Duplicate Item in OtherRooms section in Room Detailed Page in Single Hotel Layout
[Fix] Element [Single Hotel] Room Taxonomy show only 2 rooms
[Fix] Inbox don’t show more than 5 message
[Fix] Map Notice when creating new service
[Fix] Notice “Your payment is incomplete” show in Checkout Page
[Fix] Search Room still show Unavailable Room
[Fix] Search Service does not show result on page 2
[Fix] Tour Booking Reminder Not Show up
[Fix] Woo PayPal/Stripe Payments with not primary currency

[Update] Compatible with Elementor in New Layout
[Update] Guest Name for Rental service.
[Update] Discount table in Single Rental Page
[Update] Cancel Description in each service.
[Update] Add Iraqi Dinar Currency
[Update] Remove Font-Icon in Theme Settings
[Update] Remove ST Instagram and Images of Instagram element
[Update] Remove Travel Paypal – Keep Travel PayPal v2
[Update] Style Room Calendar when FullDayBooking Off
[Update] Header style for Location page.
[Fix] Bulk Discount on checkout page showing incorrect value.
[Fix] Calendar Search cannot select weekdays
[Fix] Compatible with PHP8 on Checkout Page, Calendar
[Fix] Booking History in UserDashboard
[Fix] Cancellation Service Status Update & Email
[Fix] Footer Search Page Half Map UI
[Fix] Rental Groupday option
[Fix] Sort Featured for Tab Service Location & Author
[Fix] ST Search Form with Affiliate Service
[Fix] Email shortcode Order Booking
[Fix] Email confirm send to customer
[Fix] Classic] Register Page.
[Fix] Plugin Travel Invoice
[Fix] Stripe 3D Secure

[Update] Compatible with new WordPress 5.9.
[Update] Modern Tour Category Page.
[Fix] Review Tab in Author Page.
[Fix] User Dashboard Layout.

[Update] Traveler Code plugin version
[Update] Set Home Modern to default for page template.
[Update] Option On/Off Information Contact.
[Update] Disable install Classic Demo.
[Update] Disable Nicescroll Setting in Classic.
[Fix] AJAX Load Room in Hotel Page
[Fix] Woocommerce Status does not update after admin approve the booking in Dashboard.
[Fix] Taxonomy Filter and Accordion  in Tour/Activity.
[Fix] Map box in Classic layout.
[Fix] Pagination in Hotel Search Result Page.

v2.9.8.1 - Jan 15 2022
[New] Infor contact in the single services page
[Update]Compatible with WordPress 5.8.3 and WooCommerce 6.1.0
[Fix] ST Testimonial showing Traveler text.
[Fix] Header Email in Modern Layout
[Fix] Icon New
[Fix] Max People Search in Single Hotel – Thank to Florian Satow
[Fix] Sent Email Approve when Public Post
[Fix] Layout ST Search Form

v2.9.8 - Dec 27, 2021
[New] Traveler Search Hotel VueWP plugin
[Update] Traveler Compare plugin.
[Update] Country List in Location
[Update] Adding option to turn on/off multi item in cart woocommerce.
[Update] Add list discount to content single tour, activity, room
[Update] Default selection in Single Hotel Room Search
[Update] WB Bakery Page Builder v6.8.0
[Update] Compatible with WP 5.8.2
[Fix] ST Tab Menu with special characters.
[Fix] Search available room in Single Hotel templete.
[Fix] Cannot cancel with Woo Booking
[Fix] Tour Vacancies show -1
[Fix] Error SQL in Single Tour
[Fix] Car Filter – Clear function.
[Fix] Membership package Checkout with PayPal
[Fix] ReCaptcha Membership package Checkout error
[Fix] Membership package – Number of item can upload does not work.
[Fix] Slider Tour with Search Form on mobile
[Fix] Membership package Checkout success but status incomplete
[Fix Classic] Remove DropOff Location With Car Rental
[Fix Classic] Calendar Popup not show automatically
[Fix Plugin] ST Razor Pay don’t show payment popup
[Fix Plugin] Payment Stripe does not move to next step.
[Fix Plugin] Validate number “To phone” Traveler SMS
Note: Kindly backup your website before updating to the next theme version

v2.9.7 - Nov 15, 2021
[Update] Auto select CheckoutDate by group day.
[Update] You may also like cho Rental
[Update] Hide un-used function in Hotel Modern Layout.
[Update] Admin info automatic verify.
[Update] Notice when selecting date does not exist in Bulk Edit
[Update] Add Disablibility Check Availability on Rental
[Update] Add Currency : The Central African CFA franc(XAF)
[Update ] Library stripe to VIna Stripe plugin
[Update] Add “Ask A Question’ button to Tour Single Layout 4
[Update] Sale Schedule
[Fix] Tour Category Element on Mobile
[Fix] Tour Fixed Price on Checkout page
[Fix] Error notice when selecting date in Car Transfer
[Fix] Checkout Page does not show Discount By Bulk Booking
[Fix] ST Form Builder error in Checkout Page
[Fix] 500 Error when Booking Activity with Price Ajax
[Fix] Product Registration link in Support menu does not work.
[Fix] Footer of Hotel Search result.
[Fix] Sintour Mega menu item does not show submenu on mobile.
[Fix] Stripe Payment Gateway
[Fix] Session Notice
[Fix] WooCommerce CheckoutPage
[Fix] Rental Search Page and Detail Page when date format dd/mm/yy
[Fix] FAQ Order in Tour Single Layout 7
[Fix] Layout Single Room in Single Hotel
[Fix] Rental Calendar still showing booked even the order has been canceled.
[Fix] Date format increase 365 days.
[Fix] Sessions Error Remain
[Fix] Search slider in tour demo does not display translated location.
[Fix] Email template auto reduce the links.
[Fix] st_email_booking_origin_price shortcode
[Fix] Single Hotel template is not allow to book room.
[Fix] Still can book the booked date
[Fix] Extra Price in Tour
[Fix] Partner can not create new single Room without hotel.
[Fix] Car filter does not work with sub attribute.

v2.9.6 - Aug 15, 2021
[Update] UX Tour Program of Tour Single Layout7.
[Update] Add Vanuatu currency VUV
[Update] Add Razorpay for Membership Package checkout.
Kindly remove your current Traveler Razor Pay plugin and install the latest in Theme Settings > Extensions

[Fix] UI Booking Bar alignment in Solo layout.
[Fix] Ajax Price for Rental
[Fix] Change currency GPB into GBP
[Fix] Notice in Car Rental Single Page
[Fix] Duplicate Discount in Tour
[Fix] Wrong Time With TravelPayout Search From PST Timezone
[Fix] Start time vacancies do not update with Woocommerce booking.
[Fix] Tour price discount by Amount in Solo layout.
[Fix] Unavailable date in Rental Booking
[Fix] Calculate Tour Package in Checkout
[Fix] Multi-language in search Room
[Fix] Mega menu item does not show submenu on mobile.
[Fix] Sub-menu lv3 on mobile can not open.
[Fix] Cannot checkout success on Member Package
[Fix] Element ST List of Multi Service loading when a guest browser
[Fix] Classic – Code shows up when hovering on the location field of Car Transfer.
[Fix] Classic – Car Transfer location field can not click.
[Fix] Classic – Calendar in Search Form
[Fix] Classic – Flight Search Result Page
[Fix] Classic – Partner can not finish Flight Create action.
Note: Kindly backup your website before updating to the next theme version

V 2.9.5 Jul 22, 2021
Traveler version 2.9.5 – July 22, 2021
Compatible with WordPress 5.8 “Tatum”
Note: Kindly backup your website before updating to the next theme version

v2.9.4 Jul 20, 2021
Traveler version 2.9.4 – July 20, 2021
Major Update
Compatible with WordPress 5.8 release candidate 3
Compatible with WooCommerce 5.5.1
Compatible with WPBakery Page Builder 6.7
New post type “Template Email” instead of using Theme Settings > Email Templates
Function Update
Required Extra when Create Service > Extra Price
Tour Start time always show out when it has
Add dropdown arrow inside Tour Start time
Layout ST Search Form TravelPayout Flight/Hotel
Media Upload for Modern Layout in ST From Builder
Add Angola and Ethiopian Currency
Add loading style when logging in/up via Social Login
Use Captcha v3 on the Member Package Checkout page
Fix some minor bugs

= v2.9.3 - Beta Mar 17, 2021 =
Traveler version 2.9.3 – Beta March 17, 2021
Full calendar version 5.5.1.
Bootstrap v3.3.7 Classic.
Jquery 3.0 in WordPress 5.7.
Site Health Status API.

V 2.9.2 Mar 04, 2021
Traveler version 2.9.2 March 04, 2021
Tour package in Solo tour.
Add Ajax price by selected option in booking form.
Missing Icon ST Socials.
Validate number type for Price fields.
Add Rental service to ST List of Related Services element.
Compatible with WordPress v5.6.2.
Wrong start time in cart page.
Partner phone number does not updated.
[ Single Hotel ] Room showing wrong text.
Hotel inventory responsive.
Backup guide link.
RTL layout for Tour Program.
Check box disappear in user Setting section.
Can not active PayPal V2 extension.
Booking Form position in layouts “CityTour” and “Hiking – Tour Agency”
[ Classic layout ] ST Simple Location element show blank content.
Read More button in Blog page of Sintour.
Car Search result page.
Missing words in register email.
Hotel Search result page.
ST Razor missing ratio on mobile.
Hotel Availability on mobile.
Date format for Hotel in Dashboard.
Translation some words.
Booking Bar overlapped the Related section.
Filter in Hotel Half Map.
Avatar partner in tour.
Missing menu dropdown icon in single location page.
Search Available Hotel in Result page.
Can not add new Coupon code.
Update availability for Room in partner dashboard.
Solo tour booking form fixed position.
Layout ST List of Service Style 2.
Can not update activity calendar.
Near By location created by Partner.
Conflict Partner when WooCommerce Checkout.
Activity Start time is missing in Partner dashboard.
Number of post in Blog list style 04.
Load More button refresh page.
Remove icon in Partner verification section.

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Download Traveler v3.0.3 Nulled Free

Download Traveler Optimize (Add-on) v1.1

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