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Total v5.5.2 - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

Total Nulled is a contemporary and responsive WordPress theme that combines the power of the WordPress Customizer with the WPBakery Page Builder (previously known as Visual Composer) to let you build a website for almost any purpose. Corporations, small businesses, internet retailers, attorneys, agencies, wedding planners, hosting firms, non-profits, bloggers, and more were all considered when developing the theme. We’ve made care to offer enough features and options to allow you to build almost any website! Take a peek at our expanding collection of demos to get a sense of what the Total premium WordPress theme can do.

The Freelancer’s Dream Theme: If you’re a freelancer, the Total theme is ideal for you. The days of having to find a different theme for each customer are long gone. After getting to know Total, you’ll want to utilize it on all of your client sites to make things easier and faster! You may start by importing one of our stunning online demos and customizing it for your client’s needs, or you can start from scratch by adding content to your pages using the page builder and changing your design and primary theme settings using the live WordPress customizer.


total responsive multipurpose wordpress theme 1
total responsive multipurpose wordpress theme 2
total responsive multipurpose wordpress theme 3
total responsive multipurpose wordpress theme 4
total responsive multipurpose wordpress theme 5
total responsive multipurpose wordpress theme 6

Features: Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

  • Built with SASS (sass files are included if needed/wanted) and WordPress PHP best coding practices and standards.
  • Modern Style
  • SEO-friendly
  • WPML Certified
  • Valid & Clean Code
  • Theme with a Responsive Design
  • Image Support for Retina Displays
  • Animations in CSS3
  • Compatible with children’s themes (sample child theme included)
  • Free WPBakery Drag & Drop Page Builder Plugin included!
  • WPBakery Builder Elements Exclusive to Total: 60+ Highly Customizable Elements
  • Templates for Exclusive Sections (pre-built page builder blocks)
    Slider Revolution is a premium WordPress slider plugin that comes with the theme.
  • Compatibility with WooCommerce
  • Portfolio, Staff, and Testimonials are all built-in custom post types.
  • Pages for Blog, Portfolio, Staff, and Testimonials that can be filtered
  • Post Carousels & Masonry Grids
  • Effects of Hovering
  • Mega Menu with a Simple Design
  • Option for Local Scrolling (Create A Single-Page Website!)
  • Support for Menu Icons
  • Choose from a variety of navigation menus for each page.
  • Image Row Backgrounds with Parallax Parallax Parallax Parallax Parallax
  • Custom font colors for each row
  • Option for Custom Theme Rebranding
  • Upload a custom logo
  • Upload a custom favicon
  • Uploads of custom iPhone and iPad icons
  • Field for Google Analytics
  • Layout in Boxes
  • Layout in Full-Width
  • Option to choose a layout for each page
  • Post/Page Layouts: Left, Right, and No Sidebar
  • Layouts for full-width posts and pages
  • The ability to choose the location of the sidebar on a per-post/page basis
  • Options for Custom Container Width
  • Option for a Custom Sidebar Width
  • Responsiveness Toggle
  • Option for a Custom Responsive Width
  • Backgrounds that are made to order (Boxed Layout)
  • 3 Different Header Designs
  • Fixed Header is an option.
  • Header Search is an optional feature.
  • Header Overlay Navigation is an optional feature.
  • Padding Options for Custom Headers
  • Options for Custom Logo Margin
  • Default, Centered, Centered Minimal, Image, and Custom Page Title Styles
  • Video Support with Custom Header
  • Subheading Options for the Page Title
  • Options for Customizing the Page To disable the title and the header, choose a layout and disable them.
  • On a Page-by-Page Basis, Add A Slider
  • Fonts available on Google (Select Font, Weight, Size & Color)
  • Links, theme buttons, header backgrounds, menus, navigation, drop downs, sidebars, and footers all have unlimited color options.
  • Staff, Portfolio, and Testimonials Options for Custom Post Types include a custom URL, Related Items, Detailed Entries, Custom Sidebar, Column Count, Sidebar Location, Single Post Layout, and Custom Post Type Dashboard Icon Upload.
  • Optional Card Icon in Menu, Custom WooCommerce Sidebar, Shop Sidebar Location, Column Count, Product Page Layouts, Related Items Count & Columns, and Custom Sale Color are some of the WooCommerce options available.
  • Custom URL, Large Image Entries, Thumbnail Image Entries, Grid Layout, Masonry Grid Layout, Sidebar Location, Single Post Layout, Pagination Option, Next/Previous Option, Infinite Scroll Option, Exclude Categories From Main Blog Template Option, Author Avatar Support Blog Options: Custom URL, Large Image Entries, Thumbnail Image Entries, Grid Layout, Masonry Grid Layout, Sidebar Location, Single Post Layout, Pagina
  • Template for a Blog Page
  • Option for a Custom Blog Post Series
  • Images, Galleries, Quotes, Audio, and Video in Custom Post Formats
  • For blogs, portfolios, staff, testimonials, and WooCommerce products, custom image cropping is available.
  • WP Gallery Customization
  • Simple contact form built-in
  • Callout in the Footer
  • 1-4 Columns Footer Widgets
  • Copyright Text Customized
  • Posts with built-in social sharing (Blog, Pages, Portfolio, WooCommerce)
  • Sidebar Headings, Footer Headings, Breadcrumbs, Version Parameters, and WP Head Cleanup
  • Premium Plugins in a Bundle
  • The option to set the default page layout is available.
  • Back To Top Button is an optional feature.
  • Custom CSS Field with Styles
  • Compatible with TranslatePress
  • WooSidebars supports an unlimited number of custom sidebars.
  • Support for Contact Form 7, Gravity Forms, and WP Forms
  • Supported by Yoast SEO for WordPress
  • Updates to the theme are free.
  • Theme Updates on Autopilot
  • Author Page has a lot of help.
  • And there’s a lot more!

Changelog: Total – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Themes

v5.5.2 - September 26, 2022
AddedNew Demo (Mcgill).
Added“Flex Items / Horizontal Scroll” option now available for the display type Post Cards element setting.
Added“Preload” option added to the Font Manager when registering custom fonts for each font variation (learn more about preloading fonts from Google).
Added“Simple Show/Hide” Filter Mode option now available for the Navigation Bar element as an alternative to the default Isotope style filter (supports the Modern CSS grid and sequential CSS animations).
AddedFetchPriority option to the Total Image element.
AddedYou can now use “{{post_title}}” within your theme button text to display the post tile (for use primarily with custom cards).
AddedNew customizer option added to control the Toggle Bar bottom border width when set to the Inline style.
AddedNew customizer options added to enable/disable the Mobile menu “Dropdown” style top/bottom borders.
AddedYou can now display a Custom Field value when using the Post Meta element.
AddedYou can now enter a custom top margin for the Post Cards pagination.
UpdatedThe header logo image now has a “fetchpriority” attribute of “high” which can help render the logo quicker and increase page speed scores. Note: This modern attribute is currently only supported by certain browsers like Chrome and Edge. (learn more).
UpdatedThe Post Cards featured image alt attribute will revert to the post title if the image doesn’t have an alt to prevent accessibility issues.
UpdatedYou can now define your “Frontend Editor Width” when creating custom cards with Elementor.
UpdatedOptimized the CSS loading of the WPBakery tabs and accordions so it loads in the wp_head instead of wp_footer to prevent FOUC and prevent potential CLS issues.
UpdatedWhen adding Custom Fonts via the Font Manager you can now choose from standard web-ready fonts in the Customizer and theme elements (such as System UI, Georgia, Verdana…etc), previously you could only choose from your custom fonts.
FixedIt wasn’t possible to edit posts using a dynamic template via the frontend editor.
FixedPHP error when using the Page Animations along with the Elementor plugin.
FixedSticky Header not working with the Header builder.
FixedThere was an issue with the Icon Box element where if there was an image set but the image didn’t exist it would still try and display it.
FixedYou couldn’t set your font weight and text transform for the Text block element.
FixedThe theme visibility setting wasn’t rendering for core WPBakery elements.
FixedIssues with custom element settings not working when added via the WPBakery vc_add_param function.
FixedThe Sticky navigation bar was not respecting your custom mobile menu breakpoint.
FixedSpace missing between the post meta label and value in the Post Meta element.
FixedLocal scroll offset was not working correctly when using a sticky header menu with the new option to enable sticky header on mobile.
FixedThe Toggle Bar was not showing when using the “Remember State” option and the “total_togglebar_state” cookie wasn’t yet set on the page.
FixedThere was an “undefined index” debug error when using the Testimonials Slider element in 5.5.1.
Dev Notes:
Added - Scroll Snap & Scroll Align CSS utility classes.
Updated - The "vcex-navbar_filter-links.min.js" script has been renamed to "vcex-navbar-filter-isotope.min.js"
Updated - The javascript used for the sequential CSS animation has been updated to work with the new Navigation Bar show/hide filter mode.
Updated - The javascript used for the "x" button in the post edit links is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-hide-edit-links" since it's not needed while logged out.
Updated - The javascript used for the "Toggle Bar" is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-toggle-bar"
Updated - The javascript used to re-trigger masonry grids and sliders when clicking on WPBakery tabs is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-vc_accordion-events"
Updated - The javascript used for the Advanced Parallax option for WPBakery rows is now loaded conditionally via it's own JS file "wpex-parallax-backgrounds"
Updated - The WPEX_Meta_Factory class now allows for a new parameter "desc_tip" which can be used to show a help icon for toggling the custom field description rather then displaying it always.
Modified Partial Files:

v5.5.1 - September 10, 2022
This is a hotfix for the bigger 5.5 update.
FixedCustom menu dropdown padding Customizer option was not working.
FixedCarousels not displaying the correct number of items on mobile.
FixedIssues with the single block filters (such as wpex_portfolio_single_blocks) that could cause issues when used via a child theme with array_combine

v5.5 - September 9, 2022
You can now create your own custom Cards via Theme Panel > Custom Cards (sample video)
If you are using Elementor, we've got great news! You can now access many of the Total elements in Elementor including the popular Post Cards element (although we still prefer and recommend WPBakery).
Header styles that previously did not support a sticky header on mobile including the Vertical Header now support it! So you if this is something you wanted simply go to Appearance > Customize > Header > Sticky Header and enable the "Sticky on Mobile" option.
There has been a complete re-haul of the "Page Animations" (Customize > General > Page Animations). The functionality has been re-coded from scratch with all new classes, vanilla javascript, custom loaders, optimized for speed and more settings! It is very unlikely you were modifying this functionality via a child theme but if you were for some reason, be advised.
Updated The Bottom Padding on the #primary container is now removed for archives using dynamic templates to be consistent with the singular dynamic templates (new Customizer settings allow you to adjust this).
Various elements that display theme icons have been optimized for SVG icon support which in some cases required small html/css changes. The main elements affected are the slider arrows, modern menu widget and the accordion style menu widget.
Please make sure to update your Post Types Unlimited plugin to version 1.0.8 if you are using it for full compatibility with this version of the theme.
AddedNew Demo (Pottery).
AddedMany of the Total elements are now available for use in the Elementor Page Builder so if you prefer to use that builder you can still access the theme modules just like in WPBakery. This integration has been done in such a way that it uses the same output for the elements to prevent added bloat and allow for the same filters/hooks. If you don’t use Elementor none of integration files for Elementor will be loaded on the site (visa-versa if you don’t use WPBakery). More elements to come! (note: current and future Total demos will be based on WPBakery which is our builder of choice but will consider making some Elementor demos if requested).
AddedDynamic Templates for WooCommerce are here! Set your Single Product & Product Archive templates in the customizer.
AddedNew Theme Panel > Custom Cards page allows you to create templates to use for your post Cards (WPBakery, Gutenberg & Elementor Supported)
AddedNew Theme Panel option “SVG Theme Icons (experimental)” – sort by Optimizations to locate quickly.
AddedWooCommerce card style so you can display WooCommerce products using the theme’s Post Cards element.
AddedNew “[vcex_woocommerce_content]” shortcode which can be used in dynamic templates to display the current archive/post WooCommerce content (this is the equivalent of the woocommerce.php file output).
AddedNew Navigation Bar option allows you to automatically displays terms from any taxonomy without having to create a custom WP menu (screenshot).
AddedNew Customizer options under Layout > General allows you to disable the default bottom padding added to the #primary container, alter the default size of the bottom padding as well as enter a conditional string to define where it should be added if enabled.
AddedNew Customizer options allow you to select the pagination type (standard, load more, infinite scroll, next/prev) for Portfolio, staff and testimonial archives.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the default link on the header logo.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the default full-width Page Header Title Background/Border.
AddedNew Customizer option added under Typography > General so you can set the default theme’s “bold” font weight which is 600 and controlled via the –wpex-bold CSS variable.
AddedCustomizer setting lets you select between the default up/down, plus/minus or disabled WooCommerce quantity input buttons
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to enable “Full Width” for the WooCommerce Add to Cart buttons.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the flex container around the WooCommerce product quantity input and add to cart button which is used to vertically align them incase you are running into conflicts with 3rd party plugins.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to select the font-weight for the WooCommerce product price.
AddedNew Customizer option allows you to disable the sticky header drop-shadow.
AddedNew Customizer options allows you to customize the page animations loader icon size, width and speed.
AddedNew Customizer option “Visible Header” added to the “Page Animation” tab which can be used if you want to enable page animations but only animate the main content and keep the header visible.
AddedNew Customizer options allow you to choose the output for the Portfolio & Staff default page header title (Post Type name, Post Title or Category Name).
AddedOptions to the Post Media & Image Elements to control Lazy Loading this way it can be disabled if the image is showing above the fold.
AddedOption to the Post Excerpt element so you can enter a custom length to trim the excerpt.
AddedLast modified date format for the default blog meta blocks.
AddedYou can now select your pagination style for post types and taxonomies added via the Post Types Unlimited plugin.
Added“Go to current post” On Click option for the Image and Button elements.
AddedAdded Shadow and Hover Shadow options to the Image Grid element.
AddedThe theme now loads a CSS file for Elementor to fix some issues.
AddedRefresh button added to the Demo Importer page.
UpdatedSlider Revolution & Total Theme Core Plugins.
UpdatedVarious customizer fields to use new control type to allow sorting and easier addition of custom blocks.
UpdatedYou can now sort the post meta blocks in the Customizer.
UpdatedThe Sticky Header Customizer options will now be visible always regardless of the chosen Header Style. This way if you are using a header style that has a sticky menu on desktop (like Header Style 2) or the Vertical Header style you can use the sticky header functionality for mobile.
UpdatedYou can set a comma separated string for arrays when using the Advanced Query field in Total Elements to slim things down (this only applies to parameters that support arrays). Example &post_type=post,portfolio,staff or &tax_query[0][terms]=term1,term2
UpdatedThe backend WPBakery view for the theme Toggle element has been updated so it doesn’t show the content by default (click the heading/icon to reveal) in order to keep the backend slim if your toggles have a lot of content.
UpdatedAdvanced Query to support the “featured” parameter for products (see docs).
UpdatedAdded a link to the Total elements Advanced Query field that goes to the theme documentation for quick reference.
UpdatedThe Spacing element now supports CSS variables.
UpdatedThe theme now uses it’s own version of the WordPress comments-reply.js file to fix the “Does not use passive listeners to improve scrolling performance” error displayed in Google Page Insights.
UpdatedExternal images (when using the Image element) now have the load=”lazy” attribute by default.
UpdatedBetter Icon selector for customizer icon select fields.
UpdatedOptimized the Page animation loader so there isn’t any delay in showing the icon.
UpdatedNew options added to the Contact Form element to select the loader icon svg and color.
UpdatedThe Page Animations function has been revamped and the Customizer setting now reads “Page Animations (Site Loader).
UpdatedYou can now disable the Page Animation “Out Animation” this way the Page Animations function can now work as a simple page loader 
UpdatedModernized the default arrow icons for the Nav Menu & Modern Menu Widgets and made them filterable so you can easily change via a child theme.
UpdatedOptimized the javascript used to create the custom WooCommerce input quantity up/down icons to make them easier to style and added attributes for accessibility.
UpdatedThe theme Font Manager now integrates with Elementor so you can you don’t need Elementor Pro to register custom fonts.
UpdatedYou can now enter {{title}} into the WooCommerce “Page Header Title Text” Customizer setting to display the product title.
UpdatedThe WooCommerce product add to cart button will now display under the quantity input when the WooCommerce Payments plugin is enabled to prevent potential conflicts.
UpdatedThe Theme Panel menu tab will remain open when editing Color Palette colors and Custom Fonts.
UpdatedYou can use {{post}} for the Theme button URL when using it via Gutenberg to link to the current post.
UpdatedYou can now access the “Edit with WPBakery Page Builder” link in the WP admin when viewing Templatera templates.
UpdatedYou can now use the default Theme Icons with Elementor (screenshot).
UpdatedThe default visibility for the Header Aside area (headers two, three, four) was updated to “hide-at-mm-breakpoint” instead of “visible-desktop” for consistency.
FixedPost Cards modal link type not working correctly.
FixedLine-height issue with the Social Share element when both the “Custom Design” & “Show Labels” options are enabled.
FixedIssues with searching by post types not working when using the Search & Filter plugin.
FixedThe Page Animations “In Speed” Customizer option wasn’t working.
FixedWooCommerce product gallery not displaying correctly in RTL.
FixedPotential sizing issues when using the Social Links element and a custom height/width.
FixedStretched sections were not working properly when using Elementor and the theme’s Header/Footer builder function.
FixedImage Bottom margin not working correctly for the Teaser Box element.
FixedDisplay issues with the Image slider when the thumbnails carousel setting is disabled.
FixedDisplay issues when using a Dynamic template and password protecting the post.
FixedThe Post Types Unlimited page header style was overriding the “Theme Settings” metabox page header style option.
FixedThe Shrink sticky header functionality was not working on mobile for certain mobile menu toggle styles.

v5.4.5 - August 14, 2022
The theme used to target the "current-menu-parent" class for active items in the main menu. However, this would cause issues if your menu was showing categories because the items would become active whenever viewing a post inside the category because of how WP works. The theme has been adjusted to instead target the "current-menu-ancestor". This way if you are visiting a page from a menu dropdown the main dropdown link will be active.
The Search Bar element has been optimized to use flex styles and utility classes. The element now uses a gap for the spacing between the input and the button. If you've used this element before with custom widths you may need to revise it.
AddedNew Agency Demo “Biz“.
AddedNew Agency Demo “Victor“.
AddedNew Blog/Magazine Demo “Poppy“.
AddedNew Blog/Magazine Demo “Webmag“.
AddedNew “Bundled Plugins” tab in the Theme Panel that allows you to select which plugins you want to use this way you stop receive notices regarding plugin updates or plugin installations for certain plugins you choose not to use.
AddedYou can now enable “Infinite Scroll” pagination for the Post Cards & Image Grid elements (screenshot).
AddedSequential CSS animation support added (new option added to the Post Cards element – for use anywhere else simply add the classname “wpb-animate-in-sequence” to an element such as a row to sequentially animate animated items within the element).
AddedYou can now enable Videos for the Post Cards element.
AddedYou can now enable “Accordion” style tabs for WooCommerce products.
AddedStacking Breakpoint option added to the Advertisement widget.
AddedYou can now set your links underline offset and thickness via the Customizer.
AddedYou can now disable the page header title for the search results page via the Customizer.
AddedYou can now select to display your mobile menu icon label on the left or right of the hamburger icon via the Customizer.
AddedYou can now remove parent pages from the theme breadcrumbs via a new Customizer setting.
AddedYou can now align your toggle bar content via a new Customizer setting (left/center/right).
AddedMany more options added to the Breadcrumbs element for greater flexibility.
AddedCustomizer options added to change the default load more button loader icon size, color and select from various different loader icons.
AddedNew options added to the Post Terms element to control the link underline color, offset and thickness when displaying standard links (not styled buttons).
AddedNew admin column added to the Theme Panel > Color Palette page so you can quickly view the color hex value.
AddedNew dynamic values for use with Advanced Queries for the current date as well as operators for use when making meta_query comparisons (see docs).
AddedYou can now select a custom font family for the Icon Box and Feature Box content (previously you could only adjust the heading).
AddedYou can now enter your preferred dimensions for your numbered pagination items via the Customizer which will apply a min-height and min-width to each item. This can be used to create perfect circles.
AddedSupport added for the relevanssi plugin when using a custom search results template and the post cards element.
AddedYou can now select your featured Post for the Post Cards “Featured Card” functionality. This way rather then displaying the first post you can feature a specific post and update it manually.
AddedYou can now disable the submit button for the “Search Bar” element.
AddedYou can now select a custom Stack Breakpoint for the “Search Bar” element.
AddedYou can now enable a “clear” button (x) for the “Search Bar” element.
AddedYou can now select a shadow for the Icon Box element image.
AddedBuilt-in support for Relevanssi term highlighting via the theme’s custom excerpt/title functions.
AddedLink to the Font Manager added to the Customizer font family typography field description.
AddedThe Grid/Flex containers were missing the Unique ID field.
AddedNew Card Styles: Blog 19, Blog 20, Blog 21, Blog List 19, Blog List 20, Blog List 21
UpdatedTotal Theme Core & Slider Revolution Plugins have been updated.
UpdatedVarious Customizer fields now allow you to click on the “PX” to change the unit (sample video)
UpdatedVarious Customizer fields now allow you to enter “0” instead of having to use “0px”.
UpdatedCustomizer “padding” fields to display inputs for each direction (screenshot) – this will also allow you now to only adjust a specific side if you wanted without affecting the other sides.
UpdatedCustom width fields when editing theme elements via WPBakery now allow the use of calc and clamp CSS functions.
UpdatedWhen using CSS animations on elements that also have a load more button, the items will now animated only when scrolled to (previously all loaded items would be animated on load).
UpdatedOptimized the way the “Auto Query” function works with dynamic templates to prevent extra database hits when using standard numbered pagination or pagination is disabled.
UpdatedYou can now select the “Archive Title” as a source for the Heading element which returns the value from the WP core the_archive_title function (useful for archive templates).
UpdatedThe Search Bar element has been updated to use flex styles so it can use utility classes instead of it’s own CSS and allow for greater customization.
UpdatedThe default Footer Bottom copyright text has been updated to use the new [site_name] shortcode and [site_url].
UpdatedSplit up some of the WooCommerce Single Product Customizer settings into their own tabs to make them easier to find.
UpdatedImproved Responsiveness of the “slim” absolute positioned carousel style arrows.
UpdatedHuge optimization for theme carousel rendering on page load. We use advanced CSS to display carousels as a grid prior to the javascript execution (if you are using child theme functions to modify the carousel responsive parameters you may need to disable this optimization via the new “vcex_optimize_carousels_onload” filter).
UpdatedCarousel script so if there aren’t enough items and “Loop” is enabled the carousel won’t clone items to make the loop work instead it will just hide the next/previous arrows and bullets.
UpdatedOptimized the infinite scroll pagination for archives (when not using dynamic templates) so it uses the same script as the load more button which prevents the need for extra scripts as well as it speeds up the loading of new posts.
FixedWhen using the Post Cards element with the Featured Card enabled the last post was not loading when using the load more button or when using standard pagination with the featured card disabled for paginated pages.
Fixed The custom background wasn’t working with the Teaser box element when set to the Boxed Square style.
Fixed The “Transparent Header Offset” setting wasn’t working correctly when used along with a Full-Height row.
FixedThe WPBakery show animations wouldn’t work correctly when the DOM was changing due to dynamic elements such as load more buttons, grid filters and toggles.
FixedWhen adding a custom color to the Breadcrumbs element it wasn’t working as expected due to the default opacity added to the separator and ending trail text.
FixedThe scroll to top button border radius setting wasn’t working.
FixedThe Shrink sticky header logo start height field wasn’t displaying in the Customizer when using header style one.
FixedWhen adding a shadow, fixed background or featured image background to a WPBakery column it was being added to the inner row columns as well.
FixedWhen using dynamic strings for Advanced Queries inside multi-dimensional arrays, the strings were not being converted to their dynamic value.
FixedThe Events Calendar before/after content was being added twice to the site due to an update to how the Events Calendar default template works.
FixedThe List Divider was not showing when using the Post Cards element and loading new items via the load more button.
FixedThe deprecated WPBakery tabs, tours and accordions were not showing up with the recent javascript optimizations.

v5.4.4 - July 3, 2022
We've added a Total exclusive optimization that prevents the WPBakery page builder from unnecessarily loading its main JS file (js_composer_front.min.js) and the dependent jQuery library. Most builder elements don't require the scripts so it should provide a significant optimization for most or all pages on your site. We've made sure to include all needed checks and even extra fallbacks but it's possible if you are using a 3rd party WPBakery plugin that make use of the scripts for some reason (there shouldn't be any need for it) you may need to disable the optimization via the new option added at Theme Panel > WPBakery Optimized JS.
AddedNew setting added to the WPBakery Row element so you can set the Column widths to take on the default Layout widths (content area + sidebar widths) defined in the Customizer. This way if you create a dynamic template and want to insert a row with a sidebar you can use this new setting to ensure the layout used in the dynamic template matches other standard pages with sidebars. It also gives you more control over the widths. This setting will work with any 2 column layout (1/2+1/2, 1/3+2/3, etc).
AddedReddit has been added social options.
AddedExtra classname and Unique ID options added to the Social Share & Post Comments elements.
Added“Active Toggle Text” setting will now display when the Button element “On click action” is set to “Toggle Element” so that you can display a different text when the button is active and the toggle area is visible (sample usage).
Added [comments_number] shortcode can be used to display the number of comments on the current post (by default the shortcode will display formatted text like “10 Comments” but you can use format=”false” to display only a number).
AddedCustomizer options added under the Social Share Buttons tab so you can enter custom labels for your buttons (for example if you want to change “Twitter” to “Tweet”.
AddedCustomizer option added to enter a custom placeholder text for the header search.
UpdateTotal Theme Core updated to version 1.4.4
UpdatE You can now insert the Feature Box into the Grid & Flex containers.
UpdatedThe Youtube social icon now uses a play button icon instead which is more readable.
FixThe feature box Image was not properly stretching when the Vertical Align option was enabled.
FixWhen disabling the dark surface on the Sidebar mobile menu the links would still hover white.
FixWhen displaying a video lightbox via the Theme button using a shortcode the url was not being parsed correctly (when the lightbox type field was set to video instead of default).
FixWhen assigning a Custom Widget area to a post type it was only being applied to the singular post and not the post type archive.
FixThe Header Replace search style was not inheriting the header text color defined in the Customizer so if you had a custom header background and color it was still displaying with the default gray text.
FixThe Image Swap overlay style was not swapping image when tabbing with the keyboard.
FixThe Image Swap overlay style was not swapping back when double tapping on mobile devices or swiping.
FixThe header background was incorrect when using the Boxed Layout with a custom inner content background color and a custom header background color.
FixThe Social links element was incorrectly expanding the links when the Labels setting was enabled.
FixIcon Boxes were not “stretching” inside grid/flex containers when they had a CSS animation and/or URL wrap.

v5.4.3 - June 21, 2022
Big improvements have been made to the Feature Box element to make it more flexible, remove the need for javascript for the equal heights, allow for custom stacking breakpoint, add some new options (new link/button tab) and fix a couple issues. The element will now automatically stack at the "sm" breakpoint (640px) as it didn't make any sense for this element to not be responsive by default. If you had customized this element please double check any customizations ;)
AddedDemo released – Worship (already available for use).
AddedHeader Style “Flex: Centered Logo” added.
AddedPost Excerpt element added (great for use with dynamic templates).
AddedCard Styles Added – Blog 16, Blog List 16, Blog 17, Blog List 17, Blog 18, Blog List 18, Staff 7, Staff 8.
AddedThe new Blog 18 and Blog List 18 card styles have a clean design and a link around the entire entry (highly requested card style).
AddedYou can now enable “Alternate List Style Card Thumbnail Position” on the Post Cards element that will swap the post card thumbnail between showing on the left or right.
AddedCustom fields (Budget, Company Name, Company URL) added to the portfolio post edit screen Theme Settings tab that can be displayed when creating dynamic templates or via the new “Project Details” portfolio post layout block in the Customizer.
Added“Project Details” block now available under Customize > Portfolio > Single Post > Post Layout Elements (disabled by default).
AddedYou can now enable a select dropdown for smaller screens on the Staff Grid, Portfolio Grid, Blog Grid, Testimonials Grid and Post Type Grids filter.
AddedYou can now choose “Do Not Stack” for the Post Cards Media breakpoint, this way if you are using a left/right card style you can keep that layout for all devices.
AddedYou can now enter a custom “Media Max-Width” for the Post Cards element which provides more control over the thumbnail display. For example if you select 60% for the media width but want to make sure the image is never larger than 200px wide you can now use this field for that.
AddedYou can now enable “Custom Design” on the Social Share element which can be used to display social links differently than the default theme design controlled via the Customizer. This will allow you to display social sharing links in one way at the top of your post and differently at the bottom of a post when creating a Dynamic Template.
AddedLetter spacing field added to the Page Title element.
AddedPost Subheading option added to the Heading element “Text Source” field.
AddedNew setting for the Post Next/Previous Post Links element allows you to disable the text underline when using the “Plain Text” button style.
Added “Font Weight” setting adding to the Contact Form labels tab since the default font weight for the contact form label font weight is semi-bold this will allow you to change it.
Added “Before Text Font Weight” setting added to the Custom Field element.
Added “Label Font Weight” setting added to the Post Meta element.
Added “Extra class name” field in the WPBakery element popup edit box for Total Elements now links to the CSS Framework for quick access to theme classes.
Added“Long Dash” option added the the Post Meta element separator options.
AddedVisibility setting added to the Flex & Grid Container elements.
AddedArial Label setting added to the Button element.
AddedCustomizer option added to control the vertical link padding for your main menu items when using one of the new Flex header styles. This is useful when enabling the “Hover & Active Underline” so you can move the underline closer or farther from the text as well as move the dropdowns closer to the text.
AddedCustomizer option “Top Bar Item Responsive Breakpoint” so you can control when the [topbar_item] shortcode elements stack.
AddedThe Author Bio element now has a new “Alt 5” style to choose from (matches new Blog 17 post card style).
AddedField added to the Post Types Unlimited admin screen so you can change the default read more button text for entries.
UpdatedThe Total Theme Core plugin has been updated to version 1.4.3 and Slider Revolution to version 6.5.24.
UpdatedThe Feature Box element has been updated to use modern flex styles for slimmer code, remove the need for equal height javascript and overall more flexibility.
UpdatedThe Social Links element now uses flex styles to prevent extra spacing from being added below each icon and slim down code.
UpdatedTotal theme element font size fields now accept calc() and clamp() values.
UpdatedTotal theme element font size field displays in full-width now by default to make it easier to add complex font-sizes (screencast).
UpdatedPost Cards element now allows you to enter a custom Column gap value when showing a Grid or a custom List Spacing value when displaying a list.
UpdatedCSS now automatically targets any mega menu heading that has a “#” as the link to set the pointer-events property to none so you don’t have to worry about adding the “nav-no-click” class to your mega menu headings.
UpdatedRenamed the “Bolder” font weight used in Total element settings to “Black” and added “Extra Bold” setting to prevent confusion.
UpdatedThe theme CSS framework Gap classes can now be applied responsively so you can have different gaps at different breakpoints.
UpdatedThe Top Bar “Responsive Breakpoint” setting now allows you to select “None” if you wish to prevent the items from stacking on smaller screen sizes (if stacking is disabled and the Top bar content is too long a horizontal scrollbar will be added).
UpdatedThe Top Bar items (when using the [topbar_item] shortcode) will now stack at 640px instead of 479px for consistency and so they can make use of utility classes.
UpdatedThe Header Aside content field when using a flex header style now has a quick insert button for adding the Social Links shortcode.
UpdatedThe Post Cards element now allows you to select 70% and 80% for your Media Width.
UpdatedThe social share buttons now have better screen reader text when the labels are disabled (when it’s only showing icons)
UpdatedYou can now insert the Social Links and Author Bio elements inside the Flex Container element.
UpdatedThe Email social color button now uses gray instead of yellow to match the social sharing buttons and for better contrast (accessibility).
UpdatedThe Post Cards element will now allow you to display the divider before the first entry when showing a List style grid with the divider enabled.
UpdatedRead more links (archives and cards) now include aria-label text for better accessibility (learn more).
FixedWhen using the Spacing element if you entered a calc() or clamp() value that included a px unit the spacing wouldn’t work correctly.
FixedThe Custom Login “Bottom Links Hover Color” option wasn’t working.
FixedIssue where the Ubermenu mobile menu may not be clickable.
FixedIssue where using a Numbered list with a load more button would reset the counter whenever new items were loaded.
FixedNot being able to scroll when using the popup cart function and having a lot of items in the cart.
FixedImage Banner element was not adding the image alt tag when enabling the “Use Image Tag” setting.
FixedWhen enabling a filter for the first time when using a Total grid element via the WPBakery frontend editor the grid wouldn’t display.
FixedThe Text logo (non image based logo) was not vertically centered when using the Centered Header Logo style.
FixedThe Testimonials 9 Card Style wasn’t adjusting correctly when changing the media width.
FixedCards were not displaying with equal heights when using the CSS Modern Grid Post Cards grid style.
FixedWhen updating bundled plugins even plugins that were not previously activated would be activated after updating.
RemovedCSS that was targeting header menu items to disable pointer events if a link didn’t have an href because it could break 3rd party plugins.
UpdatedSome total element descriptions in the WPBakery insert popup had a period at the end so the periods were removed for consistency.
RemovedThe text underline on the Recent Comments with Avatars widget.

v5.4.2 - May 16, 2022
AddedNew Card Styles added (Blog 14, Blog 15, Blog List 13, Blog List 14, Blog List 15).
AddedThe Post Cards element now allows you to select “Modern CSS Grid” as a Grid Style option.
UpdatedStaff 3 Card style now properly extends the white background so each entry has the same height.
UpdatedBlog Entry meta date now uses the time element instead of a span to be consistent with the singular meta.
UpdatedThe Theme Settings “Overlay Header” fields were renamed to “Transparent Header” to keep consistency with the Customizer.
UpdatedNewsletter widget to include the “required” attribute when submitting the form.
FixedFirefox bug not correctly rendering the Theme Panel toggle arrows.
FixedUndefined “$post” error potentially showing in the admin when editing a post.
FixedSome fields when editing WPBakery were rendering a bit taller than others.
FixedThe Transparent Header Offset setting in WPBakery rows was adding a space when using a Flex header style even if the Transparent Header wasn’t enabled on the page.
FixedJavascript error when the Site Header was disabled, the Mobile menu was set to Full Screen and there was a Mobile Menu alternative defined.
FixedIt wasn’t possible to edit the Terms Grid element to remove the title and the description.
Dev Notes:
Added - New "wpex_conditional_logic_callable_whitelist" filter.
Added - New "wpex_user_access_callable_whitelist" filter.
Added - New "wpex_sticky_header_breakpoint" filter.
Added - New "wpex_cpt_single_blocks_choices" filter.
Added - New "wpex_cpt_entry_blocks_choices" filter.
Added - New "wpex_meta_block_icon" filter.
Added - New "wpex_meta_args" filter (new filter makes it easier to modify meta blocks globally, change date format, disable author link, etc).
Added - New PHP Classes to handle single and entry "blocks" to optimize code a bit.
Added - New partial files at partials/meta/blocks/ added for use with the post meta element to keep consistency across all post types (make things easier to modify via a child theme) and keep the code DRY.
Updated - Custom Single/Entry blocks will no longer render if saved in the Customizer but not registered. This way if you had added a custom block via a snippet (sample snippet) and then removed the snippet the theme won't try and render the previously added block saved in the Customizer. In other words....only registered blocks will now render on the page.
Updated - Changed the text domain from "total" to "js_composer" for the Design Options string used in custom settings added by the theme to the WPBakery row, column and section elements to prevent potential issues with double tabs showing up when translated in the plugin but not the theme.
Updated - The "wpex_get_theme_icon_html" function will not add any html to the page if the icon parameter is an empty string or null.
Updated - Total Theme Core Domain Path tag has been updated to include trailing forward slash.

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