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Thrive Quiz Builder v3.12 – WordPress Survey Plugin

Thrive Quiz Builder Nulled is one of the best plugins for organizing quizzes, surveys, and polls on WordPress. And most focused on marketing Thrive Quiz will help you grow your mailing list, run promotions and give you the data to grow your business.

The plugin allows you to do non-linear polls with many development options. This is not easy: answer 3 questions and I will calculate the score and give you one of two options based on these points. So it is possible, but as each follow-up question is a consequence of the previous answer – this is a really great marketing tool!

Creating a poll, poll, or quiz, as it turns out, can be pretty straightforward. You don’t need any programming knowledge. Just use your mouse and let’s get started!

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Features Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin

features Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin
  • 4 types of quizzes: Number, Percentage, Personality, True/False
  • Powerful Analytics: Cross-Time Tracking, Getting Started Vs. Finish, Quiz Flow, Personal Question Stats, Social Sharing Stats, User Stats
  • 3 puzzle templates: Build From Scratch, Build List, Social Share
  • Editorial Badge
  • Easy Quiz Maker: Navigation Overview, Complex Logic, Flow Quiz
  • Weighted question
  • Dynamic results
  • Opt-in portal
  • A/B Testing: Result Page Test, Splash Page Test
  • 3 types of questions: Multiple choice with buttons, Multiple choice with pictures, Open Question
  • Installation Wizard
  • Mobile-friendly
  • Puzzle panel

Changelog Thrive Quiz Builder Plugin

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.12 Released 
New Features
Thrive Dashboard – Feature: Slack API integration
Thrive Dashboard – – Hubspot API improvements
Thrive Dashboard – ConstantContact contact update not properly working

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.11.2 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.11.1 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.11 Released 
Thrive Dashboard – Fix for thrive theme detection to work with child theme
Fix Gutenberg block width preview not properly set

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.10 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.9 Released 
Thrive Dashboard – Fix for KlickTipp Tag user through automator issue

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.8 Released 
Thrive Dashboard – Form submit error while using MailPoet connection
Thrive Dashboard – Fixed open in new tab issue for Global Fields dynamic links
Fix for Quiz Title sent with encoded html entities to Thrive Automator filters and conditions
Fixed quiz completion trigger firing even on page reload after it is completed
Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.7.3 Released 
Remove unwanted borders added by WP 6.0 styles

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.6.2 Released 
Re-added Contact Form element

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.6.1 Released 
 Fatal error thrown on Automator for php 8 in some instances

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.6 Released 
New Features
Skip Opt-in Gate for Logged In Users
Mark lesson as Complete Thrive Apprentice – dependency
Resume quiz functionality for logged in users
Reports section improvements
Fix for results page not being displayed correctly when lightspeed is active

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.5 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.4.1 Released 
Fixed Social Share Badge – facebook share

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.4 Released 
Fix for page_id column type on variations table
Fix for loading new quizzes
DB index added in DB for better performance
Hide feedback switcher for survey quizzes on question forms
Allow TQB to sent also tag: 0 to APIs

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.3.2 Released 
Fix for lightspeed optimization not working in admin

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.2 Released 
Improvement: Thrive Quiz Builder optimize html2canvas.js script
Fix: In Firefox if the user scrolls the quiz page or scrolls the page before the opt-in/result page is displayed, the quiz will be no longer displayed

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.1.3 Released 
Fixed an issue where full width sections are cut off on initial load

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.1.2 Released 
Changes related to Thrive Architect

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.1.1 Released 
Compatibility with a Thrive Architect fix

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.1 Released 
Fix: [TQB] Quiz Progress is not properly working

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 3.0.2 Released
Compatibility fix with Thrive Headline Optimizer

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 2.9 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 2.8.2 Released
Fix for video elements thumbnails not being playable
Mega Menu sub item’s background color is not reflecting when changed

Thrive Quiz Builder Version 2.7.1 Released
Architect fixes:

Fix for certain full width background sections that aren’t mobile friendly in Android Chrome
Fix for certain full width background sections that create horizontal scroll when a theme different than Thrive Suite ones is used

Download Thrive Quiz Builder v3.12 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.