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Thrive Automator v1.3 - Create Smart Automations For WordPress

Presently you can make shrewd mechanizations that coordinate your WordPress site with your most loved modules and email showcasing devices!

At any point been baffled that the applications, modules and administrations that power your WordPress site can’t cooperate — particularly when a couple of key mixes would address significant, however specialty needs for your business?

Lamentably, everything you could manage as of not long ago was burn through hundreds to thousands of dollars a year for one more outsider instrument that gets a portion of your WordPress devices associating with one another…

Yet, what independent company can bear the cost of going through such money to acquire edge-case robotizations that should as of now be important for your site’s DNA?

That is the place where Thrive Automator comes in…

It’s a natural mechanization module from Thrive Themes that permits you to fabricate work processes that pass information between the diverse applications, modules and administrations (counting your email promoting device) that maintain your business site.

Thrive Automator lives inside WordPress, which means it can perceive what’s going on site wide — at the same time. This enables you to trigger mechanizations when clients sign in, finish up a structure, finish a test, or complete explicit examples in your web-based course (just to give some examples prospects)…

The rundown of accessible activities and triggers is continually developing!

Features Thrive Automator

Start an Evergreen Countdown Campaign for a Limited Time Offer After a Student Completes the Free Lessons in an Online Course

Conventional WordPress LMS modules can’t assist you with promoting and sell your internet based courses — yet Thrive Automator can. How?

Thrive Automator can trigger a Thrive Ultimatum commencement clock that advances a superior course for a restricted time frame after guests complete the underlying free illustrations of that course.

For online course makers, Thrive Automator will assist you with selling more.

Thrive automator feature 01 03

Add a Customer to Your Mailing List After They Purchase One or More WooCommerce Products

At any point been disappointed that you can’t add new clients to your mailing list when they buy one of your WooCommerce items?

Notwithstanding what email promoting administration you’re utilizing, Thrive Automator currently makes adding new clients to your mailing list after buy idiotic basic.

You simply make a mechanization that adds WooCommerce clients to your email list when their WooCommerce request has been finished… it’s just as simple as that!

Thrive automator feature 02 03

Add Tags to Your Email Subscribers When They Complete Specific Lessons or Modules in Your Course

Need to follow how individual understudies are advancing through your web-based courses so you can accomplish more designated backing and showcasing for them?

Then, at that point, simply make a robotization that adds email promoting labels to understudy accounts at whatever point they complete a predetermined example or module in your internet based courses.

Sounds straightforward, however contemplate all the high level email promoting you would now be able to do utilizing this new labeling ability. Thrive Automator takes your email promoting to a higher level.

Thrive Automator Add Tags to Your Email Subscribers image

Enroll a Quiz Taker in an Online Course When They Achieve a Certain Quiz Score

Wouldn’t it be cool if your online tests could do much something other than produce new leads for you? Imagine a scenario where a test could perform activities dependent on the outcomes your singular test takers get.

Thrive Automator makes more post-test activities conceivable.

For instance, you can enlist your test takers in one of your web-based courses when they surpass a specific score. Your online tests are going to get significantly more intuitive.

Thrive Automator Enroll a Quiz Taker in an Online Course image

Start an Evergreen Countdown Campaign for a Limited Time Offer When a Subscriber Tries to Access One of Your Premium Courses

In case you’re a web-based course maker, what happens when an essential supporter attempts to get to one of your exceptional course illustrations?

With Thrive Automator, you can transform that one of a kind sort of guest communication into a designated deals opportunity.

Rather than showing a conventional “For clients as it were” notice, you can make robotizations where commencement clocks offer deals boosting, restricted time limits for curious understudies all things considered!

Thrive automator feature 05 2

Changelog Thrive Automator

Thrive Automator Version 1.3 Released 
WordPress post related triggers and actions
Fix for Receive webhook tags field if not array
The label of data objects not properly cases inside dynamic data in some instances

Thrive Automator Version 1.2 Released 
Thrive Dashboard – Fix for KlickTipp Tag user through Automator issue

Thrive Automator Version 1.1 Released 
Automation delay performance improvement
Thrive Dashboard – Form submit error while using MailPoet connection
Thrive Dashboard – Fixed open in new tab issue for Global Fields dynamic links
Fixed an issue where running an automation multiple times would cause the shortcodes to not be properly replaced
Fixed validation for user consent field not properly working
Fixed an issue where fields did not have any filters displayed in some instances

Thrive Automator Version 1.0.2 Released 
Fixed missing comparison options for data fields from incoming webhook when used as a filter

Thrive Automator Version 0.9.1 Released 
 Fatal error thrown on Automator for php 8 in some instances

Thrive Automator Version 0.9 Released 
As a Thrive Automator user I would like be able to set the First Name/Last Name for find or create user action
Support for additional trigger data based on its properties

Thrive Automator Version 0.8 Released 
New Features
Incoming Webhook Trigger for Thrive Automator
Downstream Data for Thrive Automator— this allows actions after the trigger to add to the available data set for later actions
Improvements to Send Webhook in Automator: This now supports sending quiz questions and answers in an array
Fix for Automator still visible in left admin bar after it was deactivated from Access Manager

Thrive Automator Version 0.7.1 Released 
Fix for ConstantContact Api issue
Thrive Automator Version 0.7 Released 
 Display all the posts that have comments enabled for ‘User leaves comment’ trigger

Thrive Automator Version 0.6 Released 
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Automator Version 0.5 Released 
New Trigger: Trigger on a specific date and time
Improve send webhook URL validation

Thrive Automator Version 0.4 Released 
New action added: Send Webhook
Conditions added for triggers

Thrive Automator Version 0.3.1 Released
Under the hood fixes

Thrive Automator Version 0.1 Released

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Download Thrive Automator v1.3 Nulled Free

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