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Thrive Apprentice v4.8 – WordPress Course Plugin

Creating professional online courses shouldn’t be overly complicated, expensive, or time-consuming. Thanks to Thrive Apprentice Nulled plugin for building powerful lessons. The experience should be like assembling packaging, handcrafted furniture – simple, quick to set up and impressive results for your guests.

Simply follow the step-by-step installation process to create great online tutorials, chapters, and modules with quick design by a professional web developer.

For your students, subscribers and customers, the Thrive Apprentice learning environment is intuitive to use, visually appealing and professional – exactly what students expect from modern online learning .

Use any combination of text, images, video, and design elements to easily teach entire online courses to your students with ease and clarity.

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Features Thrive Apprentice Plugin – The Best Online Course Building

Features Thrive Apprentice Plugin – The Best Online Course Building
  • Create online courses with a professional design feel
  • Lessons linked for you…makes the stress of dealing with confusing text-linked navigations.
  • Build your online courses FAST FAST!
  • Build as many courses as you want. When you have more than 2 published courses, Thrive Apprentice will display them on a beautiful and user-friendly course selection page.
  • Thrive Apprentice has a quick and simple integration with SendOwl
  • Keep EVERYTHING you build.
  • Grow your email list faster by creating impressive free online courses
  • Take advantage of a professional online course environment with a new registration feature built-in.
  • Restrict access to people who are not registered for the courses you specify.
  • You can now enable expensive membership plugins for simple list building
  • Use the Thrive Apprentice sidebar widget to give your students quick access to all the Modules, Chapters and Lessons in a given course.
  • Thrive Apprentice works with any WordPress theme.
features Thrive Apprentice Plugin 1

Changelog: Thrive Apprentice – WordPress Course Plugin

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.8 Released 
New Features
Thrive Dashboard – Feature: Slack API integration
Thrive Dashboard – – Hubspot API improvements
Thrive Dashboard – ConstantContact contact update not properly working

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.7.2 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.7.1 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.7 Released 
New Features
Force user to unlock lessons in order
Thrive Dashboard – Fix for thrive theme detection to work with child theme

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.6 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.5 Released 
Thrive Dashboard – Fix for KlickTipp Tag user through automator issue
Fix for saving the last name provided by ThriveCart
Fixed freemium module’s lessons being unlocked without conditions being met
Fix for the “Also go to next lesson” option not being available when a lesson is edited with Thrive Architect

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.4 Released 
Thrive Dashboard – Form submit error while using MailPoet connection
Thrive Dashboard – Fixed open in new tab issue for Global Fields dynamic links
Automator compatability – Module title not properly inside Lesson Data
Thrive Apprentice Version 4.3.3 Released 
Remove unwanted borders added by WP 6.0 styles

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.2.3 Released 
Re-added Contact Form element

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.2.2 Released 
Fixed issue with Coloured Wave Course Overview template causing fatal error

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.2 Released 
New Features
Integration with Thrive Quiz Builder
Improved course list pagination for advanced filters
Remove user access for cancelling WooCommerce subscriptions * cancel user access for cancelling woocommerce subscriptions * ignore some tests with no assertion
Caching plugins are automatically detected and cache is cleared when modifying Products
New unlock option course content
For changing some general settings
For general settings search
Fixed an issue causing a second error when updating plugins from Plesk

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.1.1 Released 
Minor fixes and improvements
Fixed MemberMouse plugin conflict

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.1 Released 
New Features
Counter with number of users that have access to each product
Performance and memory consumption improvements
Content can be unlocked by any drip campaign attached to a product no matter the product hierarchy
Performance improvements related to filtering various course content
Removed noreferrer attribute for opening resource button
Fixed an issue causing media data for a course to be stored incorrectly in some instances
Fixed an issue involving users not being able to use Custom Redirect option for restricted content when admin language is other than English
Fixed an issue involving users not being able to use Custom Redirect option for restricted content when admin language is other than English
Fixed an issue causing a fatal error on registration in some instances
Fixed an issue causing a fatal error on registration in some instances

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.0.5 Released 
Fix for ConstantContact Api issue

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.0.3 Released 
Fixed an issue causing Automator enrolments action to error out if the product no longer exists
Fix: When using the legacy design, the next and previous lesson button is not available and instead there is only an option to go back to the course page
Fixed an issue causing courses with lots of lessons to load slowly

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.0.2 Released 
Fixed issues in products migration

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.0.1 Released 
Fixed an issue causing the product migration to create duplicates

Thrive Apprentice Version 4.0 Released 
New Features:
Products adds full website content restriction, making Thrive Apprentice a complete membership plugin for WordPress
Drip gives you the most intuitive, flexible, de-coupled drip editor you’ve ever seen, allowing you to slow-release your course content at smart intervals.
Conditional Display— which is an update for the entire Thrive Editor— lets you change blocks of website content based on conditional rules

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.3.2 Released 
Fix for lightspeed optimization not working in admin

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.2.1 Released
Compatibility version with Thrive Theme Builder

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.2 Released 
Improvement: Added the author name as an option to the course list – dynamic content dropdown
Fix: When adding a link with the link control in TA Template Editor it adds the tva_skin_id parameter in the URL
Fix: Apprentice Content restriction post type displayed in post list and search element
Fix: Feature image options displayed in Lesson List element
Thrive Apprentice Version 3.1.3 Released 
Fixed an issue where full width sections are cut off on initial load

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.1.2 Released 
Changes related to Thrive Architect

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.1.1 Released 
Compatibility with a Thrive Architect fix

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.1 Released 
Fix: If user adds a customer and then switches the tabs, the customer will no longer be displayed in Customers when user returns to this tab
Fix: [TA] Email Template is not fetching the correct first name from the user profile when new user is created from TAR Lead Generation form
Fix: Vimeo video description doesn’t show video when using links with form: Https://Player.Vimeo.Com/Video/%5BVIDEO_ID%5D
Fix compatibility with WooSubscriptions 3.1.5 plugin

Thrive Apprentice Version 3.0.2 Released
Compatibility fixes for vimeo videos when inserted in the course. Support different formats.

Download Thrive Apprentice v4.8 Nulled Free

Note: Maybe you need to unzip before installing plugin. We do not give any guarantee if any theme/plugin contains virus. Please check on Virustotal before using it on localhost.